Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video Reviews

Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-02

Lumyer: so simple, so powerful. Enhance your photos with hundreds of realistic
animated effects. All of your selfies, memories, landscapes, funny moments with
friends, and artistic photos will come to life! Moving photos is the latest
trend in photo art! Unleash your creativity and imagi...

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Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video Reviews

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    Not able to use after trying to update

    I have been using a Lumyer and have really enjoyed it. However I got a notification to update and when I did it will no longer load on my phone. So I took it off my phone and tried to reload it and now it will not let me in at all saying that my payment method is invalid, which it is not. I paid for the pro package to have all features utilized in watermark removed and now I can’t even load it on my device. I did contact the company and they kept telling me to restore my purchases yet that is not the solution. I cannot even load the app on my phone to restore the purchases. I hope someone can rectify and help the situation. Or I would like to request a full refund. I’m trying to understand how this is rating or they say this is rated as number one and improved. How can I know when it crashed after I tried update. Update. From my above post.. I keep trying. Was able to load Lumyer after several tries Restored purchases yet it did not restore my pro account. Disappointed. Then it crashed again after I tried to create an image. The app. Never crashed before the update. Now it just won’t stay in place and stable. This has happened 5 times now on I phone. ???

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    Lost my effects. UPDATE

    UPDATE Lots of kudos for these people, they finally answered my numerous emails to them. They solved my problem . I have everything back again. It took awhile but they fixed my problem , so for that I’m so happy. Thanks again. If only you would get an answer when you write for help I. might not delete this app. How unprofessional of these people to just ignore emails when they tell you to write for help, what a joke. They read my message to them on fb but never answered, go figure. I will gladly give this a 5 star rating if I hear from somebody because this is my favorite app I transferred everything over to my new tablet, I have paid for every effect , and of course I cannot prove it, they want all your receipts, but Apple does not keep receipts from years ago, so I sent a screen shot of the effects I have downloaded, I only download what I’m using at the time, then download seasonal effects as I need them. So I wrote to them asking for all my effects back. Well it probably will take a month before they get back to you. I’m sure they are quite busy, but I use this app 100% of the time, now I’m stuck without it. Boy with all these bad reviews I’m surprised your still in business . Please get back to me Thank you

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    I've had Lumyar for 6 years !

    I've loved playing around with my pictures when it comes to Lumyar. I love love love it. I have to say something that bothers me about it, though...🙃 All the perks of this application should be free do to the fact that iPads are expensive! Why can't we have neverending fun without paying 20$ a month for an app that is apart of the very expensive iPad that I bought!?!?! It goes without saying ppl are getting filthy rich because this lil nickel and diming crap refuses to ease up!!! Please do better when it comes to apps that keep ppl like me so happy to have an iPad that does so many cool things without me going bankrupt all because I need to get out of my head and have the most fun I can have here. kapeesh?

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    Love the effects, but since a recent update, now the rectangular shape isn’t working, & most of my pics aren’t squares! It keeps saying it’s sorry for the inconvenience but it’s not fixing the issue! Not only that, I’ve noticed that at least 6-7 of the images I’ve already paid for are still there to be purchased, but now they aren’t showing as “my effects!” I got a different phone & that’s when everything went south. I tried the “restore” button several times to try to get them back with no success. So right now, this app is less than worthless! I’m not paying for those effects a second time! And I’ve paid for lots of effects I can’t use either because of the not working rectangular frame or the missing effects I no longer have! Seems like I’ve been gypped out of my money and no one is doing anything to fix the issues. I would NOT recommend you choose this app if you plan on using it much! You’ll be out of luck!

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    GREED is UGLY!

