Arc Search Reviews

Arc Search Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-02

About: Arc Search is the modern, fast, and AI-enabled mobile browsing experience
you’ve been waiting for. KEY FEATURES - Auto-up keyboard to start searching
with fewer taps - Always-on ad, tracker, and banner blocking - Browse for Me to
summarize many webpages at once and find answers faster - Auto-archive inactive
tabs to keep things tidy - Reader mode to minimize distractions ABOUT ARC
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About Arc Search

Arc Search is the modern, fast, and AI-enabled mobile browsing experience you’ve been waiting for.


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The theme is realism

I’ve used Arc for Mac since August of 2023 and I love what it is and what it stands for. Chrome is so many people’s go-to browser, but it is so stable being just that, that there is no innovation. Arc breaks out of the typical web browser stereotype and actually brings what real people want. They have a team that feels real. They aren’t some far away team at google or Firefox. They are a real team of people that genuinely want to improve what we call a browser and make it personal and so smooth. Updates every Thursday is something I can count on to bring new stuff that I’ll love. So far Arc for iPhone is exactly all of the innovation and redefining of a browser that it is for Mac, and it’s exactly the innovation and redefining that I want.


All in on AI

What makes this browsing app different from safari or the google app? Unless I’m missing something, it’s just the AI powered “browse for me”. I haven’t been able to use it enough to know how useful it’s going to be, but I have high hopes!

The biggest improvement from ArcSearch’s predecessor is not needing to have iCloud storage to operate. Big win, and it means I can actually use it.

The biggest downside is that, well, it doesn’t really bring what I love about the computer browser to the phone. I have my whole work flow centered around being able to organize tabs into a folder structure. I recognize that that this wouldn’t be as useful on a mobile browser but I was hopeful that the team would be able to find a way to capture that magic. And I’m just not convinced that another “maybe gimmicky AI tool” is it. But like I said, high hopes!


It just feels right

Like most people, I generally use Google Chrome as the first step in a search for answers. Secondary is to enter an exact URL. Arc feels like it’s geared towards putting search and answer retrieval right at the front, with built in AI generated pages to cut through the noise. It feels like I’m browsing the web as a celebrity, with all of the ads and sponsored content being held at bay by my security team. Instantly added to my tab bar. Only thing that might improve it for me is an Arc version of incognito mode or integrated VPN, and the ability to access my profiles and bookmarks from the desktop version of Arc.


A young app with potential

Pro: Arc is intuitive and streamlined, if you have any experience browsing on your phone you can avoid fluff and find results as quick or quicker than other browsers.
Neutral: The main sell of ArcSearch is the summary feature ‘browse for me’. The summary was mostly accurate, generating a page based on multiple results, however may miss the most pertinent info. e.g.) listing the accomplishments of an individual but neglecting to offer any context to their body of work.
Con: The summary feature can be dreadfully slow, while waiting for a brief summary i found myself considering simply googling the specific information I wanted.

Takeaway: overall, offers a fun and novel feature, but not enough to warrant a switch from the utility of other powerhouse apps.


Beautifully Simple

This application is exceptionally swift and provides an enjoyable experience, enabling me to effortlessly search for items and swiftly navigate to my favorite sections. Its design is notably user-friendly, allowing comfortable operation with just one hand, setting it apart from the complexity often found in other browsers. Its intuitive nature is a breath of fresh air, simplifying my browsing experience in a way that feels natural and straightforward. In essence, ArcSearch embodies the perfect blend of speed, ease, and intuitive design, encapsulating everything I desire in a mobile browser, and presenting it in a refined, accessible format.



Immediately the browse for me is a game changer and now is my default browser. I don't switch browsers, I haven't in 10 years. So that's a feat.

That being said, a feature request, once I engage "browse for me" sometimes it summarizes the info I'm not really interested in, a quick fix for this is to "ask the websites it browsed some questions" so once it gives me all its info I can ask it another question and it adds that information at the end of its "created webpage". A far superior chatGPT browsing experience.


