Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Reviews

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-19

SHOP NOW. PAY LATER. When you shop in the Klarna app, you can split the cost of
your purchase from any online store into 4 smaller, interest-free payments. And
it works just as easily in-store, with Google Pay. So you can get what you love
today and pay later. NEW DEALS EVERY DAY. Shop...

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Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Reviews: 20 Reviews


Waste of time

This would be a cool app if it would actually work. When it does work, it’s awesome, I’m able to make larger purchases and either pay every two weeks or spread the payments out over 6 months. Here’s the issue, the app will work seamlessly then out of nowhere it won’t. I will attempt to make a purchase and initially I’m told I’m approved, I agree to the terms and go to the next step where my ghost card should be created but then it isn’t. I get this weird message telling me that my identity cannot be verified, so I answer the security questions, receive confirmation that my identity has been verified just for the system to do it again and ultimately deny my purchase. This only happens with the 6 monthly payment option. Then for some reason, a lot of merchants have stopped accepting Klarna ghost cards. Two merchants in a row declined my purchase because I was attempting to make the purchase via Klarna, super weird. I would love for their app and system to be updated to prevent these types of scenarios from happening going forward. I understand that they cannot intervene and make companies accept their payment, but the issues with ghost card inconsistently working is ridiculous. I have Afterpay and have never had any issues. They let you know up front how much you’re eligible to spend and you’re easily able to make purchases as long as you stay within your limit.


So easy to get, but can’t get it!!

Found this app and was so excited to use it! I found a few stores we shop at on here and was excited to start getting some things we needed and be able to pay them off over a short period of time without worrying about a credit check or interest etc. When it came down to funding the ghost card, I first got a error message saying it couldn’t be processed and to either add another card or form of payment. I double checked I entered all of card info correctly and I did! So I tried again and once more!! Then it tells me I’m not approved?!! I don’t get it! So I call Klarna customer service and they tell me they look at past history, bank info and means of paying back the purchase. I’ve never had a Klarna account in my life and I’ve never had a negative bank account. And The purchase I was trying to start out with to try this out was only $53!!! I don’t get it?! The rep on the phone tells me there’s nothing they can do to over ride the decision and I’m just not able to shop with them I guess? Super disappointed. I read some other reviews and agree that you must be pulling other information on people because I have no other things against me to not allow me to find the ghost card to shop! I have way more than the amount in my account to find the ghost card first off and two, I’ve never had an account. I wanted to do a small order to test this out and guess I won’t be using it or recommending it. Super disappointed!!! Not very helpful either!


Charged before processing

I was happy to get approved for the installments and have tried another app called Affirm with no issues. I wanted to get an idea of what I would be paying and thought to go through with it. I ended up backing out of the offer from Klarna to try again when I got paid. I never checked out on the order with the Merchant. Again I’m used to Affirm where they don’t process the installments until you check out. I got a notification on my bank of suspicious activity and when I checked my account I saw that Klarna had charged me the first payment. I reached their customer service to ask if there was a way the order could be processed through the merchant since I had gotten charged anyway. They said they couldn’t and that I would be refunded, no biggie to me. I liked the customer service so far for informing me. I know they can’t make the world turn for me so I’m ok with getting back what was charged. What I don’t like is that Klarna charged me the first installment without me even checking out on the order. That’s the only issue I have and advise they get that updated for people like me that can be indecisive shoppers at times. Not even that it could be an issue where our battery dies or the page refreshes or we set down our phone for a bit and it times out. I’d really like to see the Klarna developers make that update happen to keep up with mishaps.


Use at your own risk, don’t expect help from them

Honestly hands down worst experience ever. I’ve used the app before and thought it was okay, but that was until I experienced an issue trying to order a refrigerator from Home Depot and Whirlpool never received my order so they never shipped it. I’ve been without a fridge for over a month at this point. My issue with Klarna came into play with their terrible customer service. Their only solution is that I had to get in contact with the merchant (which I already did) to have a refund placed for me ( which HD was struggling to do for the last 3 weeks) and instead of Klarna being helpful or understanding to my money being tied up in a refrigerator order never recieved that should of been an easy refund, Klarna exact words are “I can stop the payments until you reach out to the merchant. Us stopping the payment will give you the chance to resolve with them before we continue to process your payments. But we do not reach out to the vendors for anything at all, it’ll go in their queue and if they don’t respond we’ll resume your payments”. All in all telling me I pretty much just have to take it if Home Depot doesn’t see the message Klarna sends to their queue . Absolute worst customer service hands down. And the automated machine TRIES to not allow you through to a representative every way possible. Absolutely horrible. AND I’m still waiting on a refund weeks later !!


