Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker Reviews

Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-14

About: Glucose Tracker is a diabetes app built for tracking blood sugar, A1C,
medications and more. This makes it easy to identify trends and retain your data.

About Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker

What is Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker?

Glucose Tracker is a comprehensive diabetes app that helps users track their blood sugar levels, A1C, medications, weight, blood pressure, and more. The app offers an estimated A1C calculator, configurable reminders, and the ability to sync data between devices. It also integrates with HealthKit by writing all inputted entries to the Health app.



- Track blood sugar levels, A1C, medications, weight, blood pressure, carbohydrates, and ketones

- Schedule configurable reminders to check blood sugar levels

- Add notes to each record

- View a graph of your data

- Export a report for a loved one or healthcare professional

- Sync data between devices

- Estimate A1C level (for informational purposes only)

- Integrates with HealthKit by writing all inputted entries to the Health app.

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Key Benefits of Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker

- User-friendly interface

- Tracks all necessary information in one location

- Includes weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure tracking

- Presents information in a graph format

- Can text, email, or print graphs to present to healthcare providers

- No charge to use

- Provides estimated HbA1c and running average

- Includes a nutritional search function

- No annoying ads that take up half the screen

- Easy to make entries and tag them for time of day, before/after meals, etc.

- Filters make it easy to see trends

- Reminders to check blood sugar

20 Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Needs a little work

Coming from Android’s BG Monitor, I was looking for something equivalent in simplicity but still had the features I was used to and this was the closest I could find. For the most part it works fine but a few minor but deal killers for me.. First is the blood sugar is REQUIRED for an entry, sometimes a BG is not necessary if you are bolusing after a check/bolus/correction. I end up using the previous blood sugar and it messes with the averages displayed on the home screen. Second is the graph, when selecting a blood sugar it only displays the number and date, the time is not included which makes it difficult to target the exact time frame of a high/low trend. Third the contact information doesn’t work, it always displays “Cannot connect to server” at the top every time. There is also no feature for diet other than a notes section on each entry.

Perhaps once the bug with the contact method is fixed and I can get in touch I will change my review. GlucoseBloodSugarTracker has great potential but for me it’s not quite there yet.


So beautifully designed without all the other distractions from other glucose apps

Learning to help navigate a Type 1 diagnosis, and GlucoseBloodSugarTracker is by far the easiest to navigate and see the full picture at a glance. We’ve downloaded and tried several of the top apps to see which is easiest and has all the features we need. Once the developer releases med update (see notes below), we will update to 5 stars. Highly recommend GlucoseBloodSugarTracker for anyone tracking blood glucose, but especially for those newly diagnosed with diabetes.

- all features are free and no annoying ads that take up half the screen
- easy to make entries and tag them for time of day, before/after meals, etc.
- filters make it easy to see trends, and emailed reports have every detail you could want to share with your dr.
- estimates A1C at top of the screen (also free feature)
- can make suggestions to developer within GlucoseBloodSugarTracker ...and we got almost an instant response back! :)
- can set reminders throughout the day
- graph option gives clear picture of glucose trends

- can’t specify type of meds unless make a note on the feature (developer says this is coming soon)
- have to click on each entry to see the notes, so no way to see from overview screen which med was taken (hopefully med notes won’t be necessary with update)
- Apple Watch app isn’t functioning


Paid Ads Removal, Continued Ads placement

I am writing this review to protest the ads that have cropped on my screen when using GlucoseBloodSugarTracker to log my glucose readings. I would have rated GlucoseBloodSugarTracker with **** stars but I can’t get convinced to do so. When I downloaded GlucoseBloodSugarTracker, I PAID $ to have all ads removed. Why are you guys so sneaky at the way you push your ads to customers who have paid for ads to be removed? Why is my scream getting so distorted with your ads? Isn’t it unfair that you would not ask me for consent to place ads on my screen. We are diabetic patients who do not want to feel more stressed out by sifting through your ads just so we can use GlucoseBloodSugarTracker for what it was intended to do. I urge you to please, remove those ads from my scream, and hope that you take my complain serious. I might have to ask for a percentage of $ you get for placing your ads on my screen when you know ver well that, I paid to have them removed.
Frustrated app user.



