myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Reviews

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-25

myAir™ is a support program that enables you to track your sleep therapy with
your ResMed AirSense™ 10 or AirCurve™ 10 CPAP machine (Air10™). Whether
you're new to CPAP or a long time user, myAir allows you to easily follow your
progress. After each therapy session, your Air10 machine a...

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myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Reviews

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    Useful, quick glance of CPAP stats

    I have used this app daily for a couple years to monitor my CPAP therapy. It’s easy to use and allows clear tracking of my statistics. Recently the app had an update to include a detailed report that has further breakdown, like the doctor is able to view. I LOVE having access to this report without waiting to visit the doctor. A very good added feature. The only issue I’m having is the most recent data is not displayed onscreen after the update. I have to scroll over to view it. I liked being able to click on the “seal” or “events” heading to immediately view last nights data without scrolling. I think now it’s showing the beginning of the month instead. It may seem like a small change, but was confusing at first because I thought I was missing data since the dashboard numbers didn’t seem to be reflected in the detail screen, only to discover I now need to scroll to see it.

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    Wretched, especially ”support“

    Update after 2-3 months use, and post developer response: Developer’s response to my original review proves my point about canned responses. How can I monitor the effectiveness of my therapy if I’m not able to also figure out my sleep patterns and how they are changing (or not)? Also, it really appears that the score you get from this app is almost entirely based on the number of hours that you use the machine. But as I said, there is no other app for the ResMed machine. Original post: I am really surprised that there is really no information available from this app that would make it actually useful for a person who is trying to proactively improve their sleep. You will receive a composite score, and numbers that are rounded down for events, etc. There is no open ended support interface. The app forces you to choose categories and questions from its own pre-populated library in order to submit questions. So if you want to ask about anything else, you’ve just got to force the issue, pick the closest one even if it is actually unrelated, and then pose your question. Then, even if your message/support request gets through. Responses are generally canned, and it’s not quite clear that they actually read your inquiry. So, you’ll get the app because… What else are you going to do? There is no other app for the Resmed machine, and it’s not as though the machine itself makes any data available.

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    Has issues

    I agree with other reviewers who say the device needs to be more helpful. I can add that the error message that always greets you when you open the app, telling you that the server isn’t responding, when in fact it is, is irritating. Also, if you also own a Resmed travel CPAP machine and register them both with Resmed, you’d reasonably expect Resmed to combine the data of both together for insurance purposes. (Insurance won’t pay for a new home one when it breaks if you’ve used it for less than 70% of the time.) Resmed doesn’t even report the travel device’s data to my doctor! So any nights you spend traveling don’t count for insurance purposes. This could be quite dangerous if one travels a lot but can’t afford to buy one’s own device because Resmed stupidly refused to include the sleep data during travel in their insurance report. Again, this is an easy fix, but Resmed isn’t doing anything about it. I’ve notified Resmed of these problems multiple times over a period of more than a year, but they refuse to fix these obvious and easily fixed problems. Indeed, Resmed’s tech support is spectacularly bad. It is physically impossible to get hold of a human, email yields no response at all. You should consider another company’s devices and apps. Other companies have solved these simple problems.

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    At 9:00 am next morning, data still not available. This happens frequently. Very irritating, especially since we are having problems with air leak. If the data were available immediately, I would know whether or not air leak is a problem & continue trying to correct it with the feedback...As long as wifi is working, don’t see why data is not available within minutes of machine was available within minutes only once so far in the couple weeks in which I’ve been using this app...& it was very useful in correcting & ensuring no air leak...then the next night, no data till next day...surely the algorithms used are continuously run as long as new data is coming in. In other respects, this app is helpful to us.....but a real downer when data not available.

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    Cannot access my account through the app

    As soon as I log in it ask me for my equipment information without any other option. As soon as I put my serial number and device number it gives me a green check mark. Upon saving and moving to the next step it gives me two errors. The first error is in yellow orange color and it states “your account does not have a machine serial number associated with it. Without a serial number and device number, my AIR can’t retrieve it your sleep data. The second error is in red color and it states “the machine is not supported in the country linked to your account. Check your serial number and device number, and then try again. If the problem persists, contact myAir support. Ive had this problem since July 2019. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve deleted the app or my account, i cannot use the app.

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    Good basic info

    The app provides you with the basics: AHI, mask leak, use time, and mask removal count. Sometimes I believe the mask removal isn’t accurate but understand that one may not remember everything that happened during the night. The app is missing the badges that are awarded to encourage use. They appear in banner notifications but you have to log onto the site to see them after the banner disappears. It would also be nice if the app tracked pressure and not just in the Sleep Report on the machine. I am into numbers so I wish there was more detailed reporting available like sum of events, mask leak and mask removal were broken out over each hour. It would also be nice to have Apple Health app integration. Overall, it is not bad but could be more informative for those who desired it.

