StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic Reviews

StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-03

StockX is the safest and fastest way to discover, buy, and sell authentic
sneakers, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, watches and handbags. We even
have the newest next generation video game consoles available, including the new
Playstation 5 and Xbox. Every product is verified by o...

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StockX - Buy & Sell Authentic Reviews

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    Objectively and honest

    In purchased and sold 28 different items on StockX over the last 6 months, mostly shoes , a few supreme, nothing in watches or bags, as far as the site or app which ever you use is in my experience has been more than fair, however after about six perchases I had taken issue with a. Pair of Nike Flyknit racers (multi color) I was not satisfied with my shoe , I reached out to their customer service and was advised of their no return policy , but they said they would look into it before giving me a REturn auth and after I sent pics of my issues, I recieved a return. It did take some time and a lot of backand fourth and some irritation. They have a great business model and a some kinks to work out, but they remain the safest and most trust worthy option for sales and perchases today , remember they are a fairly new agency and the first of its kind, my point is they aren’t going away as they have become a huge driving force in the sneaker culture and I can only see them getting better, and have personally witnessed their growth over this last year, and this is the first time I’m submitting a review, it would have been easily done in the first month I was a customer and when I bought those flyknits that came with the headache, but I wanted to really review the service before I posted my review, this is a truly objective neutral review of my experiences, I am still a customer of stock x and will be for a long time Sincerely ,Forrest Anthon

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    Review change !!

    I just received an email letting me know that my item has been authenticated and shipped . That’s the second pair I’ve purchased in 2 weeks . This app and company are amazing . I’ve done some research into the company and how it works and they have a pretty good business model , with some of the best sneaker experts in the business . They take this very serious . I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone that would like some peace of mind after spending hundreds or thousands on a sneaker you hope is real . Sounds like a great great thing . These people spot fakes a mile away . UPDATE REVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I got the app I ordered over 4K in sneakers over 2 months .... every box came with a tear in the exact same corner for each pair .. 5 in total ... I email them asking them if they are now considered non ds and they tell me the are sorry for ruining the boxes and gave me a 20$ disc on my next purchase. Which is trash cause ruining the box can cost me a few hundred dollars when reselling .. so when I go to use the 20$ disc on a purchase , they tell me my account is frozen and under review . Trash !! Pure trash .. I’ll just take my money to goat ... never rec a damaged item and just ordered another pair of human races nerd color way ... I’ll be closing my account thanks stockshit

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    It’s alright

    If an item you want to sell is already listed and there is a bid you would like to accept the process is simple and fast. Even getting authenticated and paid out is fast. The reason I rated two stars is because that scenario might work for one of the items in your closet, but what about the rest? The process of asking for an item to be listed is just a dead end. Edit: I received what seemed like an automated response informing me how to submit items I want to sell. The problem is not that I can’t wrap my head around your odd process of pre approving items you want sold on the site. The problem is that upon submitting item requests you revive no confirmation or way of tracking the progression of item submissions. After two weeks the items I requested to be posted for sale that I owned already sold on another platform. I still don’t know if my multiple item requests have even been looked at. Most of which as mentioned are no longer needed. If the process was more transparent I could go in and delete or void item requests for items I no longer have available for sale. I am certain I am not the only person in this situation and that’s why I took a star away from my two star review. No hard feelings against the company it just doesn’t work for me 99% of the time. As mentioned the one time the stars aligned, I had the item available that was already listed, and the current highest bid was something I was comfortable accepting is when I had great service.