Awesome, but missing a few things

Holly cow, this search is epic. The ai thing works like a dream. Only missing a few things.

1 - I wish this linked up with our arc browser on my Mac. They have another app but it just be discontinued because I can’t find it anymore. Hopefully they link them together so I can get quick access to all my saved tabs on my phone.

2 - No Widget! A search bar widget would take this to the next level. Similar to what Google chrome does.

3 - Notifications. I’d like to be able to search something, and have it notify me when the ai is done. Potentially even a setting so that when I leave ArcSearch it knows I don’t need it right away and spends extra time making the web page even better.

4 - Local AI search. When searching for bars near me or restaurants near me it could use some refining. It doesn’t really tell me enough about the actual location. It should offer directions, a link to see their reviews, and more like that.


Reinventing mobile browsing and I’m here for it

Such an amazing mobile browser that’s quick, intuitive, and very polished for a new app. It’s leveraging AI to browse your search phrase for you from multiple sites and compiling results in a webpage built around your search.

One bug spotted in the recent update is opening a tab in the background doesn’t always load the images or loads a placeholder used for lazy loading. To fix you have to refresh the page.


Pretty good so far!

I love to break and test things, so the first thing I did was submit a few searches that were begging for misinformation such as “5 Scientifically Proven Ways for an Adult Male to Get Taller”. To my surprise, the “Browse for Me” feature was pretty good at filtering out misinformation.

Why doesn’t this have 5 stars? Two reasons.

For one, I have an Arc browser I use every single day on desktop and I can’t import my workspaces to seamlessly flow from desktop to mobile.

Secondly, the web page that the “Browse for Me” feature generates probably ought to have the citations inside the initial bullets in addition to the ones at the bottom of the page. These could even just be simple super script anchor tags and it would help users like myself jump to a web page from the generated list even faster.

Great product that I will now attempt to use as my default browser. I will definitely be changing my review to 5/5 if there are improvements.


Love it but missing a few features

Definitely needs better tab management. The switch tab button being on the left is more annoying than convenient. Hands down the best feature is the “browse for me” button so I can quickly get what I need.

As nice as it is to have the keyboard show up whenever I click ArcSearch after a period of time trying to go into it after I had to check another app and having to swipe the keyboard away like a fly gets annoying quickly.

For a first version it’s five stars but in order to keep this my default browser (which I desperately want to do) the small little annoying things need to be fixed before it becomes my daily driver.

Much love to the Arc team, hoping “Browse for me” becomes a feature on desktop as well! 😁


Arc for iPad

Hello, Browser Company. I have been using and loving Arc for Mac for a while now, and was excited to have the same experience on my mobile devices. When I tried Arc on my iPad, I was amazed by all the cool features, especially the Browse For Me. I do have a problem, though. Since Arc is not optimized for tablets, ArcSearch just appears as a vertical window in the middle of my screen, which is first, not taking advantage of the larger screen, and second, inefficient and annoying because it is small and ugly. Please optimize Arc for iPad, and I will resume using it as my main mobile browser.


Slimy first impression

I like to ease into new apps, and give them greater prominence once they've proved themselves. But Arc Search uses manipulative practices in the onboarding screens to get you to commit to making Arc your default browser before you can even use ArcSearch . If you say not yet, they tell you that they're going to disable some of the most useful features until you make them the default. These features are in no way dependent on the browser being made the default, they're withholding them purely to manipulate your behavior. Ick. Deleting. Before even trying. And I was so eager to try it. But this flipped me 180 and it's unlikely to win me back now.


Big Improvements

Excited to see the changes made here. I think it’s headed in the right direction. The older version of ArcSearch was missing some key features, like easy tab switching, which this version brings to life.

Great animations. Can’t wait to see the progress!

