Donatos Reviews

Donatos Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

The Donatos Pizza app is the easiest way to order your favorite pizzas piled
high with Edge to Edge® toppings, and so much more! Sign up for Donatos Rewards
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A new bug every release

I haven't order this app in some time now. When it worked, it was great. Though every recent release has another bug that blocks me from making an order in the final steps. Before, it was a problem where the text and background colors for the input fields were the same. Now it just tells me that no credit card information was entered, when it is clearly still displaying that information on the screen. Finally, I find it annoying that I can't tip by credit upon delivery. Customers may choose between overpaying for service that might take hours to arrive, or risk offending a driver with a low tip in advance. Tips that are awarded before service is performed defeats the entire concept of tipping in US culture. Instead of it being a charmingly personal exchange that encourages customer service staff to go beyond carrying out cold business transactions, it truly becomes a way to misrepresent prices and reverses the intended effect of tipping. Tipped workers have no incentive to improve after being paid in advance, and this only worsens as customers tip less due to previous mistakes, which only further demoralizes the staff. This is cyclically degenerative and eventually becomes a "Please don't spit on my food" tax. Please incorporate a feature that allows customers to apply tips upon delivery or adjust the process to include ONLY a flat-rate delivery fee.


App Review

First time user. Went through ordering process. When it came to entering cc as method of payment, the system just re-cycled to the ordering process. On my 3rd attempt I received a message that my order was accepted, it was in-process and delivery time was approximately 50 minutes. I hope to receive a pizza In the next 50 minutes. I have no idea if I am “signed up” into your program for ordering and other benefits. When things go south in these sign-up processes just at the time cc information is vulnerable to being captured by the “bad guys” it doesn’t take long to lose confidence in your system. I also intended to order additional items. Again the system did not allow me to return to an ordering menu. This system, like many others, is probably great when all is working well. The problem is reliability and trust.


Website for is not validating the coupons and my rewards.

Very disappointed with Donatos I am a regular customer and have reward that Donatos is still not allowing me to use. I’m trying to get discounts and Donatos is not validating them. Not happy but me and my children are hungry. After a long day at work you think it would be easier. I called and spoke to the manager on duty and she was rude and no help at all. I can hear they were busy but her customer service could have been better. ZERO RATING


App functionality needs serious attention

Whoever is working behind the scenes keeping Donatos going (program engineer) need to overhaul Donatos and bring it up to date functionally. Serval times Donatos takes forever to load the “menu” and process simple actions from screen to screen, along with checkout menu. I have no other issues with apps on my phone. My LTE is fine. This is not the first time having issues with Donatos but it is costly. If people are using Donatos and it is giving trouble, people will take their order to another pizza company. Ordering online should be a step above calling for convenience and so far it is not proving itself to be that. I hope to see Donatos improve.


App Issue - Refer a Friend Link Not Showing

After placing my order via the this app app, it provides the estimated pick-up time and a link for info on your Refer a Friend program. When I select the Refer a Friend link, I see My Profile, My Addresses, and My Cards, but no info for Refer a Friend. I have seen my personal referral link previously. I am signed in to my account and I only have one account, so neither of those are at issue. Where does one find the Refer a Friend personal link on the this app app?


I don’t like a certain location and it keeps sending me to that one

The airport location is slow and it always takes 2 hours for a delivery and I try to get the Easton location to deliver to me which they have a 30 minute wait and when I click on their location for my store they switch me back over to the airport location, it’s frustrating and you need to do something about the airport this app location, they’re either under staffed or slow but every time the wait is way too long


Hard to find menu options, clunky

When trying to check out there were a million prompts stopping me like “how soon do you want it” “Now” should be a default and shouldn’t keep giving me errors three times when trying to check out after already putting in all my other info. Also the menu is this strange slider instead of a drop down or top bar that is clear where the other menu items are. For a while all I could find was the pizzas and kept clicking the menu button hoping it would show me all the menu categories not just the pizzas. Finally I saw it was hidden at the top. Not a great app.


Awesome food..

