StockX- Access the Now Reviews

StockX- Access the Now Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-13

StockX is the safest and fastest way to discover, buy, and sell authentic
sneakers, electronics, streetwear, collectibles, watches and handbags. We even
have the newest next generation video game consoles available, including the new
Playstation 5 and Xbox. Every product is verified by o...

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StockX- Access the Now Reviews: 20 Reviews



im sorry but just being honest. ive bought two pairs of jordans already on stockx and they were for a fair price i guess you could say. but i want to buy some new 4s Black Cat but looking at the price yall raise it up way too much. like honestly 4s dont even cost 400 dollars. 200 would be accurate but 400?? i feel like yall should consider prices cuz im sure theres plenty of people out there who want to buy jordans but cant because of the prices and they cant because they not in stores so you guys are the only option there is beside goat app but im not gonna talk bout them cuz they prices just mad crazy. but like jordans not just for people who got hella money. theres other people who wanna buy shoes for a certain price but yall just raise it up too much. thats all i wanted to say thanks. and can yall please respond to my review cuz it shows yall atleast care about yall customers. ive bought two pairs, love the pairs but like the prices are the issue for me. im not saying change the prices and everything just for me but maybe take it into consideration. some of us got parents payin bills and even if we want a pair of jordans we just dont ask cuz we know our parents work their butts to pay bills and necessary things. but then im gifted with like 350 bucks and im thinkin ima be able to buy the pair of jordans i want, and i check and they're literally like 430 bucks. in my opinion that is too much. if you guys can please respond thanks.


They’ve got your back!

Believe it or not I have not received any pair of sneakers that I’ve attempted to purchase from StockX (as of yet). I was looking for a pair of sneakers online a couple months ago and the only site on the internet to show a listing was stockx. I really really wanted (and still want) these shoes but was a little based on some others’ reviews and with their business model in general. What if I got fake shoes, wrong size, wrong style, etc? Chances were that I’d be out a few hundred dollars. I sank in and decided to bid on the shoes. StockX emailed me during every step of the process (shoes were sent by seller, delivered to StockX, etc). Unfortunately I received an email a day after that my order was canceled because the shoes did not pass inspection (probably fake). At this point I could care less about the shoes but now I completely trust StockX and will without out doubt use their service again. Again, a month ago I tried buying the same shoe but a size smaller and yet again StockX emailed me telling me they were fake and refunded my money the next day. Sorry StockX I won’t put you through this again lol. I have complete trust in their service and now on to bigger, better and cooler shoes. To all you eh-hole sellers out there trying to sell your fakes, get a life and give this company a break. One suggestion: let the users’ login token stay valid for a little more than the 2-3 days to avoid login fatigue.


StockX Review

Recently I’ve been looking for some yeezy’s, as I’ve always wanted a few pairs. I’ve seen StockX and Goats ads on IG and my wife wanted a pair of Triple Cream/White 350s. Her birthday was near so I thought I would surprise her and ordered a pair off StockX. Right after ordering a pair I was jealous that my wife was getting a pair, so I ordered me a pair as well. Both came fairly quickly, although I would like the seller to be obliged to ship out within two days of ordering. (Think I waited like 4 days before I got a email that the seller has shipped). I love the verification process and I got a email saying that they were confirmed authentic. They came about 2 days later, both boxes were in great shape and the shoes were in pristine condition. Since then I’ve ordered some Blue Tints and used the Affirm feature (which is a cool feature) cause my wife’s bday is super close to Xmas and all my Xmas shopping had me hesitant to spend $400 on another pair of shoes I didn't need. But I took advantage of the feature and pay $36 a month for them. I’ll pay them off in full in a month or two but it’s nice to get a pair before you’ve spent a dime. Love StockX and will continue to use them to buy my shoes. Even got my dad to sign up and buy some Carmine 6’s. Everything came as advertised. Good business! Highly recommend.


