Dexcom G6 Reviews

Dexcom G6 Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-15

Only use this app if you have the Dexcom G6 or G6 Pro CGM Systems. Always know
your glucose number and where it’s heading with the Dexcom G6 and G6 Pro
Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems –indicated for diabetes treatment
decisions with zero fingersticks and no calibration.* Bef...

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Dexcom G6 Reviews

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    Works great + great support. Needs updated watch complications.

    Downloaded the app after getting an Apple Watch - love it. Haven’t had any issues with signal loss myself (iPhone X, almost always near me). I am using the watch complication with the older Apple Watxh face (Modular), but like everyone else here would love to see an update supporting some of the newer Apple Watch faces (e.g. Infograph Modular). Sometimes the numbers don’t update on my complication (I see “- - -“) but this is an Apple Watch issue, not Dexcom. Tapping it opens the Dexcom app and fixes the issue. Keep the Dexcom Apple Watch app running in the dock, and keep the Dexcom app on the phone running in the background to minimize this from happening. But the most impressive for me was Dexcom support. I contacted the email address Dexcom keeps posting in replies to other reviews, and got a personal call back on my phone from a knowledgeable tech support rep. I thought my Dexcom app was ignoring my high alert repeat settings - but turns out dismissing high alerts on the watch is not the same as dismissing them in the Dexcom iPhone app. I now dismiss alerts in the Dexcom phone app and my alert repeat settings are honored. Again - was an Apple issue, not a Dexcom app issue. Thanks Dexcom for innovating! While the app can always be improved - you all push the boundaries more than other CGMS providers when it comes to innovating within the constraints of the FDA approval process.

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    Does what it’s supposed to do. Barely

    But to be honest, a lot of options just aren’t there. Not a lot of information is available, the graph is hard to read as there are no lines except for going into a low blood sugar, the alerts don’t really work (you can set it to remind tell you that you have a high blood sugar every 30, 40 minutes, but no matter what you set it to, it still just alerts you every darn time it reads a high blood sugar), and the Apple Watch connectivity is so slow and erratic that you should not pick up and Apple Watch just for this system, as I did. It’s supposed to tell you if you’re blood sugar is going up or down, but they don’t seem to realize insulin takes 3 hours (on average for most people) to be fully used. When my blood sugar that’s going down 3 or 4 per 5 minutes, as expected, it apparently doesn’t read that as enough of a decrease to note it. I haven’t really been able to tell what exactly it needs to register a steady increase or decrease, let alone a fast drop/rise. So I can’t really rely on that feature that well either. So right now I’m paying a lot of money to check my phone to see my blood sugar, which is fine, still better than pricking, but considering the fancy app and all the promised features, , the cost of the whole system (recyclable/reusable sensor placers please?) and that my relatively ancient medical systems have far more user functionality and data without touch screens, the app NEEDS to get a overhaul.

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    Loses connection too frequently

    I’ve only been using this app for a few days now, and it seems to lose connection with my transmitter. I keep my phone on or close to me almost always and I have lost connection with the transmitter. It’s happened the past two nights while I was sleeping for 4 1/2 hours (phone was next to the bed charging), and in the middle of the day (it’s been going on 20 minutes now) and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why this is happening. Also I don’t get notifications on my phone when this happens (even with my notifications on with the sound on). (I’m using a G6 unit with the IPhone XR iOS 13.2.3 if that makes a difference as to my set up with both my phone and Apple Watch up to date on the software). If these keeps up, I’ll probably edit my review to something lower, and delete the app. We’ll see how this is going in a week. I’m hoping they fix the issues with the app being used with this most recent update of iOS. Edit: (15 days later). Good luck with this app. Still junk. I’ve tried contacting customer support and they don’t know their heads from their elbows. And when I have spoken to someone the first person made it clear updating the app to work with the newer iOS is not a priority but the G7 is then blew me off, and the second person couldn’t figure anything out if it wasn’t on their script to follow to help a person out. Save yourself some time. Don’t use a Dexcom product, and sure as hell don’t waste your time with this app.

