onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS Reviews

onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

GPS mapping App that lets you easily find the off-road trails you're looking
for—whether you want to discover what’s open nearby or explore somewhere
new. Filter 615K miles of nationwide trails by accessibility for 4x4, SxS, dirt
bikes, moto, ATV/Quads, Overland, and snowmobiles. ▶Navi...

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Reviews (33)


Amazing app!

onXOffroad is amazing. We rented some SxS’s for a trip up to the mountains in northern Arizona and finding user friendly maps thru the Forest Service websites is impossible. I stumbled upon onXOffroad and man am I so happy I did! I was immediately able to see all trails in our area and get detailed info on the trail itself. My fiancé is always afraid we will “get lost” out in the woods and it can make for stressful rides. However, with onXOffroad her fear was totally gone! We were EASILY able to track our trail on the map, follow the trails, see where we were, distance traveled, locate numerous trailheads and staging areas, see and find where trails met up, ect. We were pretty deep in the mountains and woods and we were 100% offline with no service and able to still easily see all this info with the freaking amazing ability to still use the trail maps and tracking while offline with no service. onXOffroad made our trip and our rides SO enjoyable. Thank you for the awesome app! Made our outings awesome! This is DEF a keeper. We will be using this every time we go riding for sure.


Great tool for off-roading

Bought onXOffroad and haven’t been more happy with a trail map. Offline downloading works nice. Being able to pin locations and color coordinate is a big help. Plus the trails mapped out are really easy to see and plan a route. It is still a decent idea to have Gaia to cross reference with with a Nat geo map to see if a trail is gated or is actually accessible. Love that there are updates coming out with additional trails and info for areas. Very nice that the community can add photos and recent trail conditions to maps out trails so anyone looking to do popular trails and research before planning a trip. Only thing I’m hoping to see be added is the ability for onXOffroad to be used on a CarPlay radio. Currently just have it on my phone mounted to by dash but if it could be on the radio would be very convenient. Still a 10/10 app and wouldn’t be able to explore as much without it and know I’m going somewhere I won’t be let down by.


Potentially a great app!!!

I used OnX Hunt for two years now and love how it works for hunting. Never had any gripes. onXOffroad is almost a pure copy of that app but..... That's not a good thing. Needs a few tweaks that cater to the off-roader. Also this is going to stir up some controversy in the riding communities. I live in Michigan. I am looking for a good app for snowmobile trails. When I get on onXOffroad you have all the snowmobiling trails labeled well on there but when I sort by rides there is nothing labeled for snowmobiling just all sorts of wheeled vehicles. And in Michigan most snowmobile trails are actually closed to ATV/SxS/ wheeled vehicles. And vice versa for snowmobiles on ATV trails. If someone didn't know any better a person using onXOffroad could ride on those trails when they aren't supposed to and risk angering property owners that could revoke access to those trails. Next thing you need is a better layer sorting system here. The hairline dashed trail lines are difficult to see and even more difficult when out on the trails in bright sunlight. I think giving an option to change the lineweight/thickness and color would be a good bet. And if that is too complicated for coding purposes maybe just select a more bold and brightly colored line. I think you guys are on to something great as having a membership for one app that can do all these different hobbies is awesome. Keep up the good work this is on the right path.


Seems good needs improvements

onXOffroad seems to function well in vertical mode on a device in horizontal mode it’s like all GPS apps, you lose 90% of the functionality. Most people that use these off-road for side by siding especially people with a Can-Am Maverick x3 with a factory tablet hold. We know that the tablet is meant to be in the horizontal position. With onXOffroad like many, you can not touch a waypoint you have already set and get the info or drop down. You lose the function bar at the bottom in horizontal view that you see in the Vertical view. I think If you change or rotate the device I think onXOffroad should stay the same. Kind of disappointed because I paid the money to use this in our SXS and the functionality is gone how we intended to use it. The device we have iPad 10.5 will not fit in the tablet holder in the vertical position. Please if you can change this and I would be willing to re-rate my review. Also are you planning on a snowmobile version of this? Thanks.


Best overland platform

Today I got back from a multi-day overland trip that took place near San Diego, CA. I used onXOffroad to plan the entire route for the trip as well as to see where I was going. The fact that it has thousands of trails already marked makes it very easy to plan a route. Many trails even have a ton of information about them included when you tap them. Even when there’s trails not ‘officially’ marked, it still has most marked as single/dual tracks. You can add different types of markers and waypoints when planning a long trip, which is very useful as they can become very clustered sometimes. Downloading offline maps has never been easier as well. Just pick an area on the map and boom. In my opinion, best off-road/overland maps platform out there. Far easier to use than popular competitors. Definitely made the annual subscription worth it!


