CardValet® Reviews

CardValet® Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-07

NOTE: This application is powered by Fiserv, Inc. but is activated through
specific financial institutions. Check with your financial institution to ensure
they participate in CardValet prior to downloading. CardValet® helps you
protect your debit and credit cards by sending you transac...

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CardValet® Reviews

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    Awesome app!

    This app has helped me help my elderly father who has someone use his debit card for him. As p.o.a. for my dad, I’m doing the best I can to take care of his bills and finances for him from 1,000 miles away and this app helps me monitor how his helper uses my dad’s card and not allow that person to take advantage of him. It would really be even more helpful if the alerts would let me know not only when, where, and how much, but also WHAT items were purchased to make sure this person isn’t purchasing items like cigarettes or beer for themselves at my dad’s expense. Those would be items I know for sure my dad would never buy. Or maybe make those types of items disabled for the card? That would be great. One problem I’ve had with this app is that 3 times now it had not recognized my password or fingerprint to sign in and I had to call the bank to help me with starting the process from the beginning with new password again. Frustrating! This happened about every month. Since this new update, I haven’t had any issues YET, but it hasn’t been a month so I’m hoping I don’t have further issues. Over all a good app.

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    Update Ruined the App

    It was an amazing app, I never had any problems viewing my account and it was even better than my back account. However, this update has made everything way more difficult than it needs to be. I can no longer view how much is in my account, and the charges are formatted in a complete lot different way that I am used to. Maybe I’ll just have to try to get used to it, but so far really disappointed in the updated version. Honestly, I don’t recommend anyone getting this app until they fix it. They took away the easy insight on how much you’re spending a month which helps me finance and watch my spending. I don’t want to have to go looking every time I want to see how much I’m spending or how much is in my account. Update: I now know how to view my balance and spending but I hate that I have to go in and search for it. It was so much better before. The notifications will also not go away. I just almost have to delete this app because even though all the reviews are saying the same things, there has been no change.

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    Went Downhill, FAST

    After using it faithfully, and successfully for quite a while, the App started to give me all kinds of problems just in the last month or so. It was “down” and couldn’t connect to my bank for three days, meaning I had to have the bank manually turn my card back on in order to use it. I deleted, then downloaded both Card Valet and my mobile banking app to be sure I was using the most updated versions. About a week ago, the glitches were back .... “unable to connect to your institution’s” server messages, several log in attempts before getting on, and even times when my card would randomly be turned off! After embarrassingly standing in front of a cashier telling me my purchase was denied - one too many times - I’ve completely uninstalled and unregistered from Card Valet. Too bad, because I originally got the app at the urging of my bank after having my debit card hacked. I’ve recommended it to others, but I’ll take my chances after having so many issues of late. I’ll be looking for other apps to protect my card(s).

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    With so much Bad in the world. You can’t trust if someone’s going to write down your number or what cashier is trustworthy or not you use your debit card and lock the sucker right afterwards. That’s why this app does a great job of locking your debit card. But I have lowered it to only two stars because it loses the information on your card so therefore you’ll be standing in line in a store at the checkout stand you login to the app to unlock your debit card the app tells you sorry we cannot retrieve the card information that you have registered with us. So now here you are cart full of groceries and you can’t unlock your debit card. And WHAT IF let me stop right there and say in this world WHAT IF’S they do happen and emergency has happened you need that CARD VALET to be dependable and you cannot get to your card to unlock it. That should not happen. FISERV needs to fix this BUG. Two times in the last two months I have not been able to use my card. No emergency but what if.

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    Makes me feel SECURE with my card!

    To the person who labeled HUGE SECURITY FLAW: Try using the fingerprint login feature. Typing your password is not a security flaw & should be no indication to label the app as such. There are reasons some apps won’t let you copy & paste - security being one especially on banking & financial sites. There are pros & cons for both sides so agree to disagree but don’t knock an app for something like that. The features in this app are very useful and can actually help in protecting your card from fraud. Setting usage perimeters say for a radius area from your home, certain merchant notifications, certain amounts, etc—many options offered. You can even monitor your spending or your kids spending - it’s just a versatile app. Get it—you have nothing to lose except protection for not getting it sooner!

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    The Best App Ever!!!

    I highly recommend this App. Last night I received notification that there high amount purchases trying to be made with my card. I knew that it wasnt me because I was at home. I quickly checked and saw that a purchase for $513 was denied . Someone was trying to buy a airline ticket, not once but twice. I immediately turned off my card. Thank god , because for the next 2 hours there were 5 more unauthorized purchases trying to be made all over the states. They were called phone purchases. This scared me. Because of turning off my card they were denied. The Card Valet App is a life saver!!! If I would of had over $1600 in my bank account and no warning someone would of gotten away with stealing from me. Thank you Card Valet!!!!

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    Notification doesn’t work

    In the previous version, the notification “bubble” (at the top right corner of the icon) tells you a number indicating new transactions. It was kind of useless because you had to go to each card and check out “recent transactions” to figure out what you’re being charged. In this latest version, there is an activity tab with the new transactions bolded. But nothing seems to clear the notification. I opened the new notifications several times (so that they’re not bolded), I cleared the notification on the home page and it’s still stuck and the bubble doesn’t clear! Is this a bug in the app? This is one of the core function of this app: to be notified immediately of any card activity. But it needs to be streamlined and snappy to use: You get a notification, you see what is charged and to which card in the app or home page and it clears. Done. As it stands, it is too cumbersome and defeats the purpose.