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    This app is perfect for ordering shoes. I have ordered 7 pairs of shoes, all without problem. Unlike “Goat” StockX doesn’t cancel your order and then fail to give you a refund. In September I ordered some size 10.5 Travis Scott Air Jordan 1’s from Goat, after 18 days I got impatient and looked for a reason why they were late, every answer was that they cancelled it. I checked to see if they were canceled, and I immediately felt stupid for waiting on a shoe that wasn’t coming. I tried to get my hard earned money back, but they refused to believe me. I gave them my account and email. I soon was banned for “selling fake shoes” even though I had never put anything up for sale, they didn’t want to unban me because of “bad reputation”. So I moved to StockX and ordered some Travis Scott’s expecting it to do the same but it didn’t, the shoes came in 7 days and it also came with different laces, which I think is nice of them, I paid normal price and got more than I wanted. StockX didn’t just meet my expectations, they exceeded them. StockX>Goatshit

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    Employees swapping shoes and taking parts

    I had won a bid on a pair of shoes and they had told me parts where missing they sent a picture the shoes appeared pre-worn and looked like they came in a garbage bag... I’m sure if Eminem ordered shoes he wouldn’t of gotten any emails about the seller sending scuffed J’s and missing parts. The company doesn’t care about “regular” people or the shoes it’s clear AND while I was bidding the seller was also bidding up the prices it’s called “Shilling bids” they’re is no way of telling who’s bidding and if the bids are actually legit. I’m still awaiting a response about the shoes it’s been almost 2 weeks since I won the bid I requested someone call my phone number but that prolly won’t happen as the company doesn’t care about the people or it’s reputation as a company, they just want to try to “look cool in front of celebrities for clout” they might not even respond at all leaving me to recover my $ through my banks complaint department so 2 weeks on the shoes then 10-30 days on the bank recovering the money spent on the shoes so a 45 day wait time for just my money returned. This company is being reported to the BBB as a fraudulent business. It seems as if the employees swap shoes and steal parts for some personal collections they have.. I ordered size 11 the most common shoes size in the world I bet if I ordered size 7s there wouldn’t be an issues at all. The company seems shady must be why they have a fake review from Eminem.

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    Had the app for one day and was banned from buying/selling.

    I recently downloaded this app with the hopes of purchasing a few sneakers. I signed up, input all my information and made my first purchase using my debit card. I was REALLY excited as the price was great for the item. Everything seemed fine, then I receive an email from the STOCKX support team informing me my purchase was canceled and that I was flagged for fraudulent activity. Mind you, this has NEVER happened to me when purchasing from apps or websites so obviously I was shocked. They asked that I provide a picture ID, an alternate email & phone number. I took a picture of my actual ID, provided an email which consists of my full name and gave them my cellphone number. All of which were irrelevant and never used because the next email stated that I had officially been banned from purchasing or selling on StockX and that my money will be refunded. After asking how that could be possible, especially after providing the information they requested, I was told they could not disclose the specific reasons for the ban and that they were “sorry for the inconvenience”. This has been a really stressful situation and I’m just leaving this review in hopes that this doesn’t happen to anyone else and maybe someone has gone thru something similar that can help me resolve this. I would love to use the StockX app, it’s very easy to use and is constantly updated.

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    Worst costumer service

    1 star is too much, but there’s nothing lower :/ This company’s policies will rip you off with their win/win deal. This is a multi-million company that can not handle its costumers issues as any other business, but thru e-mails which are not even answered in a timely manner. StockX has strategically place numerous policies to make sure that if somebody has to lose money, that person is you (the consumer). Make sure to read thoroughly the policies if you decide to sign up, your chances of receiving what you are looking for at this marketplace is about 50% (better than your chances of winning in Las Vegas if that helps). For those that have been hustled and never complained to this company, just wake up and stop settling for BS like this. Not reporting the issues you encounter at selling/buying just because you still want to stay in business with StockX is just good for StockX. If you are a seller keep in mind they take all the credit from your effort and abilities when an item is sold, nobody will ever know it was you whom made it posible to deliver a great product, in the other hand if you are a buyer, please don’t throw away your well earned money. Once your purchase is made there is no posible way that you can return the product in most cases, StockX standards of deadstock items is pretty lame. I ended business for good, hope you do as well. Stay grinding!