Hire a UX designer and I will pay for this

onXOffroad is one of the most awful apps from UX perspective. Functionality is great with nice maps but I am paying for Alltrails over this because of how awfully this works. If they would fix this I would swtich as this has slighly better maps for offline 4x4. But till that.. I am not paying for a company cheap enough not to hire designers. E.g. going into search mode takes almost a minute (On Ipad), search results are not sorted and I cannot sort. Cannot search for trails but roads only then I have to click on the road - show nearby trails. I cannot hide annoying temperatures. I set metric units and still see Farenheit. So few options when search (free text and thats is). 2 stars for the great maps and the community who is uploading photos and reviews (not that big) at least in my area.


Closed Trails not closed on app

I use OnX off-road exclusively when riding in Western Arkansas as well as for hunting. This deer season, I travel down a road/trail that is on OnX maps, as I had for years. This road is now closed; with NO closure sign, gate or earthen mound. I parked and proceeded to hunt. I received a $230 fine for having my SXS on this trail. I showed the officer the map, he said it’s the wrong map. I showed him the road is not closed on Avenza either, nor on the Forest service map that I carry. The US Forest Service Officer stated that the only up to date map is the MVUMs (motor vehicle usage maps). ONX-off-road and Hunt apps need to ensure their customers are provided with the most up to date and reliable maps. They should ensure that they are using the appropriate MVUM or have a KEY to show which trails have been verified to be open and which have not. Otherwise there’s no real reason to pay for an app that is gonna lead you down a trail to a $230 fine.


It’s OK

There are a few things onXOffroad needs to be great - 1) have a way for users to report trails that are closed for whatever reason; 2) once you find a trail there is no way to get directions to the start/end of the trail - onXOffroad just locates the trail but then it leaves it up to you to find how to get to that trail - building in integration with Google/Apple Maps and/or Waze seems like it should be intuitive but it’s not; 3) there is no way to contact the developer or support in onXOffroad - there should be a way to provide this feedback right in onXOffroad instead of having to leave a review here to tell the developer. In any event, it seems like a solid app - didn’t crash and provided nice offline maps that you can set the area for to download so you can view them without any cell signal. Hopefully the developer can add the features above and if so I will update my review at that time.


Almost perfect

I’ve sold onXOffroad to soooo many people, I should be getting commission! I absolutely love it. We’ve explored so many new places we would have never known existed without onXOffroad. I wish I could give it 5 stars, but you gotta fix this problem: I’m going out on a limb here and guessing most people are using onXOffroad on a iPhone or iPad. I’m also guessing most people mount those devices sideways, especially considering most mounts will only take the device sideways. That is where onXOffroad needs help. For me, as soon a I “Record My Track” and secure my iPad in its mount (sideways), my track is off, it shows me pointing in a different direction, and lags. Following the route becomes confusing. PLEASE FIX THIS! Like I said, I love onXOffroad. I’ve tried several others, and this one is by far the best.


Discouraged with purchase

I paid the $30 for onXOffroad and it’s not great but just ok. Very frustrated that the first thing you see when you pay the $30 is that you should have paid the $99 if you actually want to use onXOffroad lol. I wouldn’t recommend onXOffroad unless you plan on paying the $99 and even then I’m not so sure it’s worth it. Especially since you have to pay $99 every year! Way too much money if you ask me. I will not be continuing my subscription next year. I live in Utah which is home to ATV and UTV trails and the first time I used onXOffroad I ended up in a dead end River bottom. I’m sure it’s not the apps fault but I wish it were user friendly and a way to see where you are on a map without cell service. This is useless when in the mountains. Maybe I should have paid the $30 and an additional $99 to have this feature??



Over the last couple of years I have used a few different apps and dashboard GPS units, and OnX Offroad IS BY FAR THE BEST! The trail detail/information is great - every off-road trail i've looked for is there, with additional information such as difficulty, etc.. Even the extreme trails are there.. The satellite imagery is incredible, the mapping tools are simple to use and the ability to view/edit/create routes on my iPhone, my ipad, or my computer and have them all sync'd is great.. The ONLY thing onXOffroad lacks is Apple Carplay compatibility.. If it was Carplay capable and I could view the map on my in-dash Carplay head-unit, onXOffroad would literally be the best thing since fizzy beer. So until then, it's only the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously.. I am very happy with onXOffroad.


So far so good. A few things though.

