Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters Reviews

Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters Reviews

Published by on 2023-10-05

About: You don’t need to be an experienced photo editor to turn photos into
captivating digital art. Why? Because there’s Prisma for it! With the Prisma
photo editor, it’s easy to unleash the artist within and go from average photo
to mesmerizing edit in seconds! Recognized as the App of the Year in 2016
Prisma has a constantly growing community of over 120 million users all over the

About Prisma

What is Prisma? Prisma is a photo editing app that allows users to turn their photos into captivating digital art. With over 120 million users worldwide, Prisma offers an extensive library of styles, top-notch functionality, and a premium subscription plan that gives access to all styles and HD quality photo saving.



- Library of styles: Prisma offers more than 500 various styles, with new styles added daily. Users can also try Portrait styles designed for captivating selfies.

- Portrait Segmentation: This tool allows users to add style to the whole image or apply it separately to the person or background.

- Vivid frames: Users can enhance their photos with frames that complement any image.

- Background editing: This tool allows users to replace the background of any selfie with colorful templates or images from their phone's gallery.

- Premium subscription: Prisma's premium subscription plan gives access to all styles and HD quality photo saving. Users can try Prisma for free for three days before choosing from several subscription plans.

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Key Benefits of Prisma

- You can make some of your photos look like gorgeous paintings and styles of art with a ton of variety.

- You can add emotion and more meaning to your most precious memories.

- You can turn your Prisma outputs into large prints.

43 Prisma Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Amazing Potential

I've never been this excited about a photo editing app as I was when I discovered this app.. however my enthusiasm has grown into disappointment because over & over I come up against some of the filters no working. For ex. This time I keep trying " dancers in pink" & "Aviator" Every single time I click to use it, a pop up says, something like, there are too make people using this app currently try again later. I do try again and it's always the same.. I mean either it should work properly or you need to fix it.. please... please... I would love to make a 5 star raving review but I'm so frustrated!

Haven’t even used Prisma in so long so frustrated… now it freezes every time I allow photo access.. I used this app all the time in the beginning when it first came out even have pictures posted in Prisma , I had so much fun with it
What is the problem now .. I can’t even access it?


Could be so much better

When I first signed up for Prisma, I had no complaint. The filters are beautiful. I love looking at other users’ photos.
But there’s this thing that’s been happening consistently for the last five months. People are getting banned for no reason. They are then told by a this app representative that they were flagged by multiple users for inappropriate content. But the offending photo is something like a tree, a building or a road. It makes no sense. And it takes days and tons of e-mails back and forth to resolve the issue. When this app support finally realizes the user has been unfairly banned, their explanation for what happened seems like a cop-out. The solution to this issue seems obvious. Have a this app rep check out the “offending” photo before banning. But it’s still going on.
I paid for a year’s subscription to this app before this started happening, so I’m still an active user. But I probably won’t pay again once the year’s up, if this issue isn’t resolved. If you’re thinking of paying for the full this app app and you’ve made it through this whole rant, you might want to think twice.


I'm basically addicted to Prisma

I'm not sure how many other apps out there do similar filters and effects with photos, but this app was the first that I ever used, and I absolutely love it. You can make some of your photos look like gorgeous paintings and styles of art with a ton of variety. I even use some of the effects with uploaded video game screenshots to make some truly incredible looking images, even though the free version of Prisma reduces the maximum image resolution quite a bit. I've never paid for the premium version of Prisma , but as much as I like to play around with the free filters, I've considered it - there are dozens more filters on the paid version, and there's even a daily filter that gives you something new every day. Really, I love Prisma, and it's helped make some of my favorite photos and moments in my life look even more interesting.


Prisma is a great app with lots of potential...

...I recently did the 3 days free trial of the premium this app subscription, as before now I’ve always been a free (SD) user. Now many of these filters are amazing and give your photos a painted or very interesting style, however, the built in camera is lacking greatly in manual controls, in the fact there aren’t any controls other than tapping your shooting area (to define auto focus and exposure) and your shutter button. Due to this, if your natural lighting isn’t bright enough, then typically the filters will not work as well. Furthermore, after playing with many of the filters and adjustment settings, as well as flipping back and forth between SD and HD mode, I don’t see much of a difference in quality.
So for the base price of $4.99 a month, I’m lost as to where all these features are that make up for forking out the extra money a month and/or year. If this app can update it’s camera mode, and add more adjustment features I’d certainly be more willing to pay.


