VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Reviews

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

VSCO is a place where expression matters most. We offer creative photo and video
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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Reviews

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    Hate update from a while ago

    I loved vsco but I hate the storing now because it all goes to my camera roll but that just takes up more storage I like to keep my pictures I take on vsco on vsco and the only way I can keep them if I delete it from my camera roll is if I post it but I don’t post every picture I take I like to just mess around with some of mine that I don’t want everyone to see. Please fix this so many people have complained about it and still it hasn’t been fixed I about want to use a new app but. I think you guys should also add the feature to make our vsco account private. Another thing that irritates me is that if I delete my vsco or something happens or say I got a new phone when I download vsco again all my old photos will be gone and yes I know I can save them to my camera roll to back them up but I hate having my vsco pictures on my camera roll I got vsco so my friends could see my fun pictures that I edit I don’t want to have to save my vsco pictures to my camera roll or another app it’s just better to have them on there. Please fix this it’s getting a little annoying and infuriating. I would prefer to not have to switch to another editing app when you guys can just switch it back to the original version you had it.

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    Every VSCO update adds an extra step to my workflow

    How I used to use VSCO—which I’ve been using for more than 5 years—was to snap photos within the app, edit and discard images, save to the camera roll en masse, delete from VSCO and then transfer to an external hard drive. Fairly simple. This workflow has been destroyed by the new update. I take a photo in VSCO and am forced to edit and save each photo one-by-one, an mind-numbing and laborious process given that I have about 40gb of images saved over 2 years. What’s even more annoying is that VSCO now automatically saves the raw image in your Camera Roll and keeps it instead of overriding with the edited version, which requires me to hunt down and manually delete each duplicate copy from within the Camera Roll. If VSCO is automatically preserving both the original and edited versions of the same image, isn’t the update doing the exact opposite of its intended purpose, which was to cut down on iPhone storage? I really do not understand this logic. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of my photos, which I had been planning to back up in one massive migration; I now dread even more the amount of work it’s going to take to go through each image one-by-one and carry out the convoluted workflow the app is now forcing me to use. Please at least give users the option to revert back to an older version of the app. Thanks.

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    Loved it.. until the most recent update.

    Up until about a week ago (May 29, 2019ish), I absolutely loved this app. Imported all my pictures from my camera roll, edited them, exported them, posted on VSCO, etc. However, this recent update changed the way pictures are stored/saved in the iPhone camera roll & VSCO’s gallery, which I am infuriated with. I back up all of my pictures on Google Photos from my camera roll, and then delete them from my camera roll (using Google Photos instead of the camera roll saves a TON of storage). So typically, my camera roll is almost always completely empty. However, since with this change, if you delete from your camera roll, you delete from VSCO, I cannot remove a single picture from my camera roll without it disappearing from VSCO, which is insane. Not every user keeps their photos in their camera roll, and for whoever made this change to assume everyone did, it was stupid and inconsiderate. Before this, this app would have received 5 stars. Like I said, absolutely loved it. However this changes everything for me and has made every day actions extremely frustrating. Please, please, please, revert back for those who do not store all their photos in their camera roll. Thank You.

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    Love it but....

    I love this app. I love taking and editing pictures but I wish there was a way to see what you get when you are a member without starting the trial or becoming a member. I wish I could do cool things with the picture and individual parts of it other than just make the filter cool for the whole picture without becoming a member. I’m not a member and I just got this app like a week ago so I’m sorry if I just don’t know my way around the app yet and this stuff is on there. So I don’t know for sure if you get this stuff if you are a member or even if you’re not. I know it’s not expensive at all to become a member but I’m only twelve years old so I can’t just decide if I want to do this cuz it’s not my money going towards it so it would be really nice to be able to have all the cool stuff without having to pay for the membership. Like I said at the beginning I do love this app a ton and it’s not a problem if this stuff can’t be fixed. Just want to put my opinion out there in case it can. Thank you!

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    Hate the update!

