myAT&T Reviews

myAT&T Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-09

Now, staying on top of your AT&T accounts is much easier with the myAT&T app.
• Check data usage: Want to keep tabs on your wireless or Internet data
usage? Open the app to check usage on the overview screen. • Pay your bill:
Never miss another payment. View/pay your bill in the app. T...

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myAT&T Reviews

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    Monique Soper

    I recently got at&t fixed wireless at my new home. I am VERY, VERY UNHAPPY with this service! First of all, the internet connection stinks- it takes FOREVER to load anything! This is not acceptable! I, along with my husband and four children rely on the internet for many things including homework for my children and business for myself and my husband. The 215 gigs is also another problem- how to expect a family to limit the use to this is insane! We watch one Netflix movie and it takes at least 3 gigs. We have only had this service for 2 months and we are ready to cancel! Something to change! My husband and I have been loyal at&t customers for several years. We pay over $8000 per year for our cell phones and before we moved to this new home, we have a telephone landline for over 3 decades with at&t wireless internet in which we were happy with. We only moved about one block from our old house and we were told that we could not get the same service here because they would be able to get the wires back to our new house. I really don’t believe this! I believe that your company wants to rip people off by telling them that they can’t get this service so they can lower the gigs and charge more when people go over the allotted 215 gig! I would appreciate it if someone from your company could help explain why our internet connection is horrible and why we wouldn’t be eligible for the internet plan we previously had for several years!

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    BOGO promo scam

    I have a story worth hearing: In the beginning of October I purchase 2 i-Phone 11 Pro's. They mention that they have a BOGO deal of buy 1 i-watch with a subscription and get the second for free. Just pay the taxes for both watches. I agree to the deal and ask for a Black one for myself and a White one for my wife. They inform me both orders are placed and they are on their way. In about 2 weeks the black one arrives but the while one does not. They send me an email explaining the white one is delayed until November. In November then send me another email saying the white watch is delayed until December. 2 days ago they send me an email saying the watch is cancelled and they won't charge me for the FREE watch. I call customer service many times over and each time they explain it's beyond the 14 day buyers remorse and that at least I have the first watch and there is nothing they can do about this. Customer service even reaches out to the Loyalty people and they state the exact same thing! Imagine going into a store and they offer a BOGO. They then say we have the one in stock and the other isn't here but when it comes in we will give it to you. Instead 2 months later they say, sorry but we don't have the FREE item but too bad. This is EXACTLY what is happening. I will post this story over every single source I can and share it on IG pages over and over until this is resolved. This is beyond imagination for a company like AT&T to do.

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    Ripped off by AT&T and Direct Tv

    I think AT&T is the worst company I’ve ever had to do business with they lie and never follow through with anything that they say I have no respect for AT&T as much as they charge they have the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with and I can’t wait for my contact to be done and over so I can find a company that cares about their customers and follow up with my concerns and questions since I’ve had A AT&T I’ve been ripped off had to pay more than they had quoted me and every time I’ve been either misunderstanding or the customer service rep was just not telling me the correct information but I always end up having to pay because I’m supposedly been told the truth about the service that we’re included in the contact it’s so not right that ur company is allowed to do what I think of as illegal but u get away with it all it’s a joke and I’m so disgusted that I’m not going to be a customer after my contact is finished I tell anyone that I know not to do business with AT&T ever and never ever bundle them with direct tv become then u will really be ripped off and that’s what I think of AT&T I know that it’s not really important what I say but maybe one day it will break apart and that’s what I think should happen let all ur high paid scammers and liars have to feel the same way that the rest of the real world feels so cheated and lied to

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    Switch to Verizon now!

