My Verizon Reviews

My Verizon Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-06

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My Verizon Reviews

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    Not many words needed , just AMAZING

    I have been with Verizon about 3yrs now after leaving 12 + years of Att . I regret never leaving sooner as its been the best service , customer service , best plans etc... I mean ever aspect of the company i have dealt with even on warranty side have been transparent , straight forward and helped far beyond any other company could even come Close to. The plans are amazing and cheaper with fast service . After switched , my wife regretted she did not wait and re-signed a short contract with Sprint as she did not want to wait . By they way which is the worst service and company i have yet to witness out there, no joke at all. She ended up paying her device off a few months earlier and paid out contract because she could not wait any longer to actually have a functioning service. Lol we have played many load games , just so i can express to her how bad sprint is. Many times I would give her 3-4 min. Of time ahead of me before i even started my search that took only a few seconds . She loves now she can get her unlimited apple music free , unlimited data , super fast service . So she can stream her movies or even use her facebook without wifi now. Love Verizon and as long as they stay as they are now , i won’t be leaving !!!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING

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    Love hate relationship

    Verizon coverage is good to great but overall as a company UNETHICAL does begin to describe how they operate. Had the “original” unlimited data and they targeted me and a sales associate blatantly lied about what I would receive instead of the plan that could have been restored but it has never been nor will it be. They told me a mall store employee who was a “3rd party” or contractor sometimes targets customers and they can’t do anything. In fact they couldn’t tell me who let them know to cancel my plan nor which store the request came from. Brilliant CEO because if they don’t know who did it how can they undo what was done by which store and who? I worked with 6 different techs and somehow literally my Data in the cloud and “ON MY Computer” got erased and I spent entire summer trying to retrieve it and my tax info and history was lost forever. Ended up I found the notes I took during the conversation when I was targeted and so I called the number and surprise surprise but someone answered saying “Verizon call center....”. The person who did the change was Bernadette according to my notes and the Verizon customer service guy verified she was actually not at work but he would send her an email. I told him I didn’t think he would be too helpful once he understood the reason for my call. So many other issues but for 10 years I had hand me down phones from my husband and

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    Big corporation cares about the little guy

    We have been with Verizon for 19 years, and in all that time I think I may have contact Verizon about 5 times and that is not a lie. Their coverage is second to none. But the real reason I’m writing this review is to let anyone that will take the time to read this know that some big corporations really do care about their customers. I just received an email from Verizon letting me know that I was approaching my data limit. They didn’t have to do that, they could have said nothing and charged me for my overage. But instead they showed me options to upgrade my plan at a reduced price. I took them up on their offer and received an additional 4 gigs of data immediately. Many large multinational corporations really don’t care about customer support and just pay you lip service to keep taking your hard earned money. Verizon is not one of those companies. I would not have stayed with them for 19 years if I thought otherwise. Stick with what works, the grass may look greener on the other side, but that only lasts until the promotion ends. This is an honest review and I have not been compensated to write this review

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    Disappointed long time customer.

    I purchased a new phone through Verizon but had to pick up the phone at a store in Stuart Florida. Once there, they ended up selling me a new iPad. What they neglected to tell me was that they would require me to have a two year contract plan for a new number and data plan. My intent in buying the iPad was to FaceTime with my Grandchildren. I contacted customer service and although they were very helpful they could not do anything about the two year contract. In addition to purchasing a new phone, I also bought an Otter case, protective screen and a quick charger. I was promised that I would receive those items excluding the phone in two days. I was advised that I would need to be there to sign for the items. Well, they never arrived and I wasted an entire day waiting. The items were delivered on the next day and left at my door. No one signed for them. Upon opening the box I was surprised to find a Samsung quick charger. The directions clearly state that this charger can only be compatible with a Samsung product. When I contacted customer service they laughed and said an iPhone will not work with that charger. I said, “you people sent it to me after purchasing an iPhone”. I reordered another quick charger and it came two days later. I’m completely disappointed and more than likely switching to another carrier. A long time Verizon customer!!! Joe Johnson

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    Reception is dependable. Customer service is acceptable, mostly. The quality of customer service has declined in recent years as customer base expanded, however I have found if you have the patience to call back when service has been unacceptable, odds are decent that you will receive better service on the second call (sometimes a third try is required). I have stayed for over 10 years because my personal experience with Sprint was worse and AT&T I have found to be less than honest (my personal opinion) in their practices based on my personal experience with home services. AT&T's MO with me has always been to apologize that I was misled yet refuse to take financial responsibility for the misleading representation or relieve me of the resulting loss. Historically I do my upgrades between Black Friday & Christmas and Verizon has had attractive promotions in that timeframe. However I am disappointed in Verizon's holiday promotions for the iPhone so far this year. Hope they get better. The up to $300 off they advertise is NOT a discount because they require you trade-in your current phone. You can sell your phone on any number of sites, Verizon is at best paying what you are owed for your phone, so no discount. I have never noticed this kind of deception (my personal opinion) in Verizon advertising/ promotions before. Trust it won't be a pattern

