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Find and book the cheapest trips with By connecting nearly a thousand
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    BEWARE! Stole my credit card information

    WOW...Do your research before buying through this site. Shortly after buying my ticket my cc information was stolen and someone tried to fraudulently purchase hundreds of dollars of goods in my name and address. I am horrified. Thankfully my bank stopped the criminal and I have figured out their location. I am connected to high authorities and if my flight does not go smoothly I will report this company immediately. I am suspicious that although I have paid for my ticket I don’t see my spot reserved or reflected on the airline database. This company should learn that dishonesty is a sure road to massive failure. Hopefully my flight goes well so Kiwi can earn a better review. UPDATE: I changed my review from 1 star (due to poor information security & lack of customer service communication) to 3 starts because my flight from CLE to MSP went smoothly and I paid a great price. However, in the future I will not make the mistake of purchasing via third party companies, & I urge you do purchase tickets directly from the airline for peace of mind.

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    Horrible service with zero post booking accountability

    I never write reviews but I felt compelled to write this to warn others. I booked through Kiwi last summer for a trip to Greece and thought it would save me a few dollars. Kiwi didn’t send me a booking confirmation and when I called they said they couldn’t find it in their system and therefore it was nonexistent. They gave me the assurance it was ok to rebook it. TWO weeks after the fact they sent me an email and said they found the original booking and couldn’t find it when I called due to an email typo! When I asked for a refund for the double booking they showed zero accountability and said there isn’t much they can refund since it was a nonrefundable flight! So now I’m stuck with an extra +$750 flight! That’s just not right. Also be warned, connections are super inconvenient esp in the UK since you have to go through security clearance and recheck bags AGAIN with tight layovers. It is not worth a few dollars you think you’re saving upfront for the added stress and a claims department that won’t help once they’ve taken your credit card info. Stay away!!

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    Too much trouble for little savings

    Hi, I used this app for a short trip. I would not use it again. The prices were ok but not Wow savings. The flights looked a little funky as there was a “connection” on the way back but it turns out even though it was the same airline we had to clear immigration in UK, recheck the bags and go thru security again - the flights are treated as separate. For the sake of convenience they check you in automatically to your flights. When I went to print my boarding pass a day before, to my horror I discovered I made a mistake when buying the ticket: I had misspelled my last name. A call to kiwi customer service did not help, I was supposed to scan my passport, email it to them and wait 48h for an answer to see if it was even possible to change the flight back, for a fee. For my first flight I was told I was on my own. I was lucky that Norwegian made the change for my first flight right away. I called Easyjet later and they did the return flights changes free of charge, no passport needed. I will not use this app again.

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    Wish I could give them 0 stars. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, especially if you value your sanity. They angered and frustrated me so much I was left stranded crying in the airport overnight. My flight was delayed and I called them and they refused to change my connecting flight because they didn’t want the chance of even losing a few dollars. It is so frustrating to have the people on the phone flat out tell you they care more about the money than you ever getting home. After literally 8 phone calls to their customer service line - they still refused to help me at all - I ended up getting stranded in LA overnight. They promised to get me out of LA but the only flight options they sent me were 6 days late and to cities I was not going to. I wanted to be home so they said I could book my own flight the next morning and be refunded fully. They refunded me only 1/4 of the amount of my ticket. They are a scam that just wants your money and they do not care what happens to you. I will never use this service again - worst travel experience of my life.

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    Kiwi flights USED to be good, now I’m experiencing issues

    When I first discovered kiwi I didn’t really have any issues I paid online I was able to make all of my flights there were no delays in flights I didn’t experience any issues from the complaints that I read but as I continue to use this app for my traveling I began to notice that I am encountering problems. On my last trip the airplane was was so delayed that I almost missed my flight and luckily they held it for me as I rushed like a bat out of hell trying to get through security to make it to my plane, Most recently when I went to book a flight, the summary which INCLUDED luggage showed me a price of $803 the next day i checked my bank statement and noticed they charged me $903 and separated the luggage fee which is NOT what i agreed to pay in the app when i was asked to confirm my payment which INCLUDED luggage!! Customer service had NO explanation. I’m done using this company before i start to experience problems worse than these.

