Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Reviews

Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-20

Download the official Pizza Hut app for the easiest way to order your favorite
pizza, wings, desserts and more! We’ve added contactless ordering features, so
you and your family can get the pizza you love without worry. Our app is
designed for pizza lovers, making fast food delivery and...

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Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Reviews

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    First time user, bad experience.

    I was at the checkout screen and it kept saying my zipcode was invalid. It asked me to find a Pizza Hut when I started and it did so I continued through the process. So how was it wrong? I go back to edit the address. Turns out you can’t. You get a window that says changing the order might cancel it. So okay. I went back and added my primary address directly in the profile tab. I go back to checkout and it lets me select the address I added. Cool. Then I try to finish and now it said I don’t have any items?? So the pizzas count as nothing? And the $35+ came from nowhere? So I tried to delete an item and it said an error occurred and the entire order was empty. I had to restart all over again. PLEASE make the text fields show the autocomplete. It’s annoying having to type all the fields especially the card number when it’s already saved in iOS (picture wasn’t working on Citi Double Cash card). Bad user experience.

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    Updated app came out with bugs

    The previous version had some issues but they weren’t much of a problem and could be worked around. The new user interface seems a little clunky and there are a couple of problems that caused me to have to do some troubleshooting. First, user interface is a step by step procedure that, while it gets the job done theoretically, it seems like it could be refined to speed the process. The first problem I had was with the crust flavor section. I honestly don’t remember getting the option to set the flavor the first time I tried to set up my pizza. I went through the rest of the process thinking they were going to ask later but it never came up. Then I couldn’t find a way to edit the fact it had “no flavor” on the crust in the end and I had to start all over. When I got back to the beginning, I saw the crust flavor section and when I tried to tap on “no flavor”, it just moved to the pizza sauce section. I got frustrated and just ended up selecting a pizza I had bought previously. The next problem was in the payment section. First I couldn’t find the Visa checkout option and I wish there was an Apple Pay option but as I entered my credit card info and tapped the button, it notified me I forgot to fill out my name. No problem, I filled out my name then it tells me to fill out the credit card number. The number was already filled out. I checked it against my credit card and ended up just refilling the same number again and it worked.

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    Horrible app

    I have use this app 25 times to order my kids Pizza Hut because that’s the one they prefer, when you’re picking toppings on like the other two main competitors, if you pick pepperoni you can’t put on this half only on that half only on all the pizza, you pick it is on all the pizza, there’s always a problem with something and it doesn’t know what it is the test tells you to go back and check everything, God for bid you re-order one of your previous orders and happens to be on a day where Wednesdays have cheaper wings so the owner can’t go through for literally about a dollar that they don’t wanna “overcharge you”, and don’tForget never combined two deals at the same time. The app is ridiculously glitchy, I have to sign back in every time, and the refurbishment honest with you the service that I received has been more than subpar, my kids basically eat the pepperoni off the pizza and I decided OK why don’t I start getting the pepperoni lovers pizza last week in arrived with two pieces of pepperoni and three slices 2 1/2 to 3 pieces of pepperoni on the rest. So I literally paid five dollars more on the five dollar deal to get the equivalent of what may have been one to two extra pepperonis, I’ve had five dollars for 1 to 2 extra pepperonis, I didn’t expect to get as much pepperoni is the picture showed but this was ridiculous

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    Barbara B

    This site never works and you have missed a lot of ordering I like Pizza Hut pizza and now I have been forced to buy cheap pizza in Wrens instead of picking up one on the way home church. This is not a once in a while problem it has been going on for ever. Since 2010 at least. When I lived in Grovetown as Barbara Bowles I started ordering Donimino's instead to avoid the online frustrations. Why not call it in you ask? Well you get some one somewhere else who never has a clue. Or no answer. Pizza Hut your business has to have suffered a lot get a hand back on business and make customer service First. If I were you I would take note that your programmers are not fixing your app problems. I have complained to every time I go to PH which in 2010 I ate pizza at least once a week the as it got so bad with online ordering, delivering and the picking up at you nasty pick up centers. Where is the pride in your clean, fast friendly and great food Pizza Hut? I was in one of you pick up a few months ago and the shift leader and employee were yelling at each other and ignoring that the customers were waiting. The other employee was trying to do it all but was very embarrassed what was going on. Louisville and Harlem at a nasty mess the last few time I picked up from the I chose not to go again and today I tried to give Louisville another chance but the online failed again and again. I even tried to sign up again and it would not let me. Fix it!

