PlushCare: Online Doctor Reviews

PlushCare: Online Doctor Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

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Reviews (27)


So Thankful for PlushCare

I have used this twice, now. I was worried about having multiple doctors but the Doctors are awesome, compassionate, ask the right questions, in a short period of time, and never rushed. this app keeps a log of your visits. Which is headache free to remember them all. I get frequent utis. Having to sit for hrs in an emergency room in pain. I no longer have to wait. Make an appt, be prepared to answer questions. Docs are earlier than appt and so far the Docs are better than an emergency visit. When you know you need antibiotics. The docs do send you to get a culture tests done. Pick a location close to you. So easy to get done, quickly. Lab techs are just as fantastic! I have had my culture lab test lost at an emergency room twice and your sitting not knowing for more hrs. They lost it. (Mind you. Your paying for it.)😞 I felt nervous seeing multiple Doctors but so far. 💯 stress free. Most of all affordable and do use your ins, too. If you have it. this app is a Godsend. This is just a perfect way to see a doctor for minor medical issues without leaving your home. Easy to set up. Easy to change your pu location for meds, etc... So easy to use, bottom line. Thank you Dr Crabtree and Dr Riad 😊 Also I will mention the communication thru, video chat, emails and texts, is easy and not confusing at all. 👍👍👍


So Grateful

I found this app while seeking answers to support both myself and my daughter who tested positive for the Omicron virus. Although I was fully vaccinated I developed a fever and a cold that progressed into the worst sore throat I have ever experienced in my life. I started getting really nervous as my throat was severely inflamed and I believe I developed throat ulcers. I had terrible coughing fits that burned terribly and I was concerned about my breathing going forward as I was struggling with swallowing. The constant nasal drip made things more difficult. This went on for two full days. Finally I was able to book a 7am appt with Dr Chansky after being up at 2pm, again. She knew right away what I was experiencing and prescribed Miracle Mouthwash and an anti inflammatory that my partner picked up just three hours later. Later, after approximately 25 hours of excruciating pain, my throat like opened up and almost all of my throat pain dissipated-I could swallow normally again! The Magic Mouthwash helped me sleep and eat in the interim. Ps-I eventually discovered that green tea w coconut oil and greasy lo mein noodles was a saving grace to put down food and medicine and stay hydrated. Thank you Dr. Chansky and thank you this app!!! You saved me and kept me out of the very swamped hospital.


Two thumbs up for Dr. Burrer and Plush Care

I tried this yesterday, July 5 and kind of a holiday, for the first time. I had a no-show for my doctor. When I tried to cancel my appointment after waiting for 45 minutes, nobody was available. The site wanted to charge me $30 for my cancellation. I was certain that I had been ripped off (But all the good reviews...?) Soon after I cancelled, I was contacted by both the doctor and plush care. The doctor said he had technical difficulties and apologized. I was refunded for everything. Today I tried again with Dr. Burrer. He joined the video chat at exactly the time our appointment was supposed to start or a couple minutes prior to that, he was so much more helpful than I expected. I needed a refill for a medication that I’ve taken for a long time. I’ve recently moved to a new state and my old doctor wouldn’t give me more refills. He gave me a six month supply when he could’ve given me a 30 day supply and charged me again for another visit for another refill in 30 days. What a nice surprise! I am going to continue paying the $14 so I can use them for anything I need them for. It’s good, affordable, and convenient.


Dr. Mitchell Doyle is amazing

Dr. Mitchell Doyle is the absolute best, she is the definition of a great Doctor. For the first time I finally felt heard and understood. I been through so much with my health and every previous doctor would ignore my concerns and just push pills on me even though I’ve had certain side effects that they did not find concerning to themselves. When I finally switch insurance carriers I was determined to find a doctor that cared about me and not make me feel like another $$$. And something brought me to PlushCare this app, and of course I did my research and looked for a doctor that I felt I could connect with. I came across Dr. Mitchell Doyle and booked my appointment with her. And from the greeting she just had a great vibe. She was so understanding and gave me great tips on how to have a healthy lifestyle. I’ve mention my concerns to her and she gave me the best advice that no other doctor that I’ve had would give. She is Amazing and I’m so happy to have her as my Primary Care Physician. Thank you Dr. Mitchell Doyle for making me feel heard. And thank you this app. PlushCare definitely stands up to its name.