Terrible customer service!

Company had a data breach back in March of 2021. When you logged in with your password and email, another persons account would open with their order details, card information, shipping address and a lot information. In August, I noticed an issue with my account when I was not able to make a purchase. The app told me that I have payments on another account. I only have 1 Klarna account so I thought that was strange. I chatted with an agent and she told me that because someone had my same name and birthday that the system thought it was my account. She escalates my case to a specialist. A MONTH goes by and I have not received any kind of notification so I reach out to them. A different agent gave me a lot of information stating that a women in California* I live across the country* (he gave me her address, phone number and name) was using my account and that she had multiple purchases that were not paid for. Since then I have spoken with about 8 different people and no one has been able to delete me my account or fix my issue. I have been dealing with this issue since August 2021, it is now December and no one has responded to any of my escalated cases. In addition to all of this my bank account was hacked. I spoke with customer service and again they stated that I needed to wait for a specialist to reach out to me. No one has been able to help! Don’t use this app!


Better options out there.

Do not use Klarna. I purchased concert tickets through them and the concert has since been cancelled. Refund was done 5 days ago and I randomly got 2 much smaller amounts instead of the full refund so I reached out. First agent told me that it would go towards my Klarna balance and I’d have to request a refund. I said there’s nowhere in my account a balance shows how do I request a refund? They didn’t give me an answer said they were sending it to a specialist time and I’d hear back in 1-2 days. I still haven’t heard from them. So I reached out again yesterday and got a response that they had long hold times but someone would be with me soon. That was fine I just left the chat up and kept working but no one ever came. The chat is still waiting for a response 24 hours later but I contacted again not through my purchase and finally got a response. Now all of a sudden the rest of the refund is processing and I’ll have it in 5-7 business days. Why didn’t they just send the refund all at once? It didn’t take 5-7 business days for the random smaller amounts so why didn’t they just process the full refund? Also more than 24 hours with no response from customer service is unacceptable. I can understand being busy but 24 hours is ridiculous. I wouldn’t recommend using Klarna. Plenty of other options to split up payments which would be much better. 👎🏻


Don’t bother wasting your time!

Was excited to use this app, but was very disappointed after downloading & using it. There are only a handful of stores that you can shop at, Everytime I saved anything to my wishlist or added it to my cart, it would disappear after closing the app then reopening. Once I finally added an item back to my cart and went to check out, I added my card information, then was told I was not eligible but wasn’t given a reason why. I chatted with an online agent & was told I would be denied for a handful of reasons (no prepaid cards allowed, card must not expire within the next 8 weeks, & billing address must match my bank account & what I entered into the app), none of which applied to me. My card is not prepaid, I have enough money in my account, billing address matches & my card doesn’t expire until 2023. I chatted with another agent saying I do not have enough payment history with Klarna to be given the option to use the app, which is crap because how am I supposed to BUILD payment history within the app, if I’m not allowed to purchase anything?!?! Neither of the “ agents”were helpful and just kept sending automated responses. I downloaded a different app that offers the same services, called AfterPay. Hundreds of stores to choose from to shop with & within 5 minutes of downloading the app, I was able to make the purchase of what I was trying to buy from Klarna. Would NOT recommend this terrible app!!!!!



Klarna is another fintech fail led by young yt guy. Customer service is non existent. I mean so non existent that I was on hold in the chat forA VERY LONG TIME to be connected with a supervisor. How long exactly? Put on chat hold 12pm Friday and it’s now Monday morning with no supervisor in sigh. I tried asking for help repeatedly in that time frame in the chat and got nothing. Second off I recommend the younger folks trying this out to research how credit cards got started and why they are so popular with banks and profitable (hint: they prey on all of us to make it easy to spend money we don’t have and in return spend months paying back with interest - insanely high interest). Klarna is srsly sinister. It’s clear this app is designed for ppl who can’t afford expensive items but will literally go into a payment plan to buy them instead of traditional credit card where interest accumulates immediately. Tips: ~test out a few low cost items to decide for yourself if this works. Do this over multiple orders (at least 3 different orders) ~DO NOT pay with any sort of klarna gift card or anything that would make returns difficult or tie you into klarna further ~ instead of paying this app each week for installments- save up that money for each week you would already be paying klarna and purchase your item with money in the bank. If you can’t save money like that then you need financial counseling.


