Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter Reviews

Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-26

About: Get your photos to a new, awesome level. Add realistic effects and stylish
filters in a tap.

About Photo Lab Editor

What is Photo Lab Editor?

Photo Lab is a photo editing app that allows users to add realistic effects and stylish filters to their photos with just a tap. The app has over 1000 effects, including AI-driven art style transfer, background replacement, photomontages, photo filters, frames, face montages, holiday e-card templates, artistic effects, and collages for multiple photos. The app also has a built-in photo editor with basic tools such as crop, rotate, adjust colors, lighting, and sharpness, and touch-up. Users can easily combine effects with each other, create their own effects and styles, and share them with friends.



- Over 1000 effects for photos

- AI-driven art style transfer with over 100 styles

- Background replacement powered by AI figure segmentation

- Makeover options such as eyes or hair color change, makeup, and more

- Realistic photomontages

- Stylish photo filters

- Beautiful frames

- Fun face montages

- Holiday e-card templates

- Creative artistic effects

- Collages for multiple photos

- Neat interface for easy effect creation

- Built-in photo editor with basic tools

- Ability to combine effects and create custom styles

- Personalized greeting cards for every holiday

- Magazine covers

- Headwear options such as a King's crown, Elf hat, St.Patrick's Day hat, or Santa hat

- Text style tailored to each template

- Save creations to Camera Roll

- Share creations easily to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or send as a message (WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat) to friends

- Photo Lab PRO subscription options with a 3-day trial period and auto-renewable subscription at $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year

- Ability to turn off auto-renewal at any time in iTunes account settings

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience


Negative experience

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Key Benefits of Photo Lab Editor

- Easy to use with the click of a button

- Low cost to have outstanding pictures and profiles

- Ability to take pictures right in the app

- Free version available

24 Photo Lab Editor Reviews

4.8 out of 5


I love so many aspects of this app

I enjoy PhotoLabEditor, I’ve been usually on and off for a number of years. (More on, than off, by far!). I love the endless photo editing features, and countless unique decorative styles. I greatly appreciate that PhotoLabEditor is frequently providing updates to provide additional features and keep it performing at high levels of excellence. While there are tons and tons of cool styles, and filters, etc I especially like playing around with the animation options, as many (most, actually!) are quite realistic and add the perfect amount of subtle human like animation to capture the realism in your photos. I gave PhotoLabEditor 4 stars, but was tempted to rate it a full 5. (It’s really a great app).But if I were to be completely fair, I just don’t like the pricing plans and always having to renew a weekly or monthly membership. That gets old fast! I’d be more than happy to purchase a flat, lifetime app membership upgrade, even if it meant paying a larger dollar amount b once, at the time of purchase, knowing I’d never again have to mess with renewing or paying additional monies. To me, it would make it totally worthwhile. All in all, this is a very fun, Entertaining and I’d go as far as to say.... creatively, and I have mad love for it! Two thumbs up!!! 👍 👍



I don’t really get into the whole selfie thing; I’m not a 15 year old girl that takes endless selfies and I’m not some “I’m all that” chic that can’t get over herself. My photo album is NOT full of pics of myself in front of a mirror or pics of myself where I used one of those dumb as hell selfie sticks. Actually, any pic that I have of myself, someone else took. Although, I have a great hobby combined with a small!! PhotoLabEditor is great for artistic photography. You would not believe how many portraits I took of customers that have chosen to use at least one of the effects from PhotoLabEditor; and it isn’t just portfolio photos that I use PhotoLabEditor for; I have used some effects on many family portraits also; especially the holiday effects. Also great for cropping, cutting, putting text on photos, etc...overall and all around a pretty good photo app...even if you’re not a little girl or completely in love with yourself...LOL (at those peeps whose photo album has over 50% of pics of themselves...smh🤪)...Get a life, get more peeps in ur life, love/like someone other than yourself!


Good but could be better

I love PhotoLabEditor u can make your pictures come to life the other day I was just looking at some cute pictures I may do but then I was looking at the people for redid them I saw u could comment but then when I was typing it said something about sign in but I feel like even if u are not a premium or pro u should still be able to at lest comment because I know that apps want people to like other people things and be nice so I feel like if u just want to say something nice or something u love about the photo or other filters you should not have to sign up or sign in I do get how u want people to sign in because there are some mean trolls trying to start flam wars so then whey would stop but they are going to keep doing it and if u make it so people do not have sign in or sign up more kind people can stop trolls because there are more loving hearts then mean ones because when I think of this I think this is dumd because people are just trying to be nice!!!