Awesome food. Beats Giovanni’s hands down, and the prices are so much better then Giovanni’s.. and delivery time is also great.. I will never go back to Giovanni’s again.. also you have to try the veggie pizza.. 100% better than Giovanni’s.. choice of toppings are so much better, and the side salads are awesome fresh ingredients and they look so pretty..Giovanni’s side salad is nothing to compare.. you are lucky if you get a slice of tomato.. you just gotta do the switch, you won’t be disappointed..I promise..



Congratulations to this app for having healthier choices, beautiful salads, pizzas that exceeded my expectations. The menu is also easier to read and ease of use has increased. Your changes haven’t gone unnoticed! P. S. Your delivery person was way more friendly than the door dash guys! I’ll be cancelling my door dash membership since a couple times a month is actually less than free delivery door dash option!


My donatos experience

Donatos is great if you don’t want to talk on the phone and I appreciate the ability to select cash as a payment method. As far as taste the pizza is always great and they can say that they have wings. What bothers me is the calzone. I would stuff that thing if they would let me I’m talkin sausage pep bacon cheese jalapeño peppers onions I mean two ingredients? It’s good don’t get me wrong I’ll order it but it’s not what it could be.


Customize order

When I customize my order on pizzas it’s usually never the way I ordered it. Where’s the problem they don’t get information or restaurant is not reading my order. It’s reall disappointing because I live black olives and hardly ever get them when I add to my pizzas. This has been going on for 3 years at my new location.


My issues with the app

Donatos really does work well. My issue is the select a time part. It’s kind of confusing because it says: Delivery Time 30 minutes (ie). So I’m like, cool. Then when I place the order, it asks me to select a time… we’ll I thought I did, 30 minutes), but no, I have to go in and select as soon as possible. I just think it’s an unneeded step. As far as the food, I am LOVING the Italian salad with Apple Vinaigrette dressing. WOW!! Delish!


Great pizza horrible app.

Love this app pizza …order every week for the past 3 years…. Typically thru Donatos . That being said while I have submitted the order each week, it goes something like this …go into app ..try to place the build your own pizza before it decides to download the menu …where it sticks. Cancel/close Donatos … second attempt usually works. I work IT for a fortune 100 company .., so I understand the basics of what an app should do. Great pizza … horrible app. Wish they would fix it.


Poorly done

Updated Review: Its better now, but still not great. I get errors trying to save a credit card. It says the card is already on file, but there are no cards linked to my account. Update 2: They keep changing the overall architecture of Donatos , but there is always something that doesn’t quite work right. Is there a QA department working on this at all? I think it’s time to find a new developer (or management in charge of Donatos ) * I’m a software engineer with 25y of experience...10 on iOS.


Frustrated customer

Your online discounts should also be available and known in your stores. It’s frustrating! Also Donatos doesn’t display the prices for each item, only sub total. Couple that with the poor customer service, and I think I may be done with this app. And now I can’t submit feedback until I provide you with a nickname - seriously?!!


This app is only slightly worse than having to talk to a person live

First when registering even though “pizza personality” isn’t stated as required it is. So it deleted the password I set up. I got several coupon errors when trying to add the coupon to my order. Then turns out it was already added. Then the time selection is not obvious so I missed that. this app has always had the worst online experience. The last place we lived I complain about the online ordering every single time.


Easy pizza!!!

Donatos makes ordering so much easier. The full menu is at your touch. You can input coupon codes off of the google search as well. Plus you can save your payment and address so it is fast! No more yelling to people in the room to get their order right while the this app employee holds on the phone. I highly recommend!



I would prefer an Apple Pay option instead of having to give you my credit card information. I would also like the time selection to default to as soon as possible and allow us to change it if necessary.


Payment Confirmation

Love the menu and ordering but why is there no payment confirmation of you pay at the time of order?!?! When you select a payment method or select pay on pickup if just changed how the breakdown is viewed. There doesn’t seem to be a way that Donatos actually shows you have already paid.


Best Ever!!!

So I’ll make this simple...been all over North America and can’t find a better pizza for quality of toppings, taste and looks...yes it’s pretty right out of the box. Grew up on Minnelli‘s on Sullivant Ave all my life, dad worked at was a staple every Friday night and then through high school...BRHS. The first time I had Donatoes I was hooked! Do yourself a favor if you reading this and passing through Ohio...GET YA SUM!


