Nest Reviews

Nest Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

At Google Nest, we make products that are beautiful, helpful and easy to use.
The Nest app is no exception. Control your Nest thermostat, arm and disarm your
Nest Secure alarm system, see your home with Nest Cam, and get an alert if Nest
Protect goes off – all in one place. And receive...

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Outstanding system

I’ve had the this app thermostat for almost a year now, and I can say it’s money well spent. First, it was very easy to install. The instructions are easy to follow; I did not have to do any rework. I did not have to hire a professional. Programming the controls was also easy with step by step instructions. I like the fact that it self programs economic settings based on when you’re home. I’m single and working so it’s nice to know it is saving me money by reducing back the heating and cooling temps when I’m not home. And it does it automatically through a sensor that detects motion. This could, however, be a problem if you have a big dog. You can also control the settings using your smart phone, which is what I do pretty much all the time. I can even control it from work and by using Google voice. This system requires a dependable WiFi. If the WiFi goes off line, however, as it has done with me a few times, the system will still function but you won’t be able to control it from you smart phone. Once the WiFi is back on line, the thermostat will automatically resume previous settings. And best of all, it has saved me hundreds of dollars in utility savings. And it looks sharp on the wall. Well worth the money, and so easy for DIY’ers. Definitely worth a five-state rating!!


Glitches in newest update! please fix!

This newest update as of 4-6-22 has a lot of glitches. the camera keeps locking up upon viewing footage and giving me little blue spinning circles. I also hate to hear that Google is going to get rid of Nest , this is a great app when it works perfectly! the fact that I can’t get the this app doorbell to be a part of Nest is also a reason why I have decided not to purchase the doorbell. I don’t want to go over to the Google home app,I hate to have to switch to a different system like Ring but I probably will wind up having to do that if they can’t get the doorbell to finally integrate with Nest somehow. Update as of 9-4-18 I’m a long time this app cam user so I’ve dealt with many buggy updates......This last update no longer shows me a snippet video in my alerts like before.... please bring that back, it was a great feature and I enjoyed seeing the snippets/photo on my Apple Watch...please fix! The most recent update continues to lock up after about 30 seconds of using Nest & it makes me want to throw my phone against the wall! If I could reinstall the old version I would because it worked great! Anytime I try to rewind or fast-forward in the 15 second intervals it continues to just have a little blue circle that just spins and spins and I have to exit Nest and start over again it's very frustrating.


Replacement Thermostats

I’ve had Honeywell internet-compatible thermostats in my house for nearly six years, and they just stopped communicating with the internet after multiple calls with service. Luckily I got them at Costco! Costco returned them with no issues, and they also happened to have this app thermostats available too. So I got a full refund for the old thermostats, and bought two new this app Version 3 thermostats (as my house is divided into two areas). Replacing the first thermostat took a little longer than the second, as it was just getting to know how the unit works and confirming the wire schematic. The first unit connected to my router with no problems, but the second one kept failing at first. I ended up temporarily moving the second unit to the first unit’s location and got it to connect. After I moved it back to its correct location, it was still connecting ok. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars was that the actual application kept disconnecting after both thermostats were connected, and several times during installation. It’s almost like it reset, and you’d have to start the install from the beginning again with the this app app.


Needs hold feature and to be night shift worker friendly

Don’t get me wrong I love this app and this app products they are great. However, I have the this app E and I wish that there was a temperature hold feature for this or something similar to that. I have attempted to troubleshoot this problem by clearing out The schedule and setting it two times but it always reverts back to Eco or the temperature goes up. I work nights which means I sleep during the day and since I live in a hot dry air and state waking up at 1300 hrs drenched in sweat because The thermostat and Nest didn’t talk to each other showing my location and the thermostat were in the same place; the schedule that I set up wasn’t followed; or the fact that the thermostat did not detect any motion for an extended period of time. Not only is this a problem when I am sleeping on my work days as a nurse, but it’s also a problem on my off days when I just want to spend the morning in bed and after six or 7 AM it throws the temperature up to 86°. Google developers I know you can fix this and I hope you can even if it means downloading firmware to help and upgrading Nest . I also know that these are changing times and more people are at home so even more now than ever the thermostat doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing because we are all home now. But you would really help an ER nurse out if you could truly get this fixed on the this app E and other thermostat. Thanks



