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Published by on 2020-01-09

Google Photos is a smarter home for all your photos and videos, made for the way you take photos today. “The best photo product on Earth” – The Verge “Google Photos is your new essential picture app” – Wired “Upload the pictures, and let Google Photos do the rest” – The New York Times • FREE UP SP...

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Google Photos Reviews

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    Stores my photos as long as they are not 4K

    It’s a bit confusing but what they are storing for me is pretty adequate for my needs. It would be nice to know I was storing the original quality but I don’t need another monthly bill besides Google Drive. It’s awesome the way they rotate some of the photos for you or give you that option. I wish they would do more in terms of the facial recognition so that you can correctly date some of your photographs were the dates were stripped in the uploading process which for me was a bit of a hellish experience because it crashed while uploading. I got past all that and everything I own is in my Google library I just don’t have them sorted properly. I’m hoping this will be done automatically in the future using the facial recognition technology otherwise I have to spend years fixing my library. Another suggestion would be if they would show you your duplicates which are close to exact duplicates so that you can delete them on your own. Sometimes it appears to be refusing duplicates but it’s hard to tell exactly what Google is doing behind the scenes occasionally I’ll see a duplicate missing other times I find odd photos in my trash. It would be nice to know exactly what’s happening with them folders. Those are all my suggestions and why I don’t have five stars I appreciate the free storage in the meantime hoping I won’t have to go with higher quality photos in the future.

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    Hands down best app for keeping & sharing life's most memorable moments

    Hands down, The best app for safe-keeping & family sharing of life's most memorable moments. Super easy to navigate all of the features like saving the all of the important details, like location, time & date, and captions of photos to share with others. As a busy, single mom of 2, this app is a lifesaver for me. I can share my children's milestones with family & friends with such ease so no matter how near or far they are, they can watch my babies as they grow. I have a closet full of craft & scrap book supplies that I have picked up here and there but with juggling my career and my 2 little girls, I feel I never get the chance to actually sit down, go through the pictures & videos, take a stroll down memory lane and bring all of my amazing Pinterest crafts to life. Google Photos has simplified the overwhelming fear of feeling like there's so many important details that I won't remember while scrapbooking my 2 girls. It simplified the task of going through and sorting my pics & videos I've backed up over the years and it's helped me to be able to organize and group memorable moments from their birth so that I can start to put these special books of their most memorable moments together.

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    No flexibility

    Google photos is an all or nothing app. Either it backs up all your photos, every single one, or none at all. Sometimes I use a screen shot as a quick reference for a few minutes then delete it from my phone, but then it’s still in the google account. It’s extremely frustrating to go back delete them from google, especially because that too is difficult to do. There’s no easy way to scroll through and delete quickly. You either have to view them from a small thumbnail and hope you’re not deleting something important or take a long time looking at each one and having to click multiple times to delete 1 photo. I am trying to free up space on my phone so deleting photos is supposed to be the easy choice since I have them backed up to google. However it either gives me option to delete ALL of the photos off my phone or none at all. There are still plenty of pictures I would like to keep sorted in the folders I created on my phone for quick reference. I’ve heard the argument “well they’re still on your phone you just have to open google photos instead of your regular photos.” This is of no use if you are somewhere with spotty or no internet connection. The app is not user friendly, the interface is not clean, and the way it sorts photos is of no real use to me. There should be extensive settings where I can toggle on and off different combinations of options.

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    Google Photos is the only way to go!

    It’s the only way to go, if ya ask me! I know, ya ain’t asking, right? Okay, well that’s just fine, because I’m just-a-tellin! What I’m telling is that I love this App, because of so many things I won’t be able to list em all! Totally impossible! But I can share a few reasons why I love it so much! One is because of the option of assistant! When you choose this it gives you an option to save or dismiss the Apps, altered & filtered or maybe, brightened & cropped, or maybe, actually I can keep going but you get the Jist of what I’m sayin, right? You won’t believe the things assistant can do to your pics to make them look better or make them look like a work of art! You just won’t believe your eyes, or that you even took the pic in the first place once you see what all it can and will do! Lol woo-wee! I love this so much! Don’t waste your time with any other App out there claiming to do this or that! This one doesn’t have to claim anything, just open it up and Vola! Lol Art, Beauty, Imagination & I can keep going..... you already know! I’m going to stop here and let you see for yourself! The App speaks for itself! Plus I’ve spoken way to much as it is! Jeesh! Lol Y’all will have a blast and enjoy! I know y’all will! Lol Chow!

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    10/10 Recommend!

    i got this app as a way to store photos and make albums, and it has not let me down. i can finally clear up space on my phone for other things while having all my photos in an easily accessible app. it’s very user-friendly. i love how it has gave recognition and makes mini albums for each person! also, you can make your own albums and share them by simply copying a link. google photos is linked to your gmail so you can access pictures and videos anywhere you’re signed in! another benefit is with imessage. you can easily attach photos that are not on your device just by clicking the google photos icon and selecting your images. another amazing feature is that the app recognizes pictures with a lot of writing. when syncing your camera roll to google photos, the app takes the pictures with writing/typing (like a report for school, old notes, etc.) and gives you an option to clear them from your phone, as you probably don’t need them anymore and they’re classified as junk. google photos is an amazing app. it gives you options to create new albums, prints, movies, collages, and animations. this app is a must-have!