Glitchy app, really annoying

Your app needs some work. Lots of problems when trying to update my expired card that has the same card number. Declined 3 times, then randomly works. Cant add the new card from the main ordering area. Have to back completely out of the order and go into account settings to update my card. You should fire you app developer. This is basic stuff.



Love love love their pizza it’s my family’s favorite but they never get my instructions right the last 5 times have been wrong and we get it at least 4 times a month. I can’t wait for them to remake it once I get it because we have two little little ones hungry and waiting. Also if it’s delivered it’s ALWAYS WRONG!!! It’s never even the pizzas or food we ordered not even close so we stopped doing delivery.


Great app

I love Donatos - and I LOVE this app!! I would love to see coupons and deals on Donatos (and would love coupons and deals on salads - not just pizza :) The biggest thing I would love is the ability to opt out of silverware and napkins when ordering delivery. I get it every time and it’s such a waste - economically and environmentally especially when it’s coming to my house.


App Needs An Update

Not working properly at all. Won’t save my address, can’t choose what I want to do first in Donatos as it randomly chooses for me. I don’t want to reorder my last order. I cannot stand the ‘deliver it again’ screen. It’s so annoying. I hate Donatos.


Needs work

Donatos needs serious work or instructions on how to apply the specials finally after 15 minutes figured it out I'm pretty techie. There was zero instructions and a lot of back-and-forth to add the coupons and then go back and add the items that are with that coupon you would think they would set it up to when I click the special it would send me to the pizza selection and breadsticks selection in the pop selection but it done


Worst Service ever!

I don’t know why I continue to give this location business? This is the 4th time we have come and every time it gets worse! They are never staffed. I waited for 30 minutes to pick up a ToGo order that I ordered an hour before arriving. 4 staff members stayed in the kitchen and looked at the 7 customers in line without acknowledging any of us. We love the pizza but it isn’t worth the haste trying to get someone to get us what we ordered. Never again! Ohh bye the way, I had to give this a 5 star rating or it wouldn’t post it.


Worst pizza ever

Absolutely worst pizza ever. First I had to wait an additional 15 minutes once I got there 20 minutes after I ordered it. I ordered it well done and it was completely raw. The hand tossed crust was so uneven I couldn’t even hold a slice of pizza . It was completely thin and wet. This has got to be one of the most expensive disgusting pizza I’ve ever had. The sub we ordered was disgusting as well. Old meat and raw bread. I don’t understand why this is acceptable by a company that hands out plates that say “every piece is important “ that is an absolute lie. Such a disappointment and a disgrace.


Please add deals and coupons!

Donatos works great, and it is much easier to use than trying to do an online order on my phone. However, there is not an option to view coupons and deals. I either wade through putting in an order online, or I use a competitor. Please add coupons\deals or tell me if I missing something!


Good app, could still be better

Donatos has made this app my stay in pizza place (that and the pizza) but I wish I could turn off email notifications and instead get updates on my order from Donatos . I don't receive the emails until an hour after the pizza arrives. Not a huge deal since I usually eat alone but it would be helpful for when I have guests.


Thurman ave

Thurman ave is terrible. No customer service, they refuse to answer the phone for me after I placed an online order and needed to have them add a few items. The worker didn’t even try to assist me and decided he would just cancel my order😤😤😤😤 very aggravating

Is Donatos Safe?

Yes. Donatos is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 117,851 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Donatos Is 44.7/100.

Is Donatos Legit?

Yes. Donatos is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 117,851 Donatos User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Donatos Is 44.7/100.

Is Donatos not working?

Donatos works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

Oct 02 2022

I ordered food from a store that was never received to me , i tried to get in touch with the store but they were not responded, i wanted my full refund back as soon as possible.
do contact me on my phone no.-+1 614-500-9382

By Robert Woodward
Aug 06 2022

I ordered a salad and extra cheese on my sub. I ordered a salad with extra chicken and never received what I ordered I spend alot of money at your store and I am very unhappy with the food 🙃 😑 😐 😒

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