The products themselves are excellent quality. But Nest is a huge disappointment. It has such a high latency rate - you open Nest and it takes 45 seconds to load up to the main menu. (It’s not my wifi or cellular connection) So let’s consider this: your doorbell rings. You open Nest , wait 45 seconds, then navigate to the doorbell where you can access the microphone and begin talking. At that point, the interaction time has been about 55 seconds. Most people, after ringing a doorbell, won’t stay at the door that long, thus by the time I can finally get to the mic the person is gone and the feature is no longer useful. Additionally, it’s a pain to guard this app guard with Nest . I’ll tap the shield and it will load for 30 seconds and then say it can’t connect. I do it again. Can’t connect. After 5 or 6 times it will FINALLY arm the system. A last complaint I have is that this app is no longer integrated with HomeKit. It was previously before the company was purchased by Google. I get that Google instead wants you to use the Google home system however, as an avid Apple user, it’s frustrating to have to use 2 systems. We chose this app because the physical products are far beyond the competition but there are some serious rooms for improvement for this application. Reduce network calls on app launch, considering auditing latency for Nest and see where the problem lies, and please integrate with HomeKit.


Great, intuitive, useful app for a great product (Nest thermostat).

I bought this thermostat at the same time I replaced my HVAC system a couple weeks ago, but I wish I'd gotten one sooner. I'm sure I've already saved money, because the learning function has already made it WAY easier to maintain a comfortable temperature, and I don't forget that I have the AC or heat on, and overshoot a comfortable temperature. I was really impressed how quickly it learned my habits, and began preempting my changes, so I find I'm quickly losing the habit of constantly thinking about the temperature, and I haven't found myself uncomfortable enough to be reminded since about day 2. It's really cool to be able to control it from my phone, but I find the more technical controls useful, and the data it records and aggregates is just as interesting and useful. I know this is supposed to be a review for Nest , not the thermostat, but it's really just an aspect of the same product, so I believe it's relevant. It IS a solid, intuitive app, user friendly & well laid out, and it's an app for an undeniably great product. Pricey, but absolutely worth it.


Works great until you change the WiFi Password

Worked great in -40 temp to 104degree F temperatures, night/Day, worked great for really almost a year. The girlfriend changed the WiFi password about a week ago, and since then I have tried and tried to get back in to the camera, it just won’t connect, google has no support for it in the end. Just leads you around for trouble shoot your issues, I only keep getting the C100-C119 codes. Trouble shoot them atleast 3 times a day for the last week. NO LUCK AT RECONNECTING. Google says try using your old password, umm yeah okay so change wifi back to original password, reset everything uninstalled Nest etc etc tried to connect with it and still nothing. So changed password again disconnected everything then rebooted it all left the camera plugged in and gave it the password again, wouldn’t connect to wifi, dun matter how close u bring it to the router it won’t connect. Anyways I left it alone for almost the whole day and it connected for about 5mins. Then it just lost connection again. So $188 don’t seem like much to a lot of ppl but it’s a lot to me. ALSO GOOGLE JUST TOOK $60 from me to renew the fkin yearly plan for data I did cancel it and still yet to be reimbursed so there’s that too.


Google ruined Nest

Not sure what happened to the this app thermostat product line, either Google took over and tweaked the product to their specifications, or this app produced a product that was meant to be disposable and then sold it to Google... My two year old this app thermostat woke up one day and decided that it couldn’t/wouldn’t connect to my wifi. No reason, that Google would admit to, just because it felt the need to be independent I guess? After a day of back and forth with google support, they graciously offered to replace my two year old thermostat (just a few months out of warranty... what happened to products that were designed to last and last and last???). I waited the week to get my new thermostat and just finished the almost two hour installation process... same issue as before, first it couldn’t/wouldn’t find my wifi network, then when it finally found it, it wouldn’t/couldn’t connect (keep claiming the password was it wasn’t), then when it finally conceded to doing what it was designed to do, it wouldn’t connect to my this app app on my iPhone... after several resets and retry’s, I was finally able to convince the two products to communicate with each other... probably my last this app product... my A/C guy says go with Honeywell... think I will next time...