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    From bad to worse

    Each update makes the app prettier, but less functional and introduces more quirks. I have not been able to successfully complete (at least) the last three orders. Prior to that, it authorized my charge twice, but the store never received my order. Tried again just now. I get through the entire order and click Submit. Tells me there is an error and my store isn’t accepting online orders. I need to change me location. Change MY location? Let me buy another house just to make it convenient for you, Pizza Hut. I also get a lot of “Out of Stock” notices when trying to put an order through. At least those appear in the front end of the order as opposed to at the end when I’m trying to complete the purchase. There is potential in this app, but Pizza Hut developers and/or receiving restaurants are making this a waste of time. Am genuinely recommending that you call a local and Izzy parlor and place your order over the phone as opposed to wasting time with this app. Something I’m about to do because Pizza Hut won’t accept an invoice for the time I’ve lost. (PS: the did send me a coupon for a free pizza once when I complained about this app, but the coupon required that I use it in a restaurant. I called corporate and confirmed I had to go to a restaurant to use it. Tells you how much faith they have in their own app!)

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    Please update the following

    So the app is definitely more user friendly, however, there is no way to add extra toppings. For example, when you select pepperoni as a topping, you can only select it once, there’s no way to change amount. The other thing I’d change is limiting the amount of characters available when instructions. Since you can’t add extra toppings, if you try to request it in additional instructions, you have to limit what you say. Add a feature that allows you to specific certain things for each item or something. The purpose of the app is for convenience and ease, but now you have to call the store after placing the order to update it to what you truly want. Might as well just call in the order. Also, with the update, when you change the amount of sauce on your pizza, it doesn’t show you’ve selected light or extra sauce when confirming your order. As consumers, we want to see what the store will see and we want to be able to order something exactly as we want it without having to jump through extra hoops. Other than that.. Pizza Hut app is great. That’s my 2 cents ✌🏻

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    Order Chao’s

    Annoyed!! It glitches and causes order’s to get messed up! Here is my order problem example, wanted 2 pizzas 1 with all pepperoni, reg cheese, reg sauce (which I pay good attention to bc the other gets light cheese and light sauce) and then olives on half. For this one they gave me instead, extra cheese on half (which I hate!) Then for pizza #2, ordered all pepperoni with light cheese and sauce, ended up with up with only half pepperoni(which it clearly does not say on my order), I know I specifically said “NO” when the pop up menu suggest extra cheese too! Then if that’s not enough, to end the madness, my 4 pack of 20oz was ordered as 2 Pepsi’s and 2 mountain dews and guess what, got 3 mountain dews and1 Pepsi!!! Then I have a receipt on my pizza’s (the one with no description)that’s $10 less then the one a paid!!! What kinda of chaos is this, i guarantee when I call, and I will, they will do everything possible to blame it ALL on me, they always do. 9 out of 10 times, I prove my case! Ifwhen I call, my experience is different, I will update this review! Don’t hold your breath though! Just double, triple and maybe even call them to verify they have the proper order, this is a pain!!! Good Luck my fella consumers!!!

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    Doesn't work!

    So, I built a profile on the app.. Built an order and continued to check out. Then in the check out it wants me to re enter the info I just created a profile with.. Okay.. So I do that. Then again continue to check out. An error pops up stating I need to enter ALL info.. Okay.. I go back. I've entered all but the email. So, I try to enter my email, however the app will not allow me to select the email field. So I log out.. Back in.. Re enter everything from scratch.. But of course.. Same issue. Okay.. I'll just call in. I do that.. Read my order from the app verbatim. Of course this is a process because the employee doesn't know what their cheez-it product is.. Apparently employee product and special feature knowledge isn't a priority... Okay.. Finally, after extensive teamwork my order is ready to process. BUT WAIT! Now my order is 8$ more than what is stated on the app. The employee of course doesn't know why either and lacks any sort of social or problem solving skills.. However at this point.. I can't go through anymore of this bs. Keep the extra 8$ pizza Hut. Maybe spend it on app development or employee training. Both facets could use work. What an experience.. Thank you pizza Hut. What a magical experience.

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    If only there was 0⭐️ option

    This app is terrible. So bad that it actually affects how well I enjoy your pizza. I actually can’t enjoy it because your app hasn’t worked properly for the last 7 MONTHS!! I’ve relied on Dominos to RELIABLY deliver with a functioning app. Your apps MAIN issues that really shouldn’t be issues include: 1. Adding a new address when ordering. It takes forever to verify an address. Then I shut down the app and restart it and my address is in the saved section. I shouldn’t have to keep closing your app for it to save my input. 2. I can’t get into the Order menu. I click order now and NOTHING happens. It just sits there with the map up showing me my nearest Pizza Hut location and that’s all. So I can’t even look at your menu and order anything!! It’s just a shame because I honestly used to enjoy your pizza. I even considered, after 7 months, ordering from you. But again your app has failed me and from what I see, everyone else writing these recent reviews. Until you fix your app, I’ll be enjoying the 5-Star(check their App Store rating compared to yours😉) service, quality, and taste of Dominos pizza. Amazing how much a functioning app can affect your customers

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    Disappointed customer

    We ordered the $7.99 two pizza special some wings and desert for delivery. Because of the extreme high delivery orders I received a call from the manager Caesar asking me if we would prefer to come and pickup the order instead and he would remove the delivery surcharge, now this wasn’t the issue... the issue started when the my spouse went to pickup the order. Because my spouse wasn’t aware of the complete order the female employee handed her only half the order prompting me to have to contact the establishment again. Upon returning back to the store the same female associate again appeared to be confused and unsure of our order nor what I was there for after I told her the name on the order. After it was all said and done they still failed to give us all of our order. I highly suggest if your planning on visiting this establishment to check your order throughly because the employees don’t seem to care.