    I was an AT&T member since the the days of Cingular wireless, around 2005. Their customer service was great back then and continued being great all the way into about 2015, when it changed completely. I used to call when I had a question/problem and they’d answer immediately and provide prompt, helpful service. Now, you’ll be on hold extended periods of time and worse, transferred to two or three different people, some who barely speak english, before your problem can be resolved, then you find that whoever you spoke to never resolved your problem at all and you have to call back and go through the whole process again. Seriously, I was a loyal customer of AT&T for nearly 15 years and always recommended them to friends and family. Now their technology is clunky, they have literally the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced, and are too expensive for lesser service than other providers. I just switched to Verizon this year and am much happier. Better signal, better deals, MUCH BETTER customer service and cheaper even with all the accumulated years I had at AT&T! You’d have thought AT&T would have made an attempt to keep me, having been a member so long, but they never even contacted me to see what the problem was or what they could do to keep me as a customer. You’re just a number with AT&T....

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    An employee!s Word means little at ATT

    I recently moved and changed my phone number. It was a very unpleasant experience where it took four hours to finally get the number changed. The agent apologized and said he had approval to give me a $100 credit for all the trouble I experienced. Adding insult to injury the credit was not applied and each time I called to check on the credit being applied, the buck was passed - this was over s period of about two months. The penultimate person I spoke to was directed by her supervisor to tell me she was not authorized to give the credit. I asked to speak to her supervisor whom I heard speaking to her in the background. He told her to say that if he came to the phone the offer would be off the table. She repeated this threat and I was shocked at this behavior. The managers name who did this is Tim Haas. I reported this but nothing has been done to my satisfaction. The last person I spoke with called in response to my answer to a survey. She started out pleasant but the pretentious attitude came out as in a take it I’d leave it - you can have a 25 dollar credit. I am saddened to see such unprofessional and disrespectful behavior toward the customer. Shame on you...

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    My husband and I were on the search for a new provider. We had heard good things about the att coverage so we chose to go there. They had a great deal of buy one get one for the iPhone XR. I was super excited. We stated talking pricing and plans with the rep. We got the unlimited and more plan. So the bill should have been $70 for the plan, $25 for the buy one phone, and $22 total for the insurances. We got our first bill of $306. During the process of signing up and getting the phones, my husband and I asked many many times over if there were any other fees; the rep continued to tell us no. We also asked many times over if our regular bill should be about $120, she consistently said yes. We have no just come back from a different att store and were told by them and customer service that there is an additional $70 a month access fee. We asked so many times in store about any fees and were lied to. Now we are at the point that we are going to return our phones and request a full refund, and because we paid with a debit card I am sure that it will be 7-10 business days before we see that money; meaning we will be out phones for that length of time. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with att. We understand prorated charges because we started in the middle of a billing cycle, but paying $70 more a month because we were lied to, I just can’t see it!

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    Terrible company

    They are a terrible company with awful customer service and self serving policies that don’t care about you as a human being. I was online searching for their multi line options and must have hit the wrong button and deactivated my service. I’ve only had it for 10 days. They charged me to reactivate it EVEN THOUGH I WAS PAID UP UNTIL THE 24th. It’s currently the 6th. I barely have enough to feed my son. The money I had to pay was supposed to go towards baby formula but I need my phone for emergencies and to work so after being on the phone with customer service for over an hour and being told I had no choice but to pay I did. Hoping I can borrow money from family to feed my son and I know I’ll figure it out but the fact that things went down this way and that they make no provisions for customers in situations like this other than to pay or be screwed is abysmal. $25 means nothing to a company as large as you ATT but it is the difference between my son having a meal. Not to mention I WAS PAID UP FOR OVER TWO WEEKS. There was no reason for me to have to pay extra but customer service said their system wouldn’t allow them to reactivate my service otherwise. Verizon May be more expensive but they were always flexible with me and worked with my situation and showed kindness and understanding of human situations. I’m disgusted with this company.

