Photoshop Express Photo Editor Reviews

Photoshop Express Photo Editor Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-18

retouch, collage, and combine photos for high-quality pictures.

About Photoshop Express Photo Editor

What is Photoshop Express Photo Editor?

Photoshop Express is a fast and easy photo editor that allows users to edit, retouch, collage, and combine photos for high-quality pictures. It offers a full selection of free photo effects and editing features, including makeup transfer, photo filters and effects, retouching, stunning photo collages, adding borders and text, quick fixes, applying blur, removing noise, and perspective correction. The app also includes all the best tools from Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix, such as liquify, smart cutouts and layers, face-aware liquify, and more.



- Innovative multi-object selection bringing selective editing to the next level

- Transfer makeup from a wide selection of beauty templates onto your own image

- Selective Editing to work on a single part of an image while the rest remains untouched

- Automatic and smart cutouts to easily remove or replace the background of your image

- Combine photos to creatively transform your image

- Achieve your dream aesthetic with Looks filters: Charm, Matte, Black & White, Portrait, Duo Tone, and more

- Enhance your photo with new Overlays, including light-leaks, bokeh, and raindrops

- Advanced Healing to remove any unwanted elements from your photos

- Explore Color Temperature, Vibrance, and other effects with an easy adjustment slider

- Dehaze to remove fog with clear, detail-rich scenery

- Adjust the angle of your head or facial orientation

- Remove blemishes and smooth skin for a flawless finish

- Transform your selfie into a caricature with fun sliders

- Create fun and unique photo collages by adding ready-to-use backgrounds, gradients, and layouts

- Style Transfer feature to easily apply the same look and feel across all the images in your collage

- Pop-Color Tool to highlight color themes

- Customize stickers, memes, and captions

- Add fun text to your photos with a wide array of fonts, colors, and opacity controls

- Photo color matching borders or unique custom frames

- Fine-tune text placement with pan, zoom, and rotate settings

- Add watermarks easily by adding custom text or logos

- Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos

- Auto-Fix options for one-touch adjustments to Contrast, Exposure, and White Balance

- Reopen closed eyes to create the perfect shot

- Simple vignettes to add emphasis on your subject

- Radial Blur to shift focus to blend backgrounds

- Full Blur features to enhance imagery

- Smooth out graininess or Reduce Color Noise

- Sharpen details to make your photos look their best

- Auto Settings to fix crooked images

- Transform Tool to correct distorted camera angles

- Save detailed, high-contrast images in the PNG file format.

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Key Benefits of Photoshop Express Photo Editor

-Adobe's app layouts are Numero Uno

-Lightroom, PS Express, and Photo Fix are used everyday

-App allows user to analyze any photograph to determine if it is the original image or has been manipulated


-Easy to use

-Great filters and blur options

-User friendly

-Great options and features/tools in the free version

22 Photoshop Express Photo Editor Reviews

4.8 out of 5


So much fun!

I’m having a lot of fun designing my own inspirational posts from my own photos. Adobe PsX makes this very easy with the editing of each layer. There could be some minor improvements, eg in the stroke for fonts (I haven’t figured out to cancel out of that once it’s in place without deleting the text and starting over completely) and the choice background color of the message in combination with the font color (which I would like to be able to make my own combinations for), or the spot correction that doesn’t allow for spot darkening/lightening, as far as I can tell and the spot correction that takes a blob from not always the best next spot over & creating a layering of branches instead of a darker spot in the background kind of thing. Overall PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor provides a lot of excellent features. There are also other Adobe apps that connect into it with ease, but I haven’t had the need to use them in conjunction with this one. My concern is that at some point Adobe will turn around and charge me for use of the whole thing or have a monthly subscription for it making an older version obsolete, as is my experience with another Adobe product I used for years and don’t use enough to get a monthly for. This trepidation and minor adjustment mentioned above (maybe I need to check out the help section on this) made me drop a star. In the end Adobe is amazing and does deliver with its photo development apps.