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    Crashing when I try to view alerts and second alert and alerts aren’t working

    I just discovered the second alert setup where you can establish a second time-bounded alert for, as an example - night time. As soon I set the (11:30 - 6 am) night time 2nd schedule, where i substantially tightened up my max and my min alert values, the G6 app started crashing each time I tried to get back into “alerts” to make edits. That first started about 10 pm and now, a hour-ish (at 11:20) its pretty apparent b/c of my current 44 reading that alerts aren’t working (??)...luckily I still feel lows and wake up, so I’ve corrected...but something weird is happening in the app. So, since it’s taken me a while to type this (11:20 -11:46) I did just get a low glucose alert at 11:32. Something weird is going on because I didn’t get any alerts prior to 11:30 during the time when I should have gotten my normal alerts outside of my 2nd more specific schedule. My normal schedule is low alert at 65 and urgent low alert at 55 so getting to 44 without an alert (again, all that occurred prior to 11:30 and I did get an alert at 11:32 based on my second alert schedule) makes me think my normal alerts are somehow on the fritz but my 2nd more specific alerts are working??? Needs fix for the alerts section - getting to 44 ain’t great!

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    Great innovation. Does need an important update

    I've had a Dexcom for several years now, and truly think thay are amazing. These devices really are life savers and have saved me from going into dangerous lows more times than I can count. I am very very active and because of this see my blood sugar rapidly fall frequently. I try to take all the steps to minimize the lows from occurring with activity But it is still happens frequently with my high activity level. The biggest downfall to the G6 for me is the lack of functionality with the Apple Watch. With my old G5 I could set up as a compilation on the watch face so with a glance I could see my levels. The new G6 is not available as a complication on any watch face and it really drives me insane. It's a strange thing to complain about, because I could easily pull out my phone and look, or carry the receiver; but I had gotten used to it always being on my watch as a g5 user. So the transition to the g6 not working with the Apple Watch as a complication has been frustrating. Other than that, I think it's amazing. The only other issue I have had numerous times is when it's time to change the sensor, I have had 3 or 4 sensors error out on warm up saying no restarts allowed. (They were new sensors). Dexcom has replaced these, but it's a pain when it happens.

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    Needs many fixes

    The latest update (1.4.0) of the app sends me alerts even though I have them set to vibrate. The alert, however, is the default iOS notification sound and it’s only sounding when my glucose is high. I’ve already spoken with tech support and, laughably, they weren’t even aware that the product team released this version when I called them so they were unable to get a straight answer to me besides restarting my phone and uninstalling/reinstalling the app. And surprise that didn’t work. I went through all my settings within the app and they’re just as I’ve had them before this push: vibrate. So now I have the app alerting me with the default iOS notification when my glucose is high. In addition to this the UI is poorly designed. So much wasted potential to show more data. Dexcom’s design and engineering team should look at how Sugarmate, Nightscout, xDrip, and Spike app show and handle data...not some white screen with a big circle and a (TINY!!!) graph. Also, there is a huge design discrepancy between this app (let’s be honest all their apps) and the Follow app (Follow seems like it hasn’t been updated in 5 years UI wise). And you know what, Dexcom is probably gonna reply to this and ask me to contact them with my concerns. Well, I’ve done that, many times, and nothing has been done or changed since I’ve expressed it to them since the G5 app. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Wasted Potential

    Two stars because Dexcom as a product is amazing and has changed my fiancé’s life. However, it seems pretty clear that the company’s product strategy focuses only on the hardware and not their mobile apps. Least of all, the Follow app which hasn’t been updated beyond minor bugs fixes possibly ever. But even the Dexcom G6 app is basic and limited. There are major bugs, inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and even duplicates of the exact same question on the FAQ page. Dexcom releases app updates maybe once a year, if we’re lucky, and they certainly don’t have anywhere in their apps or on their website to report bugs or give feature suggestions. There is so much potential for the Dexcom apps, but it’s wasted (it doesn’t look like they even employ a software product manager). Thankfully, they have open APIs, so there are some great third-party apps that are way better than Dexcom’s app, but it’s really disappointing that they don’t put more focus here. While their hardware is much better than their competitors due to being so hands-off, it’s not that huge of a competitive advantage and the mobile space is definitely where their competitors can quickly gain some ground on them. I hope Dexcom puts more strategy behind their entire product solution in the future instead of only focusing on the hardware.

