Amazon Prime Now Reviews

Amazon Prime Now Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-14

Prime Now, Amazon’s fastest delivery service yet, offers tens of thousands of
everyday essentials delivered right to a customer’s door, seven days a week.
Shop from the best of Amazon, select Whole Foods Market stores, or a favorite
local store and have your order delivered in ultra-fast...

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Amazon Prime Now Reviews

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    So grateful

    As a working mom of 2 little kids, i feel so lucky to have someone save me 1-2 hours per week on driving / shopping for groceries. Amazed all the negative reviews who want a concierge service for the price of a $5 tip. If you’re new to this service, here is how to get the most of it: 1. Don’t select exotic items. If your friend wouldn’t find it at the store, don’t be surprised if the shopper can’t either 2. Unless you’re feeling adventurous, don’t allow for substitutions. The shopper is not a Whole Foods expert. They are a regular person who may not share your vegan dietary restrictions or knowledge of whole30 appropriate ingredients. 3. Be flexible. accept that a key item may be missing and have a plan B. Accept that you cannot micromanage the ripeness of the bananas or avocados you receive. . 4. TIP well. Someone is saving you effort, gas and 1+ hours and there is no delivery fee. Imagine if you had to hire someone to do this. That’s worth a minimum of $10 for a mid size order, short distance from the store. Frankly, it’s worth more. 5. Stop wining. If you’re going to cry over having your food arrive 20 mins late or being placed too close to your door, get in your car and go there yourself.

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    Terrible app

    App freezes all the time. I have to delete, reinstall, re-log-in just to order, complete an order, check in. Etc. Very frustrating. Several times, I couldn’t check in on way to pick up because app froze. So, I have to wait extra time at pick up. Searching for foods is not simple. There’s no way to send messages, special requests, or communicate with the shopper. Sometimes the app doesn’t show something that I know the store has, so I’m unable to purchase that item. Ive also ordered food for that night’s family dinner only not to receive that one vital item from my order. Customer service explained that prime’s contract with Whole Foods limits the quantity of products that can they sell to customers. So, The store may have 6 widgets, but I can only get 1 widget. Which is not enough widgets to feed my family. The only reason I use this service is because Whole Foods is about 30mins from home and they’re the only store that sells many of our daily foods and products. Otherwise, I would happily say goodbye to this service. If I place the order a day before, I may be able to get a favorable delivery window. Otherwise, not so much. I want to love this service, but it’s sadly lacking. Hopefully, it will improve.

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    Terrible Customer Service

    I have used AP to order breakfast items from Whole Foods over 10 times with excellent results at first. I ordered before 7 am to qualify for the 8 - 9 am 1 hr window. The first time, the order was on my porch at 8 am! The subsequent orders arrived later and later in the window with all the items in good condition with no unacceptable substitutions. I placed my last order with Whole Foods at 6:30 am and scheduled the 8 am - 9 am window. I received a message shortly after 7 am, I believe, that my order had been assembled and was waiting to be delivered. By 9:10 am I had heard nothing from the store or the driver. I called the driver who spoke with a heavy accent. He was difficult to understand but I managed to get that it “was the store’s fault”. The order was on my porch by 9:22 (time listed on receipt) I think it was more like 9:30 or 9:35 am. The two packages of frozen entrees were soft and not cold to the touch even though they were packaged in an insulated bag. I tried repeatedly to use “customer service” to have them call me as per their instructions but there was no response. As a final resort, I’m writing this review.

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    It was better, now it’s just ok.

    I was using this app at least 1-3 times a month to shop at Whole Foods. I like the store but it’s not along my usual travel route so I don’t get there as often as I’d like. It’s not ridiculously far from me, but just in the opposite direction of where I’m usually going or coming home from. Being a Prime Member the free delivery was great. Well worth the cost of a $4-$5 tip. Now the app has changed. You no longer list the sale items or the bonus specials for prime members. Why are they hidden? I need to look up the weekly / monthly flyer and go back and forth to find out what’s on sale. I was doing that recently and after 25 minutes decided it just wasn’t worth my time and X’d out the app with over $100 worth of items in my cart. Please bring back the convenience. Update: The prime and sale item buttons are back making it easy and convenient once again.