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    Wow they weren’t playing about cheap prices

    I’ve been planning a trip to visit my best friend on the other side of the world and all the other apps to claim to have the ‘cheapest flights available ‘ either went higher or were just the same copy/pasted flights with copy/pasted prices. I was bout to drop $900 on a flight till I found this app, going for $680 instead!?! That’s insanely cheaper and cuts half my expenses ! Not to mention the layovers for the flight are exceedingly shorter than the +13 hour layover the other competitors had!! So not only is it cheaper but also way shorter in comparison, more time for me to spend with my friend!! Highly recommend for penny pinchers or people in need of a genuinely good company to book with 😊

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    Don’t fooled by the lower price

    Kiwi says they guarantee the delayed/missed connections. What they don’t say is they sell you a ticket looks like they are connected but actually they are separate. Airlines don’t take responsibility of the missed connections. Even though it was known that I would miss my connecting flight before getting on the plane, Kiwi would not reroute me. When I got to the connecting flight airport, there were no flights out of that city to my destination. Kiwi would take 2-4hours to make a decision when it was already 8pm and I had been traveling all day. When they came back they offered a longest trip possible and not even to the city I was flying (nearby city). Because I decided to book a different flight, they did not pay for the hotel and already paid hotel at my destination. They refunded the flight I missed but not the amount shown on the ticket. Each flight was priced separately on the ticket because they were not connected flights and from different carriers.

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    Helps find deals

    This is a great app to use to help find deals, and routes using different airlines. The problem is when you book through them. They tell you that you will get your boarding pass sometime between 48hrs and 0hrs before you leave. That is a problem, especially if you are trying to plan ahead and print out your boarding passes. Also, adding luggage can be hard after you purchased the ticket. I still haven’t been able to figure out how to add luggage after a booking! The best way to use the app is to find a route, and then purchase the tickets yourself directly from discount airlines. Then it is effortless to add luggage, print our boarding passes etc... if it were easier to add luggage after booking, and to know exactly when you could expect to get your boarding passes, I would recommend it- even with the fees. But, so far my experience has been difficult. If things change I’ll update this post.

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    Poor customer service

    I used Kiwi in the past without a glitch. Two months ago I ordered a ticket for Dec. 20th. It was confirmed and I was charged on my visa for the ticket. When I went back to the app. 2 days ago, there is no sign of the ticket I purchased. Trying to get ahold of customer service has been impossible. I hit a brick wall because without the booking # I couldn’t reach anyone. I finally put all zeros in for the booking number and finally got a response. 3 different People from the company have now emailed me asking for the same information. I was never sent an email as promised at time if purchase and now a week before my departure I have a bill and no ticket or info about the purchase. If you are planning to use this company, beware. I have now filed a dispute claim against them with the credit card company for a refund of my money. In the meantime I started at square one booking with another carrier for an extra $250. Please be careful.

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    Excellent app & service

    I usually don’t write reviews but felt very strongly about my experience with Kiwi that I wanted to share how great they were. I usually book my own trips/flights however I took a chance with Kiwi and was blown away with the help I received whenever things looked like they would have gone wrong had I planned it. The whole team at Kiwi was personal and always helpful; they listened to my concerns whenever I had them and absolutely stood behind me whenever there was a problem which travel plans can throw at you. Overall, a pleasant experience and I look forward to working with them!