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    Can I please get better service from Verizon y’all were amazing At customer service 100

    I think you guys are in awesome company but I don’t enjoy I deal of having an unlimited plan unlimited data and I’ve only use 9.5 gigs of my service and I have been getting multiple text,3 maybe four reminders just in my email alone for a Verizon bill due reminder. I tried to get on the riser multiple times and I can only get through the world robot that wouldn’t even help me with anything get me a live person or as I kept getting was the message Verizon is having difficulty’s of horrible service of two weeks. I have tried contacting Verizon wireless about and issue with my data been slow down because I got a text message about we apologize but there’s is a higher chance reducing my data??? I thought I wanted top of the line service cause I have always seen Verizon at the top of every wireless service!!!! Please can I get the awesome amazing service I had lol 😀 oh and Verizon Wireless did an amazing job with the setup of a BRAND NEW IPHONE 8-PLUS awesome!!! I also need to speak with a live person to help get a extension until the third please and thank your Verizon Wireless...

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    Great Value and Service!

    Sorry, I don’t care what other carriers advertise or how they try to trash advertise against Verizon.... they have been a great carrier for me and our family! I initially went with them because of their signal quality and clarity during a call. And I recently made a trip through the WV Turnpike. I had a signal all the way through the valley, up and down Ghent Mountain and into Ohio. It didn’t use to be that way.... kudos on new towers and transmission beacons. Sprint could take notes on signal strength... I had them as my initial carrier from SC to FL and when I moved to NC. Dropped calls, signal and clarity in my work and neighborhood was marginal. I had enough and went to their office. Complaining about coverage areas and service. The day I left them, complaining about service the store manager tried helping me due to my complaints. Funny thing, he tried making a call because he said it was my phone... he tried calling the office while I stood there..... and he said, “ Hhmmm! No signal. And I was in their office!! I told you so!!!! Switched that day to Verizon and never looked back...

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    Great concept, terrible execution

    The app itself has good intentions, but whoever designs and works on the app needs to go back to work. Where do I start? I would like to be able to use it on Wi - fi and not exclusively data, what’s the point of having my wireless internet if I can’t even perform simple tasks such as paying my bill? Just another way Verizon forces you into using their data I suppose. I’m all about good security but when I have to go through 20 different password options just to find the one that will actually validate who are you really protecting the account from? Guess you know it’s secure when even an experienced wireless consultant has a hard time accessing their own account. The general public can barely remember their own simple passwords, don’t make them jump through ten thousand hoops just to find a password they’re not even going to remember. I could go on, but my point is that if you’re going to encourage customers to utilize the app to manage your account at least make it easier for them. I can’t tell you how many customers I hear including myself having some sort of technical error or nonsensical action that happens with their app consistently. Quit making everything overly complicated

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    Being changed for devices that I cannot use.

    I have been paying for devices that I cannot use due to a severe hack. I lost all of my gmail accounts and identity theft. Then I ended up being crippled on the internet. I did not choose to be hacked. I'm a victim of theft and I am not happy with Verizon because I am paying for something that I can not use. I find it very frustrating and unfair on VERIZON's part for being not understanding of my serious situation and that has been a problem for the past two years. I am disgusted with the fact that all Verizon cares about is money and not the customer. If it wasn't for customers. You would not have a business. Try to be more understanding. You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. To me you are vinegar. Once my contract is up. I definitely plan on leaving VERIZON because of your disgraceful treatment of my situation and no consideration of my situation. Especially paying for devices that I cannot use use. My review of Verizon definitely went downhill ever since you cannot understand and the incompetence of Verizon in helping me straighten out the situation. My phone is based from Connecticut and nobody can help me?? Very unhappy because of the lack of help in resolving this situation. Sincerely, Dale Marston

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    Registration was confusing

    I downloaded the app and tried to register. It wanted my PIN, I guess you are supposed to get one when you get the phone or something. If I had one I didn’t have a clue what it was. So I clicked “Forgot my PIN”, the closest option to “I never had one”. It said to enter my mobile phone number and a temporary PIN would be sent to it. I never got it. Tried a few times then the app said there was a problem, try back later. Later was quite a bit later. Trying to register with app went nowhere so I tried by web, which was very similar. Finally I called the help number and waited for a long time. Got a very nice and helpful lady to walk me through the process. It took a while, explaining the long wait time. The big secret seemed to be, make up a PIN. Maybe that worked because she did something at her end, I think that must have the case since I had to tell her what it was. Anyway I finally got registered (make up a password and have it ready), and was able to pay my bill. I think the main problem is there is no clue where you should have gotten the PIN needed to register. Or that you end up making one up. This was probably the most confusing registration I ever did. Just a bit of added help in the app could have avoided the problem.