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    Basic, but solid

    The G6 sensors and system have been a great upgrade from the G5. They seem to be more accurate, I like the slimmer design, the 10-day wear is nice, and not having my to calibrate every 12 hours is wonderful! I did have some signal loss issues at first, but these were partially resolved by asking phone to forget Bluetooth devices I'm not using. It seems the smaller you can make the Bluetooth list, the better. However, I also use both the receiver and phone for double coverage and it is true that the receiver almost never drops signal while the phone occasionally will. It is what it is - Bluetooth is a bit of a flawed protocol, but it's what we've established as the go-to so it's what gets used. As for the app itself, it's solid but some improvements could be useful. In particular, more detailed events and the ability to enter multiple TYPES of insulin. I'm still on MDI - pumps simply won't work for me thanks to year's of scar tissue build up. I REALLY wish I could specify that a shot is short acting or long acting!! Overall, Dexcom has been a game-changer for my Diabetic life, and while it might occasionally have some glitches, no device like this will ever be perfect 100% of the time. Overall I am very happy!

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    Please update the Apple Watch complications

    I’m a new dexcom user and have been on the G6 for about 3 months. I did not opt for the receiver and use my iPhone X to setup and monitor my levels. I honestly don’t know how I was living without this device. I really haven’t had any issues with the app and I’ll only get signal loss when I’m actually out of range of my iPhone X. I love the Apple Watch integration but that does have its issues. I use the modular watch face on a series 4 Apple Watch. There are a few times where the numbers will not display but I usually just tap on the section and it opens up the g6 Watch app and shows me my numbers. It would be great if I could just glance at it. My main complaint would be if the complications could be updated to use the new watchOS 5 Watch faces. I’m stuck using the old modular face. I mean it’s totally a first world problem but oh well. Also if the g6 could connect to my Apple Watch when out of range of my iPhone would be great as well. I thought I read something about support for that and that would be amazing! Also for the other reviewers and readers, if you’re not using the Sugarmate app in conjunction with this one, you’re missing out.

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    Need help

    I’ve always had the issue where I lose connection a lot but was willing to deal with that. For a long time now maybe since I’ve updated the app?? I don’t get any notifications yes I have them on! In the app and in my regular phone settings. I’ve changed nothing and use to get them. This is a big problem as I have been running high without even knowing until I went into it and checked. I’m sitting here at 5 am trying to figure out what the issue is cause I’m not getting notifications. Not on my lock screen or when I’m in a diff app and I have those turned on to do so nothing at all!! That’s just not fricken good!!!! I’m so irritated. It also took me over a month to get more G6 supplies It’s usually one automatic with my mail but didn’t this time and I had to call several times when they said they’d follow up with me, with someone higher up cause it was something in the system. Or they just told me it was confirmed to have shipped. I went without my G6 for right around a month!! My sensors also randomly can’t find connections and then fail and make me replace them when it’s usually a new insertion so I basically am wasting them too! I need this for my health to help me! I’m not feeling like this is helping rn. Please someone help me or change the app.

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    November 26 Review and my own experience...

    I use my Dexcom G6 with my Apple Watch series 4 all the time so I’m not sure what that person was talking about??? As for my own experience... my Dexcom I thought had always been accurate until yesterday, my newly place sensor been to show me that I was going low 78 just after I had eaten a carb filled breakfast out and then continued to drop 70 so we stopped at a grocery store and bought apple juice, yogurt I ate those plus a baby bell cheese, next reading 68, we turned our car around and went to the ER on the way to the ER 59, 43, “LOW” what the Dexcom reads when you are below 40 we call OnStar and ask them arrive at them to advise the local hospital we are on the way. When we arrive at the hospital the juice and yogurt were kicking in 48, through admission process it’s 65 in triage the triage nurse does two Bedside Blood glucose right hand 178, left hand 180 my husbands meter 207, so now we realize that the sensor has failed, I tried to calibrate the sensor and was not able to do so. Called Dexcom and they are sending me a new sensor (to my home and since I am on vacation and I only brought the one sensor that failed so now It’s finger stick city til we go back home AaaasRrrrrGhhh!