Unable to log in account and Prisma unable to email verification

I am very frustrated and disappointed with this app and the Support Team. I just got a new iPhone and can’t log into my this app account. I have typed in my email address for verification, this app instructed to check my email but I haven’t received their email verification. I’ve been trying to log into my account for 2 months now and was unsuccessful. I have reached out to this app Support Team and they said it must be in my spam box. I’ve checked every single email in my spam box and it’s not there. I sent them screenshots of my profile to let them know that my account is still active and to look up the email linked to my account. The Support Team said they can’t look that up do to piracy. I am being charged monthly and I am unable to access my account.

I find it hard to believe that such developers would not look up my email address but charging my account monthly. It’s such a shame!


Not bad, but…

This is a cool app. It's got a lot of cool filters. Your images won't really look like paintings though. They'll look like altered Photoshop images but they'll still look really cool.
I had a crash issue just before writing this review. I fixed it by shutting down all apps on my iPad and then restarting the iPad. That seemed to fix the problem.
I think the problem I have with Prisma really isn't with Prisma in particular but with all photography apps now. They all seem to want a subscription. I already pay a subscription fee. I pay $10 a month for Lightroom and Photoshop. Currently the most advanced photo editing software on the market. The iPad and iPhone just don't have the processing power to keep up with Lightroom and Photoshop. So apps on these platforms perform one or two functions or a group of simpler functions that Photoshop performs... but demand 1/3 or 1/2 of the monthly price. If you pay the yearly subscription for this app you're still paying about 1/6 of the price for filters that you have no control over. No adjustments, no sliders. Yes, you can adjust the opacity of the filter, but that's it.
Having said all that, I pay the yearly fee. It's taken some of the cool out of Prisma but I use it a couple times a month. At two times a month I'm paying about ¢80 per use.
Take that into consideration.
It will give mostly satisfying results overall.
Take that into consideration too.


I’m impressed!

(Edit) I upped the star rating because the developer reached out and explained the issues better. I really really like the frames that were just added. These features and updates are what excite me about Prisma. I’m still very impressed with the end results and I think Prisma really has legs. I’m looking forward to the future. Thanks

(Original review) My issue with Prisma is I constantly get a “something went wrong” error. The way filters are sorted and organized is very difficult to work with. I would like a better way to group filters or see them all at once. I’m paying a subscription for Prisma but Prisma doesn’t feel premium. It feels like a free app still. Over all I really enjoy the filters and how my images come out, but the experience isn’t great. I doubt I will renew my subscription if this is how Prisma still functions in one year


Great app and great company

I am not an incentivized reviewer. I am a marketing and creative executive and using my free time to make art.

this app is one of my favorite apps of all time. I use it to add life to my images every time I take a photo that I want to preserve and celebrate. It allows me to add emotion and more meaning to my most precious memories.

Often, I will take my this app outputs and turn them into large prints. As an artist, I also will take photos that I want to paint and use this app to help me model a style and use of color.

The editing tools are also great. After I select a this app style, I will always use the tools to adjust the values and hues to optimize the image.

The variety of styles and frequent updates and additions is super duper.

this app also helps me when I want to enlarge images because some of the artistic styles will make pixel resembling more forgiving.

I only hope that someday I could use this app directly on a desktop environment so that I could work with much larger images than can’t be processed on a phone or tablet.

The company is great and responsive too. When I had an issue with the user experience on Prisma , this app responded by rapidly making improvements to processing time, interactive feedback and user interface. Amazing! I have renewed faith!


Privacy, privacy, PRIVACY!!!

I wanted to try Prisma to see what kind of great photos I could create with the filters, but the first thing I was bombarded with was a Privacy Update that I must agree with in order to use Prisma . After reading about all the data this developer and their third party friends collect about each user who is using Prisma and what websites they go to, I decide to immediately delete Prisma. I have become more turned off by how developers are asking or better yet PUSHING users to give them free reign over collecting personal data about how you use Prisma , your device and what websites you choose to visit. This is not in my interest to give them this information so they can send me ads tailored to my interests. Guys leave my personal data out of your app or give me the choice to ban you from collecting it and I may use your app. However if you choose to force your customers to agree with something they are not comfortable with granting.... then you will obviously find less people willing to use your product. Count me as one of those people!!