If u listen to my idea please say something nice from my idea and if u know how u can show my review and say thank you too Mia thanks for your time!!!!


Want your social media pictures to stand out from the rest ?!?

I have used PhotoLabEditor for a little over one year now, and I was able to create such amazing stuff even with it being free, that I am now a paying customer. As much as we post and use social media, the cost is very low in order to have outstanding pictures and profiles that stand out from the rest. I have been able to create some truly amazing photos with the click of a button and just using my photo gallery. You can also take your picture right there and it demos you through cool scenes to choose from. I am not by any means a photographer or familiar with using art programs. This application does everything for you with the click of a button. You will not be disappointed. You want to add something fresh to your profiles and stand out, this is the program for you. I 💙it and I know you will too, just try it for free.


Great Idea, Many Conveniences, And Annoyances Too

Overall PhotoLabEditor is fun, though expensive. It creates pretty interesting effects without having to experiment for hours in Photoshop etc. One of the annoyances is the puny low quality final output image it creates. Unless I am missing some simple settting for high quality image output. Sure, I understand that there is the time and bandwidth needed to upload the image to the cloud and then they process it and the results are send down to PhotoLabEditor . But what is the use of spending 20-30 minutes experimenting with say a 5MB image and finally getting a 300KB type image that looks terrible on larger screens. Why not let people experiment with the lower res/quality output until we find something we don’t mind the extra time for uploading and getting back down as an image at least comparable in size/quality to the original. Another annoyance is how many of the effects/initial options are so redundant. But it is better to have too many options than too few. However, it is essential to have great quality output available rather than just low quality. Thanks.


App user

Your photo lab I do enjoy using your app but the one thing I would like to see since there are some of us that cannot afford your packages is it would be nice to be able to watch videos and get the effect that we wish to have as a form of being able to get the effect that we wish to have on our photos without money being involved I realized that you have to have some form of making money there are some of us out there that would love to use these effects to it’s not fair to create something for the people that can afford to pay and leave the rest of us out I wish you would create a package for us that we can add our own photos and our own path to the photo even make a recording would be nice all I’m saying as a user tried to make stuff for everyone to enjoy it not just those people that can afford your package as this makes it unfair for all of us that cannot afford to buy your packages or have the desired effect that we wish to have separate because we cannot afford it maybe you shouldn’t make it available by watching a video or something like that thank you app creators sincerely app user patty


This is primarily a social App!

This is not primarily a photo editing app. If it were you would not see a bunch of pics from people on the internet when you first open it. And I saw no way to open my own pics on the device to edit them. I’m guessing maybe you need to first create an account. If somehow i’m wrong about the interface then PhotoLabEditor is poorly designed. I shouldn’t have to hunt for controls nor need to read instructions for basic operations.

Update, Jan 2018
I’m updating my rating from 1 star up to 4 stars for the following reasons. First after the developer explained the workflow (choose an effect and THEN pic your personal photo) I find PhotoLabEditor can be fun and useful. The fact that the developer responded is also a major plus. The quality and number of effects is absolutely amazing. On the downside, since the work flow is opposite what we expect from photo editing apps, I think there should be a brief msg when first launched to explain the flow. Also, I think the steps could be streamlined to make trying out diff effects with the same pics faster.


What I suggest you do to help yourself

I made I really nice and I as I was trying to save to my camera roll the photo lab decided to put there water mark on the corner of photo covering up some of the text I have written. They will not let me remove without getting premium, I am not getting premium just so I can remove a water mark that shouldn’t be on my work in the first. If you are going to make me have your water mark on my photo at least let me move it around so it’s not directly in the edit I want to be able to see all the things in my edit and your water mark is now in the way. It also made me log with my instagram account and I thought that was really inconvenient because I have multiple accounts and I can’t log onto all of them just one. Other than those two things PhotoLabEditor was pretty easy to use, photo lab I would suggest you getting fonts for typing. One last thing is every time I pressed a new filter to see what it looks like on the picture an add would pop up with no way to get it off and with all this I got really annoyed with your app which is why you deserve a 1 star review but I decided to be a bit nicer and give you 2 stars.


Love but expensive in the long run

I Love the free version but to unlock everything and remove the watermarks you have to pay monthly. It doesn’t cost a whole lot each month but it adds up over time to a lot. It’s 5 dollars a month which is 60 bux each year. That’s 180 dollars if you use it for 3 years which to me is outrageous since u lose everything you unlocked when u miss a month. There really should be a flat fee to permanently unlock. Now to me 20 to permanently unlock everything sounds fair since it is just an app and u can get software that does this for about that cost. Now I know that it probably takes a lot of money to keep it up and running but I feel like a decrease in the price would interest a lot more people. I’m giving it 5 stars still though because this company has made a lot of things available on the free version and a lot of other apps do not do that.