Objectively and honest

In purchased and sold 28 different items on StockX over the last 6 months, mostly shoes , a few supreme, nothing in watches or bags, as far as the site or app which ever you use is in my experience has been more than fair, however after about six perchases I had taken issue with a. Pair of Nike Flyknit racers (multi color) I was not satisfied with my shoe , I reached out to their customer service and was advised of their no return policy , but they said they would look into it before giving me a REturn auth and after I sent pics of my issues, I recieved a return. It did take some time and a lot of backand fourth and some irritation. They have a great business model and a some kinks to work out, but they remain the safest and most trust worthy option for sales and perchases today , remember they are a fairly new agency and the first of its kind, my point is they aren’t going away as they have become a huge driving force in the sneaker culture and I can only see them getting better, and have personally witnessed their growth over this last year, and this is the first time I’m submitting a review, it would have been easily done in the first month I was a customer and when I bought those flyknits that came with the headache, but I wanted to really review the service before I posted my review, this is a truly objective neutral review of my experiences, I am still a customer of stock x and will be for a long time Sincerely ,Forrest Anthon


Wear da shoes ?

When StockX was first open for business. You could pretty much find almost any sneaker out there. You could find an old pair of what you once loved and the swag increased. Sometimes you might have paid a little more than you where comfortable with. But it didn’t matter. Cause you finally got what you’ve been hoping they would put back on the market for years. Now was just days away from a reality. I consider myself a “D League” student when it comes to sneaker knowledge. What the structure of StockX did was practically destroyed the sneaker industry. Though, I firmly believe that was not their intention. What had been happening sporadically with the pricing of hard to find kicks before StockX was around had raised a few eyebrows on what some where paying for a pair of sneakers. Once StockX exploded onto the scene it almost became the norm to some to spend almost 2 1/2 to 5, 10or even 500 times the amount for a pair of sneakers. I am a big big fan of StockX but what has or I should say had done, by no fault of their own, was jack up the price of the sneaker industry as a whole. The major brands where soon to follow. Now, everybody stock of brand spankin’ new rarity's are dwindling down. We can look forward to StockX branching out to trading cards. Which can an should and deserves the same inflated prices the sneakers had seen. The cards will live on forever. The sneakers do and did not.


Review change !!

I just received an email letting me know that my item has been authenticated and shipped . That’s the second pair I’ve purchased in 2 weeks . This app and company are amazing . I’ve done some research into the company and how it works and they have a pretty good business model , with some of the best sneaker experts in the business . They take this very serious . I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone that would like some peace of mind after spending hundreds or thousands on a sneaker you hope is real . Sounds like a great great thing . These people spot fakes a mile away . UPDATE REVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I got the app I ordered over 4K in sneakers over 2 months .... every box came with a tear in the exact same corner for each pair .. 5 in total ... I email them asking them if they are now considered non ds and they tell me the are sorry for ruining the boxes and gave me a 20$ disc on my next purchase. Which is trash cause ruining the box can cost me a few hundred dollars when reselling .. so when I go to use the 20$ disc on a purchase , they tell me my account is frozen and under review . Trash !! Pure trash .. I’ll just take my money to goat ... never rec a damaged item and just ordered another pair of human races nerd color way ... I’ll be closing my account thanks stockshit


Great App & Great Company

Let me start off by saying I wasn’t always a big StockX fan, in fact I thought they were a bit pricy in the past. However, I recently started using them for collectibles and TCG purchases. They have quickly become some of the cheapest and most reliable for TCG purchases. A lot of people tend to use eBay but most of the time I’ve noticed the prices on eBay are crazy compared to most places including StockX. Sure you pay a little extra to have your product verified but that protection is worth it. Any problems and StockX has been great about fixing the issue quickly. StockX has really expanded their offerings and it’s been very valuable to me as a collector. As a whole the app is just as easy to navigate as the website is and is fully functional. You loose functionality with most apps compared to the websites offerings but this definitely isn’t the case when it comes to StockX. I love the simplicity and functionality of the app and use it on a regular basis. As a collector StockX and the app itself has been an invaluable tool to add to my disposal and I can highly recommend the app and the company to any collector out there looking for another great source.


Good for reference but….

This is a great app when you want to see the fluctuations in prices of different shoes. That said, Apps like this, and GOAT, are helping and hurting the “sneaker game”, simultaneously. It’s great that you are able to make a purchase with piece of mind, knowing you don’t have to worry about authenticity. It’s just the prices are going wayyyyy up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a genius app/system, but it’s not helping the real sneaker heads, who actually wear their shoes. If you’re a reseller, that’s great, make your money but they are just part of the problem. Nike and adidas are to be held responsible as well, for not cracking down on bots and that hoarder crap. Now that I got my rant out of the way….. StockX is overall, a great app, and very easy to use. It’s got cool features, like the portfolio section, where you can digitally keep track of your collection & the prices. It shows how much profit you’ve gained/lost and it’s very organized and neat. I also love checking out the, history of sales on certain shoes. You can see the history of any size, and that’s pretty cool. There’s also a lot of good clothes that are hard to find elsewhere. I’m just old school and sneakers mean a lot to me, so I get a little upset about the way things have been the last decade. Not StockX’s fault. I use the app a lot.