I have just been diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago. I was using a paper log and thought there had to be an app to do this. I found this one. I really like it. Especially the reminders....BUT I only have to take my blood 2 days a week. I don’t want to turn off the reminders because I honestly need them, but it’s frustrating to have to get reminders every day instead of just the days I need it. I am so used to my phone calendar reminders that allows me to repeat reminders every week on the same days. I may go back to doing that. Other than the reminders, I think GlucoseBloodSugarTracker is pretty cool. I like the predicted A1C from my numbers. I also like the graph. I also like that I have a digital log and something easy I can show my doctor instead of having to remember to bring my paper log.


Was great, now going subscription model for little substance

I absolutely loved GlucoseBloodSugarTracker and would have gladly paid a one time fee to use it, but adding a subscription model?! Sticking a gross padlock on the A1C? (which as you state is just an estimate anyway) Seriously?

I just want to manage my diabetes, not be reminded multiple times a day that someone is trying make money off my health problem. It’s really kind of offensive and the reason I deleted every other diabetes app I tried.

The only thing worth a subscription would be access to a health professional who could help manage diabetes education and questions. Locking the rest of the features behind a subscription and not a one time fee is just going for money. Look I get it, everyone needs to make a living and earn money, and micro transactions and subscriptions are great avenue, but this move really cheapened a great app that stood out from a lot of other crappy ones.


SO Simple-Reduced Stress Level

Thank you for creating this glucose tracker. It is extremely user friendly ( I became very frustrated with many others), and it will track all that I need in one location-I was really concerned that no one had what I needed, but YOU DID IT! The only suggestion I would like to request would be to include a nutritional search function to eliminate the need for an additional app for that. I truly can’t thank you enough for creating GlucoseBloodSugarTracker-it has reduced my stress level dramatically.


Now disappointed

I have really liked GlucoseBloodSugarTracker and have faithfully used GlucoseBloodSugarTracker multiple times daily. Simple and will keep tracking of what I want to regard. Suddenly with no warning I must now pay anywhere from $3 to $5 monthly if I want the estimated A1C. No warning. Just suddenly it is locked. The thing is, the other two features that would be included in the paid app —I don’t foresee using one is to export graphics and the other is apparently for support. So now we would have to pay for support?

Prior to this evening when I noticed the A1C feature locked I would have given a 5 star rating. Now I feel the need to compare this to other diabetic apps before making a decision to keep it.


Beware of this app

I was checking GlucoseBloodSugarTracker out I accidentally press the button and I am now charged for one year subscription that I do not want or need. I’ve tried to contact the company to get a refund and it’s been over a week and no one has responded. At this point anyone who checks GlucoseBloodSugarTracker out be very careful about what button you press because you’ll end up being charged for something you do not want.
There’s does not seem to be any way to contact these people to get a response and help.


App is pretty accurate

When i went to the Dr for my regular blood test it came up pretty high at 11.5%. I started to monitor it and found GlucoseBloodSugarTracker helpful.

As I started inputing my daily sugar reads from my Meter in GlucoseBloodSugarTracker , it came to the time i had to get another blood test ordered by my Dr. I never missed a day checking my blood sugar 8 times daily. The Blood tests HGB A1C came back at a whopping 7.9%. GlucoseBloodSugarTracker read 7.12% so GlucoseBloodSugarTracker is pretty accurate with the estimated %. I recommend this appto track your sugar reading. Awesome App.


Another update to lock out features.

First, they updated and it locked out A1C unless you subscribe. Then it locked out more information on the data/insights page. Today there was an update with a “new and improved graph”...which is only visible if you pay a ridiculously high subscription.

This was a great app. Would have paid a flat fee as it had all the features I wanted and presented data in an easy to understand manner. Now it’s a micro transaction horror. It’s being removed from my phone and I’ll b using a different app that, while ad supported, doesn’t lock away the basic functionality.

Shame, as at my follow up yesterday my doctor really liked the way GlucoseBloodSugarTracker presented test results.


Incredible app

GlucoseBloodSugarTracker has everything from weight to blood sugar to blood pressure. Can even include weight and the best part presents all the info in a graph. You can text, email or print the graphs to present to your Provider. Great app.

Update: Still impressed with GlucoseBloodSugarTracker with exception of trying to print graphs for my Dr to see because they don’t print very well and don’t fit within the margins but otherwise still impressed with GlucoseBloodSugarTracker .


If an app could be perfect, it would be this.