On The Fence because of Price of Unit

The this app is second to none. I have replaced three electronic thermostats and was hesitant to purchase the unit for couple reasons. I have Alexa units through out the house. The cost compared to other units. My only regret I should have bought it earlier. It’s easy to install and use. The Mobil app is so convenient. If your laying in bed you can adjust the temperature from your phone. If your away from your home you can monitor and change any setting remote. Ladies turned the heat up or air conditioning down no problem Mobil app! The features are amazing it’s a well thought out product. The unit view awakes when you look to see what the temp is.. Only negative about this app is if you have google workspace you have to create another email outside of workspace. The google this app product does not connect to google this app thermostat. That’s a very small one time inconvenience for the most sophisticated easy to use thermostats I have used as a home owner of over 30 years! On the fence but it! You won’t be disappointed but amazed with the quality and convenience of the unit.


Long term user

I have had this app products for about 8 year in my 2 homes. I have enjoyed being able to monitor and manage the temperatures at each home at any time. I have not found the Protect product as useful. I went all in a brought 5 Protects and found them to be supper expensive and annoying to maintain. After about 6-8 years this app will send you a notice that you Protect will no longer work and you have to replace it with a new. The other annoyance it takes allot of batteries 6-8 that don’t last that long. It test it self once a month which is annoying and create a lot of unnecessary messages and disruption. Given the cost of batteries and the device and frequent messages I have decide not to replace theProtect as they obsolete. I will just replace them with stand alone 10 year maintenance free devices and save a fair amount of money and aggravation. When I started with this app they were just this app but now that Google owns them ever time I sign it to maintain my device Google wants me to switch over to my Google account to manage them. I use a lot of Google products but at some point I want to restrict how much info they have on me so I keep saying no I don’t want to switch to Google. It is very annoying.


Love My Nest Cameras

i have had my this app cameras for about a year & a half and i would recommend them to anyone! the quality of both the video & audio is still amazing to me. i bought the cameras after having a recurring issue with a neighbor & their teenagers. it was not long before the cameras put an end to the ongoing issue. the teens were in rare form one day, yelling obsenities & making crude gestures. then they called their mom & said i was harrassing them. when she got home i walked across the street with my cell phone. both cameras caught the entire episode. at one point the teens were out of view of the cameras, but the AUDIO was still captured of them threatening to destroy my cameras. i have not had an issue since then. the cameras were a lifesaver! on another occasion, my mailbox had been hit, so i just scrolled back through the video & there it was. a landscaping truck had taken it out. i simply called the company, forwarded the video & they replaced my mailbox. i am a single woman, so the cameras give me peace of mind. they have paid for themselves many times over!


Trapped in a service that I did not want.

I bought my cameras two years ago and have had no complaint until recent. I have upgraded my plan and down graded my plan with no problems until late. I called myself upgrading back to 30 days video history to find out about EBR(event based recording). The most ridiculous thing I have ever came across. Now there are patches of footage in my history that are missing. I have missed arguments that the cameras use to pick up but now don’t because no one was in view of the camera. I can not stand it. I bought the cameras because the way they function. With the upgrade I’m now generation two and the owner of 300 dollar cameras that function how google feels they should. To top it off I was paying $40per camera a year. Now to get them to function the way they were when I bought them.I have to pay $60 a year per camera. The costumer service is below average the take turn transferring you to the next person that can not help you. Defiantly a product to avoid. There are other cameras out there for cheaper. That offer the same thing cheaper and you can avoid having patches of important footage missing. The company is trying to save storage space or charge you monthly for it is my best guess. Either way it’s at the cost of the consumers sense of security.


Consistently worse every time I use it

The this app app used to be great and worked seamlessly. Somehow this app consistently releases bugs and Nest gets worse every time I use it. At this point scrubbing through video streams is completely unusable. It glitches and jumps and freezes so much while trying to scrub that it becomes so irritating that I just give up. What’s strange is that it used to work just fine, some how they totally messed it up. Not only that but they actually accidentally removed the button to be able to switch between events and the ability to scrub through the video feed. The button was still there just didn’t have an icon so you could still activate it for a while. Overall I’ve become so consistently disappointed with this app and their app that I’m slowly getting rid of all of my this app equipment. For the record, I have four this app cameras, a doorbell, thermostat, the security system and two smoke detectors. I also pay for the subscription monthly. I also understand it might be hard having employees work from home and that updates might be tough but honestly it’s almost as if there is no quality assurance whatsoever. I work in software engineering and if I released the garbage that this app releases I might get away with it once but on a consistent basis, like this app, I would totally be fired.


