iThermonitor Reviews

iThermonitor Reviews

Published by on 2020-08-03

The most exciting update of iThermonitor app ever! Besides the brand-new user
interface, the Temperature Analysis shows the highest temperature and the
duration of fever for each episode. The Temperature Trend Chart combines
temperature chart and fever related events, enabling the docto...

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iThermonitor Reviews

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    Helped to save my son’s life!

    I had purchased this device on sale & had my doubts of it not working correctly due to previous monitors I have purchased. This is extremely easy to use & while my son ended up hospitalized, the doctors actually compared this device to the hospital thermometer that my son kept pulling off. It was accurate EVERY time. It was not bothersome for my son as he really didn’t remember it was under his arm. Of course, I am that mom that stays as close to my children as possible...especially if they are sick. Therefore I had zero troubles for it becoming unconnected to my phone. Use of this was tremendously easier than waking my son that had 6 surgeries when he was finally resting peacefully. My mind was at ease to know I could just look at my phone at any given second to check on his fever. There is also an awesome alert setting that will allow you to be notified if temp drops too low or too high (per your discretion) if you are not a helicopter parent like me that just left it on the screen. Thanks so much for helping to assist me with saving my son’s life. We knew the infection was present when his temps started rising. If you read the directions, there is no way to go wrong!

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    Misleading reviews

    I’m confused why others are having such a hard time. There are many reasons why you have to stay close to baby while monitoring their temperature. First is that the device itself is using a very low energy blue tooth technology as to save battery life and not burn your child. (I personally stay close to my child anyways while they are sick) Second make sure you are reading your directions properly on where to place the device, and hold adhesive patch against skin for 8 minutes. I have a wiggly almost two year old so I add a little bit of medical tape since he can pick at the patch. It’s definitely not a perfect app, but I love being able to be woken up by an alarm when my son’s temperature spikes to 104 like it did last month. Please read your device’s directions well and you should have minimal problems.

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    I LOVE this

    I’m also confused why this doesn’t have a better rating. The only thing I can think of is the sticky things don’t stick very well sometimes so we just use hospital tape so we know it’s secure. Anyway, I have two kiddos that get Febrile Seizures (seizures due to a high fever) and this truly helps me get meds in them quick enough and has saved us from dealing with more seizures. I have it set to alert me at 100 degrees so I have time to get meds in them because they spike so quickly! I also love how I can check on them from my bed! Love love love this product!

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    Needs range improvements

    If your baby is not sleeping in your room, you need a device dedicated to remain within the 10’ range. If I leave the room, I lose connection and I have to go downstairs to reconnect in the middle of the night, rendering the device useless. The idea is great, but the implementation needs work.

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    Love this

    I have had this thermometer since baby was born and she is now almost two. I don't know how people don't love this more. I recommend it to all my Mommy friends. Last night her fever spiked to 103 but i wasn't worried because the app woke me up and warned me when she hit 102(i set the alarm at that degree). Got up gave her meds and then watched how her fever went back down. She stayed home with dad and i felt so calm and reassured while at work, knowing that i can log on from my phone and see what the thermometer was reading at home on dad's phone.

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    Love the device not so much the app

    The app works great for the functions that it offers. The hardware is slim, Here are the shortcomings: * export pictures instead than actual data (eg text file) * Fonts are way too small to read (iPad) particularly for White over ligh blue color. The indicator in which status is device doesn’t exist - you can find some of the statuses (connected / disconnected..) by side effects rather than having an icon. I drained 2 batteries before I found out that I was leaving the device on Hardware: The led that indicates the status of the device is blue for everything so you are left to guess “did I press more or less than two seconds” “was a long press or not” simply using different colors would address this conundrum of device state

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    not as good as others

    For $50 this device could be smaller or the patches could be bigger. The patch barely fits over the device so it barley stays on my baby's skin. I have to fix and adjust it every time I pick him up. It lifts and it folds so I had to use 3 patches in one day. The app itself kept changing his birthday month and that I had to keep fixing but when I saved his profile it changed months again. Not that happy with this product.

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    Needs their product. Not Apple Watch feature.

    I thought this allowed me to use my new Apple Watch to read my temperature (it was recommended through its app), but it does not. You must buy their thermometer and then use this app to read the temperature.

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    Fix the app

    Seriously???! The app won't even stay open. It crashes no matter what I do 2 seconds after I sign in. Tried on iPhone 6 and 7 with iOS 10. It worked fine 2 months ago. You guys charge for a product that is supposed to be dependable during a time of stress (sick infant) check that your app works before releasing the update. This is unacceptable for a medical device. Not a time for beta releases.

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    I find it hard to pay $50 for this device, but it is certainly worth the $10 I paid at goodwill. I definitely recommend

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    Accurate temps?!?

    The idea of this is phenomenal. But putting an idea into practice is another thing. Using 3 thermometers to just get an accurate baseline temp against this one and it's a full 2 degrees less than the other two thermometers. Concerning and disappointing at the same time. We've decided to just add 2 degrees to what it's reading and will be looking for a better option tomorrow.

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    Borderline false advertising

    So I downloaded the app based on reviews I read from a few websites...none mentioned (nor is it mentioned in the app description) you have to pair the app with some other device that I can find no mention of anywhere before downloading the app....please update the’s just a sad business model...update before someone sues...

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    One day using but app needs some work

    I can't see the times in white with the very blue background. Either make larger for those of us who don't have 20/20 vision or add a zoom in option (using iPhone.) Also if the chart could be landscape would be nice. And the "night" tab should be a "day" option too because my baby girl has been running fevers day and night even with tylenol. I dis take her to doctor and she has a virus. The app was hard to find. I was looking for "thermonitor" and "frida baby" etc. It Wasn't on the box as to what app to sync with. I Looked at the picture on the box and the instructions and compared it to the apps search result. It is "ithermometer". I like the device overall and it did alarm as I had set it too when her temperature started going up during the early hours. Ps- I tried to leave feedback on your app under "feedback" tab and it said "Failed. Please try again."

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    This app never stays connected. I have to manually refresh the app to see what my child's temp has been running. You would think for as much as I spent on it that it would work. It would be great to get alerts and not just refresh and see your baby's temp was really high through the night.

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    Thank you.

    This product in the right hands is a life savior.

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Is iThermonitor Safe?

Yes. iThermonitor is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 179 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iThermonitor Is 21.9/100.

Is iThermonitor Legit?

Yes. iThermonitor is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 179 iThermonitor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iThermonitor Is 21.9/100.

Is iThermonitor not working?

iThermonitor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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