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Contact GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel

Published by on 2022-04-11

GOAT is the global platform for the greatest products from the past, present and
future. Shop new and used sneakers, apparel and accessories from around the
world. Discover exclusive drops, new releases, vintage finds and archival

How to Contact GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
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Common GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel Issues

  • By MellowAlex


    Of all the times I’ve tried to buy shoes from GOAT, I’ve only had ONE successful transaction. And that’s only cause GOAT already had them in their storage. So one time, after buying shoes and not hearing anything for a week, the seller canceled the order and put the shoes back up for a huge markup. So after wasting all that time I had to go over to StockX and I got them without a hitch. Another time, a seller sent the wrong size of used shoes to GOAT when the shoes that were pictured were the correct size! I waited weeks until customer service notified me of this. Right now, I’ve been waiting a week for these shoes to ship after the seller had confirmed them, but now it’s showing that they’re unconfirmed. I already know I’m getting flaked yet again. It’s absolutely appalling that simply buying a pair of shoes has to be this difficult and irritating. Customer service has been little help, taking forever to update me on these situations on what’s going on. If you’re reading this, STAY AWAY FROM GOAT. The marketplace is full to the brim with flakers of every kind. Every purchase from StockX on the other hand went fine and the shoes got to me FAST. So I wholeheartedly recommend using StockX over GOAT. They may not have as great of a variety as GOAT, but you can rest easy knowing that you will surely get your shoes without any problem.

  • By jes921

    The most unprofessional shopping experience

    I ordered a pair of yeezys from goat spending over 800$ I waited 5 days for an update as it kept saying they were waiting for the seller to ship the shoes.. after 5 days I opened a complaint ticket asking them to cancel my order if they did not ship that day as I needed them for a birthday.. they did not even respond to my email just updated the status to arrived at goat ( I almost think this was just to shut me up) after waiting another 5 days (which they say it takes 2-3 days to verify) I opened another ticket voicing my concern that they just updated the ticket to keep me quiet I got a response 2 days later saying that I had caused THEM confusion by opening another ticket when I had to because they labeled my first resolved when it was not!! They told me I would hear from them in another 48 hours.. I waited and still had no update.. goat has now had my shoes “verifying” them for over week! So reached out because I hadn’t heard from them in 48 hours like they claimed I would. I got no response or even apology.. just an update from ups that my shoes have finally shipped over 2 weeks later when it is supposed to take 10 days to get your shoes. I am appalled.. please beware when thinking about using this site! They are not true to their word nor care about customers.

  • By MatthewMikell

    Horrible Customer Service

    I recently sold a pair of shoes on Goat. The shoes were new, but for some reason had a white marking on the sole making it appear that I had worn them outdoors and lied about their condition. When they reviewed it, they identified the problem, labeled them to the buyer of the shoes as “used”, and said they’d send me pictures of the issue. I never received pictures and yet I was pestered to lower the price of my shoes to convince the buyer to follow through with the purchase. I asked why they wouldn’t tell me what the issue was and still didn’t get pictures. Again, they didn’t give me any reason as to why they said they were used. Finally, after asking for a third time, I got fed up and selected the option to not lower the price. Of course, the buyer being misinformed by Goat, decided not to buy the shoes. At this point I had the option to consign them, or have them returned. I chose to return them and they charged me $16 for shipping. This is absolutely ridiculous seeing as I wasn’t given any good option after they had already screwed me, on top of the fact that the original shipping was free on my end. Not only did they waste my time, but my money as well. I do not recommend selling through Goat because if there’s any problem that arises, I guarantee they will handle it horribly.

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Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By Missy
Jul 25 2022

Goat is not letting me use my credit to purchase an item. They are taking peoples money and scamming. Not responding to emails

By Missy
Jul 25 2022

Goat is not letting me use my credit to purchase an item. They are taking peoples money and scamming. Not responding to emails

By jtwestsid
Jun 06 2022

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By freezycold
Jun 03 2022

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By Peter Daylue
Mar 02 2022

When is my package coming #5134878873

By Grace
Jul 01 2021

DO NOT ORDER FROM GOAT. They take your money and do not deliver. They "claim" the product is on its way. This whole thing is a scam. They take your money, and keep you waiting for the "seller" to mail out your product. There is no product and I feel sick to my stomach as the item is beyond expensive. Shame on your GOAT! Social media will take you down!

By Lamont
Jun 14 2021

Horrible customer service, no contact about order. Ordered some shoes on the 6th and haven't heard anything back about them shipping. Why does a product you order from goat have to be sent to goat for authentication? This place is horrible and I will never shop here again!!😡

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