Bidding Wars!!

It makes me wonder if a seller can have multiple accounts and try and bid against you on their own products to make you bid higher so they get the price they want and when they don’t like the price they just start over and re list the item again.... I am grateful to be able to purchase shoes after a missed drop but when you go up a dollar and then someone else goes up a dollar, then the price drops lower then suddenly another dollar bid makes you have to bid more in order to make sure you get it and then poof someone bids and takes your item and moments later another exact item is set for the price you were bidding on the last item within a dollar of the original asking price! Seems like a lot of trouble for a few dollars but it has happened on the last 2 shoes I've bought and one turned out to be not authentic and then Stock X got me the item at no extra cost, but the shoe laces were different length and the marks they said were from manufacturer and the left shoe fit was way different from the right shoe and the lace eyelets were extremely off in comparison to one another! But i am trying my luck again in hopes it all works out after the GShock i got was mint, I'm hoping this pair of shoes comes the same! Kills boredom during quarantine so I guess it could be worse!


It’s alright

If an item you want to sell is already listed and there is a bid you would like to accept the process is simple and fast. Even getting authenticated and paid out is fast. The reason I rated two stars is because that scenario might work for one of the items in your closet, but what about the rest? The process of asking for an item to be listed is just a dead end. Edit: I received what seemed like an automated response informing me how to submit items I want to sell. The problem is not that I can’t wrap my head around your odd process of pre approving items you want sold on the site. The problem is that upon submitting item requests you revive no confirmation or way of tracking the progression of item submissions. After two weeks the items I requested to be posted for sale that I owned already sold on another platform. I still don’t know if my multiple item requests have even been looked at. Most of which as mentioned are no longer needed. If the process was more transparent I could go in and delete or void item requests for items I no longer have available for sale. I am certain I am not the only person in this situation and that’s why I took a star away from my two star review. No hard feelings against the company it just doesn’t work for me 99% of the time. As mentioned the one time the stars aligned, I had the item available that was already listed, and the current highest bid was something I was comfortable accepting is when I had great service.


I never get my shoes!

I’m a sneaker head so I’ve known about stockX for years but this is my first experience ordering from the site. I’ve been wanting the Jordan retro 1 court purples for some time now so I finally decided to order them. The first attempt was a bust. My order status was pending on “In Route to stock X for authentication” for 3 weeks then I randomly receive email stating that I was being refunded my money with no explanation to why. I was guessing either the shoe was lost in transit to stockX or the shoes was fake. Once I got my refund I decided to give it another chance just a half size bigger this time cause I really like the shoes. Only thing is I’m getting the same results. This is week 2 with my order status on “in route to stockX for authentication”. I’m just waiting on that email stating that I’m going to receive a refund because I lost all hope that I will ever get the shoe through this site. I have friends that ordered there shoes after me and have received their shoes in a timely manner so I know it’s not due to covid. I really wish they would give a explication to why I am receiving a refund and not my shoes. I was told by a friend that shop with stockX that if the shoes is fake they normally just request a new shoe to send to you. So if that’s not the case with this second order I’ve done for the court purples then I will most definitely be deleting my account once I receive my refund. This is a bad experience for a first time buyer.


Do not buy!!!

I really want to give zero stars, but since i can’t. I ordered a pair sneakers from Stockx and first of all it took forever for me to get the sneakers. I know it’s around Covid time but there was no updates from Stockx whatsoever telling me about my shipping. Secondly, when I finally received my package the shoes looked fake and worn. Stockx also have no returns, so I decided that I would sell them back their fake shoes. When I did the whole process, The website/app wouldn’t allow me to print the shipping label. I contacted Stockx multiple times through email through Instagram and it took them over 48 hours to respond, when the sell needs to be shipped within 48 hours. Anyway, they finally responded and they refused to send me a copy of the printing label through email. one of the support reps told me that “I couldn’t print the label because my phone number that I had put into my account was nine digits instead of 10 digits.” I explained to him that my phone number is indeed 10 digits, and that the app would not allow me to put nine digits as my phone number and save it. So in conclusion I got no help from Stockx and in the end, the order was canceled; which I was glad that they canceled it because I feel that if I had shipped it over after all, they would’ve said the shoes were fake even though I got the shoes from them and I would’ve had to pay the penalty. So whatever you do, don’t buy from Stockx. Or at least do your research.