Product Review With Request

I've used Adobes photo apps for a long time and honestly think that their app layouts are Numero Uno. Lightroom, PS Express, and Photo Fix are used everyday and I couldn't do what I do without Adobe. Well I probably could, but it wouldn't be as easy as it is now. Now If I was able to design the final piece to my -Adobe Photo Maintenance Collection-, it would be an app that would allow the user to analyze any photograph to determine if that photo is actually the original image, or if it's been munipulated. An example of munipulation would be receiving an image that has possibly been overlayed with another image, maybe it's had parts removed by cutout, or something was erased. An app like that would be to cool. If possible PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor would attempt to reconstruct the image to it's original glory. The user could just tap a fix photo button and the program would attempt to remove as much of the overlay / cover-up as possible, then it would attempt to rebuild the photo to it's original look. While your at it could you all throw in a simple -Focus My Blurred Photo button-. Just take a blurred photo that's recognizable and bring it into focus. I mean it's all 1's and 0's right? I'm sure you guys and girls at Adobe have got this wrapped up already. Cheers!


Best editing app ever!!!!

I love PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor! It’s also free and I am so thankful for that because I don’t have that much money but I love taking photos it’s one of my hobbies. On PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor u can add filters that look awesome. You can also add blur which makes the photo look great! PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor is rlly easy to use and I rlly like it. Btw don’t like ever write reviews for apps but PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor is the best and a must have for photographers or anyone rlly. I have pics that I don’t rlly like and want to delete but before I delete them I edit them in PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor the I rlly like how it turns out and ❤️ the pick. I also recommend huji which is not rllya editing app but it’s a camera app, but I like ps express more. I high recommend PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor fr yo. Get it lol. (Sry for any grammar mistakes I didn’t reread it cuz rn I want to edit more of my photos)
Anyways trust me get PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor u won’t regret it. When I tell someone and tell them to trust me on this I mean it and I know it’s true and they may not believe then but in the future they thank me so much. So u may not believe but just try and then maybe like spiritually thank me.

P.S. your welcome for recommending it (ik that at least 94% of the people who read this comment will be so thankful, I did my calculations)



Easily a 5 Star app if not for adobe’s constant angling for more money and more user data, updates that reduce functionality and unexpectedly lock you out of PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor just so they can demand your email address in order to track and market to you. They already had the market cornered and had one of the most loyal customer bases of an software company that they’ve built up since the earliest days of Macintosh computers. They are ubiquitous in the desktop publishing industry world wide with zero competitors in sight (at least once quark dodo’ed out). Now that they’ve introduced their monthly leasing structure for their flagship products they are not only destroying what they’ve built up until now but more importantly they’ve stopped cultivating younger generations of loyal users who will choose other photo editing software packages that have a relatively minimal one price tag. No ones going to stop using photoshop who’s used it for years but students and other new users will be using other more affordable options. Basically I rant to say that adobe decided to bleed the goose that laid the golden egg for bigger quarterly gains. Suckers ruining a good thing. But PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor for the iOS is on point and tight, if you know what your doing and not just interested in pre-fab filters there’s an impressive amount of photo editing options here. Get it together before that golden egg laying goose flys the coop.


Please help🙏🏻

Hello, I know I probably won’t get a response but it’s worth a shot. I have downloaded more photo editing apps than you can imagine. I have tried so hard to figure this issue out and I can’t for the life of me. So I’m really desperate at this point. Can you please tell me how to resize an image without compromising the photo? PSexpress gives you the aspect ratio presets for different social media platforms to choose from. But, it doesn’t matter what I choose because it always cuts off my photo. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to fit in the FULL size photo. If it means I could crop it into being a full sized photo, I would be willing to loose on the quality. And, I don’t want to put it on a white background so that the photo fits in that square because I would still be loosing on the photo. I want to be able to resize to whatever dimension I need to in order to fit the photo in different social media platforms. I know that a lot of these platforms automatically compress the photo for you but, I would like to resize it before I upload so I don’t compromise the photo, and it doesn’t get cut off. I have watch many videos yet, I can never get it. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest what I can do to fix this frustrating problem. I would be so grateful!!


StopPromoting me to review this

Iv reviewed PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor like 20 time and continue to get printed to(like there isn’t even a x to close the window it just keeps bringing me here. And it’s always when stuff gets worse. Stop asking me to review it lol I pay for the premium or whatever and I’m bombarded with stupid “adds” while I can only edit photos 10/20 at a time before everything I click and every file prompts “cannot be opened”. Reset PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor and I can edit maybe 6 more before the errors come again. Random crashing as if I actually go on a streak of editing without errors, but that’s less frustrating than having to reset PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor every 10 minutes so I can actually get some editing done...