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    Pretty cool

    Quality shoes. I’ve bought four or five pairs from StockX. I’ll probably buy more when I really want a particular shoe. You have to know exactly what you want, search feature is busted. There no real browsing. Then you better already know how that shoe fits and be perfectly accurate on your bid. There is a ZERO RETURNS policy, which is utterly whack. Buy the wrong size, or they don’t fit right you’re out of luck. Accidentally bid on a size ten for my son and won. He’s a size 10.5 and when I contacted them they said try selling them. That’s pretty much the last thing a customer wants to hear. Bidding is meh, because you can bid up to the asked price, or whatever wait a month, and nothing happens. No notifications, no “someone has outbid” you like EBay, nothing. You have to check back in on prices. The follow feature is garbage. Basically you have to go here with the intention of spending all the money and your probably not going to save much. Order perfectly. Don’t plug in anything wrong or they will just laugh at you and keep your money. It’s a cool idea, it’s just not the best way to go about it. Great shoes. Brand new or at least the ones I bought. They clearly have solid products no worries there at all. Their execution meh...

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    Don’t buy from StockX

    They did me wrong so I’m not going to stop posting a review until one of my review is up. I ordered a pair of Nike Vapor Max Plus on March 26th and after a few days I got a confirmation email saying it’s en route to StockX for authenticity. Woo hoo right? Pft. After that email they don’t update you at all about the whereabouts of your shoe. They give you a rough estimate to when your shoe will be delivered. After a week and a half I emailed StockX and asked where my shoes were. All the said was “it’s en route to StockX for authenticity.” Well no shiiiiid. They really wasn’t helpful at all. After 2 full weeks I emailed them back and this time they said they received my shoes but the box was slightly damaged and asked if I would still like them to ship it to me. I said yes. Then all of a sudden, 2 days later I get an email saying my order has been cancelled. I don’t understand how my order was cancelled when they literally had my shoes in their facility ready to be sent out to me. After more than 2 weeks of waiting. I was furious. I feel like they just want to get rare shoes to their facility and then sell it in store for a better price. I emailed them back about an explanation and they still haven’t responded. I wrote 3 reviews for StockX and none of them were posted. Like I mentioned. I will write a review everyday until they post my review. 👎🏼👎🏼

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    WARNING!!! DO NOT BUY FROM STOCK X. Let’s start off with a little background story. I’m a young male who collects shoes, and who takes pride in his shoes. This was my first time shopping at Stock X I usually shop on the goat app, eBay, offer up, or I’ll just get my shoes from the local stores. I bought a pair of SoleFly Jordan 17 Low Size 13 (DEADSTOCK/Brand New) Stock C sent my shoes in a timely manner, but the shoes we’re in BAD CONDITION! First off: Every shoes Stock X sells iAds supposed to be BRAND NEW UN-Used. My shoes were obviously used. It came with a VERY BIG CREASE on the right shoe. The left shoe was fine. If you know your sneakers their are only 2,300 pairs of these shoes an each shoe should come with a tag showing which number out of 2,300 do you have. The tag is missing looks like someone pulled it off or cut it out. You can literally see where the tag was taking off at. Now that means the shoes is technically damaged. I emailed them expressing my disappointment and disapproval of the shoes and it’s condition. They sent me a $10 off the next order coupon and told me that the shoes are “considered deadstock to them.” “We allow people to try the shoe on and the shoes will still be considered deadstock” IF ANYONE TRIED THE SHOE ON THE SHOES ISNT DEADSTOCK ANYMORE. IT IS NOW CONSIDERED WORN. They told me feel free to sell the shoe back to them LOL. FOR $150 cheaper than what I paid for LOL

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    Very poor business practices.

    Won the winning bid on a pair of $300 KD12 90s Kids sneakers on Friday 4/11. It’s now Weds 4/17, and their status is still showing “waiting for seller to ship”. I understand the weekend fell in the middle, but their own FAQ states that the seller has two (2) days to ship the item. It’s now past that point. Stockx doesn’t even have an contact telephone number to reach them, so you have to rely on email contact. I received an email from one of their CSR’s in reply to my inquiry, and all it consisted of was stating (word for word what their online FAQ states) of taking anywhere from 6-10 business days for normal delivery to me. Nothing said about the delay in receiving the shoes from the seller, how this diverted from their own online statement of the seller having 2 business days to do so, not even a resemblance of care or empathy. Thanks for nothing, Stockx. I’ll be sure to take my future business elsewhere, after I try and recoup my $300 from you guys. I urge others to steer WAY clear of this company and use better organized companies out there — which there are a few of, but I won’t advertise those here. Just do your homework and read reviews to find the good ones. Stockx clearly isn’t one of them! Extremely irritated at this transaction and they could give a rip less after taking your money.