Awesome app but disappointed!

PhotoLabEditor is awesome! I have had the Lab Photo Pro since 2012. Which I paid for. Flat amount without having to purchase every month. I use it all the time. Now I cannot use that app because now there’s a new app icon and you have to pay monthly or by the year. I feel that the people who purchased this year’s ago should still be able to use THAT app without paying again! I have tried to use the old app at times but when I make a photo PhotoLabEditor closes. Other times it will not even let me open it. I sent them a message about this issue a week ago but no response. So thought I would try to get a response here. Other than that I love it but will probably not use anymore bc of stamp on pictures. Pictures of course look better without it.


Love this app!

I personally would give it a 3-4 because PhotoLabEditor is amazing and dose ask you to subscribe to be a pro. There a some photos that are pro, which means you must pay, but it gives you a lot to work with, and what it gives you is the best! But I would totally recommend PhotoLabEditor! 2 problem though, could you fix it to were it dose not just load after you save it to photos? Because I have completely get of PhotoLabEditor and something else then come back, also, could you fix it to were it has more background options that are plain? That would be great!! 👍 one more thing, most importantly, could you fix it to were it has main focus of pets to, not just humans..... for example, a picture of me petting my dog, it shows me with an awkward hand hover!!! Thanks!!! That would be great! But otherwise, this is an amazing app!!! My second favorite right behind Bazaart, you should try it! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You all get it…

Your annual subscription price ($10) isn't bad… I've had it for a few years but don't use it all that often, sometimes for lengthy periods. $10 is the absolute max I'll pay annually, period. I prefer purchasing for … ummm… $10… I don't think devs understand how many apps people might have; not just photo apps. They add up; people should do this funny thing called "budgeting". Ask Elizabeth Warren. More devs just need to understand that Second: maybe I didn't know or notice until recently: Does this edit just portraits? If so, is a change planned? I'm hoping to move into more into pet photography; a few effects have recognized a couple animal faces and trump's but having access to more would be great. Landscapes and still-life… is it to much to ask to apply effects to them?


This is great

Now, I’ve already written a review praising PhotoLabEditor, but this time I have a few minor suggestions.

It would be nice to see the individual effects used for combos in the feed.
I would like to be able to follow people who I think have good taste.
You might consider doing some kind of deal with Unsplash ( 100% free stock photography site) so we could get photos from there in addition to just ‘the web’.
And ( I completely understand if this isn’t possible because I don’t know how your program works) but what if you were able to change the opacity of some effects. ( if a slider wouldn’t work maybe you could have high medium and low levels of opacity)
Maybe you could add a way to post pictures to multiple things ( like if I want to both download and post to PhotoLabEditor ) instead of having to redo the effects.
Finally ( I promise this is the last one) I would like to be able to choose which part of the picture the watermark is on, because sometimes I find that it’s blocking text or an important part of the image. ( like upper left or right, lower left or right)

Now these are just my opinion, and whatever you chose to do with PhotoLabEditor I’ll be right behind you with a camera.


deleted the app because of constant ads for premium

i've had PhotoLabEditor for a while and it’s mostly really cool! the effects are fun and and unique, and the a.i. stuff is accurate. people were always asking me “omg how did you do that?!” about my profile pics i made on photolab!

now, however, there are some changes. the features are still great, but i am being BOMBARDED with almost nonstop ads to update to the premium paid version of PhotoLabEditor . why can’t i just say “no thanks” and then be able to load a single photo without a full-screen ad ??

what makes it even more obnoxious is that these full-screen ads tend to have a tiny “x” to close that actually takes some hunting to find - like, it’s not just in the top left corner. i assume this is so i have to stare at the ad for longer and be enticed or something ?? but it literally just aggravates me so much i’m deleting PhotoLabEditor .

i would even understand if it was maybe just like one ad each time you open PhotoLabEditor . and it was simple to close out of the ad. but i’m to the point where i can’t even go through the step of editing/loading a photo without being interrupted with an ad like the ones i described above.

normally i don’t leave reviews on stuff, especially not long/bad ones, but honestly this problem is irritating enough that PhotoLabEditor is not worth using to me. which is a shame, because otherwise it’s super cool.