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    Worse Company experience of my lifetime

    I have never had a worse experience with any company in all my over 50 years as an adult. I can’t get any resolution after talking to over 20 of your representatives. They are all nice, but afterwards, they either don’t give correct information or the next bill, it’s not what I was told it would be. This all started with a supposed expert who came to our home after being called by your service person who came to change our modem. The “expert’s” name was John Ross Thomas. We can’t get on the internet right here at home without waiting Forever, and it’s worse when we aren’t home. The phone jumps all over the place when on internet. I was told my bill was now on one account, would be $134 something for cell service and internet, and would be drafted on the 2nd of the month. I have a screen shot of that information on my phone from July 3rd at 11:22 AM from online chat with your agent. Today I look at my account, and it says I have 2 accounts, and my bill is $162 something. Oh and ours phones just Freeze up and won’t do anything for a period of time! I have pages of notes of dates, times, customer agent names, and information I was given. Today it appears, it is meaningless. Will you respond to any of this? NO! I am 73 years old, and I have been so worn out being on the phone for hours that I’ve just cried.

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    Terrible customer service from AT&T

    So I am moving to a new apartment. I call AT&T to have my service transferred. That was almost 16 days ago today. After a lot of back and forth with stories ranging from, we don’t service the area, there is someone living there with AT&T service, I have to call the person to cancel his service, we need to verify from you landlord that you really have your apartment, etc, they set up the transfer for last week Friday, 8 days ago for the hours of 12p to 5p. The service person was to call me during those hours. Guess what? No one called. So I called AT&T on Monday, the first cs person said, yes, there was a service to be installed, let me find out why they didn’t show up. Then he conveniently dropped the call. I called back. A different customer service now says, there was no service scheduled for Friday. I am like what? It was on there 5 minutes ago ... did you guys just delete it because no one showed up? After a long wait, they rescheduled it for 6 days later. I was told they will try and squeeze it in before Monday. It is Saturday, there has been no squeezing in. So I am still waiting till Monday, which is supposed to be a holiday. Such terrible service. And to think I have been a customer all these years, 4 mobile phone lines and internet with them. I am seriously considering moving to a better service provider ...

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    DO NOT TRUST ATT IF YOU ARE GOING OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!! I got a text while on a cruise. For $100 use phone while cruising. I called & talked to him and asked at least 10 times was there any way for there to be an overage. He said no the $100 covers it I just received my bill with a $230 overage. I have been on phone with ATT for almost 3 hrs to no avail. I plan to go on FB and on every cruise & travel website I can find and tell them NEVER to trust any of ATT'S international plans. In fact as I work in a school and will be out for the summer I intend to make my summer job telling everyone and anyone who travels not to trust ATT while they are on a vacation!!! I could not afford a cruise it was a gift so I figured if I could turn my phone on for us for $100 it was a little something I could help my aunt with. Now not knowing this overcharge was happening and having auto withdrawal I also got 4 $35 charges from my bank for insufficient funds, ALTHOUGH Webster bank found a way to clear those charges for me. ATT with ALL THE MONEY THEY MAKE OFF US could not wipe this $230 overage!! An overage I asked multiple times if there was any way it could happen and was told no. They kill us with charges then won't fix it when one of their people make a mistake. They say they record phone calls I asked them to listen to it and they would see I was right. Nope still not going to help me. So PLEASE DO NOT TRUST ATT.

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    DO NOT USE AT&T OR DIRECT TV. Bad companies.

    I have had problems with my billing with both AT&T and Direct TV ever since AT&T took over the billing for Direct TV. I pay all my bills electronically through my bank. I make two different bills both carrying the AT&T name but two different account numbers and different mailing addresses. Sometime both payments go to the same company then they send me a credit and the other company sends me a passed due notice. I have even had my service cut off due to non payment. When I complained to AT&T about it they said the problem was that the billing departments of the companies did not communicate with each other and they were trying to correct the problem but it has been over six months since AT&T took over the billing and it is still not any different besides the fact that you may have your service disconnected because the two company billing departments does not communicate with each other. I know several other people that are having the same trouble as I and they are getting the same excuses that AT&T gave me. My suggestion is to rent the movies you want to watch, listen to the radio or read the news paper to stay up on what is happening in the world and write a letter or send smoke signals to whoever you need to communicate with and tell AT&T and Direct TV to stick their services where the sun don’t shine.