Mixed feelings about the product

I have to be honest that I had really high hopes for the this app product and it’s family of devices, but over time I have grown a little frustrated with its operation. I own a this app thermostat and a this app Protect, the thermostat is constantly resetting my manually set programs without making physical adjustments on my phone or at the thermostat itself, I am having to reprogram the this app about once a month. I changed my internet provider last year and ever since my Protect has been offline, I have followed all the instructions to connect the project to the this app, and keep getting an error message saying the Protect is too far from the Thermostat to connect, this message arrives as I am physically holding the Protect in hand while standing next to the Thermostat. I have deleted the device and tried adding it numerous times with the same failures. Beyond that the protect consumes batteries at an incredible clip, you would think that such a powerful company behind the. Eat products would be able to deliver an energy efficient product, but I guess that has yet to happen. Sadly, I am more disappointed than excited about how this product has functioned over the years.


Works well but has some kinks

Installed the this app learning thermostat a few weeks ago. Installation instructions are clear and easy to follow so it was smooth and easy but that is where the easy ends. Setting it is simple but understanding how eco mode works was not clear and is actually nonsensical. If it senses movement it thinks you are home but if not it goes into eco mode. If your thermostat is in a room that you don’t walk past much it keeps going into eco mode which can bring the house down to a very low temperature unless you set that properly. It can also use your phone to know if you are home but guess what? You need to install and setup google home for that feature to work and everyone has to install it and join. If not, when you leave the house it goes back into eco mode! But, when I was home it thought I was out? Why? Could never figure that out. And the learning feature is just a waste of time. We ended up setting a schedule, turned off eco mode and change it for the occasional times we need to. If you want a thermostat you can adjust from your phone it does work well for that.


Nest for the win!

I will admit that I liked this app better before google bought them out. I’m an original DropCam user which this app bought and it still let Dropcams work today. Using google to get to your cameras is slower. The overall response time is slower if you use the this app app or Google Home app. Myself like so many people have went into the this app ecosystem because we loved it and kept buying more and more. Now if you want to purchase any more this app/Google product you can’t use the this app app anymore you have to use the Google Home app. It’s just not as user-friendly. It still works great I just hope Google will eventually incorporate the original this app cameras into the Google Home app so it’s all under one umbrella. It’s a software thing so come on google make it one big happy family! If you’re just starting out with Google cameras and you use the Google Home app you won’t notice any difference and the cameras are great. The new floodlight cameras are fantastic as well.


Horrible from start to finish

As with just about all of my this app products I’m mortified at how horrible Nest performs. I’m so invested with this app at this point I feel stuck after buying a massive bundle package a year or so ago. They’re app crashes constantly and takes forever to load anything. They’re notifications would rather focus on shadows and bugs then the mail man or cars in my driveway. Their previews never load and instead I get a blank screen. While using Nest or in between opening Nest I am constantly logged out as is my wife on her phone. The quality of my WiFi doesn’t seem to matter but cameras are co stay my offline. The smoke detectors are constantly giving false smoke detections giving me a heart attack. They’re support is horrible and says use the google home app. Well that apps worse as you can’t open Nest and see your cameras. You have to click on every camera to see it and it loads just as slowly and horribly as the this app app. I’m about to just throw it all in the trash and drop a bunch of money on a better product. You’d think a massive company like google would be on top of their tech and have something as sought after as this preforming like the public would expect it to do. So yourself a favor and look into other security options.


One small thing that makes a big difference to me

Nest itself works well. There are periods of time through the year where I would just like to run the fan on my furnace without being in heating or cooling mode. The this app thermostat can run the fan by itself, but when doing so it must be in heating or cooling mode. In spring, I like to circulate cool air from the basement through the house. I also like to leave windows open for fresh air, and circulate that air too. There are days where it’s 80* during the day and 50* at night. These are perfect days to leave windows open and periodically run the fan. However, for this to work with the this app, I have to set the cooling mode on and use a cooling set point above 80* to make sure the air conditioning isn’t coming on wastefully while windows are open. It’s not the end of the world, but an item that I believe should be simple functionality that would bring me to like the product better. If it worked as I would like it to, I could check in on the temperature with Nest and run the fan during the day, without having to mess around and closely monitor temperatures.