Loved until latest update 🌹 revised

Slowly and truly I love to this app so very much- I got the coolest effects, just updated it and only have the option of about six filters and everything else you have to pay for and you want to charge a monthly fee. No way. There are other photo editing apps available and I think going from one extreme to another is just not fair to your loyal customers. You were great, and now you’re not.
🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 thank you for the response I appreciate it yes the old filters were hiding in the I would never have looked. I can use Prisma the way I used to, but again one little criticism I don’t like every time I open it wanting to be asked to pay for it. And I really would pay something I just think what you’re trying to charges too much when there’s some great free apps- again thank you.


Immediately uninstalled

I’m sorry, but this new trend of requiring you be to commit to what I call the “timed release subscription” is spreading like wildfire, and needs to stop. Left unchecked there will eventually be no concept of a free app. Furthermore, I contend that the companies employing this technique are preying on the statistically probable percentage of people that either procrastinate too long or simply forget to cancel before the “trial period” ends.

At the end of the day you shouldn’t have to commit to a subscription, time-released or not, before you’ve even had a chance to open and try Prisma . For this reason, when I install an app and am forced to agree to a subscription as soon as I launch it for the first time, I immediately uninstall it and leave this review; hoping to encourage others to do the same, and in turn begin, hopefully, to discourage developers from utilizing this scheme.

EDIT: It was unclear to me how to use Prisma without subscribing, I couldn’t seem to get past the screen prompting me to choose a subscription.


This used to be one of my favorite apps

I loved the fact that Prisma was so simple and basic to use. I’ve been using it since it was free and was more than happy to pay for it once there was a fee, all of a sudden everything I loved about Prisma is gone, and it’s like a whole different app that doesn’t do what I needed to do.I have tried updating the subscription, updating Prisma , and nothing is working.

One of my favorite features what is the ability to control how strong the filter was applied to the image, it seems as if the latest update has removed that feature. Please fix immediately, this is not the same app that I paid for.


Really cool app; really un-cool business model.

I have been buying iOS photo/graphics apps for a very long time now, and this one produces some of the coolest finished products I have ever seen. BUT, unless you pay for a monthly subscription, you cannot save in “high resolution.” Therefore, it converted the 4032x3024 image from my 8 Plus to a 600kb 1792x1344 one. If you are creating stuff for texting or to post on a website, then that is not an issue. But if you want to save your image so as to be able to incorporate it into a print someday, you are SOL without the monthly subscription.
Further, some of the filters are apparently owned by third parties, and launch begging pop-ups when you go to use them.
I really like what you can create with Prisma, and would gladly shell out a flat fee for it. But I will not pay a monthly fee for something I might only want to use every now and again, and I didn’t buy an 8 Plus to work with .5MB image files.


Do you want my money or not

If you give someone a free trial to lure them into buying premium you don’t make it so hard! Howbout that? I think “hey I wanna try this out see IF I’ll pay for it first.” and of course it’s some ordeal that already requires my credit card before I even get it? At least make a faint attempt at seeming nice while promoting. “Hey hope you like it premium sure is good. If you end up liking it enter your information we’ll get you taken care of” you might say- I should not have to even think about paying for a free trial. I should think “wow now that I’ve tried this I sure do appreciate it and would like to pay for it.” What a colossal failure of customer retention! I should be asleep by now but I’m waiting to figure out and barely expressing my frustration toward trying to attach my credit card to a FREE TRIAL. Your vanilla version by the way is pathetic and I will hereby delete it. You can expect no premium from I nor anyone else who wishes a free trial and is discouraged at first glance.


What I love about Prisma

As an artist, I have found the this app app to be a fantastic tool, especially when it comes to understanding more about color relationships, the various mediums and where lights and darks should go in a painting. It offers many interesting filters. I like some better than others, but they seem to cater to many levels of artistic taste. One filter I particularly loved, called Abstract Portrait, disappeared one day and I wish it were offered again. Please consider restoring it! A friend and I are thinking of having an art show featuring our this app images. We have many wonderful ones. I would like to see more fine art filters, e.g. Van Gogh, O’Keefe, Hopper and other great colorists. Thank you.


Very satisfactory results at a hefty price of time and money!

At first it was great because it had very unique offline "filters". After a while I thought it was still great because the effects were still unique and suited my preference compared with every other IOS app offered out there. Then it just kept evolving until it had a library of effects and HD. I don't know if it will work offline anymore. I guess everything does come at a price (about $20) for an annual HD access.

Downside is it takes a quite while to process!! if you were meticulous to details you'd want to try just about every effect. Beware: it is battery draining even for my iPhone 7 Plus!


A great app!