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    Be careful what you upload and store!!

    Although I love the unlimited storage and ease of album making, sharing, and management there are freaky unexplained things that happen to photos you know were in your collection but suddenly are no where to be found! I mean no where, not in the trash, archive, or backup places that you set any where. Case in point, I took a picture of the back and front of my business Credit card so that I could refer to my account numbers when I needed to while it was in the possession of an employee. I did so many times. When I looked for it today it had just vanished! I was not in the trash, archive, or back up places and I had not done anything with it since I last checked it. I don’t know if I was hacked, Google automatically removes such things, or maybe Google pulled for their own uses as per the Usage agreement we all sign without reading. That was not the first time something mysteriously disappeared from my photo collection yet is was the most vital. You will see that things tend to disappear for no reason and you will think you are going crazy and all Google will say is, “Check your archive, trash, and back up settings.” All these suggestions are no help when something totally disappears for no reason. BEWARE!!!

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    Ok for folks that take social photos

    First, most of my computers are Apple, and I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. This Google app/ system is ok for users that want to take snapshots to post on social media. As an Engineer and technical craftsman, I can’t discern if there is any way to use it for these purposes. My requirements are for technical photographs showing processes and assemblies mainly to send to publishers (and to publish on-line) illustrations for engineering uses. From what I can determine, is’s not too good for that, although I have never purchased a “For Dummies” book and learned the full capabilities of Google Photos. However, I vastly prefer it over the Apple Photo program that takes control of all content, holds them hostage, and deletes them if you don’t want to play by their rules and pay their fees. I actually purchased a Windows-10 laptop for my phone and camera downloads rather than struggle trying to convert and download my pictures to something a user completely “Apple” can use. I do store my social photos ( family, weddings, and vacations, etc.) on Google Photos, simply because they separate them by date and Google doesn’t mess with them further. And, you can download photos to a thumb drive and take them to a corner drugstore photo printer and gets prints for Granny, something impossible with anything Apple.

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    I like it, BUT...

    I like Google Photos, but I wish their was an option under the "EDIT" tab, where I could add text or be able to write on the actual photo and be able to pick different colors, fonts, size of fonts and also underline, bold or put the text in italics. Also, my email is also linked to my son's phone, since I don't want to set him up with his own email account, until he gets a little bit older, that means that the Google Photo app is also linked to his phone, since he takes photos too. It would be nice to have an option to put a password protection on the albums that photos of each person is under. For example, if the album is labeled "ME", I wouldn't want him clicking on the tab and see photos of his mother that he shouldn't be looking at and scar him for life. Lol! Also, it would even come in handy when parents let their children play on their phone and they stumble upon photos that their parents didn't want them to see. Since my son also takes photos, one other idea that I had would be that anytime he takes photos and Google Photos downloads them, that the photos would be categorized by the device it was downloaded from, but you would still be able to organize the photos into albums later. Thank you!

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    Finally! Google, helping to create peace of mind when I run out of storage for my photos!

    This is the app I’ve been searching for! When I bought my iPhone 8 Plus, I purchased it in such a hurry that I forgot to tell the sales associate I wanted the highest storage iPhone. It was fine for the time being but, I needed to have a backup plan whenever I do happen to run low on storage space. I’ve been stuck with limited to no space available on my phone just a few months after purchasing it. I thought about possibly paying an online company like Box to backup my iPhone but trust is a big issue for me and I couldn’t get myself to take the next step in subscribing to some online account I barely knew. With Google Photos, I can now have peace of mind that my photos and videos will always be in one place safe and sound! Nothing bums me out more than to be at a concert and get a message pop-up during a video recording that I am running out of storage space. Now I don’t have to worry! I also really appreciate how Google Photos makes it easy to use and recommends albums and animations to save specific memories and moments! Best app ever! Totally worth the wait! :)

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    Easy storage, fun features

    Google Photos is so easy to use! There are so many settings that you can decide on, like whether or not you want photos to automatically be backed up or wait until you are on Wi-Fi. Then, you can have the app on your phone so that you can easily delete the pictures on your phone storage and always see the pictures in the Google Photos app. I personally have turned off photo back up on iPhone, and just use Google Photos. You can access Google Photos from a PC too. And while you’re taking pictures and videos while going to events, Google Photos will make creative designs in the background. So it will give you memories and reminders of what you were doing this day last year or three years ago. And then sometimes it’ll create a movie or animation from the pictures and videos that you’ve taken. It gives you the option to save those or share them if you’d like. And, if it sees that you are using your phone storage when it has already backed up those particular photos, it will make suggestions on groups of photos you can delete/archive from your phone’s memory. Good job Google, as usual 🙂