Also the update that made it so I can’t access/edit photos from my own phone, on because PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor needs to now be connected to the internet so you have the option to post on their “social media” built in dashboard.... I don’t want that.... I want to edit my photos..... I don’t need to see other peoples work(even if it is cool) I need to edit the photos on my phone so I can download/upload/take more photos to continue the cycle....

Ask me to review. I do it because the close button is blocked, do a stupid review, go back edit one photo and BOOM REVIEW OUR SHITASS APP. Well it would be better if I didn’t have to review PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor every photo I crop and and center.... plus whatever else I wrote before...


A mixed bag...

There are some things I really like about PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor , and some things I really dislike. Positives: I really like the ability to create custom looks. This is a huge time saver... pull up a photo, apply your own personal style, and the photo is ready to save. I also like the adjustment tools as a whole. They are intuitive, easy to use, and cover my needs for post processing. Negatives: I hate the social part of PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor . Every time I start PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor , someone’s hoot pops up and I need to exit this to get to my photos. For social feeds, I use Instagram and I shouldn’t be force fed social media just to modify my pictures. This is a more recent update... you didn’t get that splash screen in the past. Ideally we should be able to disable this in settings. The other negative is PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor can be slow or crash at times. This has happened for well over a year, and I originally thought it was my old iPhone. Nope... same issues when I got my iPhone X at the end of last year. It will freeze on a photo and take a couple of minutes to make one adjustment. This doesn’t happen in other photo processing apps I’ve used, just this one.

Overall, it’s still PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor I use most often for ease of use... I just wish the social splash could be turned off, and that the stability would improve... and I’d give it a 5.


Undeserving of the photoshop name

With affinity photo and other zillions of this type of app out there, this is kind of an embarrassment. To each their own, and not knocking anyone for liking it, but as a professional, PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor - and their others - are not what you’d expect from adobe if you’ve relied on them for desktop software in the past. I can see plenty of instagrammers and selfie takers loving this, and that’s great - it’s nice to go beyond what apple stock apps and Instagram filters have to offer. 👍

However - Their scatterings of iOS apps meant to ‘add up’ to a pseudo-desktop ‘suite’ of features and offerings is exactly that - scattered. And highly frustrating because of it. There should be a much more robust amalgam of these apps for the iPad. Which the competition has already completed, so one must assume that adobe was and is always going to consider their iOS apps as lightweight apps for your phone only. Too bad, really.

I appreciate adobe sketch, and I know that some of these apps have some perks and are designed fairly well, so it’s not like incompetence, it’s a plain and metered decision by adobe. With their pricey subscription model on desktop, and this ‘strategy’ for iOS, I can’t see them being top dog for much longer. Affinity and others may swallow them up while they remain somewhat oblivious and/or too profit-minded to survive this mobile/new-school editing software revolution.


Has been my go-to for years now

I have used the free photoshop express app on several generations of iPhones. Before Apple had editing right there in your iPhone photos. But honestly, even since the Apple editing has been included I still prefer using this Photoshop app. I’m no professional by any means so I have no idea how to articulate what it is that’s better lol but.

I feel it’s extremely user friendly and has great options and features/tools to use in the free version (I’ve never even considered the premium). And... if you have used any other photo editing apps then you KNOW what I mean about the apps just suddenly kicking you out. Seriously aggravating when they just suddenly shut down and close PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor thereby losing your edits and whatnot. I have never had that issue with this photoshop express. There are no advertisements either like some apps have.

Previously, I would have said that I wish it had a couple other features so that I didn’t have to go to another second or third app to doodle on the pics or add a text overlay etc. but it appears as if they have added these things now! So, before I start sounding like a paid advertisement lol I digress.