So grateful this service exists. Its so convenient and my doctor was so professional and made me feel as though he wanted this to be an open communication type of relationship where he would make sure I would feel good with my SSRI and not just push things on me because he wanted to. That it would be a type of trial and error to help me to feel better. I’ve been feeling so down lately, filled with stress and anxiety and feeling depressed with the health issues I have had going on for the last year. I feel hopeful again that things may get better. I see why PlushCare has such high ratings- I was skeptical at first but after having my first video appointment, I completely understand and am sooo thankful I didn’t have to schedule an appointment that was only available two or three weeks out to see a psychiatrist and get the help I need. I signed up tonight and I was able to get a video appointment with a psych in an hour. SO THANKFUL thank you thank you thank you!!!



I am a healthcare worker on a busy COVID unit, out of town. I called in advance to ensure that I could receive treatment for a suspected UTI, and was assured that it is a common complaint and frequently treated through their telehealth app. After enrolling, scheduling and appointment, and paying 100 dollars, I received a call from the nurse for the physician who stated that the doctor is unwilling to treat me and my appointment was automatically canceled. The nurse did not inquire as to my symptoms or ask for any elaboration, I simply was denied treatment. The nurse then stated that I could speak with a representative who could issue a refund, but was hung up on. I currently am on hold for 10 minutes and 9 seconds, to attempt to get my money back. This company is dishonest and unwilling to help. If the physician had such great concern that she is unwilling to prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic to prevent the further spread of infection, until I can get back to town, she is putting me at greater risk by no treatment at all. I do not have time, I just worked 14 hours and have to be back at work again, I simply needed treatment to buy some time until I can see my family doctor in 3 days. I implore you, do not trust this company, it is a bait and switch. I will be making a full report to the better business bureau


Online appointment with Doctor Marks

This was my first time using this type of medical platform, so I was a bit nervous about how it would actually go. But. I desperately needed medication for a condition I knew I had come down with. My primary care doctor was not available and the thought of having to spend 2-3 hours waiting to be seen at an urgent care facility, just didn’t seem like a good option when I barely have enough time in the day as it is. So, I decided to give this a try. I was able to easily book my own appointment via my mobile phone this morning, I picked a time that was convenient for me and they took my insurance, along with a small copay. The Doctor called in on video chat at the exact scheduled time and the whole thing was done in 15 minutes. I asked all the questions I wanted and gave him all the info he needed. He quickly made his diagnosis and sent a prescription to my pharmacy. I am so grateful! This was an awesome experience and I will definitely be using again! Dr Parker is fantastic! Thank you!


Was nervous at first, but was very impressed!

After hours of dealing with rude receptionists over the phone at my doctors office who constantly put me on hold to horrible 80s music, missing calls from callback nurses because I’m too busy during the day to be waiting around for their calls, and never actually getting to speak to my doctor to resolve small issues that could be resolved much much quicker, I stumbled upon this app! Finally an app for the modern world! As a fast moving, impatient, Millennial, PlushCare was perfect. I booked an appt online for the same day, met with with my doctor (who was extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful), and she ordered my prescription to my local CVS literally while we were still on the call. She also suggested follow up blood work and made the whole process as EASY as possible! Will definitely be using PlushCare for all minor health questions and or anything that doesn’t require me being in person going forward!


Anxiety relieved!

As most people in there 20s I don’t see a regular doctor and just go when needed. So when I needed to get back on a SSRI for anxiety I didn’t want to have to go through the ringer of making a primary care visit just to get a referral to a therapist to be able to get my prescription for something I had already taken. Plus, end up paying $500+ since my kaiser insurance is pretty much catastrophic just for emergencies. I just happened to stumble across this and I’m so incredibly glad I did! I feel so relieved! Dr. Marino was so nice and approachable and recommended a new rx to try that might work better for me. My insurance doesn’t cover this but at $99 for this visit and $15 a month subscription and $49 for any visit going forward this is still cheaper than zoomcare and any regular clinic by far! And everything I pay goes towards my deductible which is awesome! The rx was sent to my pharmacy and it was so easy. I would recommend this to everyone!


