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About: Uber Advanced Technologies Group focuses on autonomous vehicles and the self-driving car business.
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

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What is Uber? The Uber app is a ride-hailing service that allows users to request a ride from almost anywhere in 10,000+ cities around the world. The app offers a variety of transportation options, including Uber Black for elegance and premium features, and UberXL for extra room. Users can see price estimates up front before booking and can rate their driver and add a tip after every ride. The app also includes safety features such as the ability to share your trip with loved ones and contact emergency services directly from the app.


- Request a ride from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world

- Choose from a variety of transportation options, including Uber Black and UberXL

- See price estimates up front before booking

- Share your trip with loved ones for added safety

- Contact emergency services directly from the app

- Rate your driver and add a tip after every ride.

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We’re committed to your safety at this app. We’ve established a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to help you feel safe every time you ride. And with this app, your destination is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. FIND A RIDE FROM ALMOST ANYWHERE Request a ride from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world, the this app app is a great way to make your travel plans stress-free. Request a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time. FIND A RIDE TO ALMOST ANYWHERE Whether you’re looking for style, space, or affordability, this app can help you find the perfect ride to fit your needs: Enjoy elegance and premium features with this app Black Ride with extra room (and more of your friends) with UberXL All of these transportation options and more are available in one place with the this app app. SEE PRICE ESTIMATES With this app, you can see your price estimate up front before booking. That means you’ll always have an idea of what you’ll pay before requesting your ride. YOUR SAFETY DRIVES US We’re committed to making every trip with this app as safe as possible. That's why—in addition to our Door-to-Door Safety Standard—we've built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences. You can share your trip Give your loved ones peace of mind while you’re on a trip—you can share your location and trip status so they know you made it to your destination. You can contact emergency services You can call your local authorities directly from the app, and your location and trip details will be displayed so you can quickly share them with emergency services. TIP AND RATE YOUR DRIVER After every ride, you can submit a rating along with comments. You can also let your driver know you appreciated your experience by adding a tip for them right in the app. Not all products are available in all markets. To see if this app is available in your city, visit https://www.this app.com/cities. Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/this app. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/this app. Have a question? Visit this app.com/help.

Top Reviews

By AFriedtx


this app is a tool job. Sends car that can barely hold two people and one bag. Says car can hold 4 people, which it cannot. Then turns around and charges a fee because it cannot deliver. Terrific job stealing money. Patently wrong. Unethical. Landed at DFW from trip with bags, ordered UberX, which i have done numerous times and a matter of fact we used getting to the airport on the first leg of our trip. Get a response from an uberx driver with the smallest car I have ever seen (some miniature chevy which you can see from your records). Driver says her car cannot hold the bags. Have to order another car. Then this app charges my credit card a fee for ordering a car and not using it. I have used this app plenty of times over the years and know what the various cars are, so I am aware of what I am ordering when I hit the app. But this was a total tool job, sending a miniature car at an international airport stating it can carry 4 people, when it cannot handle two people and luggage. Am certain this app has done the same with others folks with that same vehicle. Nothing against the driver or her capability to buy a car, but shame on this app for taking advantage of customers and seizing on a opportunity to scape a few extra bucks off of customers. Not sure why I am telling you all any of this because you can see from your own records what is going on and know what you are doing. Communicates volumes about the company’s corporate values. I get it.

By "old forgetful"

disabled veteran loves UBER

this app is a really great service for me. I ride a motorcycle most of the time but I don't ride when the weather is bad or when I am going to the grocery store and getting more groceries than I can carry on my bike , or if the roads are slick. today I got a little frustrated when I could not just hit "home" after shopping at Publix as I was repeatedly given a different pick up point that though it was nearby I would have had to carry several bags of groceries in the rain to the pick up point. after several failed attempts at hitting "Home" as my destination and my pickup point as "Publix" I got my this app driver to pick me up right in front of Publix and had another great ride home. I am not happy with this app trying several times to direct me to another pickup point in the pouring rain. Why did this app expect me to got to a more "convenient pick up point" which was only more convenient for the driver, not the passenger. Not a good thing to make me waste my time with such foolishness. The this app drivers are getting paid for picking up a passenger wherever he or she is currently located and taking them to wherever it is they need to go. If this app was trying to make improvements to their service this is "NOT" the way to do that in my opinion, just saying.

By Crzylakafox

First time

This is my first time using this app and my first time to write a review about anything. I’ve never felt the need or the want to do so before this but after reading all the negative the reviews when I downloaded the app I felt that I needed to. The only reason I downloaded the app after reading one bad review after another was because I had no other option.I had missed the last bus running for the day and couldn’t get a hold of anyone to get a ride from. I was stuck and my phones battery was low from calling people. Now I’m desperate So I very reluctantly Downloaded The app. I was skeptical And was ready to deleted the app at the first sign of any problem. I was quite pleased to find that app was straightforward and very easy to use. After entering all my information and my destination a pick up time was Scheduled. I didn’t have to wait long and I received a text when my ride was a minute away. By the time walked outside the driver was pulling up. My driver greeted me nicely and he was very professional and polite. He chose the fastest route to my destination drove the speed limit at all times and was all around a good driver. I have to say my first experience with this app was great and would definitely use this app again.

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