Only slight annoyance is that the back button is hidden within the up chevron. This feels kind of cumbersome to use. Something like the old app might have better feel (accessible directly next to the search button or something)


The Best of Both Worlds

AI search like Perplexity is game changing, but stuck with the same old browser. Browsing with Arc is game changing but with the same old search engines. Arc Search does both and does a great job when using other searches like ChatGPT and Perplexity. Even when you search there, when you click link to open in full browser, Arc Search comes in and makes the experience beautiful and continues the AI experience!

You guys are amazing!


Revolutionary for the mobile use!

First of all, I enjoy the realistic UI elements that are implemented through out ArcSearch . Also, I’ve been loving my experience so far using and learning about the “Browse for Me” options it made it 100% better now. Although my only small problem is that I wish I could save the photos to my album given in the summary of the “Browse for Me” as it would make it so much easier.


arc search 🥰🔍

it’s the best app. (period) the ui could evolve to be more functional like bringing easels and more from arc desktop but search is amazing. Browse For Me. the best feature obv it’s ai and it’s great it just the start of a new era of search based ai and set it to duckduckgo and you got a rlly nice search setup there. i also must say its mandatory to replace safari on your dock with ArcSearch and if you have google or chrome there I’m really disappointed… change it to arc.


Pleasant User Experience

I’ve been testing a beta of the Arc browser on windows for the past week or so and while it doesn’t match its Mac counterpart in available features yet, I still find it truly unique and a pleasure to use.
So it’s only natural that I installed the mobile the day it became available.
It’s beautiful to look at. Feels streamlined and built-in. I can’t wait to see what’s next from The Browser Company of New York.


Faith in The Browser Company

Although ArcSearch needs polishing, and the search results need refinement/reworking in some ways, I have faith that this company will deliver a 5 star product in the end.

Their Arc desktop browser is the most beautiful browser I have ever seen, but it’s also packed with nuance that makes it a wonderful experience to use.

Check that product out to get a glimpse in the future of this one.


The future of browsers

There are many things in life I will fall apart if is changed and my browser is one of them I’ve been a dedicated chrome user since I’ve been able to use a computer. Arc browser took all the things that chrome did well and expanded on it.. I was so excited to see an email saying the. Mobile version was released now I can’t wait for windows to be available 😊


Part of my Arc-senal!

I have been using the Arc companion app since its launch— hoping for something more as it didn’t quite scratch the same itch that the Mac browser did for me.

Now after using the new Arc Search after seeing some teasers and finally getting a download off ArcSearch Store, mobile finally has a time to shine. AI-based Arc Max features are great & I already have abandoned the Arc companion + Safari. Never going back!


Amazing all-around

I always loved Arc especially on macOS, and when it dropped on iOS I knew that I would use it for certain, and I did! But I thought the “Browse for Me” feature was useless, boy was I wrong! I never expected myself to use it but now I always use it when I want a quick answer to quite literally anything. And I can’t forget to mention the amazing gestures, probably the first iOS browser to beat Safari at the gesture usability and how native they feel. And the look of the entire browser is just beyond beautiful. Amazing all-around


Decent browser, but B- ad blocking

Very slick interface but the adblocker doesn’t compare to what I have enabled for Safari on iOS (via Wipr + AdGuard).

As an example clear all cookies/cache and then Google search any phrase. On the bottom of Google results page you will see a banner that says “Fast access to Google - Get the new Google widget - Get ArcSearch ”. You can “X” out of this banner but it will reappear every so often, and it will reappear when you clear cookies/cache. On Safari for iOS I have this completely blocked.

If you want to get us nerds and techies to switch over, the ad blocker needs to be more robust. What you have is a great start though.


Improvements for reader view

Good app but there needs to be improvements with the reader view. Websites that I can use reader view on Safari don’t work here. Also, there should be an option to default reader view on for certain websites like in Safari. Also it’s annoying that the search bar pops up by default every time ArcSearch is opened so there definitely needs to be an option to turn that off. Last thing is there needs to be a setting to change the navigation bar at the bottom to black so some sort of dark mode.


Gamechanger - Browse for me

+ Browse for me does the best job I have seen for GPT powered search!