Easy to use

Great if you have an online store. My god this shaved about 40min per picture compared to what I was using before for stark white-flat-lays. Basically you only need basic understanding of... using apps... and you’ll be able to mess around with this and figure it out even if you’ve never used it before. Honestly. It’s user friendly IMO and way less “computer person” (lol) than the full photoshop computer program, yet you can edit pictures and make them look nearly as professional, or just as, depending on what you’re doing (like in my case to make the white backgrounds- PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor lets me make pro-level ones). If you just want a picture to edit your selfies, this is probably a bit more advanced photoediting than say, FaceTune, and you probably need to know how to edit pix a bit more than you do on that app. But for anything professional, products, to make nature/scenic pix pop, to add text, etc- it’s fantastic. Also, it makes the best collages of any app I’ve ever used. Hands down. I really never review apps, but I love this one. And I love the sister apps that go with it. Fantastical. Seriously have no complaints that I can think of.


Best app for amateurs and professionals while on their phone

I started using Adobe Photoshop in 1992 while in College to become a photojournalist. I remember still the awe I felt going to Mrs. V’s class. What incredible things would I see today? I try to hold on to those feelings in a world now full of altered images. It’s exciting, yet sad, that we seem to have lost ourselves in the realm of the surreal. I believe PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor is incredible. There is no competition for handheld devices. Constantly improving while keeping its roots steady. At this point, I use the remove flaws tool as I used the original clone tool with great precision. If you’re at all confused or frightened by all the options photoshop has to offer, my advice to you is the words Mrs. V once told me...Just play. If I could give you any advice for improvement, I’d say look to the filters on instagram. I still prefer their options to any others offered here. And the effects offered by Carbon are brilliant! I’d add a Leica effect for selective focus and unique background pixilation and a hasselblad effect for a medium format look. That’s all. And if I could have my old clone tool with the choice of brushes...I’d be in Heaven. Thank you!


Must have for everyone of all ages and with beginner to advanced knowledge of photo “editing”

It’s everything you can expect from Adobe! The favorite , to me anyway, is the collages variety! It’s not just squares beside each other, you got everything you can imagine including cool shapes like triangles or circles with as many photos as you can want( I don’t know that for sure , but so far I have used a collage with 12 photos and it looked awesome! The shapes also are aligned in many ways to make a huge impact and you can also size them each individually. It literally almost limitless what you can accomplish with these bold and exciting new look of collages! You can also add text with many options of the best fonts and can input them with “templates “ that are basically awesome quotes that you see on Pinterest or Facebook except you can edit the words, font, and color even the alignment ! Highly recommend !!!! I used it to sell things on offer up , eBay, or any site because it enables you to put everything on the first photo along with the price or info in a eye catching design that entices buyers to click to view your item(s)!!!


Textual Evidence Taken Out of Context

Hmm, it asked me to write suggestions on how to improve the text options in PS Express, however, I am scratching my head because the title to this screen now requests a review. I’ll do both, I surmise. Onward! This document is a basic bar graph. I figure it is worth noting that while I opened fresco, I closed it once I realized it doesn’t have the bar graph function.

Because I often find myself wondering what qualifications strangers have to write podcasts or even these, my disclaimer is that I am inexperienced in all photo editing & quite unqualified for an educated review on these topics: social media posts, memes & scrapbooking. I did find it punctual that this review asking me to comment on the type features in PSExpress was requested at precisely the moment I was attempting to airdrop my image to my iMac out of frustration… the basic options afforded for typing on my photo didn’t work at all. I offer little, but the reason is more from my hands’ neuropathy than fodder for discussion: Please set a a text box that I can format of my own choosing and not so preset. Thanks!


Powerful App but Pressures You to Buy

PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor seems to be one of the best apps I have seen that gives you lots of options to edit your pics. One BIG downside is the constant pop-up windows that open after almost every edit you make when using the free version. I used the free version about a year ago and am now trying it again, and this newest version has many more pop-ups than earlier versions. I understand that developers want to sell their products and that is fine. It’s business. Some users may require a more powerful paid subscription. Moreover, free versions that may occasionally force a user to click through an advertisement here and there is fine, too. But the frequency with which pop-ups occur in this latest version is Horrendous and losing your work at every turn because the free version suffices for you rather than a more elaborate paid version, is down right Obnoxious. I hope the developers correct this soon, otherwise I WILL be shopping around for a new app.