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    Missed potential

    The app generally works ok but can get stuck in a loop and crashing when leaving feedback. The execution/outcome is poor, however. The first couple orders were perfect, but my last 3-4 have either been missing items or completely unsuitable replacements have been used. For example, sending K-cups instead of instant coffee or sorbet instead of frozen fruit. The delivery people people also had some weird penchant for leaving the delivery immediately in front of my door, making it impossible to open my door without damaging the bag or goods. It’s not ready for prime time. The customer service team is quick to address refunds, but they miss the mark in being a time saving service. It’s not convenient to micromanage a delivery person or then end up with items that aren’t close to expectations. I get the impression that whoever is assembling the orders is doing a mad dash through the store without asking for help finding items. Ex- K-cups for instant coffee... went to the Whole Foods myself and there it was. Deleting this app because the final product is a disappointment.

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    Want good service? PRIME beats InstaCart everyday!

    I am unable to drive due to an injury. This situation is permanent for me. So I depend on apps & good people (customer service you can actually talk to) like PRIME. I’ve never had a bad delivery with prime I’ve always had good people and they always delivered when they said they would ! I tried Instacart but they kept changing the delivery times on me and I would get charges that I would have to email and wait days to get taken off. The thing that bothered me the most was the one hour delivery they supposedly had and then constantly change to two hours! PRIME has NEVER done this! They have always been on time and accurate with my orders. Never changing things out for different things for more expensive items either! Prime is my go too!!

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    Extremely disappointed

    The first few months were great. As someone with a birth defect of the spine that has cause numerous mobility issues it started as a godsend. The past two months there has been a steady decline in professionalism of the drivers and warehousing staff. Ive reported the numerous issues to customer service. They were only willing to give me a $5 promotion for missing $38 worth of merchandise of which I couldnt even use because despite my account having the receipt amount they always preauthorize $10 extra initially causing a bounce every time. Its absolutely devastating that between physical disability disallowing me from being able to shop normally then to have something that made me feel human again to be this much of a let down when im attempting to feed my two small children as well i just can no longer forgive the inadequacies. Deleting the app ill just use my prime for gift purchases and tv. Going with instacart or shipt for groceries cuz prime now is beyond a disappointment at this point.

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    Significant deterioration in service

    Prime now used to be great, with two hours’ notice you could get a free two hour delivery window and the food was always what was requested. It’s really fallen off and feels like an abuse of market power to get a lesser service for the same cost. You now need four hours’ notice to get a free two hour delivery window, which is consistently at the back end or late, the shopper will substitute your food for a more expensive product after waiting only a couple of minutes to confirm, and recently the delivery person straight up didn’t deliver my food but scanned it as delivered nonetheless. The most insulting this about that was they could refund but not process reordering on my behalf (not a big deal but was a pain) and they didn’t refund the tip for the delivery that didn’t make it to me, I had to call up and request it be cancelled out. If the service keep deteriorating at this rate I will soon stop using it

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    Almost Perfect for The Last 4’ish years in San Diego

    I’ve never tried to order anything that needs to be perfect or delivered at an exact time, because this is a blazing fast service and there are bound to be a few hiccups. A tiny price to pay for a revolutionary service. I gave up cable about 4 years ago and couldn’t get a good connection for the super bowl on a certain streaming account. I ordered an ugly $8 TV antenna, it arrived before the next quarter and had a better picture quality than cable. The food service is great (restaurant and grocery) and now that I am a single mom with a 2 year old, this service is a godsend. Perfect, no. But far exceeds any standards I have for such an amazing service.

