HuntStand Reviews

HuntStand Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Outdoor Life Magazine Editors’ Choice for Best Hunting App. Featured in
multiple publications as an invaluable tool. HuntStand, with millions of
downloads, is the #1 hunting app in the world and is the only hunting- and
land-management app you will ever need. This revolutionary app is p...

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HuntStand Reviews

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    Great app!

    There are those who are low tech and then you have those who are no tech. I am somewhere in between. I have a smart phone because my job requires me too but I really struggle with all things electronic. That being said, this app is really user friendly! I’ve had it for at least a few hunting seasons now but have really started using it building up to this season. I own 60 acres and have used it to measure and mark food plots, I use it when I have a group of hunters so I can keep up with where they are located on my ranch, and I use it to show my hunters where the boundary lines are, which direction they can and can’t shoot and I use it for many other things on my ranch. It’s a lot of fun, it’s practical, useful, and it functional for even us less than tech savvy. Now I just can’t wait to start getting maps made!!!! Bottom line. You should get the app! Take the time to figure out all you can do with it and then enjoy!

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    Please unpurchase scoutlook

    This app has one of the worst user interfaces I’ve used in a long time. The amount of information needed to run this app will take you all day and once you find the time to get it where you want it they cut the free trial off. It’s almost as if it’s is run by a handful of evil vegans. Now I understand why you bought out scoutlook it was a great program with one of the best user friendly interfaces that was giving away a lot of good free data but come on right before the hunting seasons start you perform the takeover that’s extremely low. Your transfer of data was absolutely horrible none of the spots I had saved over the past decade are accessible and the only info that was actually available were past logs of harvests which I stopped inputting because all it’s really providing you is a giant data harvest of the best areas throughout the hunting communities. I wish scoutlook had thought about the rest of us before selling out to corporate America. I truly wish I had the time to learn your app more before the season so I might have had time to find something good about it but seeing as how you killed the only app worth a dam I’m now have no time to spend on it. Thanks for the extra work this hunting season. Sincerely an unsatisfied user Ps please fix your interface it’s like you didn’t even try

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    A hunters helper.

    Although the title is “A hunters helper” it is really great for any outdoorsman. I use this app for just about everything I do while hunting. The best thing is it’s programmed for all types of hunters such as deer hunting it shows the wind direction and changes in the wind throughout the day, I can personally say it helped me this season I was able to get some great encounters with really big bucks after doing a lot of mapping. I also trap and when you have a lot of traps it gets a little difficult for some people to remember where they are. Another great thing about HuntStand is that if you have a buddy that you hunt with and he doesn’t know what stand/blind to go to you can send him a picture of your personalized map. It is also great for waterfowl hunters as it can also show the direction that they will most likely come from. Hopefully you will also enjoy this app as much as I and have learned something in this article. It’s a great app.

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    Best Hunting App There Is

    If you hunt, you NEED this app. This app is perfect for those with private land to hunt and still useful for those that hunt public. The mapping features are great for remembering where you put stands, cameras, and blinds. It’s is also a great app for scouting, as you can plot tracks, trails, etc. in to the mapping and really understand your wildlife movement. Last but not least, HuntZone, it is an essential wind predictor and work flawlessly. I was skeptical of it at first, but it was accurate in one of my stands that is notorious for whirling winds. The best part is that you can sync it before you leave your house and you don’t have to worry about having service because it will give you the wind readings for 72 hours from the time you last synced. For those just getting started I suggest you use this in combination with the desktop site, which lays out all the features on a bigger screen and makes it easier to understand.

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    Very Useful Hunting Tool

    There is so many good things to say about this app but I simply don’t have the time to write it all in a review. What I will say is try it, you won’t be disappointed. This app provides the user with useful information such as weather forecasts, wind direction, sunrise/sunset data, solunar tables, and more. Users are able to plot useful hunting information such as deer stands, game cameras, deer sign and harvest information along with dates and notes. The ability to share the data with hunting partners provides hunters on on a hunting tract for the first time with the capability to find stands or cameras without being escorted to the area which saves time and makes for better hunting. There are additional features such as property boundaries and identifying the owners of properties if one desires to seek permission or would like to share management information or make contact for other reasons. I don’t know if a better hunting app on the market.

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    Best hunting / mapping app of all I have tried

    Easy to use, free use with ads is not a burden at all. We have a shared map area and have been encouraging members to get into HuntStand and consider paying but some are slow to adopt new technology when we still have paper maps. The best endorsement - I heard a few days ago of a member who got lost tracking his deer. He took out his phone, no cell signal but no problem - HuntStand only needs a satellite GPS signal after syncing. He was able to see his position real time and find his way back to his stand and ATV Last night I was dragging a deer. I knew exactly where I was but wanted to confirm I was dragging the shortest, most direct route back to my truck rather than drag to the trail then follow it. After heading that way for a few minutes I opened HuntStand to confirm, then kept on dragging

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    HuntStand is terrible; a downgrade from the old ScoutLook

    First off, I’ve never written an online review of anything, but I felt compelled to write this since HuntStand is so bad. I had previously used the ScoutLook App, they merged with HuntStand, and I couldn’t be more disappointed. This app is clunky. It contains lots of potentially useful functions, but they don’t work together in a seamless fashion. It essentially feels like you are switching between different apps while ScoutLook felt like one seamless unit full of useful functions/information. I also feel as though some items just don’t even work properly. For example, if I am looking at a location I want to examine (even if it is where my current location is being pinged) and I hit the scentcone/windcone icon, it takes me away from my desired location to some default location (that isn’t even close to anywhere that I ever go or have gone). I will be on the lookout for a different app; I couldn’t be any more disappointed by this merger. I hope the people from ScoutLook made some good money with the merge because they ruined a wonderfully valuable and easy to use app.