Powerful app when it works

I love using PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor to quickly edit my cell phone photos. The variety and ease of the tools are great and allow me to make precise edits to get my photos to look exactly the way I want. I have many presets that I’ve created and saved to the “My Looks” menu that make it easy to replicate my favorite edits across many photos over time- a huge benefit to speed and consistency. However, PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor is buggy. It freezes or crashes often. It can be very slow and get “stuck” when switching between menus in PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor . And sometimes, it just won’t open certain images. These issues have not been a deal breaker for me- usually shutting down PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor and restarting is all that is needed. But it is frustrating and slows down the process when I’m trying to edit several photos. One other wish for PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor: once I save a series of edits to “My Looks”- I can no longer see the edit “recipe” for that edit. I wish there was a way to look at the “Looks” you’ve created and see the edits that you used to create that look. Overall, great app- very powerful and gets used almost daily. Like most things in life, does have room for improvements.


Good app with lots of potential! I see some areas for improvement.

I love Adobe and all of their products. PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor is great, although I’d like to see more features and creative options. Also, I think the user interface could use a little bit of work. Right now the UI seems cluttered and a bit too ‘square’. A modern UI update that is more user friendly would be very beneficial.
Besides those minor comments it’s a wonderful app! Even though I’d like more features, the functionality is there. Adobe did a good job combining their previous apps into a single, more integrate app. Now that they’re done with that it’s time to clean it up a bit, update the UI, add some industry-leading features in, and watch it take flight!! 🛫

P.S. Adobe if you’re reading this, you’re doing great sweetie! 🙏 I’ll be a customer for life (when I can afford it #ThankYouStudentDiscount 😅) and I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines! If y’all ever need more constructive feedback let me know. And hey, if y’all ever need a bright young mind full of ideas, I’d love to work with/learn from you guys in any way I could be helpful. Adios for now, compadres 🤠


I love PS

I use PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor a lot express myself by typing over pictures. What I find missing is shadows for the letters, better control over the alignment too. These are attributes that could be improved. Also, I haven’t found any way to coordinate the text and the picture after I type the text. Otherwise, PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor serves me pretty well. I’ve tried other apps, but for me Adobe serve me the best. Although I find it a bit expensive, I decided it’s worth the cost. It gives me a huge variety of ways to express myself in a creative way. They’ve been in the business about ever since the dawn of the PC. They know what they are doing, the product is reliable and it works. But with every new product the learning curve is getting out of hand. I like to learn on the fly in my own projects, and an integrated Ai voice guide would be a great improvement, because I don’t like looking at some instructor on another screen with all their blah blah telling me how to do their project. They make me feel like a child, it’s annoying and a lot of what I learn gets lost on the way trying to capture the essence ce of what I want to learn.



In my experience the previous separate photoshop apps were superior in their functionality and now I’m being charged for the most basic of editing features that were previously free and have been around for decades. I adored the photoshop mix app and I mourn that I lost it after getting a new phone and cannot get it back. Unfortunately these are the kind of “updates” I have come to expect from adobe. The newer features that integrate machine learning are cool but how typically useful could they be if Adobe needs to put more basic features behind a paywall in addition to the new and interesting features?Maybe they would not need to try and give you less for more if they didn’t alienate customers with this kind of behavior in the first place. I’m sure this kind of strong arming and optimizing for the widest audience (having lots and lots of automatic features at the expense or instead of having fewer feautures that are complex and powerful in their functionality) pays off in the long run but it’s very disappointing as a creator. I would gladly pay a one time fee of like $25 to just have the mix app back but I dont think the current model is reasonable for basic photoshop on the go and it is less functional than previous iterations for my purposes.


Bug with Recent updates (~2mo's ago)

I held off writing a review because I hoped Adobe would fix this problem. I enjoy PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor very much and it's a robust, useful, full-featured app. BUT....accessing it via the Photos app (e.g., by clicking Edit and using PS Express to edit the photo in the Photos app interface) has become buggy all of a sudden. More than 75% of the time I edit a pic this way, when I go to save it the screen will go black and the little "working" animation will twirl around and around. And it never saves the changes. INFURIATING. Often I will close the Photos app, reopen it and try to edit it again only for the same result. Sometimes a third time is the charm and it will save the photo edits. Opening the PS Express app before doing this doesn't change the outcome. I prefer being able to quickly edit it via the Photos app as the workflow is easier than loading manually in PS Express directly (when I have many to go through). This only started about 2 months ago. I have iPhone 8, 256GB, latest iOS updates. Please please fix this, it's been a bug for long enough. Contact me if you'd like me to video record this happening or for help recreating the issue. Thanks!