This is an amazing app!

Before PlushCare I never had a virtual doctors visit but I am so glad that I gave it a try. I just moved to a new city so I could no longer get prescription from my previous primary doctor, I have a chronic condition that requires medication. I went on PlushCare to get a refill of my medication until I was able to get a new primary care doctor. I had my appointment with Dr. Allison Lovell and she is such a lovely and easy going doctor. I highly recommend her, she was easy to talk to and really cared about my condition and what I had to say. I was able to get my prescription as well as two refills to get me by until I find a new doctor. If you need quick care that is easy and stress free I highly recommend PlushCare. The price for me was $100 because I haven’t met my deductible but if I were to go to a doctors office near me I would have paid more than that so I am happy with the price. Overall this was a good experience for me.


Beware they will rip you off

this app is okay if you need quick short term meds. You’ll pay a lot more than if you go to the Dr in person (for me $20 with in person vs $129 with this app) and I was okay with paying for that convenience once a year or so but they purposely give you only a few months (90 days to be exact) of meds and then won’t refill them without you paying for another expensive appointment. I’ve taken this medication before and have always been given refills for a year by my previous doctors. I would have continued using this app if they were ethical and not just trying to make an extra dollar anywhere they can. Normally you can call your doctor to get a refill, this app doesn’t provide their phone number so you have to do it via another appointment in their system. They refused to offer me any other alternatives for refill other than paying for another appointment for me that’s not only a rip off but also highly unethical. I should be able to speak directly with my doctor without having to pay a fee.


Wow just Wow

I never write reviews on PlushCare Store but I had to jump on here to rave about the amazing service that Plush Care is. I recently moved from Nevada to California and my insurance hasn’t switched over yet. I had been sick with a sinus infection for a week and wasn’t getting any relief so I knew I had to seek care. Considering I was self pay, the price to be seen in Urgent Care and not to mention the wait time, was ridiculous. That’s when a quick search lead me to PlushCare. I chose the self pay option and was seen within 30 minutes in the comfort of my own home by Dr Krainski. He quickly diagnosed me and had my prescription sent over to the nearest Pharmacy within the hour. Since I was self pay, he gave me the most amazing coupons for my prescription which ended up taking off more than half the cost! I was overwhelmed with happiness that I was able to find this service and will highly recommend Dr Krainski to anyone!


Dr J. Hornberger

First, the advantage of telehealth is when you’ve been “sheltering in place,” or should be, and you look like a zombie w/bad hair (no disrespect to zombies looking better than me right now 😆)... it doesn’t matter. Muster up and get online and get yourself help- you’ll only regret you didn’t do it sooner. 😉 Also, If you have insurance, setting that up was easiest here of all medical websites I’ve used & my price was thrilling.😁 Get someone to refer you & you can get 3 months free right now, too. Or maybe call them and they’ll honor that for you, if you ask- couldn’t hurt to try. It’s not easy, but be brave, ask for help.🥴 In closing, Dr. Hornberger is highly professional & knowledgeable, attentive, thorough... 🤔 and he EXPLAINS all VERY well in laymen’s terms that work good for many of us. Just do it- get yourself some CARE! Don’t continue suffering. 🙏💕


Scam scam scam scam

Had an appointment payed the 20$ copay, doctor never got onto the video call. Had a stomach virus just wanted some zofran. The doctor then called me from a personal phone number and said she can’t diagnose me without SEEING me??? Um isn’t that the point of the video call and the whole entire reasoning behind PlushCare? I said okay. I got a refund for the appointment. A month later in January my card is being charged for 9$ here and 9$ there so I called them (and sat on hold for 20 minutes) and they told me it was for a membership. I never once signed up for a membership! I even looked through PlushCare and I didn’t see anything about a membership or upgrading to a membership until I dug and dug and found the debit card on file as well as my insurance. Was able to remove my insurance however it doesn’t give you an option to remove your debit or credit card. The lady cancelled my “subscription” however the card is still on file which makes me very nervous! My suggestion is to go through a different online doctor. I’ve had such a bad experience and I do not want anyone else to have it!