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    More uses than just hunting

    Awesome App. A few suggestions. I paid the very small $5.00 fee to go add free, however I did find several items in the adds of interest (before I purchased). Suggestion number one, add another box that I can click on to scroll through the adds as I want. I Don't like pop up adds however it would be nice to be able to see some of what the advertisers have to offer. Suggestion number two, add a drop pin for located downed animal. I was successful this October in harvesting a deer, after tracking and finding it, I used the this app to mark the location of the kill. I couldn’t find anything in the drop pin icons stating anything related to a downed animal so I just used a red pin. I then hiked back out and got my sled and returned to the animal and retrieved it.

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    Incredible, A Must Have, Total Package!

    I have never really gave any apps or programs reviews, but this app definitely was getting one. We hunt multiple locations (both public and private land) at different times throughout the year. Our main focus is hunting mature Whitetail in the heart of the Midwest. We have tried other apps and software programs to help plan hunts, create and update maps, check the ever-changing weather conditions in the Midwest, collect field data and intel, and help us make decisions on the where and when questions; HuntStand has outperformed them all! This is the only app we trust to help us with our hunts and manage our farms and deer herds! Nothing else compares to the versatility, ease of use, and the simplistic complexity this app offers serious gamekeepers and outdoorsmen!

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    Hunt Stand

    I Just Started Used This App Last Year And I Like This App I Used This App A lot When Iam Hunting I Like This App It is A Good App To Used Good Hunting App To Used I Like This App Its A Good App To Used When you Are Not Hunting Too I Like This App It tells you About The Weather To Didn't Hit The Woods With Out This App and Iam Going To Used This App This Weekend To Every Time I Go Hunting I Used This App Awsome App To Used Good Job On This App Keep up The Good Work I Tell Y'all This Is The Best Hunting This Is A Best HunterApp That I Will Used Every Day Can Somebody please Help me Iam Having trouble With My HuntStand App it Keeps telling me that my Weather is Up to Date And Its Up To Date can Someone please Help me Maybe it Has A Bug I Deleted The App And reDownload It And It Still tell me that my Weather is up to Date

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    Just what I need!!!!

    I’ve used this app for the past two years. It gives me just the info I need to get an advantage to get that “solid” buck every year. That’s all a good hunter can ask for is a “solid” buck every year. The way that we can share with our hunting partners also sets a safety standard and awareness of where we are. I can’t stress safety enough! As humans we become complacent and loose our safety awareness. But this app unconsciously applies a safety measure that is extremely effective. ***NOTE*** Also, it helps us maintain law and hunting etiquette. If a neighbor hunter gets his feeder over our line then we can let him know and politely show him on our map. KEEP IT IP HUNT STAND! I could write all day but I’ve got a appointment to attend.

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    Bad app

    I am really frustrated After being forced to migrate from Scoutlook- a much better app- my data was not all migrated. Received an email saying they found my missing data and it would appear after syncing. Nope. Still missing. I really do t want to set up my blinds again from scratch. This app is not nearly as intuitive as Scoutlook. Still trying to figure out how to see scent cone for different times of day. And the scent cone for this app is terrible. Why do I need to see bothering the direction my scent is blowing and the direction it isn’t? Showing the entire circle just takes up space. Also, why would you put a wind speed chart below the map and not include wind direction?! Seriously?? If I wanted to plan my hunt by looking at a weather app and figuring out scent cone myself at various times of the day whil looking at a map without markers, I would not have gotten a hunting app to begin with. I want Scoutlook back!!!

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    HuntStand user and link errors to upgrade pro / advertising

    I had been a Scoutlook user since they launched and with HuntStand merger I was worried about my data, but it was seem less and all data and saved locations appeared onto the HuntStand maps ( Great job )!!! As a IPhone 11pro Max user I have clicked on several of the advertisers links but it keeps showing error has occurred try again later? I also have tried to purchase HuntStand Pro and get the same results directly from the app or the App Store gives same results? Making you aware of that issue so you can make fixes or software update. Thank you for your service and work on the new HuntStand app.

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    Sync doesn’t work/poor customer service

    This app has so much potential and could be the one stop shop app for every hunter. However, if you are using multiple devices the sync function fails more often than not causing lost information or outdated maps. I have emailed customer service about this multiple times as well as sent messages to their Facebook page and have yet to even be acknowledged. At this point I will be looking for alternative options for my hunt club as it’s obvious support doesn’t really care about their users. Sad to know that over 100 potential users (my club members) will be lost and the developers don’t care.

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    Best hunting app ever

    I love this app. I have tried many and they are all very high priced this app offers the same exact options as the others but this app is priced for the working man or woman. I have paid for this app to let the makers know how much I appreciate what they are giving us for this great price, the free version of this app is just about the same as the paid version so if you can’t pay them you can still use the whole app for your hunting purposes. Such a good app at such a good price. I had to say thanks to the makers of this app by giving this review and paying for the app. Really appreciate what you guys are doing and thank you and keep up the good work. Thanks.

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Is HuntStand Safe?

Yes. HuntStand is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 54,674 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HuntStand Is 23.2/100.

Is HuntStand Legit?

Yes. HuntStand is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 54,674 HuntStand User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HuntStand Is 23.2/100.

Is HuntStand not working?

HuntStand works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Robert pinto
Jan 02 2021

I have on the map tree stand location and spot were located with your icon. There all gone and top left it has the location and don’t show up on the map? What happen?

By Gabriel
Dec 17 2020

I upgraded to pro specifically to get the names of property owners. Worked fine for a week, now nothing. Emailed many times on how to fix this. And no solution. They probably just say unlimited to get you to buy, then you get screwed

By N.scofield
Nov 03 2020

Huntstand very blurry and will not delineate property lines,very slow in its functions

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