It’s ok

Use it every day but that’s bc the other one isn’t showing up. the previous adobe all access version better for ipad. like fresco a lot tho - i think adobe needs to work on not only creating new products like fresco but empowering the community of creatives better. adobe bridge and lightroom now have many overlaps —- no one young uses bridge but it’s an imperative application!!! empower your community w knowledge. this isn’t about creating a super user friendly dumb down adobe bc you want regular people to use it... this should be focused on empowering designers of all breeds, whether graphic illustration photographer etc. LASTLY - YOU NEEED A LIVE WORK OR MOODBOARDING TOOL LIKE ENVISION FOR PHOTOSHOOTS and moodboards that can literally take the CD from an interactive call sheet where all members of the board can discuss the concepts before, during, and after the photoshoot, not to mention the features that automate create palettes.... adobe envision is the next frontier for you - it’s a creative lab that helps make big creative endeavors as painless as possible.


Is this the next Photobucket?

Maybe the title has you scratching your head, but it’s what came to mind when I thought of the functionality that Adobe provides through Photoshop Express, Photo Fix, and Photo Mix — the thought that a poorly implemented monetization effort is not far behind. A backhanded compliment, to be sure, but I do have some genuinely positive things to say about Express.

It has taken a lot of effort to become adroit at swapping among the three aforementioned apps, but in becoming so I have at my fingertips, literally, some very useful tools to improve, or simply create a different emphasis for, my pictures. I also have Adobe PS CS6 on my laptop, and I have to tell you that sometimes the quickest route to achieving my goal for a photo requires the use of all four applications. And that brings me back too my opening.

The Adobe products are so scattered that they probably can’t persist in their current state amongst all the competition that is springing up, and to bring them together to remain competitive would be to cannibalize from PS CC. And PS CC is a ripoff. It’s closest competitor—that is getting closer every day—asks $20 to BUY their product. So, just as it appears Photobucket has signed it’s own death warrant with their pathetic monetization by hostage-taking, I fear Adobe could be heading in the same direction with its photo editing products. And they really have been The standard bearer.


Always the standard

Sure, I’ll get excited about a new app with a unique feature or one with the standard offerings packaged differently enough to qualify as a novelty or disguise itself as a convenience - but they always fail to perform for long (usually get sluggish or think annoying commercials are what I deserve for using the product) and my excitement gives way to rational thought, and rational thinking is the antidote to impulse buying. But I win because while I may be out a couple dollars I learned something and I end up where I was doing well and knew the team on the other side of PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor represent the gold standard in their industry.

The only less than stellar features I’ve found were in the collage mode where resizing is not as simple as I’d like. Turns out it’s easier to delete the cell or whole collage than it is to edit it or find the help menu in a hurry.

Every other feature and function is top notch and you can count on the Adobe team to keep it running smoothly.


My go-to app for quick edits

I love all of the Adobe CC suite apps but this one probably gets the most day to day use. Unlike other editing apps, I've never had a crash and lost work, it is extremely stable, and doesn't lag when applying changes... Unlike some other apps that are badly optimized as far as ram usage.

I like that you can make and save your own filters, in other apps I can achieve the same look I want but if I want to apply it to multiple images it's a pain in the neck of remembering the order of settings and their intensity. With PS Express that hassle is no more. It's so versatile too, I can use it to crop and adjust before importing (easily, I might add) into another image editing app, but I can ALSO do the reverse and use PS Express for the finishing touches. It all depends on the task at hand and what I want to achieve.

I'd give it five stars if it had layers, though importing into Mix, among others, gives me that option so it's only a minor annoyance as some images could be done fully in Express if it gave the option for layers. But it's a really amazing app nonetheless and I highly recommend it.