Where have you been my whole life

I needed an appointment to refill my medicine. The prescriptions have not changed in years but every 90 days I have to take off work and spend a couple hours at the doctor’s office. I just tried this out. The earliest appointment I could chose was in a little over an hour so I booked it. When the time came I joined the session and it took less than 10 minutes. I got all of my medicines refills sent to the pharmacy in my town, was able to ask some questions, and got a lab slip for my annual blood work emailed to me. I didn’t have to miss any work. With my insurance I usually pay $30 but have to miss half a day of work. This appointment cost me $99 (my deductible is not met yet) for a difference of $69 more than if I went to my regular doctor, but I did not have to take off work which would have cost me more in lost wages.


Very understanding, compassionate physician

I work in the healthcare industry myself and have so for several years. I run a business and do most of the clinical patient care myself as a respiratory therapist and a sleep disorders specialist. My father is a semi retired now pulmonary physician. I’ve also went into healthcare after suffering from a “limb threatening” leg injury and I know a lot about clinical pharmacology. Dr. Marks I can wholeheartedly say is a very understanding, intelligent, physician, who did what he could as a telehealth physician to help me out as much as possible. He had some great ideas for me and he was compassionate and humble. It’s obvious that he has a lot of experience as a physician in the clinical setting and I’m is an excellent resource to look to for any of your medical needs within the realm of telehealth still being somewhat limited in practice due to the government standards. Thank You Dr. Marks! -CDP


I know my body

I called my regular doctor and said I know what I have can you please call in a prescription? Spoke to the nurse and was told I had to come in to have tests. The nature of what I’m feeling is a normal occurrence and I’ve had one before. I am having some pain and need to stay near a bathroom so the idea of going to visit a doctor, be tested and then wait for the pharmacy all while being afraid something I can’t control would happen during that time away from my house was very unappealing and unnecessary. The doctor asked me questions, read my history and not only had the prescriptions to my pharmacy in about five minutes but trusted me to know what I’m talking about. This is a non life threatening situation and we all do need to see a physician sometimes but I didn’t. How refreshing!


Surprised by the invaluable benefits!

I was contacted by then when an irregular heart rhythm was detected via my Fitbit! It asked if I was interested in being part of a cardiac study. I sent them my medical information and a virtual appointment was set up for me. The doctor that contacted me was very through, asking the appropriate quest regarding my medical issues. He asked if I was willing to wear an e-patch that would monitor my heart rhythms for a week. I heard from after They evaluated the results and I had another virtual appointment and the results gone over. These results will be sent to my physician! As an RN, I was very impressed with the level of care I was given and the interaction with the Physician. And there was no charge for a very expensive study. Thanks to all, for a valuable experience!


Waste of precious time

Unfortunately, for me, it was a glorious waste of my time. And time I didn’t have, otherwise, I’d be going to an in-person doc. I spent from 1:30 pm until now at 6:50 pm dealing with making the appt., having it (it failed the first time and had to wait til 5 pm for next appt.) being told no for the thing I came for, asking for money back, following up on my 2 charges being returned. Now I have to wait a few business days to make sure I get back my money on 2 $99 charges. After the wasted time today, I walked into the local Instacare and was seen right away and was given what I asked for and came for ( a supportive NON-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE), and headed to pharmacy. I am exhausted by all the phone calls and waiting just to be told no after all that. So, I shan’t be using it again. But it sounds like a neat idea in theory. And the staff who answers the phones and makes appts. and all were very professional and friendly.