As someone who has used ChatGPT since release, and Bing / Copilot for 6+ months I can say this is revolutionary! The Browse feature does an outstanding job with comparisons and summarization! Whatever Arc does behind the scenes to generate the search queries does an excellent job of getting more varied sources than a vanilla google search would, and including some point / counterpoint “expert” sources.

- I wish the default option when entering a query was browse for me,


Pace of Updates is Wild

ArcSearch started pretty barebones and was definitely not ready to be my default phone browser. However, multiple updates within the week ArcSearch launched have drastically improved it. The addition of Kagi as a search engine is wonderful, and I look forward to tab syncing with Arc desktop. The only thing is that I do miss certain extensions for safari, especially a dark mode for web pages (like noir).


Greatest App Since A.I.

Arc Search is magic. The “Browse For Me” feature generates high quality answers, and even adds additional info. It’s criminal that we haven’t had a search browser capable of sifting between multiple websites until now. Not even Bard or ChatGPT can provide an experience like this. This is a genuine tool from a company that cares about us and the web. The UI is really clean (like the desktop version). Overall, Arc Search makes searching fun.



I'm in love with ArcSearch. Seriously, thank you for just creating a simple, straightforward tool that can be downloaded and used in under a minute. No tedious account setup, no intrusive ads, no subscription pop-ups, and best of all, ArcSearch is simple enough to not even need a tutorial — you just type in whatever you'd like to search, and a beautiful, minimalistic article self-generates that provides more than enough knowledge than what a half-hour of searching on Google would have taught. I especially appreciate that ArcSearch just sticks to what it was designed best for and isn't attempting to execute additional features that aren't as useful. I definitely look forward to seeing what else this company has to offer! Their products feel very well intentioned.


Amazing, needs some work

I absolutely love Arc on Mac. And I so much want to be able to use Arc on all of my devices. But the truth is I don’t use my iPhone for web browsing that much. I use my iPad and my Mac. And unfortunately, there is no version of any arc for iPad natively. only the scaled versions of the iPhone apps, which are unfortunately just not suitable for normal browsing. At least there is the Arc sync app where I can get my tabs that I need. But that just adds many extra steps when on iPad it would be nice to just have an arc with sync and with all the features, that should be an arc. The four stars, however are because I know it is still new and I know they’re still working on everything. The one star missing is just for the fact that there is no native iPad app and there is no all in one app in general. If you have a Mac, I absolutely recommend downloading Arc. And if you use your iPhone for web browsing also recommend. And if you have an iPad, I would highly recommend sending out your request to the developers so that they know that it should be a priority.


Useful but needs work

ArcSearch is a joy to use and is a better experience in many ways to using a traditional browser and search engine. The “browse for me” feature will provide more detailed and sometimes faster answers than searching on google. However, it doesn’t always interpret questions or searches perfectly depending on what you ask it. My major complaint is that I run it on an IPhone X and it is painfully laggy in comparison to using google chrome. In addition, the browse for me feature is not as instantaneous as a google search, which is often inconvenient.

You should try it if you haven’t, because it is overall a positive and unique internet browsing experience. If they address these problems then I may consider using it as my default browser. But for now, I’m sticking with chrome.


It’s good but needs improvement

I love ARC search it’s not my go to browser just yet but I kinda like keeping my two types of browsing separate. Arc is great when I want a list of options a comprehensive look at a topic so I can dive deeper. The problem is I just want to dive deeper into this rabbit hole but I can’t. I feel like this is a fundamental feature missing to this whole idea, please add some sort of “Reply” System where I can ask a question that would dive into further specifics of the original/last search.

This has already transformed my ability to get a lot of information quickly. We are at the beginning of a new Era!

Is Arc Search Safe?

Yes. Arc Search is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 404 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Arc Search Is 77.2/100.

Is Arc Search Legit?

Yes. Arc Search is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 404 Arc Search User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Arc Search Is 96/100..

Is Arc Search not working?

Arc Search works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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