UPDATE: this app has done some updates. Thankful that some of the glitches have been worked out. I love the yearly fee and all the filters I have access to. I’ve been able to make some incredible photos with Prisma.

this app has a bunch of really great people on it and I feel like a world traveler being able to see Hong Kong, Italy, Australia, Korea, the Netherlands, and many other places. There is a community with in this app and am proud to call them friends.

We pay for this app app and my husband was just banned. Banned means you can still see others posts but you can’t post, like posts, or comment/like posts. We have written to this app and he is still blocked from Prisma .


Please add scale slider for paid version

I think I figured out what the trouble is with the legacy filters! They ARE the same filters, they’re just applying at a much smaller size due to the increased resolution (I appreciate the increased resolution). One thing that would be great for the paid version is a scale option for the sliders, to affect the scale at which the filter is applied to the image.

I’m really enjoying all the other sliders! Would also love a true rainbow color shift slider for bold effects.

Right now there are two resolution options and often the lower one is the bolder image, but it can’t be exported at the higher resolution, which has the filter applied at an extremely fine grain.


Sluggish, not high quality

I got this bc I read you could create high quality book covers, but they only save in 72ppi and do not look good once you try to convert to print quality. It also doesn’t handle pano pics at all, which means the size I need to work with (images I’ve already stitched in PS) have to be resized after I email them to myself to be able to get them into Prisma on my phone. The edits you can do are pretty neat but not really what I was looking for, and some of them take forever and freeze my phone up. I would not recommend this unless you’re only using these for web and can easily do your whole workflow within your phone. I tried to cancel apparently a couple hours too late so now I’ve been charged for a year and I really can’t use this for anything.


The best photo painting app I've ever encountered

I have tried more than two dozen apps that take photos and paint over them and have been disappointing every time. I was amazed at the very first photo I tried after downloading Prisma , and it's way above all the other apps that do this to photos.

As a professional photographer since 1973, and someone who wanted to create artwork from some of my photos, Prisma is in a class of it on and I would recommend it to anyone who's looking create art from their own photos.

The one thing I would like to see, and while Prisma does an excellent job at converting photos into art using their filters, I love the ability to use my Apple pen to actually color of the sections that I want colored, leaving the rest alone.

I'm a person who loves to do hand tinting photographs, and one day maybe to Labella preserve Prisma will create the ability to hand tint photos. Otherwise this is a five star app and a must have app in every photographer and artist's arsenal.


Prisma is a great app with lots of potential...

...I recently did the 3 days free trial of the premium this app subscription, as before now I’ve always been a free (SD) user. Now many of these filters are amazing and give your photos a painted or very interesting style, however, the built in camera is lacking greatly in manual controls, in the fact there aren’t any controls other than tapping your shooting area (to define auto focus and exposure) and your shutter button. Due to this, if your natural lighting isn’t bright enough, then typically the filters will not work as well. Furthermore, after playing with many of the filters and adjustment settings, as well as flipping back and forth between SD and HD mode, I don’t see much of a difference in quality.
So for the base price of $4.99 a month, I’m lost as to where all these features are that make up for forking out the extra money a month and/or year. If this app can update it’s camera mode, and add more adjustment features I’d certainly be more willing to pay.


Another good app gone to subscription

I had purchased the premium of Prisma quite a while back. I hadn’t used it in a while and went to go show a friend how cool it was and it looks like they want me to signup for monthly or yearly. I really don’t mind if apps start out like that from the beginning so you know what you’re getting into. When you pay a premium for an app it should be yours. All these apps doing this add up to sooo much money that this model is going to fail. No average consumer wants to pay $20 annually to run pictures through filters. Maybe $20 a year for a OS or critical service, but these price points are out of whack!


And yet again this app is completely worthless

When I open it it either does nothing or allows me to take a picture and then does nothing. It has a red number on it as if it’s trying to tell me something but I have not been able to get access to any information from Prisma or make it do anything since the last time I wrote about it. As someone pointed out this is something I paid for and has proved to be almost entirely worthless. If I could get my money back I would .

in fact please give me my money back!

Hattie   1 year ago

I've been using the free version of this app for years now, mostly to create an image I would like to paint. It gives you great ideas creatively for how to choose colour, and placement of light and shade. However, in the last week, whenever i try to use the app I'm told too many people are using Prisma, and to try again later. I hope this gets sorted out soon.

Steven L Stern   2 years ago

Can't add to Favorites. I click the + for the style I want, it applies the style, but the style is not saved to Favorites.