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    Wish I could give it 0 stars

    1. ...and this is just AT&T n general... they give you this stupid email address as login. Unless you are 10 or 80 years old you already have an email address and will never remember this stupid thing. Yes I know you can create a login using an alternate address and that brings me to point number 2 2. I’ve been trying to log in for the last 10 minutes. I tried the password I thought I used, it took forever, didn’t fail, just came back to the login screen. I tried again, it did not ask me for the password this time, but I assume retried the one used earlier. Since that one (and I’m only assuming that, as I have no way of really knowing) failed, it just keeps retrying a bad password and I cagey s password entry field. I tried Forgot my password option and that got me nowhere. 3. This one is AT&T in general, my bill keeps going up without notice. Every time I cancel something to lower my bill, they increase increase the price of something else. 4. One might say... “call them”... have you ever called them? Their left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Their offshore teams lie all the time. They agree to anything you say and are very polite but have no clue what they are doing so they just make things up. Dare I say I have dealt with government organizations that function better than AT&T

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    2 complaints and a few compliments

    Complaint #1: I tried using the app to purchase a case for my phone. The app kept telling me to sign in to finishing my purchase. I was already signed in. Every time I reviewed my order just before check out, it took me back to the sign in page. When I entered my login credentials, it said my login details were incorrect. I ended up hopping on my desktop computer to make the purchase and everything went through just fine. I tried using the app 3x and couldn’t get past the the review order before checkout page. Complaint #2: I also had a hard time using chat feature. The keyboard and navigation took up 90% of the display and I could hardly read the chat window. There is no button to toggle the keyboard down to read the chat window. Basically, the chat experience through this app needs improvement. Compliments: I think the billing section is easy to use. Easy to view and manage billing preferences. I also find the “current usage” section easy to navigate and understand. Also managing device features and changing plans is a breeze.

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    Difficult to maneuver, takes far too long!

    I wasn't sure if it was me or if it was the app. When I get totally frustrated I call in the big guns, either of my two sons. They are fully grown at 32 and 28 yrs. old and therefore I try not to use them too often as one is married and expecting my first grandchild and both of them have excellent jobs in the careers they chose and both of them travel frequently. Unfortunately my last problem solver(not determined by ability but by location. She got married last year and she has been living in Sydney, Australia for over 5 years and will be continuing to live and work there for the immediate foreseeable future.) This leaves me to depend on myself and the help that the apps themselves give me. That is the reason I need apps that are easily accessible and make it easier for me to find the answers that I may need. Unfortunately this app is not one of the easy ones. Even my boys have had trouble getting around this app. Everytime I need to look at stored records I know I will be bouncing around this site for at least 5-10 minutes. This opinion is wasting more of my time and I wish to stop now with the statement "make my life and this app easier so I can leave my boys alone.

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    So frustrated. I’d rate lower if I could.

    I have had several issues through direct tv and this app. Direct tv told me specifically that after fees my bill would be one price and it has never been that price at all. They also told me that my password was wrong when I called over the phone to move my service. And asked me a security question that I never would have picked and that I had never even set up. So I then hung up and called back THREE times and was put on hold each time for about 30 minutes each. The next time I got a different person told him the SAME password I told the first woman and he said that was correct. Although she had told me it was wrong. He apologized for the inconvenience from before. But he also told me they were not going to charge me a fee for moving but inevitably I got a 200 dollar charge for moving yet he clearly said I WOULD NOT be charged the moving fee. Then as for this app, I have literally tried to add an Apple Watch to my plan 15 times and it either pulls up just blank white pages as fully loaded or doesn’t even let me push buttons. The live support tells me to the things I just told them I’ve already done and before they even resolve the issue they disconnect in the middle of talking to me. It’s an experience that just keeps steadily getting worse and worse. I’m very disappointed.

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Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Dan Fraze
Mar 29 2021

I can no longer access the bill pay for prepaid. Frustrating.

By Tyrann Davis
Sep 24 2020


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