So far so good. Been using this almost every weekend here in Colorado on OHV trails and it’s been great. A few things, first I wish there were more pictures of trails so that I didnt have to jump back and forth between AllTrails and OnX in order to get a good idea of trail conditions. Also, the ability to get directions to trails. When you click on directions on AllTrails it will kick you over to your mapping app and automatically input the coordinates and give you directions to trailhead. So, something like that would be sweet. Lastly, I wish it had compatibility with Car Play. It would be really nice to see OnX on my trucks screen instead of having to keep my phone out. Other than that this is an awesome resource to have. Great work!



Ive been (trying too) use/using onXOffroad for a little while now. Im a paid subscriber. It was working great up in smaller national forests but im currently on a trip through some pretty large forests with LOTS of trails and its been bricking onXOffroad . Freezes every 3 seconds for 5+seconds. Makes trying to locate a new trail impossible .i thought maybe downloading the map area for offline use would fix this but NAH , still does the same. Honestly i think it has to do with the “in your area” feature trying to populate all the trails, but who knows. Really frustrating when i see an area i want to check out but its rake 20 minutes of freezing/stopping/crashing and having to use competitor apps along with this slow one to ultimately use my physical map to get the same/better info. TLDR; app is buggy, freezes and ultimately provides a frustrating solution to something a printed map does.


Nice app!

Overall this is a great app! Easy to use and it works well on an iPad. I have two issues that would be an easy fix. The iPad is mounted in landscape mode on the dash of my SxS. When I start OnX Off-road, it comes up in portrait mode (sideways) when the iPad is in landscape mode, and the iPad has to be unmounted from the dash, rotated around until onXOffroad flips to landscape mode, then remounted on the dash. Please have onXOffroad detect the mode of the iPad and start in the appropriate mode, landscape or portrait. The second issue is that when onXOffroad is in landscape mode, the menu selection and buttons disappear from the screen so you lose functionality. Please have a selectable option so people can choose to keep the menu and buttons on the screen in both landscape and portrait mode. Other than these two things, I really like onXOffroad and it works great for trail riding in my SxS. A nice feature to add would be crowdsourcing the trail info so the maps can be updated easily. There are several trails in my area that have changed and it would be nice to be able to ride the new trails and upload the data to be integrated back into onXOffroad .


Almost perfect for my Enduro riding

A great app for exploring and recording tracks. I wish it had an auto-pause feature as I like to know my accurate riding time. I’d give this 4.5 stars, 5 stars with auto-pause and some minor tweaks below. Maps are clear and you can select area to download for offline use. It’s been really solid so far. I really like all of the existing trails that are pre-loaded making exploring a bit more safe knowing where the next out point is. This is why I switched to OnX from REVER. I’d also love to see the ability to display speed when position my phone in Landscape orientation. This is only available in standard orientation for some reason. I like to run my phone sideways on my enduro bike over the bars to keep it out of the way a bit more (quadlock case and mount). Some of the touch points on the screen are too close to one another (particularly in landscape) which can cause issues when using gloves. It’s too easy to make mistakes when using onXOffroad because of this it can lead to a deleted ride.


Pay for it if you ride new areas a lot!!

I downloaded onXOffroad in order to find new trails and after finding a trail system my Fiancée and I went out the next day. After getting my ATV unloaded I opened onXOffroad and hit track just to see how long and far our ride would be. I’m glad I did! After riding for about two hours and taking a lot of different turns I realized I was (just a little) lost. I pulled my phone out and thanks to the offline map save and tracking feature I was able to follow my track the whole way back to out starting point. Highly recommend onXOffroad and for only $35 a year the offline maps and tracking feature is well worth it!


Fantastic Off Road and beyond Navigation Tool

Very intuitive approach to on the fly on and off road navigation. Super easy to find trailheads, trip planning and quick bullet point data on the surrounding area. I will be using this tool extensively for a two month brand photography tour across the western half of the United States. Currently planning out camping permits - very easy to make notes via waypoints in back country areas inside the national forestry park system. Agency numbers, filing permits, fire roads, private lands, routing data, etc. All encompassed in a one-look graphic interface. No more chasing devices and maps - all off or online. Paired with a Garmin GPS, this is one stop shopping for all things navigation, camping, route data, contact reference. They are currently working on improved “cake and eat it too” map interface improvements re more layers, quick toggling on/off for even better quick field reference. And other wish list items. Glad I found this wonderful tool and looking forward to riding with it soon . . . Happy trails!