Fast and amazing service provided

I needed a last-minute look for a condition I was having in my primary care doctor was not taking anybody in and I thought that all the online doctors you had to pay like $100 fee even though you had insurance well come to find out I was able to use my insurance and I had a zero dollar co-pay the doctor was very helpful he provided me with doctors notes for my job he was able to prescribe me medication and order blood work I open this website around 345 and the first available appointment was at 4:15 and as soon as I got on the video chat at the appropriate time the doctor was there on time I highly recommend doing this if you have insurance or if you don’t have insurance and you are in a situation where you cannot physically go to a doctor


Answered all my questions

The help care staff answered my calls immediately and Stephanie was helpful, friendly, and informative, giving info on how to get PlushCare and book an appointment the same day. I was extremely pleased to be able to book and have an appointment in the privacy of my own home the very next morning to meet my urgent need. Dr. Bowling was easy to talk to and knowledgeable about which birth control to prescribe me. I am so grateful to have found plush care and be able to get the prescription I needed for contraception the very same day as my appointment! I would recommend this service to any woman not wanting to wait multiple weeks to speak with a Dr. or have to go to a walk in clinic! Thank you for the convenience, privacy, and access to immediate answers plush care!


First timers

I did not have any insurance and didn’t wanna wait too long because of it to get a prescription for something I already know and have record of needing for medication. so this was very very handy. I was able to get an appointment in less than 24 hours through video chat and he was very understanding as well as professional. If you need only a prescription refill or anything of the sort this is really easy and really effective to me because I was able to get a pharmacy very close to home and not have to go to the doctors as well for those who can’t do that this is very convenient I think.


Technical difficulties but great app!

First time I used PlushCare it worked great. This past time it took two tries on two different days to get connected with difficulties still but I ended up with the physician I had the first time which worked out as I already had a great experience with her. So much so I tried to leave a good review for her but there doesn’t seem to be a way, which makes me curious as to how the ratings are generated. If you’re using PlushCare I highly recommend Dr. Carrie Beaumont. She is thorough, relatable, gives advice on prevention by asking questions to pinpoint the cause and discusses treatment thoroughly. PlushCare works fine but I’m not sure I’d be a repeat customer without Dr. Beaumont. Thanks for your help!


Convenient and Professional

I recently experienced Plush Care’s services from the privacy and convenience of my couch. With 2 kids and flu season, the last thing I want to do is load up and head out to an infested waiting room. Plush Care scheduled a FaceTime appointment within 2 hours of my call. The doctor was informative, professional and helpful. The online system was easy. I was prescribed medication at my local pharmacy after 10-15 minutes into our appointment. Relieved and thrilled! This is the only way I want to receive healthcare or medication whenever possible! Thank you Plush Care. Highly recommended.


Absolutely Amazing. Never again will I go to urgent care.

I’m a very busy business owner. Dr. Cleary was very empathetic, compassionate, thorough and efficient. Within 10 minutes I was done with my video chat and my prescriptions were called into my pharmacy. All while from my truck in-between meetings. Thank God I found this service. Goodbye urgent care. Hello this app. This is the next stage of quick patient care. Cannot say enough great things. Oh.. I just got a text while writing this (1 minute after ending my video chat) that my scripts were called into my pharmacy. Incredible. Thank you Dr. Cleary and this app. Seriously how I not found this sooner.


So impressed with this service

My experience has been seamless. I downloaded PlushCare and made an appointment on a Sunday. I had an appointment within minutes for less than 2 hours later. Dr. Burruss was super professional, thorough, as well as kind and communicative. He made me feel at ease right away. After my appointment I got a text saying that my prescriptions had been called in. The pharmacy already my prescription on file when I went to pick up because this app included it with the call-in. I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs quick and efficient care.


Life saver

Ok, so I’ve lost all hope for health care in this country. I needed renewals for my prescriptions but due to a healthcare scam, I wasn’t able to get insurance in time. I especially couldn’t stop taking my antidepressants so I decided to give this a try. Within a few hours, I had a quick chat with a really nice doctor on FaceTime and the next day I had my prescriptions in my hand. My medication cost went down from $300+ to $40 because of the coupons given by this app. LIKE WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! What a game changer. Thank you so much for making my life easier. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Is PlushCare Safe?

No. PlushCare: Online Doctor does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 76,940 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PlushCare: Online Doctor Is 16.8/100.

Is PlushCare Legit?

No. PlushCare: Online Doctor does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 76,940 PlushCare: Online Doctor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PlushCare: Online Doctor Is 16.8/100.

Is PlushCare: Online Doctor not working?

PlushCare: Online Doctor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Megan
May 22 2021

I was charged $99, had my appt canceled and when I asked for a refund they asked for my bank account information

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