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    Pretty disappointing

    We really wanted this to work, but the whole system is pretty messed up. We gave it three tries. 1ST RUN: Pretty good. They delivered one item in the wrong size, so they refunded it and we got to keep it. Some of their product substitution efforts were pretty bizarre. Not bad, though. 2ND RUN: They bagged our order but only delivered half of it. No way to get them to deliver the other bags sitting in their store, other than placing that part of the order again for delivery the following day. They did refund the delivery charge since the re-placed order was too small for free delivery. 3RD RUN: They tried to replace salmon fillets with packaged smoked salmon slices. I sent a message to the shopper asking them to get a different variety of fresh salmon fillet that I confirmed was available, and also sent a message to customer service before the delivery left the store. Nothing they could do, which meant I had to drive to a local store for fish that day - exactly what I was trying to avoid with delivery. They also charged me for a pound of a produce item rather than for the single pepper, which weighed maybe 6 ounces. Their bizarre attempts at product substitutions combined with no real way to communicate with them while the order is being prepared - and no way to note preferences, like ripe bananas - make this pretty useless for us.

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    App needs work

    This app needs improvement, instead of asking me to verify my account every fourth or fifth sign in, why can’t I be kept signed in? Seems buggy... also, descriptions of some items but not others- there needs to be better descriptions of these items as some do not even have photos. Then at times I’ll add an item to my cart and it will tell me the item is no longer available only to see the same item listed for sale ten minutes later which is sort of confusing. The ui is not really smooth to use; its kind of a pain really... notifications through text with a direct link still take me through the app where again, I have to verify my password. Not sure what that’s all about right there other than a total annoyance. Please improve for better usability and item clarification through proper descriptions! Thanks! App is sloooowwwww, freezes )

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    Great concept but the app is terrible.

    I gave this 3 stars because Whole Foods is doing an awesome job on their part. The App on the other hand, is awful. It freezes constantly. I would say that 9 out of 10 times that I go to place an order, the app is frozen. I have to exit out of the app, trying it over and over again until I have to eventually remove the app and reload it onto my phone. Same goes for alerting Whole Foods that you’re on the way. The concept is great but my app is usually frozen when I go to notify them. I really wish you’d fix all of the bugs that are associated with this app because it would be amazing if you could actually get on and use it.

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    Drivers are either extremely good or extremely incompetent

    I’ve had very many good deliveries using this app I’ve decided not to use it anymore after one of the drivers and dropped off my groceries at someone else’s door at night. Obviously I’m not going out at night door to door to see which of the wrong addresses in my neighborhood my groceries were delivered to... when I called customer service they attempted to call the driver and they repeatedly did not answer they’re phone, the only thing the customer service person was able to do was to issue a full refund... but now I’m spending an entire night without any food in my apartment... I didn’t order any food out because I was counting on my groceries being delivered.... if this is the quality of the drivers that they can just do an incompetent job without repercussions I can’t recommend anyone use the service.

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    Could be great with some minor changes

    Overall very useful and easy to use. The filters in some cases aren’t great. Also, it gives you the option to apply no replacements to your whole cart but then to individual items which is confusing. More importantly, there should be an option for you to choose how you would like to be contacted about order issues. I had an order with a couple items they said were out of stock but the notifications didn’t come through right away and by the time they did it was too late to tell them to make a replacement, whereas a call would’ve been much simpler. Overall though, few issues with using the app.

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    Great app!

    Seen bad reviews for the grocery aspect of the app but I don’t use it for that anyway 😂 I have placed about 4 orders, all that were last minute items that I needed the same day. First order was pampers and wipes for my infant, second order was pacifiers, third was some swimming trunks for my sons swimming lessons that were being held later on that day, third was a charger because the current one stopped working and I received my new one before my phone had a chance to die, last was two packs of socks for each of my children since they never can find matching pairs. Each order arrived in two hours and the items were cheap. Delivery fee isn’t that bad. I like the app a lot, very convenient!

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Is Amazon Prime Now Safe?

No. Amazon Prime Now does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,745 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Amazon Prime Now Is 13.4/100.

Is Amazon Prime Now Legit?

No. Amazon Prime Now does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,745 Amazon Prime Now User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Amazon Prime Now Is 13.4/100.

Is Amazon Prime Now not working?

Amazon Prime Now works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Amazon Prime Now customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Amazon Prime Now.

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