    How disappointing it is when you have already paid to remove WATERMARK and have EFFECTS that you now have to pay for; again!....GREED IS UGLY!!! We are forced to update because they give the app problems, you should at least acknowledge and honer what people have paid for or what was given to customer as part of the app to make them like it. I'm not apposed to you making money on the app, but you can't offer free stuff and paid upgrades to us the existing client, and take it away! Being a business owner, FYI!...THIS IS BAD BUSINESS!!! This is why I very much dislike updating, this was forced so I had no choice, again aggravating! Dishonorable ways don't build loyal customers! I will not be emailing in as you suggested to others! are very intelligent, you should fix and honor what previous customers INVESTED IN. Unfortunately this behavior is how APPS GET DELETED! 💔 horrible tactics. Had to give one star to move forward, but Zero stars is really what I am giving.

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    At first I loved this app and purchased a lot of effects. The last time I did so, (and I have proof that I did so,) the effect I bought didn’t show up the others that I’d purchased and it was expecting me to do so again. So I emailed customer support for help and no one responded. So I deleted the app from my phone to reinstall it, thinking that would help. But instead, I lost ALL of my previous purchases including the $3.99 one for removal of the watermark!! I tried to use their “recover my account” but it would not let me in! So I requested a password change, which they said was sent to my email. NOT!! So I emailed for help AGAIN and received NO help. After typing in a bad review, and pressing send, my review disappeared into cyberspace because the nickname I had chosen had already been taken! There was no warning that it had already been chosen! I have never seen such poor customer service in my entire life! 😡

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    Repaying for effects

    At first this app was great. I purchased the effects and a month later when I tried to use the effects they charged me again. So I purchased them again sometimes it said that I had purchased that effect already and on other effects it would charge me again. So finally I had all the effects I wanted and on yesterday I opened the app and it crashed. Then I uninstalled the app rebooted my iPhone and then tried to open it, crashed again. So I waited about 8 hours tried to open the app again and once again it crashed.

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    Boo -hate the update

    Review Update: still not happy with app’s overhaul last year, but I’ve already paid for several add-ons a while ago, so trying to use. One addt’l purchase I paid for is to have logo removed. I’ve tried to download my previous purchases, but still shows logo & I’m missing several add-ons. I’ve tried to get in touch with company directly, but cannot find contact info, so I’m sending request in review: PLEASE REMOVE LOGO FROM MY IPHONE APP. I want to give Lumyer higher rating. I used to love this app before the changes, but I’m willing to keep trying until I like it again or until I’m convinced there’s no use wasting more of my time. What a disappointment this update is. Very user UNfriendly. I have to go through a maze to import my photo, i can no longer see all the selections, including my purchases & I've already paid to remove their watermark. They’re asking me to pay again. I can’t imagine why this new overhaul is an improvement.

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    I feel such nostalgia..

    This has been my favorite app Forever. I could not brag enough on It. While it’s not changed for the bad, it’s just not keeping up anymore. You can go a dozen different places for apps with the same or similar features, many of which are free if you watch a video etc. The thing bothering me the most though is that we still can only use square photos and ugh those stupid selfies or faces. ENOUGH already lol omg this app became an app for tweens and their younger siblings so fast! PLEASE stop with the faces 😭 and can we remove holiday items after the holiday? I keep looking for ways to send Christmas puppies and flying Santa but ... 😑😭 can you do that stuff? lol Anyways it’s been a really fun, great app, first of its kind for me and I’ve loved it. I would again if we could do those things and get more edits in. Thank you!

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    What Happened! Do not like the new version of Lumyer

    I liked the old Lumyer! It would offer free effects that were pretty awesome because it was motivational to create a better illustration in telling a story with the picture selected by me and then I wouldn’t mind purchasing some selective effects on the app that are actually pretty awesome. Personally I created and got pretty artsy that way. You give some you buy some, it opened my imagination more freely! Now I feel I won’t create what I truly want because everything is all about buying! Although I realize nothing is free in this world I thought it was nice to offer effects for free also. On another note some of the effects I purchased are not working on the new version of Lumyer! I don’t feel the individual helping on the e-mail knows either how to fix it! Telling me to reinstall leads me to repurchasing! This is probably happening to many other people! I hate that the app opens with yourself showing on a screen instead of giving us the option to select like before. Do you realize you’re leaving yourselves wide open to a class action lawsuit! I consider myself excellent at analyzing! Please bring back last years version! If you have questions e-mail me I can elaborate an explanation. It’s not working! That’s upsetting