  • StockX sold me fakes and lied about it!

    I was introduced to StockX after been using the GOAT app for sometimes. Enjoyed this type of apps so I decided to give it a try. One of my first purchases was a pair of the red and black Balenciaga Triple S. When the shoe arrived I wanted to do a side to side comparison with another retail pair that I owned. The box was off, the sizing info on the box was not correct, there were extra stitching on the shoe and the back of the heel is misshaped. I voiced my concern to their nonexistent customer service and took pictures for them, they responded 2 days later with a generic copy and paste type of BS response that didn’t help with my problem at all. Then, a day later I got another email from them and basically the content of the email was trying to convince me these shoes were authentic in whichever ways possible. They refused to give me a refund, a return, or an exchange. A few months roll by I no longer want these shoes and decided to sell them at a luxury consignment store in NYC and they told me these were not authentic, they pointed out the same exact questionable details that I attempted to tell StockX upon receiving the shoe. They need to be more careful with their authentication process and stop treating their customers like piles of dung! It was an overall very unpleasant experience.

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    Best and worst thing that’s ever happened in my life… I’m exaggerating about the bad thing LOL

    Stock ex has been a staple in my way or tell me to turn on my shoe collection and exponentially increasing My rare sneaker collection; even at their best prices out of all the company I still find myself using my vacation money on multiple pairs of sneakers when I would have still been irresponsible I just bought the one I was looking for and was too high a price everywhere else… StockEx is like a delicious reduced fat chips; yes they are less than the others but it doesn’t matter if you eat three times as much (metaphorically speaking) 😂. Is the stock ex just called it’s my own fault but I would like to say they have an excellent layout, and great customer service, and as long as you treat them with respect and their business with the respect; they will make it a priority to make sure you’re purchasing or selling experience is it the same quality as the brick and mortar stores (Who charge usually use at least 20% more on the majority of their sneakers). ☝️

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    Lost package, WORST customer service!

    My first sneaker purchase at StockX was an absolute disaster! They will NOT be responsible for missing/lost packages for the customers after a month of back and forth emailing customer service. Firstly of all, StockX provided me the misleading shipping information. I think it's StockX's responsibility because I didn't get any notification of my package has been shipped or arrived through DHL, instead the status of the order was showing "Awaiting UPS picking up" the WHOLE TIME even after I was told my package was delivered by DHL (I was told one week after the DHL delivery date when I was checking the status of the item, and was told it was delivered by DHL while the APP still showing "Awaiting UPS pickup"), that's why I was waiting for a UPS package all the time and I didn't know the DHL package was from StockX. Second, it is sketchy that the DHL shippment was not shipped from StockX. Please explain to me that why the package was in DHL but not in UPS as shown in the StockX APP, and the same as other purchases I bought from StockX? And it's shipped directly from Netherlands? Not from StockX? It's supposed to be authenticated by StockX and shipped from StockX! It doesn't make any sense! How am I supposed to be responsible for a missing package that I didn't even know it was the item I bought?

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    I love StockX! They have all the shoes imaginable, most shoes at great prices. They are becoming a huge company, and in my opinion the first of their kind. The only think I wish they could add is, when you go to the browsing choices that you are able to choose color. I think so many people would be able to find the perfect pair of shoes for them much easier. I am sure they have heard hundreds of people say what I just said, and they’re probably in the process of adding that feature anyways. When I’m on StockX I wish they told other people that you could buy the same item directly from the company for less too. I see so many people who don’t look at how much the shoes would cost from the supplier. But then again that’s part of making the profits (Pretty smart). StockX keep up the AMAZING work I hope you come out with an update for the thing listed above. Continue to get better; you guys rock! ;)

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