    I used to absolutely love this app. There wasn’t a quality I didn’t like about it. I never actually had an account, or the paid version, and still loved it! I use it to edit my photos for my blog. Recently, after updating the app I noticed a change to the way photos are stored. If I delete a photo in my camera roll, it deletes the edited version from the app. I absolutely hate this change. I use the app to edit my photos before posting, but love to be able to go back and review old photos from the past. After editing and posting on Instagram I always delete them from my camera roll because I don’t like to have a ton of food pictures on my phone. I always loved that I could go back in the VSCO app and pull up old photos to reuse on my blog if I wanted to. Now that the photos delete themselves when I remove them from my camera roll I am no longer able to store them in the VSCO app. This is super frustrating, and makes me wonder whether I want to continue using the app to edit my photos. I usually never review things, but I wanted to share my thoughts in hope that this is something that can be changed.

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    I’ve been using the app for years and it’s easily one of my favorites. The set up and layout is displayed nicely, and all the functions are easy to find and use. I’ve always liked all the different filters but never wanted to purchase them all individually, so when the subscription rolled out last year I was very excited! That being said, I would love if there could be more in depth tools(selective, curves, text, etc.), too often I find myself having to use another app for a few little things that I think would be great to have all in one place. I also wish you could chose to have a profile or not, simple because I don’t care much for the social aspect of the app, it doesn’t seem to run smoothly and no one really seems to interact in it so it seems ultimately pointless, great concept though! Can’t wait to see what else you guys over on the VSCO team roll out in the future.

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    Frustrating Storage Due To Update

    I absolutely love vsco & it’s filters & I’ve been using them for years. One of my favorite things was I could import photos into my vsco studio & delete them from my camera roll. Whenever I had the time, I could go back into my vsco studio & get around to editing. Sometimes I’d save it to my camera roll if I was ready to share/post somewhere, but most of the time I didn’t. Keeping it in my vsco studio until I needed it just kept everything organized and I could easily keep track of my photos and edits. However, this new update deletes photos from the studio if the original is deleted from the camera roll. This has only caused frustration and an immensely unorganized mess of photos in my camera roll. I don’t want everything there, I don’t always need everything exported from the app. And what if I accidentally delete the original? The edit I worked so hard on is gone. This update has only made me use vsco less, and other editing apps a whole lot more. The storage did not need to be fixed, it was functioning perfectly! Overall, this update was extremely upsetting.

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    non app owner views

    Because my viewers of my vsco web page without the application on their phone can only view a certain amount of my content, I have decided to no longer focus on my vsco, which was my highest prioritized platform of social media, and now only focus on my instagram and Facebook. I enjoyed having my vsco as a personal blog type app available for my viewers to look at my page even if they didn’t have the app. Now since vsco requires those to have the app to see all content I must shift my focus to a more easily accessible platform. I wanted to share my art and more personal side but don’t want to be limited because an application wants more users. I thought vsco supported everyone’s differences and sharing those with the world but now I see their focus on strictly obtaining users and making money off of them. This makes me less inclined to utilize vsco and far less inclined to ever purchase again through vsco. Your app brand was different and used to focus on the individual and now you’re just another one of the others, focusing primarily on money and less of the freedom of the user.

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    Love love love...but wait!

    I absolutely love VSCO and use it for all of my photography. The range of creativity, inspiration and options it provides is incredible. My only complaint is that when I’m scrolling through my feed, I always see tons of content that I like and that I want to republish. However, I always have to slow down while doing this and can’t mass-republish things without getting an error message! Maybe devs you’ve heard this complaint before and refuse to change it because you want users to pay more attention to others work and not just fly through it (at least that’s why I think you haven’t changed this), but I really wish you would! Content can still be enjoyed even if one goes through it quickly. And believe me, I know that many would enjoy the content that they see much more if they were able to republish and favorite things faster without error. Thanks!

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    best app ever

    i am no artist. but ever since i got vsco it has made me want to be more creative and think outside of the box. the things people can publish on vsco are always incredible and even if it is just words they are always the most relatable things. my favorite part about vsco is that you can’t comment. people that post on instagram always have the fear of getting a certain amount of likes and who’s going to comment something, but vsco isn’t like that. you can be yourself. no one knows how many followers you have. no one knows how many likes you get and rebublishes (kinda like a retweet if u don’t have the app yet... get it though!) but anyway, thank you vsco for being my favorite app and i just have one recommendation; the posts that people publish saying things like “get this to 6 million republishes for my best friend to stop smoking or for me to do something, etc.” is it possible that the people who own there own accounts can see an actual number of the ppl who republish and like? not because any cares on vsco but because of purposes like that one. i’d like if nobody can see it but myself, just so i don’t have to count. even if this never happens, i wouldn’t be upset at all. i love the way vsco makes every person feel equal. it’s just a hastle counting when it could just tell you the numbers and only you. if you read this, thank you so much!! rock on!!