No longer working!

I was in love with this app before holiday season hit and was able to stock up on some presents before December! However, when I tried to buy some more gifts around holiday season I was no longer approved for ghost cards. I thought it was perhaps due to the amount of people also trying to order around holiday season so I waited and even now I am no longer approved for ghost cards and I’m so disappointed because I loved this app. I understand it’s all an automated system that either approves you or doesn’t I just don’t know what I did wrong because my card will have more than enough money, I have tried different amounts of money for ghost card approval, and have paid all of my pervious purchases off which is hundreds of dollars by the way. Now I’m back to using Afterpay which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a similar app. Only downfall is it doesn’t have as many options as Klarna does. If this app ever does change its ghost card approval processing I’d be more than happy to come back and spend my money with this app but for now this system isn’t working for me and many other and for that reason I will no longer be using it.


It WAS a great app NOW not so much!

I have been purchasing from Klarna since July. I have purchased well over $1k worth of items. Perfect payment history never been late. Now here in the past week or so I can never get approved for a ghost card. It tells me to pay off other items. So I did that and still to not avail it’s kept declining me for a ghost card. I’ve changed cards and purchase amounts and still I cannot get approved for a ghost card. RIDICULOUS!! Is this how you treat loyal and good paying customers!? I’m not even going to bother with customer service because I don’t want to get the run around. Klarna you guys have to do better than just saying to people “keep trying” that’s terrible customer service. If a customer has established a good payment history with you guys-WHICH I HAVE. Then approving me for a ghost card should be no problem at all. Now I understand having tighter restrictions on newer customer but majority of these complaints on here come from well established customers that have paid you guys ALOT of money. I used to rave about Klarna but sadly that now is going to have to change. When Klarna works it’s great but when it doesn’t it’s terrible. I guess I’ll just have to stick to Afterpay.


Good to start but gone off the deep end

I liked Klarna a lot at first, but then they changed their policies to be more on the side of merchants than customers. I bought something online from an independent seller than never arrived. I reached out to the seller for a refund and they refused despite my showing proof that it never arrived. At first, Klarna took my side and cancelled the order. Then a few months later, they tried to charge me again, so I reached out and they weren’t able to give back the money taken, but they did put a stop on the payments. Just today, I got a notification saying that I would be charged for this item once again. This time Klarna refuses to stop or cancel the payment and said it was due to a new policy. On top of that, one of their reps told me to just go to my bank and have them stop payments to Klarna. When I explained that this would cause my bank to stop ALL payments, even the legitimate ones, the rep basically said “oh well” and told me to do it anyway. So I guess Klarna would rather have people go behind their back to prevent banks from accepting their payments than taking responsibility and just cancelling the order. Bad business practice, bad customer service, and an all around stupid AF company. So go ahead everyone, just use Klarna and then stop payment with your bank because they clearly don’t care about running an honest business. Use QUADPAY instead.


I LOVE this app

I use this for big purchases, and for sites like Etsy. It’s irritating when I buy one thing at a time, so I’ll pick a couple things and just pay it off over time. If you’re terrible at budgeting like me, it doesn’t make you wait until your due date to pay, you can pay right there and then. You can also extend your due date, I’ve never used this feature but I’m sure it comes in handy. With each purchase, your ‘purchase power’ goes up, it also increases every time you make a payment. If you stay on top of it, it’s a great tool. There are also a lot of stores you can use it at, but if it’s not on their list you can still use Klarna, like I bought a coat at L.L Bean but that’s not one of their partners. I was still able to do a one time purchase through them, you just search for it and then click ‘search on google’ and then hit pay and itll prompt you to create a one time card. Either way, there list is pretty extensive, I have yet to find a store that isn’t on their list so I’m not sure what some people are talking about when they say there’s only a ‘handful of stores’ you can use it at.