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    Excellent for photos, Videos are a STRUGGLE

    I am upgrading my iPad and have a library of photos and videos on the iPad and synced with iCloud. Download the Google Photos app and give it permission to access your pictures and it takes over. Could not be easier. Be sure to manage your iCloud upload capabilities on your device first and decouple the device from iCloud. This is relevant, I believe, because it has taken a week to synch up ~300 videos from the iPad to Google Photos and in the meantime new pics (from all apple devises sharing the same Apple ID) get shared around to each other making the Google Photos install a bit less straightforward. This is the second Saturday I have been working on this and am now down to roughly 30 videos to get over to Google Photos. Almost done! Bugs I have encountered are minimal, but the count of pics/videos to transfer over is not a reliable number and the "upload in background" setting is not available to me so the app runs in the foreground. I had to upgrade storage size at Google -- for a fee -- because I wanted to keep original resolution and now I am curios about how Google Drive may be useful but don't know if Google Drive and Google Photos "play nice" with one another.

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    Yes it rad! It’s better than face book for family photos and being able for all to use

    It better than face book for family and the picture s are quality, I feel google is taking over the world but in a good way, I like the assistant and the effects I even like how they lay things out so I can explore and get better at my use of the systems. I use this and recommend it to everyone, yes I know it also tracking more and faster better with maps high pictures and how I use the google search, but I do admit google make so far everything better but ,invasive but so ar3 people This will make a market for phones cameras and other things we use may closed loop system for privacy, cloud for convenience, and we will see a market for towers and old laptops etc I think it’s cool, people need to learn and study it more so they understand what its purpose is and what it can do as in google ai photos computers tech, it amazing I just hope we do well with it and use it for all and communicate better and remember we need to collaborate with each other to make great photos like we have. It only invasive if the energy is negative . Thank you google 😊😉😎

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    such a helpful and amazing app

    google photos is absolutely amazing. since i downloaded the app a few years back, it’s saved my life numerous times. i have very low storage on my phone and so I can’t have so many pictures in my apple photos app, but thanks to google photos, I can take as many pics as I want (and trust me I take a ton!) and then back them up to the app, and it will transport the uploaded pics to recently deleted. I don’t have to go through all my pics and see which ones were uploaded, google does it for me and it’s very efficient and easy. i definitely recommend getting this app if you take a lot of pics like me and have low storage. or even if you don’t have low storage, google photos stores your pics for you so if you don’t want all your pics in your phone’s photos app, you should definitely get this app. super helpful and really amazing. separates pics for you into location, and video, and you can make photo albums and collages. you can also sort people by face which is incredibly incredibly useful. all in all, this app is just a lifesaver and if you know me, you always hear me advertise for it.

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    Can’t get rid of unneeded photos even though there’s a delete option, not organized, uses my storage

    I admit it’s good for keeping photos backed up but I have another issue. There is a delete option for pictures and videos. I’m able to delete them, go into my trash, and delete forever but when I close the app and go back in, they’re all back. I’ve restarted my phone, made sure the app was updated, look up it up and couldn’t find anything. Pretty much everything I could do, I did. Point is, I’m in desperate need of storage and deleting thousands of really, unneeded photos is probably the best way to go. I don’t have many apps, just a lot of photos. My photos automatically back up so I don’t have a chance to go through them before they’re saved to my email. The app isn’t organized and nor are my photos. I go in to find photos that I may need and can’t find them. I’m sitting for hours before I find anything. I take lots of photos. I do a lot of photography and am one of those people who loves taking photos instead of living in the moment. I’m contemplating on just deleting the app and going on to use something else. Plus, it’s really buggy and slow. It’s constantly asking to “make space” and delete the pictures in my photo library. When I say no, it just keeps popping up every 5 to 10 minutes. Apple users, honestly just use photo stream. It’s a waste.

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    Very good

    Very nice photo storage app, easy to use, and offer many options of pictures layout and searching. Ive got it a month ago, and between my iPhone and the windows google photos app I'm still finding new things I can do. But one thing I cannot do (or maybe I didn't discover it yet) is to check what pictures belong to an album. The pictures' description doesn't show it. All my 25,000, and counting, pictures are organized in albums. If I don't place my photos in albums every time I take them, there's no way I can find out which picture was last that I placed into an album. I used Flickr before and it was very easy to check this, not only from the description (that shows you exactly if a picture belongs to an album or not, sometimes I discovered I had pictures belonging to 2 albums so I removed it from one of them), but when you take new pictures, they are placed, by default, into an album named "auto upload", so that you know exactly what pictures do not belong to any album. I wish Google had this least let us know from the description. Otherwise, very happy with this app.

Is Google Photos Safe?

Yes. Google Photos is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 315,303 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Photos Is 70/100.

Is Google Photos Legit?

Yes. Google Photos is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 315,303 Google Photos User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Photos Is 50/100.

Is Google Photos not working?

Google Photos works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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