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    Old Faithful

    I have been with Verizon/Verizon wireless for I think around 35 years give or take. If I were not happy with their services, I would not be a customer. My longevity proves I am very happy. I think there greatest asset is their customer service. That is a number one priority for me. I do not patronize any company with sorry customer service, no matter how much I would save. You get what you pay for at Verizon. Anytime I have had to call them on a problem it was usually solved during the first phone call or I got a return call soon after. I have NEVER had a problem that was ignored or where I had to call back because someone did not follow through. Funny story: My son owns his own business. He was going out of town with my granddaughters. He did not have Verizon because he thought he was saving money. He was trying to get a GPS signal because they got lost. When he couldn’t get one on his service, he ask my granddaughter if he could look at her phone. (On my Verizon account) Taada service! And they were on their way with no delay. He now has Verizon!

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    iPhone trade in/Total Mobile Protection

    I’ve been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for over 25 years. Traded in iPhone for an iPhone 11. Was told I would get $200 for my trade. When I got my Bill, I only received $50. Called Verizon Wireless and said only got $50 because screen was unresponsive or cracked. I explained that phone was in working order with no cracks. I requested if I could have phone back and return the $50. They said that wasn’t possible because the phone was already repaired and is no longer available. The best they can do is give me an additional $25 credit. I said I wasn’t satisfied but that was the best they could do. I also noticed that the mobile protection was no longer on my phone when I reviewed my bill. I have had mobile protection on this phone for many years. She said she couldn’t add it back because it was past the 30 days from activation date of 10/25. She said I could contact Assurion directly to have the protection added back. I called Assurion and they also refused to have the protection added because they adhere to the 30 day rule also. I asked if there was a way to escalate and plead my case since I have been a good customer and it wasn’t that far passed the 30 days. I was told sorry, there is nothing they can do. I’m not feeling much like a valued customer today😩

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    Don't listen to what they tell you in the store

    I have had a few lines with Verizon for over 15 years. I few months ago I bought another two lines using the buy one, get one free plan promotion. My husband and I were at the store for quite a while with the agent discussing the promotion and what data plan to choose. We were given a price for what our bill would be once the promotion kicked in. They also told me that it might take a cycle or two for the credit to show up. After a couple of months I went back to the store. They weren't sure why the credit had not come off but just asked me to be patient. The same thing the next month. I gave up on the store and called Verizon directly, which obviously I should have done from the beginning!!! Now they tell me that the promotion was only good if you have the unlimited data plan. They were all too happy to switch me to the unlimited plan so they could give me the promotion and were somehow surprised that I didn't want to pay an extra $57 a month to get the $30 promotion. I work in a business that honors what our salespeople promote. Obviously Verizon does not care about their customers, long term or not. they also do not believe in training their employees because not one, not two, but three employees told me that I was eligible for the promotion.

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    Very unhappy

    I plan to pay off phone and cancel service most likely. I have explained this MANY times for a year. When I was getting a divorce, I needed a phone in my own name, called Verizon, but did not pass the fraud test. Went to the store, received my phone, filled out everything *exactly* the way I told them over the phone. A WEEK later (shouldn’t it have been much sooner?) I received another phone in the mail. I called Verizon to see how to return. I was told I was not sent a phone, yet the box clearly came from Verizon. Called the store, same thing - I was never sent a phone. I put the phone in a lock box. I NEVER received a bill, the phone was never activated, and it was not on my monthly bill. I moved to Texas, and a YEAR later, I received a letter from a collection agency for the amount of THAT phone. I called Verizon and they told me that phone was in the name of “Shelline Bonham,” while the other is “Shellye Bonham.” WHAT?!? Why didn’t they tell me that a YEAR ago?!?! I received a text from Verizon saying it was time to upgrade my phone, but when I tried, I was denied because of THAT phone! I told them I have it, it’s brand new, I will bring it to the store, but the customer rep said Verizon denied it. I’m sick of it - all of the calls, doing the right thing from the beginning to be treated this way and want out.

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    My Verizon (good/bad)

    I like the Verizon app. It’s simple, laid out well and gives me the information I want and need. I like the text reminders when my bill is due. I can get into My Verizon easily through the text reminder, pay my bill quickly & be done. The downside is that I am a single Senior paying $113 a month! That is way too much! A ridiculous amount of money. The company is doing well... I live in a good neighborhood, but, I often only have 1 bar. I get dropped calls & often am unable to download. Because of our trees I’m told that 4 houses(mine being one of them) are in a “brown area”? I’m told, whenever I ask for help, (several times a year) that I could buy an antennae from Verizon & install it on my roof for better connectivity. They will sell it to me! I think it is a couple hundred dollars. What?! I pay for their service, but, to get the best service I have to buy and install my own antennae? I DONT LIKE THAT! I think that is pretty stinky. Verizon is ok, but, I’m looking for other service providers that are more affordable & will give me better service.

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