I really can't say enough about GlucoseBloodSugarTracker. It has helped me keep track of my blood sugar numbers in such an easy and organized way. There are no frills, no bugs, no ads, and most of all, no charge to use! You punch in your numbers, they're stored and even graphed for you. I showed this to my doctor at my last appointment and they were impressed by the simplicity and ease of use. You will not regret GlucoseBloodSugarTracker!


Constant use; excellent

Simple, elegant, data recorder. I can see where it might not work as well for T1D’s as T2 and Pre-D, but it works very well for me. Love the running average; love the estimated HbA1c. Data entry is smooth and simple, space for notes is great! I don’t use the reminders at all. The trend graph is a good tool also. Easier to show a medico than the mess that printed out when I emailed to myself!
I do love an app such as this one that does what it promises, and does it invisibly. Thank you!


Great App

The thing I love about GlucoseBloodSugarTracker is besides keeping a log of your glucose readings, it lets you know what your A1C will be if you continue following whatever diet you may be following. It’s one thing to know what your blood sugar is but seeing changes in your A1C, that makes it easy to see the affect of what you are eating on your blood sugar and change as necessary. I use GlucoseBloodSugarTracker and the Loseit app to stay on track. Thank you developer!


Apple watch app not working

Would give GlucoseBloodSugarTracker an overall 5 stars, but device syncing over all still has problems. Finally able to sync iPad with iPhone, but Apple Watch still says “no data”? I was told by support that they are working on an update for this problem. Until then I would suggest removing the Apple Watch icon from App Store as it doesn’t exist yet. When it is fixed I will come back and rate a 5.


Great app

Wow. What can I say but how wonderful GlucoseBloodSugarTracker is and how grateful I am to have it. I managed to reverse my pre-diabetes from 5.8 to a non pre-diabetic 5.3 and effectively track my glucose any time of day. I like how GlucoseBloodSugarTracker averages glucose for the day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days. It gives the time of day and date for each entry. Thank you for developing GlucoseBloodSugarTracker for us. I’m using the free version.



my husband and I both use GlucoseBloodSugarTracker to track our blood sugar and A1C average. This is the only number our doctor asks for when we see him every 3 months. He also looks at the graph if he feels there is a need. Now the A1C is licked and costs $30 to unlock! Is this greed or stupidity? It was free but now we will no longer use this but go in for testing instead. It all costs the same and at least I get to see my doctor when I have it checked there! What a bummer. I could tell if I needed to be worried before now I am back to having to figure this myself. SHAME ON YOU!


How frustrating....

I have been using GlucoseBloodSugarTracker since my diagnosis of diabetes and have shared it with many due to the tracking of sugars, seeing an estimated A1C and the visual tracking feature. How disappointed and frustrating it is when you open GlucoseBloodSugarTracker ...and BOOM now it’s money to review those things that have been encouraging and helpful to stay on track. thanks. Will be removing GlucoseBloodSugarTracker. Not sure the reason for the was not for the better. Will be warning others about this once praised app and sudden costly changes that magically appear while disappearing features you have been using with no warning.


My T2D Tracker

This is all new to me and actually has made me more diligent with my regiment daily. I’m happy with the tracking charts because I can see what’s going on that is invisible to the eyes if I wasn’t aware of what T2D does without knowing the importance of taking care of yourself correctly. I check and track more because of the simplicity of this tracking app. It’s a blessing that I have another day of living to celebrate.


Simple to use

UPDATE - The developer contacted me and answered my concerns. There is a way to contact the developer in the settings on GlucoseBloodSugarTracker but this link was previously broken but seems to work now. So I raised my rating to 4 stars. GlucoseBloodSugarTracker is very simple to use. Hopefully the developer reads these reviews because there doesn’t seem to be away to contact them. I am on pills rather than insulin injections. I would like to have a way to record the name and dosage of my medication in GlucoseBloodSugarTracker .


Great Application

it’s easy to use. Right to the point and uncomplicated. I have been looking for an app like this that’s quick and easy for my busy life style . Had a Doctor appointment and was able to show him my progress. I love it . The Only change I would suggest is the graphing of the data should be displayed horizontally not gust vertically because it compresses the data to much over time and hard to read. I check my A1c
4 Times a day; X 30 days =120 data points. Vertical room on my screen is about 2.5 inches , horizontally it’s about 8.5 inches . Thanks ! Richard

Is Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker Safe?

Yes. Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19,101 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker Is 26.5/100.

Is Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker Legit?

Yes. Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19,101 Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker Is 41.4/100..

Is Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker not working?

Glucose Blood Sugar Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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