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    Great, just needs a little work...

    The only issue I have with this app is that sometimes it won’t log me in right away. Like it will ask for my password a couple of times before saying log in failed but then brings me to the home screen. Or it tells me I’m signed in on too many devices when I’m only ever using the same device. But anyway, this app saved my life bc it caught 2 fraud attempts on my debit card. I closed my card immediately upon getting those alerts. But I like how even though my card is now closed, it still sends me alerts whenever that card number is used. The f*%#ers who got my card number have tried (at the time I’m writing this) 10 times to use my card over the last 4 days. Thank God for Card Valet!

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    One huge security flaw

    I would like to like this a lot. And it has some really nice features. It took a while to adjust a few things or to learn exactly how to deal with the settings. (For instance, if you’re likely to want to pull $100 out of your ATM, don’t set the limit to $100 or you’ll be denied—They count the $3 your ATM will charge you and deny the withdrawal because it’s $103. And I never really figured out how to set it so I could get cash when out of the country...) I really like its integration with my Apple Watch. Knowing it pings me immediately when I do something suggests that if I were hacked I’d have immediate knowledge. The huge flaw is really annoying and so 2007... The keyboard function in the phone app doesn’t allow for paste in the password box. Since I use a complex and long PW, and store that on my favorite PW crypt (Dashlane...), I would normally copy the PW from Dashlane and paste it into the app. But... No! It won’t work. So I look at the PW visually on Dashlane and the. laboriously type it in (and often have to repeat since these long PWs are hard to type in). Nuisance city. And a security risk since it might expose my open PW displayed on my screen to some shoulder surfer. Fix that and I’d bump it to 4 stars at least.

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    The Latest Update is Terrible

    Although the new layout of the application is visually appealing, it does not make sense to update the application and provide less information than your previous versions. I was able to check my balance everyday conveniently with this application. I can no longer see my balance in total as well the balance of the amount I have spent for the month on my cards. I’m sure the people that utilize your application would greatly appreciate it if you provided the information that was readily available to us before this last update to the application. You guys over thought this one and provided us with a weaker product by doing so. Please return the information that was available before. I will gladly change my rating once that information is available again. Thank you.

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    What’s going on?!

    I had to delete the app because it hasn’t been working. It doesn’t let me log in, it reads “server unavailable, check network connection” but my internet is not an issue. Everything else on my phone which requires internet connection works perfectly fine. This app was perfect before and I don’t know if there was an update or what happened but i haven’t been able to log on for a week or over a week. I’ve tried turning off my phone, updating, logging off my WiFi, uninstalling the app and still nothing. It’s frustrating so my best option was to delete the app. I rated 4 stars because if you are one of the lucky ones who is able to log on, it is decent app.

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    Great control

    I have been using this app for some time. In today’s world it’s a must for debit card security. However, the email I set up with my card I no longer have access (changed in provider) and I am locked out of my account. The app still works with the settings in the profile but I am unable to reset the password as it sends the token to my old email address. I don’t see how to resolve this issue as all changes must be made inside the app. .. Would love to know how to resolve this issue. I recommend this app to everyone as it offers many tools and personalized configurations to stay update date and control your debit card.

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    Very disappointed

    The app never seems to functional in full capacity. I have had to call my bank on several occasions in the last four months alone. Either the function of the current balance; current available balance or amount spent for month doesn't work. Presently balance spent for month doesnt work. It is running continuous from the previous month. This is a function i have come to really enjoy... because it helps me be mindful of those little things I can probably do with out. It would be such a awesome app if it worked correctly. I placed a call again to my bank just two weeks ago still to not avail with the current problem and one that I mentioned a few months ago still not fixed as well. I think my bank is getting tired of my calls-oh well.

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    UPDATE messed up --- needs to be back out!

    This app was working fine until the update last week (version 3.1.3, which added fingerprint ID. Now I can't unlock one of my cards, and one that was unlocked can't be locked. And you can't call a tech support number, you have to go through your bank, who then talks to tech support tech. Now I'm stuck with one card unlocked, and I can't unlock any of my other debit cards (because I have both business and personal accounts, I'm managing 5 cards with this app). All I've been getting is fingerpointing between my bank and Fiserv, Inc., who released a new version of the app that wasn't adequately tested. And don't get me going about their server going down for 12 hours when I had a full cart in the checkout line at Costco on a Saturday in January.

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    Needs pin or pattern quick sign in

    (New thing it crashed while trying to look at the home page after signing in multiple times) I have had repeated issues in my area with my debit m/c getting fraudulent activity , so the last new one I got the credit union suggested this app. It had seamed redundant with the credit union app I had, but I was pleasantly surprised that it does catch activity quickly, however signing in to look is too cumbersome while out and about. It would be better to have another sign in method. Passwords now require switching between multiple keypads to type in long strings, I want to be able see now quick one keypad for numbers only or a pattern to trace like the other credit card accounts and the credit union account on my mobile.

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Is CardValet® Safe?

Yes. CardValet® is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,955 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for CardValet® Is 37.7/100.

Is CardValet® Legit?

Yes. CardValet® is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,955 CardValet® User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for CardValet® Is 37.7/100.

Is CardValet® not working?

CardValet® works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Jackie Mcginley
Aug 06 2021

Need to see my deposit s

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