It’s not me 😠

I love PhotoLabEditor all of the combos are amazing and there are unlimited things to do. I love how some people are so kind and love to share their life or what they’re going through. However some people are sexual or inappropriate and PhotoLabEditor is definitely not good for people under 15. But also the thing is I make really cute pictures ;and I’m not boasting at all XD) but I don’t have ANY likes at all (except mine lol). And I work really hard on many of them and it’s just annoying because I feel like PhotoLabEditor is not showing my combos to people or something because there is no way that I don’t have any likes. But everyone else has millions (and I’m not kidding) of likes. I feel like this is unfair and I don’t believe it is me because my pictures are beautiful. And if you don’t believe me then download PhotoLabEditor to see and search #inspire


Deceptive three day charge! Beware of pro

I never signed up and said that I wanted pro it says that a day before the three days is up I’m going to be charged for pro?? Nothing in the apps store said that that was going to be happening to me and when I tried to cancel it via Apple support (Which is what your app tells a person twhich is what your app tells a person to do To avoid being charged) there’s no subscription yet ! So your statement saying “it’s best to cancel two or three days before you’re charged for your subscription “ makes no sense there’s no subscription posted yet because I haven’t been charged because of the free 3 day trial. rest assured I haven’t uploaded a photo, I haven’t create an account , I haven’t used your app in anyway shape or form other than to open it up to see how to cancel this subscription ! I don’t wanna fall into a free three day anything and then be charged after that! I am going to uninstall it immediately and I expect not to be charged . I feel like it was very deceptive.

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PhotoLabEditor will appeal to all ages. I’m a seventy year old grandmother who mainly has pics of the grandkids on my phone. The younger kids keep asking me to take funny photos of them. Well I found PhotoLabEditor purely by accident yesterday and I literally spent most of the night and all day today playing with it, not because it’s hard, far from it. It’s the easiest app I’ve ever seen. It takes no talent at all to use it (that’s my kind of app) to make absolutely out of this world fantastic pics. I’m loving it! I’ve been sending the kids pics of themselves all day and they are asking for more. They particularly love the beyond reality or comic photos and the results are great.

Thank you for making me a popular granny. I guess I’d better do some housework now hmm.


Great app & less than $20 annually!

I absolutely love PhotoLabEditor! I’m not a professional and I’m not completely ignorant either. I’m somewhere in between the two... ;o) I’ve been using the free version of PhotoLabEditor for at least 6 months and I recently upgraded to the PRO version.. I’m so glad I did! After reading a bunch of reviews tonight, I’ve realized there are things on here I haven’t even discovered yet! Now I’m excited to finish up this review and get back to playing around with some of my pictures. If you like the free version, you’re gonna LOVE the PRO version! :o) I highly recommend this! Oh yeah and even if you can’t afford it, they let you use so many of the features for free so go ahead and download it! You won’t regret it!


Okay, could be much better

When were talking about the regular app, and not the pro version, we’re talking about an app that offers amazingly beautiful, intriguing and unique filters, and a large amount of them. I’m a 13 year old girl but I don’t get into selfies or things like that, but PhotoLabEditor is still great for photo editing. I had been looking to get into photo editing for a while when I found PhotoLabEditor, and I was immediately hooked. However, I was also immediately annoyed by the apps constant ads, and it’s constant promotion of the pro ap. Every time you put on a new filter, there’s ads, and every time you save a new image, it brings up a promotion screen for photo lab pro, and it can get really annoying. So if you don’t mind ads this would NOT be a bad app to get, but if you do, and you don’t have a problem with paying a little money, then just skip straight to photo lab pro.



I downloaded PhotoLabEditor a while back, and since then it has been an awesome resource. All the updates are nice and useful, and if you are thinking of downloading PhotoLabEditor, go for it! All the effects are unique, cute, stylish, and organized, making it easy to use. All though for some effects going Pro is required, most of them are free. If using money for apps isn’t a problem for you, great! PhotoLabEditor is the way to go, even if you don’t like spending. It creates unique and cool filters and backgrounds, and even lets you see others pictures, including celebrities (ex. Shawn Mendes) I could go on and on about how great PhotoLabEditor is, but I wanna go back to editing my pictures on it! Once again, this is a great app and I totally recommend downloading it!


Love it, I just have one problem.

PhotoLabEditor is amazing!! It has so many options for filters and endless possibilities. In many apps where there is a “pro” option, you must have “pro” to make PhotoLabEditor fun. But PhotoLabEditor does not do that, it is still enjoyable to use without paying.
The only problem I do have is when I try to use a photo from my camera roll. Sometimes when I tap the photo I want, it will pick a different photo. Then the only way to use the picture I want is to completely close PhotoLabEditor and start again. It’s really inconvenient. But this does not happen every time just sometimes.

