Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion Reviews

Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-09

WANELO (Want, Need, Love) is a marketplace connecting you to stores with the
best deals on over 20 million fashion, beauty and home products. 1. Save big!
Get 60-90% off shoes, accessories, dresses, tops, swimwear, home decor and more!
2. Buy with trust! Millions of products have re...

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Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion Reviews

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    Fraudulent stores

    Okay I’m giving this app 1 star because I couldn’t give it 0 stars. A lot of these stores on this app do not have most of there products. Wanelo knows this and says well we have stores on here we recommend you buy from. Huh so you have stores on here I shouldn’t buy from. That’s just irresponsible on their part. How dare you let them post items they know they do not have in stock. I have bought several things off this app. Some were Great. Others absolutely terrible. And what you see pictured or purchased may not be what you receive. I Promise!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to request a refund. Because they never sent my purchase. Or they sent me the wrong item. They basically send you what they want. Not cool at all WANELO!! This app never serious revamping!! A Complete Do Over!! Like I said I’ve gotten Some Great things from here. But most I never got or I had to request a refund. Which u will get. But you better stay persistent. Or they will Not send you one. Ohh and watch for the shipping prices. Some stores will charge you EXTREMELY HIGH SHIPPING RATES. WHILE OTHER MAY ONLY CHARGE 5.99 or even free shipping. Use the filters provided. Only shop at Wanelo verified stores. Which is crazy. But it’s the safest way to shop on here.

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    This App be jumpin’ frfr

    So I was extremely skeptical at first when I discovered wanelo. The prices just seemed too good to believe, but eventually I talked myself into making a purchase. Fantastic idea. The items are very good quality for the prices. You can get authentic or high quality “fakes” for crazy good prices. I’ve made multiple purchases and the only problem I’ve had was my Fendi bag came like 2-3 weeks late, but other than that I’ve recieved every item and all were exactly as described. I highly recommend this app to EVERYONE 💯💯💯💯💯

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    don’t waste your time or money

    i don’t recommend this app at all! i’ve only ordered one thing from here and it said it would be here by 10th-17th of december. i ordered this item as a christmas gift ONE MONTH AGO and here it is december 16th and it still says “preparing to ship” not to mention that on december 10th it still said “processing” and i had to email them about it just to get it to say “preparing to ship” and it still says that. Also the tracking number apparently doesn’t even exist. so i emailed them again TWICE and still no reply. called and when to voicemail. i’m going to be highly upset if i don’t receive my order or get a email back. and if i don’t get my money back for not receiving it since it says “100% money back guarantee” if you don’t receive your order (which i should’ve known was stupid to put on something anyway) that’s basically saying some people don’t even get their order. i’m going to be one upset person. i’ll probably have to call my bank to get the money back. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME ON THIS APP. also read the other reviews. it’ll give you more and more reasons to not even bother

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    Honestly this app is ridiculous because it gives you these do dates where your item is “supposed” to come in through the mail and I’m just disappointed because it’s the last day of my due date and I still haven’t received nothing whatsoever and I understand it takes five days to process your order but I’ve been waiting 26 days already and it claims that its here in 13 or 14 business days so I’m just not feeling it no more I mean it’s my first time ordering from this app and I just really had high hopes for this app to be honest they just need to do something with their order information like maybe give you a tracking number or something because not knowing where my stuff is its really concerning to me especially when it’s not in my mail on the day it claims its going to be and at this point I just feel like they did me wrong or something and I’m probably never ordering off this app again /: but I’ll see how good the quality of the item is once or if it ever do come it

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    What a joke

    I’m rating this 4 stars so everyone can see this review. Do NOT buy from this app. The quality is extremely cheap, the sizing is all wrong, and they take forever to ship to you. I’ve bought from here a few times and I will say some times you get lucky with a purchase, but majority of the time you get exactly what you pay for, crap!! It’s cheap for a reason, you get what you pay for I guess. Also the support team is awful. I had an item in my cart I didn’t know about and when I went to check out it didn’t give me a summary of what I got until after I had already got it. The support team did nothing to help so now I have crap on the way that I didn’t even want. Good luck to the rest of you. My advice would be to look at the reviews before getting something.

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    I have had an Wanelo account for a while now, but I never purchased anything until last week. I paid for the item with my credit card, but I never received a confirmation email (to the email that’s linked to my account). I waited for a couple of days and the email never sent. I also tried to get back in my account to see if there was a way I could see my order, but Wanelo signed me completely out and disposed of my account. I say this because I typed in the ONLY email address I have trying to sign back in but nothing worked. I thought maybe if I could sign in with the same email and password of my current account it would link me back to it, but sadly it just created another account. I’m very disappointed.

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    Too Many Errors

    I’ve had way too many errors with this app. The first error being that I could not see reviews that the items said they had . It would tell me that an item has “27” reviews and when I would click to view them it would send me to “Write A Review” . Second error being that, when I search up items in the search bar such as “Louis Vuitton” , “Gucci” , “Burberry” , etc very few to no items will pop up , but if I go to the explore page or my saved items page tons of the items will pop up but when I search up the same exact name in the search bar it’s no where to be found . This error barely started happening a few days ago . Third error , multiple of my items have been in the same process of its shipping for weeks, no update, no nothing. Several of my items are past due. Please fix.

