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Published by on 2023-12-09

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Developer: PicsArt, Inc.

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Developer: InShot Inc.

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Website: Visit InShot Inc. Website

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Reported Issues: 11 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By US Veteran

10 months ago

I am a US veteran, from active duty and allegedly signed up for this trial service for photo editing and it was not useful at all. Pissart made attempt to charge but did not charge my card after the firt month after I complained to Google. After the first month no charge came off my card, I had no further intention to take action thinking the subscription was canceled. Now it’s the next month after, and out of nowhere I’m being charged for $59.35 for a service I haven’t used since the one time during the trial period. I made a complaint to google for refund, and never heard back from them. I never received whatever notifications about renewal that you are claiming was sent to me, and I looked for a customer service number and they don’t have a contact number to talk to customer service to end subscription. This is deceiving, and not fair after I trusted this service to notify me before auto subscription and never did. This isn't even an app on my device to cancel a subscription, and Picsart is hiding behind there service taking money after not providing sufficient contact number to cancel service after receiving a notification that was said to take place and never did. I need the full amount of the refund $59.35, and please deactivate the service connected to this card. You ppl cause me to go in to overdraft.

By Lisa jaeger

1 year ago

PicArt kept my picture and I didn’t recipe it so I went back not knowing how to complain or talk to anyone. I made a comment. Hoping someone would contact me. No body contacted me so I’m making a complaint now when I post PicArt has shared my pics on my friend birthday post it said sent from PicArt. Other photos for other people I made now I’m really not happy not knowing how to fix this. For you should not take pics. I need to talk to somebody. Thank you Lisa.

By Jasmine Blackburn

1 year ago

I clicked the free 7 day trial and was charged for the yearly subscription instantly (my card is connected to my phone). How do I get my money back??

By Patricia young

2 years ago

I have been trying to figure out how to unsubscribe for a week. I cant figure it out. ????

By Monika Holub

3 years ago

I have send multiple emails to no one replied! I have subscribed for a year and paid yearly fee over a month ago and now have been charged the same amount of money!! This is a joke! I have emailed about it so many times already and no one even bothered to reply. You call yourself customer service? Where is the service?!

By Sachin sonkamble

3 years ago

My money deducted but not working your app


3 years ago


By Ruts Tine

3 years ago

Please help me verify my e-mail adres. I am @tinekesartwork and my e-mail adres is xxxxx I have another account i dont use becausse i could not remember the pasword. But now i want to delete my old account so i cant verify my real e-mail adres. Best regards Tine

By Yuki-Phantomhive

Just keeps getting worse and worse

Been using this app for a while and I really liked it. These days, though? I’ve started hating it. So: the paywall. I get that Picsart needs to makes money with the gold subscription, but seriously?? Putting features that used to be free behind the paywall? It’s absolutely disgusting. I went to change the background behind my icon and wanted to use a photo from Unsplash because I really like their photos. APPARENTLY, you need the gold subscription to use photos from Unsplash. And this used to be a free feature!! I had to literally go on Unsplash on Safari, download the photo I was originally going to use, and then download it onto Picsart to use as my background. These kinds of things have been the reason why I stopped using certain apps. At this point, the only reason why I’m still using this app is because of the stickers and layering of photos and what not. Everything else like filters and fonts? I go to Phonto and Prequel. At least they have a better and wider range of filters and fonts for free on there than on Picsart! If Picsart starts changing more things that make it hard for me to continue using the app, I will delete this app and go find another one to do my editing on. And do not give me the whole “we’ve made additional features premium now” and “we offer a free version of Picsart for you to use” because that will just frustrate me more and give me a bigger headache than I already have.

By sickjudyhopps

Used to be good, now ONLY pay to use

I’ve had this app for SEVERAL years now and it did what I needed to do with small paint tool edits, occasionally adding text to make my own memes, etc. Never used it for much other than that but it was perfect for what I needed it for and had great other options I’ve seen for editing photos. Today I attempted to do what I normally use this app for, coloring something with the draw tool and adding my own text to the image, but I couldn’t do ANY of that without paying for a subscription. TWO features that are standard on quite literally ANY app out there to do with photos and they’re forcing me to pay to save my photo. These two features don’t even SAY “gold membership only” like the rest of the paid features do, I had to edit my photo completely to find out that I wouldn’t be allowed to have it. I understand wanting to make money, but to block the most minuscule of features behind a paywall that doesn’t exist on any other app is ridiculous. I read another review addressing a similar issue and the developers responded that “there will always be a free version of picsart” as if letting us slap a basic sepia filter on a photo is seriously what we downloaded an entire app for. This app has gotten GREEDY and i’m beyond disappointed. DONT get this app for simple stuff, you’re better off editing things on your instagram story maker. Absolutely ridiculous.

By zära b

It keeps creating a line that cuts off a row of pixels in the middle

I’m very upset and confused with why when I edit a photo by adding quite a few text boxes which is what I have to do for what I want in the photo and of course, there’s a photo limit even with the gold feature and then I have to hit apply so then I can add more text boxes but like I’d say around the 3rd round of hitting apply there’s a terrible horizontal line through the middle of the photo that cuts off a row of pixels and it just looks horrible. I have no idea why it’s there but even when I save the photon my camera roll, it won’t go away. It just cuts off the entire photo and the line looks like a row of pixels just disappeared and the two sides meet in the centre and you can very clearly tell. I know for sure that it’s not something that I did at all! And I definitely know for sure that it’s not the blue line that’s supposed to be there that marks where the centre is. It’s more like a seam where the two halves meet up after a row of pixels have been cut. I tried paying for gold to see if it’s just some dumb feature that makes you pay for it to be removed. but no. The line wouldn’t go away at all after having to hit apply a few times for different rounds in adding text boxes even with paying for the gold feature. And I don’t even get how I have an “image limit” even when I payed for having gold!

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