Not sure of value

Downloaded onXOffroad to help find trails and dispersed campsites. Didn’t really help with that. Started looking at some trails I’m familiar with and it was lacking. It’s difficult to interpret the what all the dotted lines mean without going to search “Help” for the legend - not sure if I’ll have access to it when I’m off the grid. I was considering paying for the subscription, but based on the free version, the paid version better have a ton more content. Unfortunately I don’t know how much more content the paid version has and not sure I’m willing to pay to find out. App developers really should offer the premium version for 6-12mons for free while they continue to build on a potentially great app. If I knew exactly the quality of the content I was getting, I would have no problem paying for the subscription.


OnX Off road is awesome for adventures

I bought a Jeep last year to get out and see more of the wilderness. I couldn’t find where to go I looked on google maps to try and find trails with little to no luck. A buddy said try onXOffroad. Let me tell you onXOffroad has pointed me in the right directions I have found so many new places to explore and check out. The pictures and difficulty rating made it a breeze to find places to go. You can also share places and trails you have been on with friends or Facebook just about to anyone. I would recommend onXOffroad to any one looking to explore the outdoors. Thanks OnX for the adventures.


Very useful app

I’ve been using PDF maps for years with great success, but this year I started using OnX Offroad as well and the more I use it the more I like it. Being able to filter trails by vehicle type is really nice plus new trails and features are being added almost daily. The new 3D option is killer. I just did a recent trip to Moab and used OnX exclusively and found some really fun trails and less than well known routes that I had never been on before making it one of the best times I’ve had in Moab. We are headed to Saint George in a month and will be testing it down there as well even though we know the area fairly well.


Landscape mode

Is it just me or is there no way to put it in landscape mode on my IPad?


Not much in the way of interface / options / legend / key

First, it doesn’t rotate from portrait to landscape. I use a mounted iPad in landscape to navigate Offroad. I can’t really distinguish what trails are what compared to any other path. It doesn’t seem much better than any other map app as there ( near me at least for a hundred miles or so that I scrolled ) there are no more or less info here than any other map software. I ( maybe it’s me ) don’t see any difference between a driveway, small road and a “trail”. If I zoom in, I see the same as any other map. What designates this as “motor use” legal trail vice a walking path ( like the Appalachian trail ) which by onXOffroad looks like I can drive on it. The satellite view is clear, but again. I don’t see a noticeable difference over cheaper solutions.


What did I miss?

I downloaded onXOffroad and registered for the free trial. I have gone through onXOffroad and the help notes looking for a way to actually “plan” a trip or route. I see lots of options for viewing and saving routes, but can’t find a way to create a new route from point a to point b in the preferred terrain type. Is this available now? If so can a help note be added to the help section? Or is it planned as a future capability?


Mostly useless!

I have a number of areas where I regularly ride ATVs in Texas. None of them are on this map. In fact, I found NO areas that you could ride on this map! In other states, like New Mexico and Colorado there are some trails that display, but there’s still a lot missing. And all the informational in onXOffroad is already fee to obtain from state offices. Apparently there’s still a lot of work for the developers to do before this is even close to being ready to go.


Go to for off road trails.

A must have for off road access. Used it in a new area I have never ridden in southern Utah and it was perfect. Love the rides option to distinguish trail types.


Great App

onXOffroad is very well nice, landscape mode needs to be added but I think it’s great. Love all the features and think that they are on to a good thing here.



Fantastic for knowing the trails and if they are open to ride. Cool out of service features too.


Doesn’t even load. Crashes.

No idea if it works beyond downloading it. Tried several times and soon as you try to open it it crashes.


Great app

I just pre-ordered this yesterday and I have it today, so that’s great timing. Great app.


App won’t open

I downloaded onXOffroad on two different devices and on both it immediately crashes.


No Landscape

Deal breaker that it only works in portrait mode.


Is this a scam

Why doesn’t show a price on onXOffroad And wen I click to download says that is a charge No so happy. Please explain And if is a charge please delete my info


My new go-to off road navigation app

I’ve been a fan of the OnX Hunt app and have used it for off road bag for a couple years. I had seen the Offroad app on Android and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive on iOS. I installed it this morning and have been planning a trip on it for next weekend. It is GREAT. Can’t wait to get it out and really use it to its full capabilities, but I am already a massive fan of its interface and features; so much better than the other mapping apps out there. Way to go OnX!

Is onX Offroad Safe?

Yes. onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,348 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS Is 50.8/100.

Is onX Offroad Legit?

Yes. onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,348 onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS Is 50.8/100.

Is onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS not working?

onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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By Paid Subscriber
Aug 19 2020

No real training, examples or help screens or way to find out how to use this application.No training on youtube or onx site. Maybe it's my lack of experience with applications like this but I do not find any training or examples of how to use for novices anywhere.

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