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What is DiDi?

DiDi is a mobility app that provides efficient and reliable ride-hailing services to millions of users worldwide. The app offers various services, including DiDi Taxi, DiDi Express, DiDi Premier, and DiDi Luxe. Users can easily book a ride, communicate with their driver, and pay through the in-app payment feature or in cash (Taxi only).


- Easy and convenient ride-hailing services

- Multiple services to choose from, including DiDi Taxi, DiDi Express, DiDi Premier, and DiDi Luxe

- In-app messaging feature for easy communication with the driver

- Real-time traffic conditions and ETA information

- In-app payment feature for easy and secure payment

- Option to pay in cash (Taxi only)

- Option to save frequent destinations for future rides

- Instant IM translation between English and Chinese in the Chinese mainland

- Cross-border service for select cities (Hong Kong)

- Premium vehicle and professional driver services with DiDi Premier

- Highest levels of comfort and luxury in a premium lounge on wheels with DiDi Luxe.

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this app provides various efficient and reliable mobility services to hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Whenever needed, this app can get you a ride in minutes, saving you from the hassle of finding parking or long wait. Simple steps to use this app: 1. Tap the App to open and select a service. 2. To book a ride, choose your pick-up and drop-off locations. You can add and save frequent destinations for future rides. 3. Once matched with a driver, you will be able to see information of the driver and the vehicle. You can also check the route your driver takes to pick you up as well as the driver's estimated time of arrival (ETA) and real-time traffic conditions. 4. The in-app messaging feature allows easy communication with your driver. Instant IM translation between English and Chinese is also available in the Chinese mainland. 5. Pay directly through the in-app payment feature or in cash (Taxi only) In Chinese mainland\Hong Kong, this app provides the following services: this app Taxi – Get a cab easily. this app Express – Enjoy a convenient and affordable ride. (available in Chinese mainland) this app Premier – Ride in a premium vehicle and enjoy your driver’s professional services. Reserve an airport pick-up and drop-off service whenever needed. (Cross-border service for select cities- Hong Kong) this app Luxe – Indulge yourself in the highest levels of comfort and luxury in a premium lounge on wheels. (available in Chinese mainland) To use this app outside the Greater China Region, please download the “this app-Mobility” app to enjoy our services. Please visit our website for more information http://www.didiglobal.com/

Top Reviews

By annewailani

Great App- Good service recovery for bad drivers

We used this app a lot while traveling in China. Sometimes Chinese drivers can be shady- we had one that talked on his phone and drove recklessly and one that made three intentional detours that resulted in a much higher increased fare. this app asks you to enable recording while on the drive- do this because when you have a bad experience they ask if they can access the recording. There are also buttons to immediately call the police if you find yourself in a bad situation. When we had the driver who took the detours, the app asked immediately if detours had been taken, and only charged us the estimate. The only downside, sometimes it doesn’t translate into English automatically so one of my friends had to take a picture with her phone on a translating app to see what it said. It has a great feedback section for every ride!

By OteroHecht

Do not travel to China without DiDi

The best and only Taxi App you can trust while living and/or traveling in China! Just do yourself the favor of downloading the app, set up International credit card and navigate the user interface in order to familiarize your self with it. It’s unquestionably not easy to navigate anything in China without knowing Chinese and inputting addresses and/or locations can be challenging in any local app. Yet, this is due to the fact that using Pinyin (Chinese-Romanization) writing it’s difficult if you have not taken Chinese. Regardless... of this, there are no other truly viable options with an English friendly GUI, that gets you where you need to go. We have been using this app for nearly four months on a daily basis and we could not live without it.

By Kelsey.H


A flight attendant was sexually assaulted and killed couple days ago by a this app driver. I’m only rating this app a five star here so that people can see my comment. I was using this app a Friday night in some busy areas in Beijing by my self when the this app driver locked me in his car and ‘jokingly’ threatened to rob me. He was playing with the car lock and be like I know you have money and stuff. I called this app right after and this app says that I’d have to go talk to the police and there’s not much that they can do. The driver started to text me a bunch of really awful curses and threaten me that if I ever go to the police he will find me cus he knows will I live. In the end this app paid me 5 yuan for compensation and that’s it. Girls, never ever ride this app by yourself especially at night.

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