Some positives , some negatives

I started off as a buyer and after a couple years I decided to trade on StockX. I’ve sold over 30 items in the last 3 months on StockX. Over the course of that time, I’ve had a lot of misfortune making sure couriers delivered what was sent out on time but Covid-19 has caused a lot of transit issues which in turn had caused me lose sales that I have made through the app. Unfortunately this is something the StockX support themselves cannot stop, the expiration times for an item to be shipped is calculated and executed solely by the system/program that StockX uses. Just today, I had sold a skateboard deck, and had it not pass authentication because it appeared to be a different color as what was shown on the app. However, those that monitor and verify items need to do a little research before they come to conclusions, because some images shown appear to be a different color than what it actually comes out to be. Because of this I’m out about $15 and lost the sale on top that, only because they were solely focused on what they were seeing on their site and not doing further research to verify the item more accurately. The resale niche is great but, sometimes it can be a headache especially if the verifiers have no knowledge on select items that they verify for more accurate results.


Trust is key

So when I order a Jordan, Nike SN dunk Etc. In the back of your mind you’re thinking what if I get some fakes??? As all sneaker heads do when we see a deal that makes us think is it fake, it’s nice to know StockX has a verification process. I can attest the validity of the authentication process J’s very good. Every pair I’ve gotten so far (7 pairs) have been genuine and authentic, if it’s not they send the shoes back to the seller. ( recently I ordered the LB 1.0 pumas rock ridge red blast and the Rick and mortys, both came and both were real even had a authentication tag hanging from the shoe.) but the rock ridge red blasts were delayed due to a “seller issue” instead of doing a lot of crazy extra stuff to file a dispute etc. they really routed me automatically to a seller that had the same product for the same price, did it take longer? Yes but it’s authentic and haven’t ordered a pair of shoes I haven’t been satisfied with. (Also bought a PS5 and an Xbox X on this site and both were 100% legit. Just make sure you look at the plug in the description if you’re in US don’t buy an Xbox or PS with a China plug, Aus plug, etc make sure it’s the country you’re in. Love stockx!



I truly love this app I go on it multiple time throughout the week just to browse. If there is a shoe I am unable to get when it drops I can always depend on StockX to have it. BUT, recently I have been running into issues and it’s always with highly sought after shoes. I buy the shoes at the sale price and then done now I just wait and Ill have my shoes with in a couple of weeks. But now after the 3rd time of it happening to me I have now caught on that if before my shoe has been sent out to authentication if the price for the shoes has gone up I will receive an email stating I will be reimbursed my money with no explanation whatsoever and now 1. I have to wait for my money to be reimbursed and 2. Since the price has gone up since I purchased my pair of shoes I have to pay the difference. It is complete bulls$*t that I now have to fork out more money after payment was already taken from my account. I understand who wouldn’t want to get their money’s worth from an item they’re selling but if you post a sale price and it is accepted then you should honor the sale, not do all this shady business and take the pair you just said you would sell to me and sell it to the next person for more. StockX needs to do something about this if it continues I will be forced to stop buying from this platform all together.


Employees swapping shoes and taking parts

I had won a bid on a pair of shoes and they had told me parts where missing they sent a picture the shoes appeared pre-worn and looked like they came in a garbage bag... I’m sure if Eminem ordered shoes he wouldn’t of gotten any emails about the seller sending scuffed J’s and missing parts. The company doesn’t care about “regular” people or the shoes it’s clear AND while I was bidding the seller was also bidding up the prices it’s called “Shilling bids” they’re is no way of telling who’s bidding and if the bids are actually legit. I’m still awaiting a response about the shoes it’s been almost 2 weeks since I won the bid I requested someone call my phone number but that prolly won’t happen as the company doesn’t care about the people or it’s reputation as a company, they just want to try to “look cool in front of celebrities for clout” they might not even respond at all leaving me to recover my $ through my banks complaint department so 2 weeks on the shoes then 10-30 days on the bank recovering the money spent on the shoes so a 45 day wait time for just my money returned. This company is being reported to the BBB as a fraudulent business. It seems as if the employees swap shoes and steal parts for some personal collections they have.. I ordered size 11 the most common shoes size in the world I bet if I ordered size 7s there wouldn’t be an issues at all. The company seems shady must be why they have a fake review from Eminem.