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    Takes forever

    My family and I truly love Pizza Hut food. The Corinth location takes longer than an hour to deliver 100% of the time. If we’re ever starving and can’t wait to eat, we just have to order from somewhere else. If we want the delicious food from Pizza Hut, we have to be sure we’re not too hungry and we have to order it way ahead of time. We stopped ordering from Pizza Hut about a year ago because of delivery times, but we received an email a few months later with a coupon, asking us to come back and that delivery times had improved. This was not the case. That was a few months ago. Now that Pizza Hut has these new deals, we wanted to give them another try. A couple of weeks ago, it took an hour and a half to get our food. I ordered them again today because my kids begged me to, and it’s already been over half an hour, and according to the app and online, not only is their estimated delivery time over an hour, they haven’t even started cooking the food yet.

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    Pizza often gets mixed up

    I have used the app 3 times this week. I normally don’t order pizza this much, but I want to see how accurate the orders are. Every time I order something a pizza is close to what we want, but not exactly. If you aren’t dealing with kids this isn’t a problem, but it can be. I have ordered a pizza with white sauce and one with red sauce. I picked it up and it was wrong I didn’t think twice about checking it was wrong. I ordered pizza for a classroom they delivered the pizza and we didn’t have the vegetarian pizza which is not fun for the 3 kids who have been told by their parents you can’t eat meat(not my favorite thing about teaching but not relevant) then I decided to order one last time on the app this time I would go in and pick it up and check the pizza. Again a simple order three two topping pizza’s with one white sauce. I get the pizza and there are 2 white sauce pizzas so I check the app and I realize I messed that one up for the sauce, but the toppings had been switched so one pizza was correct to my order on the app. Use it if you want 1 pizza and it is amazing more than 1 and it is wrong very often.

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    Worst app to use

    My experience EVERY TIME I try to use this app is horrendous. To start out, I hate talking to people over the phone. If there is any possible way to get rid of in person communication, I go for it. But... With this app I will ALWAYS pick up the phone to CALL the store instead of just using the app. For a mobile app, if it is not twice as easy to use as any other method to do the same thing, then it won't be used. For my desire to ignore people, if it made it twice as hard to order the pizza I would still use the app. But since at every turn I am presented with a broken portion of the app, or when the prices don't add up for a premade pizza, or when you go to add something to the pizza and the cheese is the only thing that tells you it costs extra but then you're $5.00 over what you expected. Then you realize all the app actually is, is the web GUI crammed inside a mobile app, you realize you would've had a better experience just using the mobile Web browser. Bottom line, don't use this app until Pizza Hut gets off their ^$$#$ and pays someone to actually build a worthwhile app. Just call the dang shop. They're nice people, usually.

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    Awesome for frequent customers

    I have been using the Pizza Hut app now and we order about 2-3 times per month. It’s a great way to get their best deals, order from your favorite location, and save your favorite items for a quick reorder the next time you’re having a “Hut Craving”! On average, the wait times the app has given me are about 2 minutes earlier than average. My favorite part is that it tracks my purchases and saves my points so that when I get enough for a free item, it will populate that first so I can save money on my order. It’s one of the best ordering apps I have used. We have consistently accurate orders, quick pick-up/delivery times, and the best deals coming up every time we order (or reorder). Give it a try. Most “big corp” apps are really not as user friendly as this one is. I will continue to use it as long as the user interface stays as useful as it has been.

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    Terrible service

    I don’t take time to write reviews, but I am an avid review reader, why didn’t I read this one first?! Smh. In a nutshell, my orders eta was first 50 min, then 66 min, by the time I completed the order it was 80 min. I placed the order at 1245p. After 95 minutes I called 4 seperate times, reached the call center who kept transferring me to the store, and ended up waiting about 10 min each call. I wanted to know if my order was free if not let’s cancel it. They would not answer. I’m livid at this point. Finally I get into my car to find food, I get a notification at my doorbell, long sigh. I asked the driver “sir do u know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” He says “yes like two hours” ok cool, so I would like to tip u but I don’t want to pay for this food, explained my efforts to call. He offers to call his manager and explain that I didn’t want to pay or cancel. Manger offers to cancel or discount from $22 down to $12. I accepted the discount. Pizza was not cold but far from hot. Waste of time and effort. I shouldn’t be eating pizza and this was my punishment, is what I keep telling myself. I’ll never do it again, I’m going back to papa Johns and I’m deleting the app.

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Is Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Safe?

Yes. Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,592,538 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Is 24.6/100.

Is Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Legit?

Yes. Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,592,538 Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Is 24.6/100.

Is Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout not working?

Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
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