I use PS more often than I thought I would

I am a hobby photographer, so had a hard time justifying the monthly subscription fee. However, I use the whole suite of Adobe photo manipulation tools more often than I thought I would. In addition, my photography also has significantly improved not just because of post editing, but because I am more thoughtful about what I can do post-editing. For example, I would often take tight photos and shoot jpegs only because I did not take the time to edit my photos. Since I know I will process my photos after a shoot, I don’t take super tight shots because I know I can do a far better job cropping with software than through a viewfinder. Also, I am almost never frustrated from overcropping when taking the photo anymore. I also always shoot raw giving me the additional flexibility to adjust exposure settings if I didn’t get it right the first time. Finally, I am far more selective about what photos I keep since editing is a little time consuming.


Excellent App; Two Suggestions...

This will make your photos freaking sparkle! A sweet and free photo editing app that offers a lovely and helpful arrangement of filters, effects, and tools for your general and extra photo needs. It has a sleek design and I genuinely enjoy using it. It made my regular old photos pop within a few seconds- it looked like I’d taken professional photos- pretty impressive! I even edit HD wallpapers to my taste- super sweet.

However, there are 2 suggestions I’d make:
1. The ability to save while you’re editing, I.e. ‘save progress’ instead of just saving once at the end. Sometimes I get stopped in the middle of editing to take another photo or just because I have to leave PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor .
2. Allow users to apply more than one design effect per save. It’s laid out so that the editing process goes in order from filters/design effects, to cropping, lighting/color/clarity/contrast adjustments, to red eye etc. So you can’t apply more than one design effect per process- ex. If I wanted to add the design effect of ‘soft’ AND ‘spring’ I’d have to edit the first time with one, save it, and edit the new photo again to apply the second design effect- which is a tad annoying because often times I’d like to layer my effects. I usually just edit the new saved photo to curbside this feature.
Overall an excellent introduction into photo editing apps- this is making me consider investing in more editing apps. I’m highly pleased with this :) solid 4/5!!



Update 2: Kudos to the developers who actually read these comments and care about user experience. The recent update allows for solid color backgrounds for collages however, this doesn’t completely fix the issue because of a few issues. 1. The color pallets for borders and backgrounds are different. 2. The color sliders for the CMYK and RGB are difficult to get a specific number on and 3. Even if you pick the same color, which is easiest to do using the themes, there is still a hairline border between the edge of the border and the edge of the background. I miss when I could just add radius to the border and not have to mess with the background.

Update 1: PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor was recently updated but the issue with collages remains. When you apply a radius borders PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor creates a white layer that makes your border look terrible. There isn’t a solid fill option to fill the White later just patterns and gradients.

The new update is a step backwards. The collage maker is not completely functional because you can't get rid of edges with out Mix. The text editor is woefully under powered compared to Fontcandy.


Love this app

It’s great! Even though I am still slowly learning the ends & outs of everything it has to offer, so far I am all about it! I don’t have a lot of time to sit and work on a photo for a long time very often & with ps express I don’t have to. It’s simple and speedy so I can see good results within a few minutes. You can have a great photo where your smile is perfect but possibly have a few blemishes (or in my case, wrinkles) & with PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor you can smooth them away, essentially perfecting your photo. If you have a picture that just needs “something” but you don’t know what it is, you can always use the magic wand & see what PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor can do for your picture. I am amazed at a few that I had just about decided to throw away but with one tap they were not only save worthy, they became frame worthy. I highly recommend PhotoshopExpressPhotoEditor for your photo fixes. There is not anything about it that deserves less than a five star review! All in all a great app!

Adelina   7 months ago

Since I am a creative person I like to work in photoshop, and in this one fun to work constantly updating better and better

Adelina   7 months ago

Since I am a creative person I like to work in photoshop, and in this one fun to work constantly updating better and better

Is Photoshop Express Photo Editor Safe?

Yes. Photoshop Express Photo Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 705,842 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Photoshop Express Photo Editor Is 64.9/100.

Is Photoshop Express Photo Editor Legit?

Yes. Photoshop Express Photo Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 705,842 Photoshop Express Photo Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Photoshop Express Photo Editor Is 95.1/100..

Is Photoshop Express Photo Editor not working?

Photoshop Express Photo Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Billed Once $34.84
Monthly Subscription $11.13
Yearly Subscription $55.69

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