Overall I love PhotoLabEditor and highly recommend it, especially if you take pictures often like myself.


Between an A- & a B+

Overall I do like PhotoLabEditor! My only sort of complaint is that it seems like the art for pictures doesn’t change or update as much as I would like. Like it’s always a bunch of the same ones with an occasional new one popped in. Which when I first started was fantastic! It was neat to try them all and play with different tones and values. Fast forward to nearing the end of my first year as a member and I find myself not utilizing it as much because I’m burnt out on the duplicates.
I do want to say that I think it is the best app I’ve found that easily grants you access to the the options. I used to use Imikimi back in the day, but it was much more limited. So I gave it 4 stars because I think it’s an honestly good app, but couldn’t give it a 5 because in my opinion it’s redundant. Thanks!


Really good software

Incredibly intuitive and easy to use for running social media pages. I don’t do selfies very often but I use this to send my friends nice versions of theirs or to make weird fandom gifs for tumblr. Sometimes it doesn’t recognize a very clear face, so the facial recognition could use some fine tuning but it would be a 5/5 if not for minor issues where I have to use my laptop to use full graphics editing to create something on mobile.

Plus you’re allowed the option of removing the watermark via ad watching if you’re broke but want to send someone a free gift to cheer them up or for their birthday and that’s really important. A lot of subscription services especially apps based ones don’t offset the cost to their audience by using ads which unlock features.


Love it!

I’ve never been a picture person, but this just makes me want to actually take a bunch of myself! Great app! I just had a huge family photo shoot a few weeks ago, but I love having fun and playing with our new photos, making something completely fun out of them. Pictures are supposed to be fun! If not they become repetitive and boring for the most part!

My husband just got a huge promotion, and asked for photos for his office I bought a few string photo hangers as well as making some framed chicken wire so now he can add totally fun photos to his office instead of just the pain uptight framed family photos!

I fell in love the first time I used PhotoLabEditor and now I use it on a copy of every photo i take! I love love love PhotoLabEditor!


Hands-down the best photo app

I just downloaded PhotoLabEditor today and I could not be happier that I did😁 I am really big into taking pictures and I have been trying to find an app that could give the awesome affects just as this one dies but all the ones I have used in the past were not very satisfying!! This one is truly mind blowing i'm honestly wowed by all The creativity!! I cannot wait to go pro and see what all they have to offer I know it will be amazing and I will be completely satisfied! I will definitely be recommending PhotoLabEditor to all of my family and friends it is good for somebody who takes a lot of photos and somebody who does not take very many! Truly the greatest


amazing photo app but now I feel duped

As a photo editing and photo effects app this is in a league of it’s own.
I’m happy to pay for apps and I actually prefer being able to purchase the “no ads” version or add-ons.
When I first downloaded Photo Lab I immediately purchased the Pro version for about 4 or 5 bucks. Except now I don’t have the pro version apparently. Now the great app I purchased and loved is constantly soliciting me to subscribe to the suddenly new pro version. I don’t think it’s honest or fair to attempt to manipulate faithful users who have purchased what we were told was the pro version and have helped in large part to cultivate PhotoLabEditor ’s success. I understand one-time fees for new extras but to now try to rope those of us who originally purchased something into a monthly fee for that same thing, essentially, is shady.

C Folk   2 years ago

My photo lab pro will not open after clicking icon on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. This started on 5-24-21. I have used it for years with no issue?!?

Sean Jagger   2 years ago

The app will not load, after the icon is tapped, it starts but then shuts down without loading and goes back to the phone homepage. Using an iphone with latest OS and the app worked fine yesterday.

Lucky raj   3 years ago


Heather   3 years ago

I wanted to just look at the app see what all it offers & by mistake I still don’t know how but it charged me 4.99 I believe for the free trial or whatever it is but I think I immediately cancelled the trial but I would like to talk to someone to make sure it legitimately went through..

Is Photo Lab Editor Safe?

Yes. Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 170,022 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Photo Lab Editor Is 84.3/100.

Is Photo Lab Editor Legit?

Yes. Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 170,022 Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Photo Lab Editor Is 100/100..

Is Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter not working?

Photo Lab Editor: AI Filter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Photo Lab PRO

- $4.99 per month (with 3-day trial)

- $19.99 per year

- Automatic renewal 24-hours prior to the end of each term (month or year)

- Payment charged through iTunes account

- Auto-renewal can be turned off in iTunes account settings

- No refunds for unused period of the term

- Unused portion of free trial period forfeited upon purchase of subscription

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