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    Overall I love Dexcom, and I’ve been on the sensor enlite through Medtronic and was so disappointed with the accuracy through them. When I got on my Dexcom G5 I was overwhelmingly excited because the accuracy on the G5 was so much better now switching to G6 I’ve noticed that the accuracy is way more poor and is almost Way worse than the sensor enlite. Considering that there’s a brand new product and that it should be working way better than the G5 I feel it locks in that performance overall the reason why I gave it three stars is because adding th considering that there’s a brand new product and that it should be working way better than the G5 I feel it locks in that performance overall the reason why I gave three stars is because the product is painless and doesn’t even hurt when adding it to your body just sad that the calibration on the product is very poor. I’m currently low right now and keeps telling me that I’m fine I think this product needs to go through a lot more development before the FDA approves this this is a life or death situation and currently it is proving to that it could be very dangerous for anybody with type one diabetes

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    Couldn’t Be More Pleased!

    Wow. Just wow. This app and the accompanying new system have changed my life. I can hardly remember the last time I pricked my finger. It’s amazing that I can finally relax for a little while, knowing “my BG is fine; it’s not alarming, so it’s in my range.” Y’all, unless you know the stress of life before CGMSes, you can’t possibly let understand the life-changing benefit of always knowing what my BG is and where it’s headed. Not only that, but with Share, my dh can know, while he’s at work, out of town, whatever! He knows my BG and where it’s headed!!! Just by checking his phone. It’s brought so much calm to our lives, and our marriage is happier, too. He was able to pull me aside on our recent vacation and push some buttons on my pump and help me avoid a high, all without me even having to think about it, because his alarms (on his phone) are set to stricter levels than mine, so he’s alerted to my BG fluctuations before I am. Sometimes I can go hours and even a whole day without thinking about my BG when he’s with me. It’s such an incredible blessing for us. Thank you, Dexcom!!!

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    Extremely helpful but needs work

    I started using the Dexcom g6 three months ago. I am thankful for how easy it is to look at my phone and not worry about pricking my finger while chasing my one year old around. I rely on the app almost exclusively. For me the biggest issue is it often will lose connection. Normally at night. I have to turn the Bluetooth on and off and restart my phone half the time also. The most annoying thing is how when you have an alert set for high, instead of alerting me again in the 20 minutes I have set, it alerts me with every new reading. The alarm going off every 5 minutes has got me some really strange and worried looks in public places. I’m sure that when your reading changes at all during those 5 minutes, that’s what’s making a new alert but that needs to be fixed. It should give you the option where you set your high alert. It doesn’t alert you again for 20 minutes (or however long) unless it’s gone up an extensive amount, which you could also set. Overall I am thankful for the product and its ability to use on my phone.

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    Forced landscape view & alarm idea

    I’m not a fan at all of this app forcing a landscape view when I’m trying to see a prior reading. Why can’t I have the same option within the portrait view? Or, can it be an option to not force it to landscape merely by touching the graph area? The sugarmate app allows this, as well as scrolling backwards several days worth of readings, and in this regard is a better experience. ALSO! I just noticed that in portrait view I no longer get ANY indication of an event. I want to be able to quickly see when I last took a shot. Why remove that functionality? I used that constantly with the g5 app. Definitely disappointing. Also, I’d love to have the ability to be able to set a quick one time alarm. Let’s say I have my high threshold at 120, knowing that I’m probably heading even higher and take insulin. I’d like to be able to set a one time alarm to be notified if I keep going up. Say in an hour I expect to be at 140, but things go crazy and I’m actually at 240 because the insulin didn’t do what I expected earlier. Wouldn’t it be cool to keep my 120 threshold, and also had an additional threshold of 180 (let’s say) that could grab my attention before things get out of hand?

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