Impossible to change, thumbs down v2

I have had the this app for about a month now. Initially, the learning feature worked great. However, as summer approaches it’s getting warmer faster than I can create inputs for the device. So, I’m waking up in the middle of night to a boiling home. When I attempt to manually make changes to the schedule, a few glaring issues arise: (1) it’s impossible to make broad changes across multiple days (2) it’s literally impossible to delete temperature changes - once the this app has added a temperature change you are stuck with it - I have instances where the temperature schedule requires 3-4 adjustments in the same 3-4 hour span of time. Brutal. I have an iPhone X - there are Most certainly bugs in Nest that inhibit the user from rapidly making changes to the schedule (3) Nest forces you to use this non intuitive landscape mode for schedule changes, additionally - the schedule settings screen is so poorly designed and requires you to press buttons on your iPhone in a ridiculously precise way. I’m frankly shocked Nest experience is so poor given this is a google acquired company. I wish I had gone with another brand entirely, with a newer app.


The new Eco mode function takes over control of the scheduling in a way that is difficult to manage

A few weeks ago, a message came up on the thermostat that we could save energy by going into Eco mode scheduling. That sounded fine to me. However, it turns out that just means that it turned the temperature down to 56° in the middle of the night and leaves it there, so that it’s freezing in the house in the morning. I looked at all the scheduling in Nest and everything seem fine, but it wasn’t syncing with what the thermostats said, which was to take the temperature down to 56°, and then occasionally raise it to 62°. When you change the temperature manually, that would only last a few hours. I eventually figured out how to remove all of the programming, which is kind of a bummer because now there’s nothing really smart about the thermostat at all except that I can change it remotely from my phone. I will go back to doing some sort of scheduling, but I strongly suggest that you don’t except the this app recommendation to let it do it for you. Too bad, because it would be a helpful and energy saving feature if it worked, but it’s not ready for prime time.


Good thermostat for landlords

First it does what it’s supposed to do. Also tec support is good. But one of the main reasons I like it is that you can lock the thermostat so that tenants can only raise it to a threshold you program in. For heat I program it at 70 but they can raise it to 72. After a couple of hours it goes back to 70. Also because I have 1 thermostat for 4 apartments I can monitor the other tenants actual room temperature with the remote sensors. I enjoy peaking on my phone to see if everything is working properly. Once I figured out that the apartment with the thermostat was running a space heater. I realized this by looking at the thermostats temperature and seeing the other apartments where colder. Also I once realized before anyone called me that the boiler had a issue. A pipe had developed a leak and would run a few minutes and turn off. It saved me from a lot of water damage. It would be great if the this app realized something was wrong. But if you keep a eye on it, it can give you a lot of information.


Integration with Google has made things awful

We use our this app cameras as baby monitors. We like the capability to check them anywhere with WiFi and knew there would be trade offs given that these weren’t designed to be baby monitors. They’ve always been a bit spotty and the this app service has been down in the middle of the night at less than ideal times. However, now that they’ve forced users to merge a google account with this app account, we have had nothing but problems. We leave Nest up all night to monitor our kiddos and it hasn’t stayed active without crashing in WEEKS. I have to wake up multiple times each night to re open Nest and check on our kids. This is absolutely unacceptable especially given that they’re designed to be security cameras. I expected the service to improve from our previous issues with the integration with google accounts but it has been nothing but downhill from there. I am seriously considering a different product because Nest experience is so poor. Get it together google. You’re supposed to set the gold standard for app experiences. If you’re a user reading this it’s probably too late and you’ve already bought the equipment to go with Nest but if I’ve caught you early enough, steer clear.


Must migrate to Google to use the app!

I’m a new user of the this app Thermostats and like the equipment so far. My issues is with their remote services, in particular, their requirement to migrate my account to my gmail so I can use their smart services. In order to do that, this app wants to have access to my google home names and the names and emails of my google home members. Why do they need this information? When I asked this question of this app support, the employee didn’t have an answer. I refused to allow this app access to my private and personal information and, in return, this app denied me access to their smart services. In a nutshell, I now have a very expensive manual thermostat with no accessible smart features! I cannot use my thermostats remotely, and the sensors are completely useless because I can’t access them unless I migrate my account to google sign-in. There is one workaround: create a bogus gmail account and use that only for this app app. So I did that, because let’s face it, I got a smart thermostat so I didn’t have to get out of bed at 3 am to adjust the thermostat! Worked fine for a day but now my account is offline and the this app solution is to restart my router and disrupt all the other services and devices on my router so this app can find my wifi signal again!


Nest T-stat is awesome!