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    I love VSCO

    The app really is stellar, I use their professional film emulation presets in my photo work in Lightroom, and this app makes a lot of that same magic accessible on mobile while introducing a more art aesthetic social experience that counters Instagram. My only real complaint is that notifications are badly delayed. I can get a bunch of them but when I follow them into the app they have yet to refresh the actual activity listings on my posts. They remain that way for awhile before finally catching up. Other people will lament the somewhat obtuse UI and that’s a fair criticism that I don’t even think the devs try to sidestep, they wanted to do something unique a couple years back, but they’ve walked a lot of that back because it was unintuitively unique. I’d still like to see a design change for the app navigation that makes it more intuitive, but they’ve crammed so many valuable features into the main purpose of the app that I can live with it for now. It just makes introducing it to friends a little more difficult.

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    I hate the recent change.

    I have been using this app for years now so I finally gave in and decided to purchase a membership. I have loved it....until now. I hate the recent update. Now if you delete a photo in the camera roll then it is automatically deleted in the vsco app, this is extremely frustrating. I was unaware of this recent change. Which is odd because I use this app frequently. It was only brought to my attention once I tried searching the internet to find a way to recover the photos I lost. This new feature is an unnecessary change and I hope it is only temporary. Until then take my experience as a word of caution or just use the free features. If this was a feature Vsco had during the time I considered purchasing a membership, I would have taken my money elsewhere. Now that the change has been brought to my attention I will be more careful of what photos I delete. If it wasn’t for the new feature I would have rated this app five starts but no use in doing that if a photo editing app deletes my photos automatically.

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    Amazing App But Buggy Notifications

    Okay, so this is literally my favorite app. I love how it’s based around art and photography compared to like Instagram that’s just about whatever. Another thing that’s better about this than Instagram is with insta, you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people’s accounts. How many likes do they have? How many followers? With VSCO, you don’t have that bc it doesn’t tell you. A+ to you guys. My only complaint is the messaging part. And I realize it’s new so I’ve been trying to give y’all credit and I’m sure you guys will fix it but a lot of times I don’t get notifications even though they’re turned on. Every person I message on there says the exact same thing and that it’s a constant problem. So if you guys could work on that, I’ll gladly change my review to 5 stars. I recommend this app to everyone. It’s wonderful and the community is great. I highly suggest downloading. If you plan on using messaging though, just keep checking them until it’s fixed.

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    not lovin’ the update, man

    this new update where it makes you either save or post edited photos, and delete the ones in your library when you delete them from your camera roll, makes everything way more complicated. what if you don’t want to post something to VSCO right away and then you have to go back to your camera roll, import to VSCO again and THEN post. i really like having all my edited photos on the app because it’s accessible for posting to VSCO, and likewise saving to camera roll when i need to. it would be a much better update if there was the option to save your edited photo to your VSCO library, alongside saving to camera roll or posting to VSCO, because not everyone posts all their photos, and not everyone keeps their photos in their camera roll. it would also be a lot better if there was an option before you delete a photo from your camera roll, to decide if you want to delete from your VSCO library as well. i love this app and use it literally all the time, but i’m really bummed by this update and it makes me want to use it a whole lot less.

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    Subscription Billing Without Subscription Service

    This app crossed over into why-pay-monthly/yearly-for-it territory the last few years with VSCO X, it’s $20 annual subscription that unlocks all the features in the app. The feature set is robust, but it doesn’t/hasn’t changed in ages, other than a few new monthly filters (how many do you really need?). I get subscription billing is the new model, but most services have a feature roadmap or similar. VSCO does not. It’s worth $5-10 once if you got everything the app currently offers, but definitely not $20 yearly for VSCO X. I should add I did pay for it last year, but once I neared the end I didn’t really see a reason to renew. I guess if you like the community and photo challenges: launched in second half of 2018, this is their most recent feature. Many other apps offer the photo editing tools for way cheaper (some even as a one time purchase). I just really don’t know what perks you’re getting by paying a subscription.

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Is VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Safe?

Yes. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 128,549 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Is 62.9/100.

Is VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Legit?

Yes. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 128,549 VSCO: Photo & Video Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Is 62.9/100.

Is VSCO: Photo & Video Editor not working?

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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