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    Barely useful app

    It has been hard to get at the data. For the past 18 months I gave tediously been tapping the AHI bar charts to read the numbers. I would do this every 2 -3 weeks. Now, the “data” is deleted at the start of the month, so I am now missing 2 weeks of data. The new PDF report shows an essentially unreadable bar chart. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make the actual numbers available to those of us who are actually pro-actively monitoring our sleep. Access to an Excel-type table of the previous year’s data would be wonderfully useful. I realize that most patients won’t need that, but I would give the app 5 stars if it did. The app would then actually be useful. The app’s fixation with mask on/off, leak rates time used is less important. I am frustrated with this app.

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    Works reasonably well

    But, ResMed should consider tweets/improvements First, prior to getting my new AirSense 10 in May, I had a Phillips device for ~7.5 years. It never told me if there were leaks, unless “major”. I rarely get More than 3-4 pets due to “Leaks.” Additional Suggestions of how to reduce would be helpful. MyAir only provides data in “home” country via WiFi. It does not work it seems in other countries at all. Something about WiFi refs, they say. What about providing the data via Bluetooth connection to app in phone or tablet. As they have it now, I won’t see any of the data until we’re back home after being away for 5 weeks.

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    Short on details

    This app could be useful with a few tweaks. 1: Journaling. Provide a place for notes. 2: Mark nights where setting changes improved sleep quality (Or interfered with it) 3: Mask Off and On. - This is a stupid way to score your sleep. Maybe an upset stomach has you up and down, but there is no way to tell the system. 4: Air leak, Well the system shouldn't take the air leak from when you remove the mask into the calculations. Likewise, maybe your nose has an itch, this isn't the same as having a leaky mask all night which needs to be adjusted but the app has no way to tell the difference.(but journaling would allow for a comment at least) 5: Details. The Resmed Air 10 Autoset can track all kinds of data such as REM and apnea events. Give up the details so we know when we are most effective and can figure out what we are doing right. The app is minimalistic but could be so much better if it provided key details.

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    Here’s a Very Positive Review

    I read so many negative reviews that I hesitated in wanting to get a ResMed vs. Respironics, who’s app has excellent reviews. Granted, I’ve only had my new CPAP 2 nights, but I think the app is great! I’m a nurse and I see who the data can be useful clinical data. It shows important information such as apnic events. I would like it to add a feature where I can enter how I feel after each night usage. I like how it is Apple Watch friendly and I know when my data is available.

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    “Server not available”

    The app frequently says “the server is not available” and will then retry to load the data and will, more often than not, do it immediately. Instead of opening the app and seeing your results, you have to wait for it to load, close out the error, and then wait for it to load again. I have the newest version and it still does this. Otherwise it is a functional app. Displays information correctly, just wish you didn’t have to wait an hour or more for it to be available.

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    Great app

    I love this app to track my son’s cpap. I can see how long he’s using it, taking it on/off, etc. I do wish it notified me if I forget to put water in the humidifier 🤦🏼‍♀️. But the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I feel there should be a notes section- like a daily diary of things you did- like if he took cold medicine or forgot to do inhalers or his airway clearance vest that day or had caffeine at night etc. It would help paint a better big picture in my opinion. But I can’t complain about the app it really is helpful!

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    New Machine

    Only giving one star because I won’t be using my new machine until tonight. However, after reading the reviews I wanted to comment, first. I have been using a CPAP since 2009. Received a new machine this morning. Decided to check the reviews for the app and it’s good to know, yet very disappointing to discover, that there is no graph. I previously had the Dream Mapper app, and I diligently kept track of my sleep pattern. For me, it was essential information. At least now, I won’t be trying to search for a graph option in the menu. Any chance that the developers will at some point add a graph option to the app? Once I have used the app for a few days, I’ll update my review. Thank you.

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    Good but needs improvement

    In the support category, only five questions are available, so when you think you’re going to write a comment, you have to preselect a question that isn’t actually your question in order to activate the comments box. And then the comments box isn’t actually live and refers to FAQ. So that’s BS, but what I wanted to say was that a recent update changed the data views to organized by month. That’s not how sleep is experienced. And the graphs should not readjust scale across months, they should be consistently scaled for proper informational comparison.

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    It’s ok.

    I like the app. It is a good general synopsis. I do wish that I had the ability to not only log when I replace certain pieces, but to also set alarms. Memory is a problem for anyone with a sleep disorder. Replacing cushions and hoses regularly helps to minimize leakage and improve sleep quality. Right now, the best I have is to write it down, if I remember to since I replace them before bed. I do check the app every morning though and would log the change then.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed directly

Is myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Safe?

Yes. myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 915 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Is 53.3/100.

Is myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Legit?

Yes. myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 915 myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Is 53.3/100.

Is myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed not working?

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By John Dempster
Apr 05 2021

myAir app repeatedly times out.

By Alice Brunt
Nov 11 2020

This app gives me good ratings every night. I know for a fact that it is wrong data. My Fitbit is a lot more accurate....

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