I’ve had this this app thermostat just over 6 years & it is by far the best thermostat I’ve ever had! First of all it’s extremely reliable! However the best part is the savings & comfort that comes with it! The temperature goes to whatever “away temp” on its own automatically when everyone leaves our home & then goes back to my normal setting when you walk in the door. I can also go to the this app app on my way home & set the temp of my choice if I want to! It also learns the temps we like at certain times throughout the day if I want it to do so. I also think it’s cool that the thermostat screen is blank until I walk up to it & then it comes to life. I’ve recommended this thermostat to many people & absolutely everyone that has took my advice & bought it loves it just as much as I do! I have the first generation so I can only imagine that it has gotten better which is hard for me to believe. All I can say is buy one! I promise that you will love it too!


A Life Saver!!

My 80 year old mother lived by herself and started falling. One day after several people tried contacting her by phone, I went to check on her and found her laying on her bathroom floor. Upon paramedics arrival they estimated she had been on the floor for a couple of hours due to dry blood from where she hit her head due to a fall. That’s when this app cameras came into our lives !!! I needed something I could check on her without drilling into apartment walls that was not allowed. My brother suggested and came and set up 2 camera’s. One in her living room and one in her bedroom. My mom has Alzheimer’s and Dementia and has lived with 2 alternating caregivers for almost 3years now. I can keep a close eye on her, I have been able to assist the caregivers in time of need and my moms confusion by talking to my mom through the cameras and I cannot stress how these cameras has tremendously and so outstanding has helped to keep my mother home and safe and has been absolutely a BLESSING TO HAVE!!


Literally a Life Saver

You never know how valuable something is (or if it even works!) until you *have* to. For us, that experience was with our this app Fire and CO2 detector. When we needed to replace old detectors, I chose to pay a little more for this app. Would it pay off; would it be worth it? We figured probably not, but we installed them anyway. This holiday season, we were 900 miles away - certainly not thinking of home. At church, I went to silence my phone & noticed a this app alert that there was smoke detected in our home. Surprisingly calm, I called our local fire dispatch & contacted neighbors and family. By the time the fire department arrived, smoke filled our home. The cause: an overheated furnace! Our home was likely saved because of that this app alert. We can deal with minor smoke damage! That decision to buy a this app product made all the difference in the world. It worked exactly as expected, when needed most, and we are forever grateful.


Nest Camera Helps Save My Dog

This camera has been a life saver, literally but before we get to here are the important bullet points: - The setup took a few minutes and was straight forward, super simple - The quality of the camera is great, auto nighttime mode works seamlessly - Unlike other cameras and services the this app works 100% of the time. The monitoring site has never been done and I’ve never had any issues with the camera in the year I’ve owned it. I have a lot of friends that brag a out their cost savings but to only have issues. I specifically purchased the camera to check in on my senior bulldog. While on a trip across the country she passed out while her pet sitter was feeding her. She immediately stood up finished eating and went for a walk, making the pet sitter feel comfortable enough to leave her but worried enough to call me. I immediately reviewed the camera and it was clear to me it was a heart arrhythmia episode, panicked I called a friend and asked her to rush my bulldog to the emergency vet. With the help of her cardiologist she pulled through, BUT if I wasn’t able to easily review the camera while driving in a car in the middle of the dessert she would have passed away that night at home alone. So it’s not just the camera it’s the whole package, the quality and consistency.


It used to be great

When I first purchased the indoor cameras, motion detectors, this app aware etc everything worked great. That lasted a few months. Not sure if this is an issue with Nest unable to communicate with the hardware or the hardware not communicating with Nest . Now I get reminders to set alarm when we are home, constantly. Apparently it no longer recognizes when we’re home and when we are not. The indoor cameras turn on and off at will when we are home and I get constant notifications that “looks like someone is home” constantly. Yes that’s me who’s home thanks for letting me know every 5 minutes. Facial recognition you ask??? Pretty much useless since it doesn’t recognize me or any of my family members even though we have had the cameras for over a year. App CONSTANTLY sends me push notifications when we’re home. Apparently the only thing it recognizes and remembers are packages left at the front door. For such expensive hardware I’d expect it to work like its price tag would indicate. Unfortunately I’m “stuck” with all the this app hardware and therefore Nest . I’d recommend going with something else that has better value for your money.


