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&pizza Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-03

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Key Benefits of pizza

- Easy to use and navigate

- Saves time by allowing for multiple orders and saving favorites

- Offers frequent promotions and rewards program

- Offers vegan options

- Pizza is delicious and fresh

20 pizza Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Pizza is Good, App is Trash

I tried ordering a couple of pizzas from the store through pizza because the this app is really good, don’t get me wrong. However, 30 minutes later someone from “Door Dash” calls me and says that your this app went out an hour ago and they are saying you have to cancel and reorder. I tried to cancel but there’s no way to do so, I tried to call, it says they are not accepting phone calls so you have to send your concerns through text which states “response time is 3 minutes”. I’ve been waiting over an hour. I tried texting their other number, still no response.

Their this app is good, however, Do NOT order from pizza . Save the hassle and go to the store.


Gods pizza, mediocre app

I rarely leave app reviews, but pizza continually disappoints. The UI is fine, not the best but sufficient. The real issues come when trying to check out. Apple Pay has never worked for me (and I use it with pretty much any app where it is available). When trying to use a saved credit card pizza asks me to revalidate my CVV. However, when I enter the info, it says the card is declined. Each time a failed payment attempt happens, the “sign me up for updates” checkbox rechecks itself on refresh. I finally gave up and ordered through the DoorDash app (with Apple Pay tided to the card that the &this app app said was declined).


Not a great user experience.

The choice of color palette is pretty nice but Lord please pay some people to actually test and use pizza a lot because they will find it’s constantly twitching unpredictably and it’s a crapshoot every time you try to scroll or select an item in multiple places in the UI.

At times I need to weigh my desire for additional toppings against the fear that additional interactions with the interface will cause my order to be deleted, or duplicated, or sent to the wrong neighborhood entirely.

Please put more time into testing pizza and smoothing out the bugs and performance.


Just like it's pizza, nicely done...

First, I want to say &this app sends out more promo than anyone you can imagine. They made it so easy to capture and use the promos and your rewards on pizza . It will be a true-crime not to utilize them when you get the notification. Oh, thanks for keeping the vegan cheese on the menu!!!



On multiple views of pizza it is impossible to achieve the desired task at hand.

On the location search, I entered my zip in northern Virginia (there’s a location across the street from my apartment), and the closest location that came up was near Penn State - over 200 miles away. It wasn’t until I allowed it to use my location that it found the appropriate store.

On the checkout page, you can’t actually toggle between several of the options. The styling of the selection option changes, but the check mark doesn’t move.

For instance, I’m unable to switch from ASAP pick up to a scheduled time. The same issue happens when switching from standard CC payment to Apple Pay. In both of these cases, the time picker or CC details inputs don’t show/hide as you’d expect.

Multiple times now I’ve had to switch to a desktop browser to actually order.


App constantly freezes

Terrible app. After trying five times to place an order and having it completely freeze on the checkout screen for me every time, I finally gave up and ordered dinner elsewhere.

Oh, and after you open pizza once, the next time you open it, it just comes up with a blank purple screen. The only way that I’ve found to get back in is to completely delete pizza and reinstall it.

&this app needs to fire the developers responsible for this and get someone else to do it who has a clue what they’re doing.


Great pizza, interesting but buggy app

Love all the cool designs and colors of pizza . However, there are some pretty critical bugs, like how Apple Pay doesn’t work (and lack of error messaging). I’ve been a long time app user and would appreciate more thorough end to end testing as well as user testing. Sometimes it’s not clear when a promo is applied or what base you’ve selected for your this app


Wait time problem

Somehow other restaurants and delivery services have figured out how to give real time updates on order status. Unfortunately, & this app has not. They give you an estimated time then you show up to find out they haven’t even started your order. This is now the 3rd or 4th time this has happened even though I intentionally now add 10 minutes to the estimated time when I go to pick up my this app. Honestly just better to order in store. Good this app, bad app.


Rewards disappear, wrong delivery location

This has happened to me twice where I use my 500 points to redeem a $5 off reward, add it to my rewards wallet, and the reward is nowhere to be found, but my 500 points are gone. Please fix this so I can stop bothering the poor customer service employees for my $5 off reward every time I order! Also, the user should be able to choose which location to get delivery from because it NEVER chooses the closest location to me, causing my delivery time to be an hour or more.


Easy to use, love the rewards

pizza saves time - I order for friends a lot and inputting multiple orders is easy and everyone gets what they want. The rewards section makes it easy to see my points and when I’m gonna get a free this app!