Honestly I’m very disappointed in this app. My cousin was the one that told me about and I was really excited about it. I finally get paid from work and I want to buy some things for myself. When I start wanting to make a ghost card, it says “I’m not approved. (Whatever that means).” My cousin and my sister had no problem making purchases but for some reason I went through so much trouble just trying to make my first purchase. I contacted someone through Facebook messenger and they told me that I had to have a debit/credit card, a real bank, and it couldn’t expire in like a couple days. I had a debit card from Santander and it expired in 2020, so this didn’t correspond. So the guy told me wait a couple days because the app can be iffy. So I waited four days. Then I contact customer service again, and a woman named Jessica answers, asks me what bank I use, I tell her Santander and then she completely leaves me on read and leaves the conversation. Then a man named Kristofer answer and he tells me the same exact thing the guy in Facebook tells me and I tell him that everything is good and the only answer I got was that they didn’t know why it wasn’t working and that I need to make smaller purchases. When my cousin and sister made the exact same purchase with no problem but for some reason I can’t do it. It’s like the choose who they give it to and who they don’t.. this is the worst app I’ve ever downloaded..so disappointed.


No approval

I’ve been reading some of these reviews of people having the same trouble, the same auto-generated denial of a purchase, the same frustration and the developers response is always the same.. “we don’t know why”. The reviews I’ve been reading are from June-august 2019, it is now April 2020 and still no updates to their system. And these reviews are right on par with what happens when you talk to customer service as well, There’s a number of factors that determine whatever etc etc. My purchase was for $89; $22 every two weeks, not accepted by klarna, talk to support, he essentially tells me to just keep trying because he can’t tell me at what price that I MIGHT get approved, or what exactly is going wrong on why I’m not being accepted, “you might be approved for a lower amount, or if I try again later” tried it again for a $50 purchase same website, no go. There are at least 3 other sites that offer what you do and its none of the hassle. Why is this still an issue!? And no I don’t need you to go over your approval process with your customer service I already did that. It’s stated above and you were not helpful!


Loved using their service prior, until they defrauded me for an order

Edit per Dev. response: No, there was no cancellation; having confirmed with the merchant, they never received their part from Klarna. The fact that they want to push the blame off on everyone else but themselves is clear indication that they’re unprofessional and unwilling to take responsibility for their mistakes. Avoid. As mentioned in the title, I’d used these guys frequently, and highly enjoyed the company. That is, until today, where they charged my card for an order they didn’t complete, and on top of taking the money out of my account, my “estimated amount to spend” greatly reduced (to the point that I can’t retry ordering), and given an excuse of “very soon” for my refund. There’s no accountability to be taken, and blame was instead put on the company the order was made through (despite the payment being taken /by/ Klarna). I’ll be closing out my account after this, as this is extraordinarily unprofessional. Edit 2: Fool me once, etc etc; today, after giving them the benefit of the doubt, decided to order something using their payment plan, and for the second time in using their services, yet again they had taken my money and did not complete the transaction. Unless you like loaning companies money for a week and waiting to get it back, I’d not run the risk of using this service.



I’m not one to go out of my way to write reviews, but I just have to express how amazing Klarna is. There is no company so dedicated to their customers and consumers as this one is, I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life. Their customer service is unreal, they are always on top of exchanges, returns, purchases, everything. Their social media is always on point-they are always replying to people, getting back to people with questions fast, being fun and funny, etc. The company itself is amazing, I have more than 15 purchases with them right now and have never had a problem with one. I will swear by this app/website for forever. Also want to recognize that they do Drag Brunches with incredible and popular drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. They are so cute and entertaining, especially during this time. And if I’m correct, I believe they are fundraising events as well, for people who are affected by the virus. Just wanted to put my two cents in to demonstrate just how amazing Klarna is, and how I don’t see why anyone would use any service aside from theirs. So loyal to their customers, even newer customers! Love 💗💗💗


Customer service is useless, because the CEO of Klarna is a computer.