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    I downloaded this app when it first began to gain popularity sometime in 2013, and was literally obsessed. I used this app at least 3 times a day, and when my parents/relatives would ask me for a Christmas list I would just send them my profile link. Everything was authentic and from verified, legitimate companies. I stopped using it when the Trending page began to fill with scams and knockoff items. Really sad because I used to have so much fun with this app and used it almost like a “dream closet”, kind of how you use Pinterest (except the fact that Pinterest is still great). I re-downloaded it today because I was feeling nostalgic, and was disappointed all over again. I have no idea why the creators of this app would let it go to such crap. Might as well just call it Wish because that’s what it has turned into. Sincerely, One sad college junior wanting to relive the joys of her high school years💔

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    Pretty good

    I've bought purchases from Wanelo a few times. Was pleased with all purchases. As far as the app itself...there are a few issues. I'd search something specific and other items completely unrelated would pop up. I feel the "trending" page are the same items every week. Some items look slightly scam-"ish". There's a lot of "third party" sellers and certain items sell from and it leads you to think the items won't turn out the way it looks in the photos. Some of the photos aren't quality. Search engine definitely needs updated. I've seen evidence of some "third party" seller's items appearing nothing like what was shown in the photos (ex. Too small, different/cheap fabrics, etc.). App definitely needs to weed out "third party sellers".

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    $5 Review Credit Is A Scam

    I’m sure review credit was implemented to entice people to buy more, and sounds great in theory, but they don’t tell you that you’ll NEVER RECEIVE IT even if your photo reviews meet all their requirements. I’ve made 3 purchases between August and September of 2019, received all 3, left photo reviews after being prompted because “you’ll receive $5 credit for every photo review!” and Wanelo has given me NO CREDIT. Nothing. I reached out to support to ask when I could expect to receive it, and all I got was a copy of the requirements for the credit. I’m aware of these, having looked them over already to have tried to figure out if I missed a step. I didn’t. And they just didn’t want to answer me. Well, I can easily shop elsewhere, Wanelo - there are plenty of other places giving out credit and coupons who are more honest, helpful and reputable.

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    Bad customer service

    The products on Wanelo are great. The shipping prices are inflated however. I’m angry with Wanelo. I accidentally pressed “place order.” I contacted them to cancel my order by email. It said that they would get back to me within 24 to 48 hours. It’s been 72 hours and I’m still waiting. My bank account went negative. My bank charged me an extra $34 for that. I am not happy with Wanelo. Their customer service is not good. I have been a customer of AliExpress for years. I have never once had this happen. They take care of their customers and respond in time. I recommend AliExpress. Most of their shipping is also free. I will not be shopping with Wanelo again. They just lost a customer. *Update* Wanelo suspended my account for disputing with my bank on a charge I did not want in the first place. I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission for stealing my money!!!

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    Federal Fraud

    I agree with “ What a joke” !!!!!!! I have had the same experience like this other person has. I’ve received some items in a timely manner and as the picture described. But many items didn’t come at all with no explanation that made any sense. Also ,things arrived broken or incorrect size. They also had items they claimed as authentic and gave the correct retail price, but I never received items. No explanation. I filed a claim of fraud with the federal bureau of business. I’m holding Wanelo responsible for luring people in with lies and fraudulent behavior I will not let them get away with this kind of fraud. Once an item is sent across state lines it becomes a federal offense. I will stay on top of this for myself and all you who think you have no recourse against what is ,”a morally corrupt company. “

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    Want Don’t need but def love

    This app takes some common sense, there are many knock off’s and items from China and it doesn’t really take a genius to figure out which ones.....I sees lot of people post about Wanelo not getting back to them on issues but every time I email them I get a response and someone always looks into my issue. The only thing I have an issue with is sometimes my order gets canceled or tracking says I revived it when I have not, so when the app asks me to rate the item I wish there was a button saying I never received the item or it was canceled. That way I don’t have to give the item one star and lower the rating.

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    Smashed boxes and fake stuff.

    I like how this app has “Authentic” stuff for a very cheap price but some of the stuff just looks like Knock offs and fake. That is not good on the Customers Part as well as you alls part because for one, you can get very bad ratings and more than likely, lot’s of people will stop shopping here. A lot of the things are pretty cute too. Also, where is the shopping bag option? What if we want to purchase more than 1 item at a time? Please improve these things. What about expedition shipping? This should be an option sense some things will be 90 cents but the shipping is 10 Dollars or something is 5 Dollars and the shipping will be 12-15 Dollars.

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    No Customer Service

    They sent my package to the wrong address which isn’t possible because I know I put my correct address in my order and I’m pretty sure it was a fake tracking number because that’s what the post office said. They have no customer service number it always rings to a voicemail that never calls you back and one email that they never answer. Don’t waste your time or money so far I only received one item and the rest are all fake tracking numbers that say delivered but aren’t and nobody is around to help you. Even the responses on here when people complain about them don’t make sense another guy complained about how there’s no chat system and no communication with any real people and they commented we let u filter thru the sellers and ratings which is no way relevant.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion directly

Is Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion Safe?

Yes. Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 33,851 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion Is 21.3/100.

Is Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion Legit?

Yes. Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 33,851 Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion Is 21.3/100.

Is Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion not working?

Wanelo - Shopping & Fashion works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Juana
Mar 05 2021

I've been trying to place an order for some time now and always get an error message that ready as follows... " Oops Exception occured during invocation of web Services "

Is there any other way to place an order?

By Jasmine
Feb 24 2021

I've been trying to order and I keep getting 'Oops Exception occured during invocation of web Services ' each time I got to place my order. This has been going on for a few months now

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