Good and safe app but

This is definitely a safe way to sell and buy authentic sneakers. I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting to buy real sneakers and sell sneakers to get profit. One thing I would think about when it come to selling and buying that there is extra fees and such . So, when it comes to selling on here you have to go up on the price you was willing to sell them for to get the profit you want because the fees take half your profit like such and as a buyer you would have to go down on price because the fees make the price exceed the price you was willing to pay. That one important thing you would have to think about when it come to going through this app. That why I recommend having a chat box so the seller could get better understanding why the buyer put that as his/her bid price and why the buyer put that as his/her ask price. To definitely get a agreement on price. That probably the number one reason why shoe plugs or resellers don’t go through this app because of the pricing. That why I recommend adding a chat box for understanding purposes. But overall it the best way.


Had the app for one day and was banned from buying/selling.

I recently downloaded this app with the hopes of purchasing a few sneakers. I signed up, input all my information and made my first purchase using my debit card. I was REALLY excited as the price was great for the item. Everything seemed fine, then I receive an email from the STOCKX support team informing me my purchase was canceled and that I was flagged for fraudulent activity. Mind you, this has NEVER happened to me when purchasing from apps or websites so obviously I was shocked. They asked that I provide a picture ID, an alternate email & phone number. I took a picture of my actual ID, provided an email which consists of my full name and gave them my cellphone number. All of which were irrelevant and never used because the next email stated that I had officially been banned from purchasing or selling on StockX and that my money will be refunded. After asking how that could be possible, especially after providing the information they requested, I was told they could not disclose the specific reasons for the ban and that they were “sorry for the inconvenience”. This has been a really stressful situation and I’m just leaving this review in hopes that this doesn’t happen to anyone else and maybe someone has gone thru something similar that can help me resolve this. I would love to use the StockX app, it’s very easy to use and is constantly updated.


StockX only protects their pockets!

I ordered 2 of the same style and color shoe. One for myself and a matching pair for my wife. Though ordered the same day I did not receive them on the same day and I understand that coming from 2 different sellers, however once I put both shoes side by side there was a clear difference in color. The pair I ordered for my wife was off in color and also had a smell as if they were displayed in a smoking household. StockX told me that they wouldn’t do anything about it and if I wanted to I could re-list and sell them. After repeated back and forth emails with the so called support staff that are only reachable by email I realized that they didn’t care about me as a customer and only about doing anything they could to prevent having to refund me my money. They are taking a percentage from both parties in every transaction which should be justified by the level of service and care for their customers but instead they have taken a bare minimum approach so they keep customers at a certain distance all while hiding behind email accounts so they don’t have to truly face their customers when they have issues and they throw their hands in the air as if they don’t make mistakes so they can keep you money instead of helping to ensure that you get what you paid for.


Horrendous Shipping Process, but quality product

Before I actually received my sneakers, I was ready to write off StockX. It took me a little over a month to receive my shipment and up until two days before I received them I absolutely thought I would never get them; especially after reading other peoples experiences. For a whole month the status of my shipment was “En Route to StockX”. So far all you folks new to StockX, that meant the seller had shipped them to be verified by StockX. In the meantime I ordered sneakers from another online source and received them in two days. I was losing all hope with StockX. However, Exactly one month after I ordered my shoes I received a notification saying my order had shipped. Two days later I received it, and they are in 100% Mint Condition, which is ultimately what I wanted in the first place. The customer service is horrible, and the wait is long. But in the end I have what wanted for a cheaper price that I would have paid anywhere else. So if your in a hurry or buying a last minute gift, don’t expect it to get there on time. But I will definitely give StockX another try based on the quality of the product.

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Is StockX- Access the Now Safe?

Yes. StockX- Access the Now is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 264,732 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for StockX- Access the Now Is 70.2/100.

Is StockX- Access the Now Legit?

Yes. StockX- Access the Now is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 264,732 StockX- Access the Now User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for StockX- Access the Now Is 70.2/100.

Is StockX- Access the Now not working?

StockX- Access the Now works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of StockX- Access the Now to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a StockX- Access the Now customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using StockX- Access the Now.

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