App has been awful since migrating to Google account

I’d been pretty much satisfied with the this app app for the nearly 4 years that I’ve been using it - until, that is, I made the stupid mistake of migrating my this app account over to Google… Since then, I have repeatedly, frequently, and unpredictably been asked to re-authenticate on my iphone and grant permission for the sharing of data between this app and Google.,. And since my Google account password is long and complex, and I don’t have it memorized, It turns the simple task of making a change to my thermostat (E.G.putting it in Eco mode as I’m leaving the house) into an annoying and inconvenient waste of 7-8 minutes of my time... this will inevitably happen at the most inconvenient of times (e.g. as I am in a rush for an appointment)… this app second-level support tells me that this is what the normal behavior of the this app app after migrating over to the Google account, and that there is no workaround…They do not seem to understand how annoying this new app behavior is… I am ready to rip out my this app thermostat and this app cams and now will definitely NOT be purchasing a this app/Google security system as I had planned…


Nest Thermostat App

Pros: -well built. -easy to install -built in lithium ion battery backup -Geofencing. -runs fan after the heat turns off for a couple minutes to get the rest of the heat out of the ductwork instead of heating the walls. -seems to connect well on both 2.4 and 5 G networks. - Nest does well at showing the thermostat wire connections. Cons -does not work with Apple home kit which would put the Thermostat control right in the control center of the iPhone. I am hoping they add this in a future update! -no geofencing range limit that can be set. Not sure what range it is using. It would be great to at least know. -requires all home members who want to use geofencing (home/away) feature to have separate google accounts. -does seem to always recognize when I come home and doesn’t switch from Away to Home mode. -cannot set the cycle rate so the temps fluctuate way to much. I am guessing the different is about 2 or 3 degrees. This maintenance band is too wide. -both on Nest and the thermostat it’s hard to know what temperatures you are looking at, is it the actual temperature or set point. Especially around the dial, it just uses points and does not list out the actual temperature. Very annoying. I don’t want to have to add up 1/2 degree tick marks. Include some numbers already. -lithium ion battery is probably not replaceable. Was a tough choice between this and the Emerson Sensi. Just hoping for some good updates now that google owns it.



Glitchy app. settings don’t stay fixed. Sends notifications when I don’t want them. Randomly deletes at least 1 of two of my properties so I must reinstall Nest periodically missing critical video footage. Each time I call tech support the person on the phone struggles to dirai English and is absolutely CLUELESS what they are doing. The guy must have said “UM” at least 100 times. All that’s needed is to delete Nest and reboot your phone but they never tell you this. They blame it on the bandwidth of the internet. I told him this is impossible because I have 2 different properties in 2 different states using 2 different cable companies and both are showing slow motion clips or clips that stop a second after they play. I troubleshooted MYSELF by simply deleting and reinstalling Nest and rebooting my phone. Dont waste your time calling them for help. No one knows what they are doing and Nest doesn’t have an FAQ’s that suggests doing what I did as a FIRST measure for resolve the issue. Stupid.


Good but needs better support

Have three cameras, they work very well , so why four stars , if you have a tech problem they have people to help you but if you try to talk to someone about a financial matter forget it , that has to change , I spent on the phone three times trying to correct a problem on there end , the first time it was supposedly corrected , next month same problem spent over hour again with a tech trying to explain to me how to correct a financial problem he know nothing about and had no way to connect me to someone who could help , after over hour gave up , tried again with the same results to a point the this app rep. Gave up because he could not figure out how to solve the problem. So if someone is listening please get live people who can solve a financial problem, one in which I was trying to give you money , or fix your present system, other then that a good system


Solid app

I have two buildings each with their own this app thermostat, so it is great to control them both from a single app. The home/away feature I fairly reliable at one place, but at my townhouse it seems to struggle with whether or not I’m home. I found that I had applied a setting so that Nest would only get my location data when it was open, so it often wouldn’t know where I was. It’s still a trade off for me to decide between the home away feature and the implications of yet another service that is continually tracking where I am. It would be nice if it could detect my presence in the building through WiFi (proximity to the thermostat) rather than continually tracking where I am. Nest is easy to use and mostly intuitive. The only improvement I’d like to see is to make it easier to work with two thermostats. It’s a little clunky the way you currently have to switch between them.

Is Nest Safe?

Yes. Nest is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,745,380 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Nest Is 27.4/100.

Is Nest Legit?

Yes. Nest is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,745,380 Nest User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Nest Is 27.4/100.

Is Nest not working?

Nest works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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