Elizabeth Sweet   2 years ago

App is frozen. I’ve tried everything. I’m not hearing back from app support. Anyone had any luck fixing this problem?

CXDS   2 years ago

App advertises HD option but this is not.. prisma does not offer HD option at all. you think that you will have HD but you get picture in KB!!!

Debbie Hoare   2 years ago

Hi I have been charged $64 for your App which I didn’t want, I was just looking at it, I didn’t realize that I had downloaded and I didn’t put my bank details in so I’m not sure how you were able to access my bank account. I just noticed this amount in one of my bank account which is set for just deductions so I don’t check it regularly. I have never used the Prisma App and don’t intend to. Can you please put the money back into my bank account. Regards Debbie Hoare

Mehul Parekh   2 years ago

App keeps freezing when I try to access my camera roll. It's happened since I updated to the latest version. I am using the iPhone with iOS 14.4.2. I have a paid subscription for PRISMA, please advise, to how I can solve the issue. Otherwise would like to request to cancel the subscription, please. Thanks Mehul

Louis Fishauf   2 years ago

App freezes on new iPhone 12 Pro. Works fine on my old iPhone 6.

James   3 years ago

This keeps freezing for me also of late. The only way I can get it to work is to choose the photo quickly and just choose the 1st filter. Scrolling to the right to select another filter burns time and freezes while creating the pic.

Donna   3 years ago

App freezes once it gets to camera roll photos. Tried deleting and reinstalling number of damn frustrating as this used to be my go editing app

Judith Westegaard   3 years ago

Anyone find out what’s up with Prisma. I can’t get into it with the exception of old photos. It won’t let me add new photos. When I use the camera portion, it freezes on the page. Extremely frustrating for an app I have paid for.

virginia brown   3 years ago

It has been frozen for ten days. I've tried everything (rebooting, deleting, etc.) . Is there a contact for them?

Nancy Schepers   3 years ago

I have a subscription and today when I tried to use it on my phone and IPad is is just freezing. Very frustrating.

Tracy Fulks   3 years ago

App hasn’t worked in 3 days. Can’t load photos just freezes up. Deleted and reinstalled, checked every setting...nothing.

Giedre Abromaitis   3 years ago

I've had this app for a while and enjoyed it. My paid subscription just renewed itself on January 19th, but now I cann't reinstall the app on my iPhone at all. It just won't load or open. Is there a fix, or how do I get my money back if there isn't?

Monette   3 years ago

Tried to use the app tonight, it just freezes

Tracey Barnes   3 years ago

Unable to use app for the last week. It just freezes?

Christine   3 years ago

Click on app and will not connect to load

Vichaya Chatikavanij   3 years ago

Hello For the last 4days have not been able to use the app. it freezes. I have tried reinstalling the app but still doesn't not work. on iPhone 11 Pro max can you help please

Espi Melian   3 years ago

The Prisma app page is frozen, cannot select photos or conduct any operation. I had signed up for a one year subscription but in the presence of such inefficiency and malfunction of the app I am trying to cancel it but it will not allow me. Their app page is frozen.

Lisa Capozzi   3 years ago

I downloaded the Prisma app today and it is frozen. It won’t work. Please help

Linda   3 years ago

For the last several days, the Prisma app has not been working. It freezes on the first page. I cannot choose a filter, cannot scroll through photos, nothing. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and rebooting my phone (iPhone 12pro max). Can you please help?

Rob Brown   3 years ago

HI For the last 3 days have not been able to use the app. it freezes. I have tried reinstalling the app but still doesn't not work. on iPhone 12 pro max can you help please

Annemarie Barnes   3 years ago

I’ve just started the 3-day free trial and would like to take out a year premium subscription but I’m baffled by the different prices. I can either get 1 year for 35 Swiss francs, 21, 16 or 9.50!! That’s quite a difference. Why? Do they offer the same? Please explain!

Is Prisma Safe?

Yes. Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 210,249 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Prisma Is 30.5/100.

Is Prisma Legit?

Yes. Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 210,249 Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Prisma Is 46.8/100..

Is Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters not working?

Prisma: Photo Editor, Filters works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Prisma Premium

- 1 week subscription for $4.99

- 1 month subscription for $9.99

- 1 year subscription for $35.99

All subscription plans offer access to all styles and the ability to save photos in HD quality. Users can try Prisma for free for 3 days before purchasing a subscription. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Users can manage their subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal in their Account Settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

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