I paid off my Klarna balance 2 weeks ago. I have a 0 dollar balance on the app and customer service confirmed that I do not owe Klarna anything. However, when I have attempted to make a purchase I continue to receive a decline message stating that I need to pay off my overdue balance. There is no overdue balance! When I have called customer service about the automated system declining my purchase, due to an incorrect reason, all they do is read the same scripted answers and essentially parrot how they’re at the mercy of their automated computer system that obviously has a glitch. Computers are great, but they can only do so much. Computers are not capable of critical thinking skills, which is why human beings are supposed to take over when a computer is not functioning correctly. At Klarna, however, their customer service department can’t do anything except suggest that I continue to attempt to make purchases until the computer figures out that it is unequivocally wrong about me having an overdue balance. The CEO of Klarna is a computer and their customer service department is inept and unable to investigate or remedy their faulty computer’s glitch. It is beyond frustrating to call a customer service department, who can’t provide a customer with any definitive answers or any decent customer service!


I love this app!

This app is great for people that don’t have credit and are wanting for buy larger purchases by paying smaller payments at a time. There’s only 2 catches, which should be seen as a responsibility. For starters, you can’t just buy any item that you want and connect your bank account with no money in it. Your order will cancel if you cannot pay Klarna back and will limit your spendings or potentially enable you from buying anything at all. This is a trust app so don’t take that first time trust for granted. Secondly, you can’t start out making larger purchases that may be up to 100s of dollars. I started out using klarna for $20-$60 purchases and the more often that I used it, the larger my “purchase power” became. If you would like, there is an option to buy larger purchases and pay them off over time, but that first purchase is going to be more expensive than the rest. Personally, I like to build my trust and have the ability to make bigger purchases. Although, I always make sure that I am going to have the money for it at the time of automatic withdrawals.


Worst Customer Service I have ever seen!

Klarna works great and does exactly what it is supposed to - until you have a problem and have to deal with their customer service. I received a refund for a cancelled event back in September, but was shorted one of my refund payments. I talked to my bank and they told me exactly what the problem was. Klarna won’t even acknowledge my problem - in fact, they don’t even keep a record that there *was* a problem. I have had to fully explain what was going on every single time, including the fact that they saw where the deposit was attempted and then cancelled by Klarna. To date I have spent nearly 20 hours in chat or on hold waiting for “specialists” who can actually look at the full transaction records. When I do finally receive a response, they tell me to contact my bank and come back with what they say with no record or acknowledgment that I had already told them exactly what the problem was several times already. Want to tell the specialist directly? Nope they close the ticket as soon as you get an e-mail or response from a specialist. Specialist doesn’t reply? After seven days they automatically delete your ticket and you go to the back of the line. Do business with them at your own risk, because if there is an issue you can look forward to being ignored and ran in circles.


This app used to be my fav

When I first downloaded this app I was very skeptical, but once I bought my first ordered everything thing was perfect and easy . The payments were easy and they had every store you can think of. I loved this app so much because it helped get a lot of gifts for every holiday that past without spending so much money at one time. I spoke highly on this app that I recommended it to about 12 ppl , a few of them were able to pay about 3 good purchases on different occasions and some only ordered things once. And they also spoke highly of them. But then one of them tried to start a new purchase and was told they didn’t get approved for the ghost card. I’m thinking to myself how can you not get approved for a card your funding with your own money 🤔🤨. She even deleted the app and reinstalled it and no luck . And she had been using the same BANK card since started dealing with them. Customer service was no help at all. And lately the last few ppl I had recommended to Klarna have not been getting approved for the ghost card. My problem comes in when I recently tried to make a purchase yesterday for my birthday and Valentine’s Day orders and it said it doesn’t support my card. 🧐 I’m baffled due to the fact I have used this card on several occasions with this app from last year up into my last payment last week. I’m HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS APP 😭😭😭😭

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. customer service directly
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Contact Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. directly

Is Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Safe?

Yes. Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 615,138 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Is 23.7/100.

Is Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Legit?

Yes. Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 615,138 Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. Is 23.7/100.

Is Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. not working?

Klarna | Shop now. Pay later. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By April Day
Aug 24 2021

Can you please tell me if Wells Fargo accepts Klarna transactions? I’ve been told if you bank at Wells Fargo, when you go to check out and choose Klarna as payment method, Wells Fargo denies the transactions from going through. Thanks so much

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