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    Poor GUI, and still broken 8 months after upgrading to Pro

    With infrequent updates, I don’t have much hope for improvement. Eight months after purchasing Lumyer Pro, the fix for full screen images (portrait orientation) is still “Coming back soon.” No, it really isn’t. The documentation and videos have it as a feature even though it doesn’t exist anymore. The user interface is fine for someone who uses the app infrequently and with few effects. If you want to use it often, and with lots of effect options, the layout makes it extremely difficult. You can see only a few effect thumbnails on any given screen, and all are without any kind of names. There is no list view, and no descent option to organize what you have. The effects are fun, so if you don’t mind hunting through a forest of little icons, and you are ok with applying them only to a photo with a square crop, this app is for you. Note to the developer: You are selling a major feature that doesn’t exist. After 8 months of waiting for something I paid to use, I just feel scammed. If you are going to continue taking money for upgrades, at least be honest, and remove the portrait orientation button, and update your documentation and videos so that future customers don’t end up feeling the way I do.

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    I will keep it short and simple. If you buy anything from this app they will take your money as you are forced to update the app and lose effects you have already purchased and then they expect you to do your own investigation by providing receipts of your purchase. I’m not wasting my time. You figure it out, not the customers. I would suggest if you have this app erase it. You can spend your money elsewhere and get better customer service and effects!! Bye all the 4 stars that they received are from when they were actually good and didn’t rip you off. Read other reviews and you will see as if late they are full of crap. I usually don’t leave reviews like this but this kind of thing really gets annoying when you see this happen all the time. Dammit!! Ended up being a longer post than I thought smh.

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    New update April 27, 2020: I paid for the app, like $20 or so, for access to all the features and no logo. They said that would be forever. Then the app devs reneged on their part of the sale by making it so I can’t use most of the app because they want to do the pay per year crap. Those of us who paid for the app before the change should be grandfathered in. •••••••••••••••• Addendum: I deleted the app, turned off my phone, restarted phone, redownloaded the app. It seems to be working right. Shall do another addendum as I use the app more. So far, it’s working good. I really like the affects. I don’t like the face ones and want them off my iPhone. Don’t like they are forced upon me. A lot of effects would be great if you didn’t add in years or words, I can’t use some due to that. •••••••••••••• This was my go to gif maker but now I have to down size the gifs this app makes in another app and half the time I am only able to see one effect instead of 2 or 3. Oftentimes I don’t even see the effect and it doesn’t save into my finished gif. I’m also unable to delete an effect. I have to literally close the app and restart. The app also isn’t as intuitive as it was before. I’m not sure what happened but hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

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    Love it - but have two request.

    This is by far one of my fav effects app. So many fun choices. I do have two request though... if possible, please make it so we can edit images other then in the square format... it would be awesome if we had the ability to add effects on both portrait and landscape image sizes (i.e Instagram formats). Also, please let us edit already recorded videos. I would love to layer your effects on videos that were recorded outside of your app. ❤️ other then that... awesome app. Excellent effects. Keep adding more!

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    As another review stated, the latest update made previously downloaded effects now only available to re-download as purchases. I had previously paid for a pro account and download all of the effects packs available. Since the latest update, all of the effects I had previously downloaded and now gone and require me to pay for each one individually to get them back. I contacted the developer, and the response has been slow and incredibly disappointing. They simply stated in a response that their effects now cost money and are no longer free to download regardless if I previously had them. I then contacted Apple and they said they would investigate this to see if it violates policy. This matter still has not been resolved.

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Is Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video Safe?

Yes. Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 22,516 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video Is 40.4/100.

Is Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video Legit?

Yes. Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 22,516 Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video Is 40.4/100.

Is Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video not working?

Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Lumyer: Animate Photo to Video.

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