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    Avoid kiwi at all cost!!! Like the bird kiwi- its flightless!! You will not get anywhere

    Stay away from Kiwi!! I tried getting my refund for a flight that did not guaranteed me seats. And this because I specifically told them that me and my husband are traveling with kids age 6 and 9 years old. All they did was sent us a link to buy our seats, after we bought the seats we still didn't get a choice to seat together. They told us that their team was working on getting us a seat. The back and forth with the customer service via email and phone are totally not worth it!! Better book directly through airlines and save yourself some stress and headache. We lost $2500 on a flight, and the only refund they could give us is $65. This is after the back and forth and lots of effort on our part. So be warned and avoid this company at all cost!! SCAMMERS!! Since we lost $2500- we are looking into a legal action with this company.

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    Don’t waste your time installing this app. If you read all the reviews the 5 star reviews are all clearly written by the same person. Then install the app and nothing the reviews say is true. The all too often mentioned “UI” is awful! The capital of the great state of Texas isn’t even in the app. I searched several ways for Austin, TX and it “can not be found”! That’s borderline offensive. I did another round trip search for a different trip and found a great price, but when I selected the flight details the screen refreshed and the very same flight 2 seconds later increased $250! This is one of the shadiest apps I’ve ever installed and I want these last 30 minutes of my life back! Y’all should be ashamed and Apple should remove you from their AppStore! To your response absolutely not. You know your app is awful and all your reviews are fake. Fake reviews are enough to make me not ever want to deal with you people again

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    So far.

    So far kiwi is 0 stars in my book. I updated this to 3 stars. I barely used the app. It didn’t help me any originally and I never went back to try again. I won’t go higher than 3 stars because of the original issues. It wouldn’t allow me to register my account, (so I can see my booking info on very concerned I paid for a flight and they took my money.) it was very stressful for me. I did learn from the airline this company didn’t provide my email address. They would have emailed me my ticket info and boarding pass. Had they given the airline my info - I would have had far less stress. This is my updated review. I started with 1 Star - because I was so upset about everything. This ticket was my return flight - I almost don’t go on my trip because of all this.

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    A little confusing

    The pricing is great & so accessible. My complaint is it’s a little difficult to navigate the information. They send a TON of invites to add to your google calendar with weird times that you’re not even scheduled for. They’re also not terribly clear on what your schedule is in general. I got an email the day prior that I had a flight on Frontier from San Diego to San Antonio & then back. But my flight was Virgin from San Francisco to San Diego then Frontier back to San Antonio. I tried to email costumer support but only got a reply that I need to check in to Frontier even though the flight wasn’t Frontier. I only assumed it might be Virgin & was right. The app has awesome potential to be great. It’s just very glitchy & difficult to understand at this point.

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    Lost $400 on under-24-hr cancellation

    Kiwi lost me $400 on flights I should have been able to easily cancel on my own free of a cancellation charge within 24 hours of purchase. Kiwi has an extremely long cancellation response time - their terms literally say THIRTY DAYS. As a result, my travel plans to see my friend’s wedding are sunk. In the US, the Dep’t of Transportation recognizes that changed plans and human error occur often. Consequently, ANY FLIGHT can be cancelled without any charge within 24 hours. Unless you booked via Kiwi. I cancelled my flights after 20 hours and Kiwi failed to contact Delta in time! I knew this was a risk and that’s why I personally called Kiwi on their service line (that took 20 minutes of digging on their website to find) to attempt to accelerate the process. The customer service agent (who spoke English as a second language and struggled a bit) said he could do NOTHING to speed up the process. It was like watching a train crash in slow motion without being able to do anything about it. As I had feared, this morning (36 hours after my purchase) I got an email saying that a refund was unavailable from Delta. Of course it was! Because Kiwi took so long to contact Delta about it! There needs to be a way to perform the cancellation IMMEDIATELY.

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Is Cheap Travel Deals Safe?

No. Cheap Travel Deals does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,746 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Cheap Travel Deals Is 15.7/100.

Is Cheap Travel Deals Legit?

No. Cheap Travel Deals does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,746 Cheap Travel Deals User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Cheap Travel Deals Is 15.7/100.

Is Cheap Travel Deals not working? Cheap Travel Deals works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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