Best pizza, worst app

You just plain can’t log in. Idk maybe if you sign up through pizza it works, but if you have an existing account it’s basically impossible. Can’t log in via google, via Facebook or via my existing account. Also the password reset link they send goes to a broken link that says session expired sometimes or has empty fields labelled as “undefined” other times, no idea what I’m supposed to put in them but I tried email, password and confirm password and that didn’t work soooo idk.


So many glitches

When I tried to create an account it kept telling me there was already one with my number but I've never ordered from them. Then when i finally got logged in and it wanted my information, i tried to enter gender in the drop down and it was black so I closed it and reopened it and a message popped up that would not go away. I had to close out and reopen every time i made it to the next step


Get domino’s app instead

I like &this app but sorry pizza needs some work. I can’t add a this app to my cart. When I do it loads for a second like it took it and then just stays on the same screen. Kept clicking add to cart but nothing happens after the first time, when you click the x it removes it from cart again so can’t order. I give it a few tries but ima delete and order dominioes bc their app is amazing and has a nice tracker where this was a waste of time trying to use.


Horrible app

pizza is slow and clunky and just painful to use. I found it very frustrating and slow to navigate through trying to place an order. The website insomuch better. Both feel as if they were made by an intern in their first year of coding class or a weekend hobbyist. With the COVID restrictions requiring online orders only you need a functional app to satisfy customers. Please fire your developer and find someone who knows what they are doing.


Almost there

App way easier to use than other smaller chain apps but mine is still glitchy :/ I often have to delete and redownload I get this issue for a month or two every time after they update the theme


App doesn’t work

App works the first time you open it after downloading, then if you leave and come back to it, it’s a blank screen and is frozen.


We love &pizza

With the new Woodbridge, VA location - we have way too much this app 🍕
pizza makes it so easy to order up your fave pie in seconds. It saves your favorites which is great for me, because I like what I like. 😉


Love &pizza

I love their this app! Delicious, fresh, and great vegan options. Their vegan chickn is so good. I like to make a bbq/Buffalo and ranch style this app (own ranch) delicious toppings.. garlic, peppers, etc. spicy and amazing. I’m appreciative of their deals. I’ve gotten so many $5 pizzas now


Blank purple screen

This is a disposable app. You use it once then you have to delete it because the next time you log in, it just shows you a blank purple screen. I’ve had to delete and reinstall probably 6 times by now, and have only actually ordered maybe 3 times. Very frustrating.


Payment processing very poor

Could not properly use ApplePay to pay for order. Also tried to add a new credit card and that didn’t work either. Thought the new app was improving but still very difficult to use. Would not buy &this app this app if I didn’t really enjoy the product and location, because pizza is that frustrating to use.


App needs an update

Literally stood outside an actual &this app location that only accepted orders via pizza for upwards of 15minutes just trying to add a this app to my cart. Every time I pressed add it would “load” but nothing was added to the cart. The only items that could be added were drinks. The design is nice and is pizza would be easy to use if that bug gets fixed.


Easy to use

Easy to use and makes getting lunch faster and more convenient.


Works well sometimes

Bugged out and was unable to order even after resetting cart then phone. Also has a glitch where clicking “login” does nothing so you cannot view your profile


Great App & Great Pizza

pizza is very user-friendly and makes ordering super easy. The well designed app enhances the already enjoyable this app eating experience.


Great app and pizza

Helps make it a lot faster to order during my lunch break.


Saves me a lot of time

I like using pizza to order &this app for lunch and avoiding the lines. It works well.


Good app

I only wish it was more obvious to find a way to reorder from my location/selection.


Open til 11pm but no pickup until tomorrow morning

Can’t order from U street and the place closest to me (near the Howard U metro) isn’t even on pizza even though the sign on the door says to order in here.


Doesn’t work at all, unlike in the past

The new &this app app doesn’t work at all. Every time I try to log in, it kicks me out. Which is a shame, as the older &this app app worked perfectly fine. I’m thoroughly disappointed.


Best way to jump the line!!

Great for placing orders ahead of time and avoiding the line!


Won’t open

pizza is telling me it’s no longer shared with me and I have to purchase it


Terribly built app

Food is good but please use a different firm/team to build pizza . Many many broken buttons.


Great app and pizza!

Love it

Is pizza Safe?

Yes. &pizza is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,565 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for pizza Is 45.5/100.

Is pizza Legit?

Yes. &pizza is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,565 &pizza User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for pizza Is 69.6/100..

Is &pizza not working?

&pizza works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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