Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts Reviews

Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-01

Get online shopping deals, discounts and rewards with the Kohl’s app! From
fashion to beauty, home furniture, clothing, shoes, electronics and more, you
can access amazing shopping deals and manage your Kohl’s account on the
go. Discounts, coupons and rewards make the Kohl’s app your go...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts Reviews

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    Worst app ever

    I usually do not write reviews, but this app has frustrated me so much, I felt compelled to do so. I am a busy working mom, so, I rely on the convenience of mobile apps for easy bill pay. Well sometime earlier this year I paid my bill through the Kohl’s app and it charged my account THREE times! I had enough money in my account at the time and though it was frustrating, I thought maybe it was human error or even a glitch. Well fast forward some months and here we are again. After having went through that debacle I am always very careful when paying to make sure I don’t hit the button more than once nor am I signed up for auto draft, and wouldn’t you know, IT CHARGED MY ACCOUNT TWICE!! So now I’m of course livid, especially because I did not have enough in my account to cover both payments. I called customer service and they make it to seem like it is something I had done, which is making me even more upset, so, finally after speaking with three different people I was able to speak with a supervisor, who assured me they were going to take care of everything. I called today and not only did they NOT take care of it, they never even cancelled the second payment!! Then the customer rep I was speaking with had the audacity to say well you know you can call your payment in to us!! Worst customer service and app ever!!

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    Was a loyal Kohl’s customer till this app

    This app has so many limitations that it would take too long to list, so if you want to accomplish things like contact customer support you have to go to the full web site which isn’t formatted for phones. I got the app on suggestion of a Kohl’s employee who said I could pay my charge card with the app, I created an app account and went to pay my bill, (makes you log in twice and if you need to change screens or go back a screen it makes you log in again so you can spend a lot of time logging in) instead of being able to enter my debit card information and paying they want my bank routing number and account number. Since most people to have that information on them at all times and I was on vacation at the time I had no choice but to go to store and make a payment the next day, which made the payment one day late. My payment was $56 (total balance) and the late fee was $27 (wow that is ridiculous) they wouldn’t consider waiving the late fee (even though I had never been late before and had been a loyal customer for years) if you want a clunky, out dated app that will frustrate you and cause late fees and unreasonable responses from customer service then you have found your app.

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    Promos and Kohl’s Cash disappear

    I have used this app in the past and it worked great. All my Kohl’s cash and percentage discounts were in the wallet and they scanned fine at checkout. The last 2 times I went to Kohl’s the discounts have completely disappeared from the app when I walk in the store!! The first time it happened I opened the app while in my car in the parking lot to see what discounts I had available. My Kohl’s wallet showed $30 Kohl’s Cash, $10 birthday discount, and 30% off. I took a couple things to the checkout, opened the app, and they were GONE. Nothing there. I told the sales clerk about it, and she shrugged her shoulders and told me to call Kohl’s. Thanks, for the help. I put my stuff back and left without purchasing anything. Today, I took my son to Kohl’s to get some new shoes for his birthday. Once again, I checked the Kohl’s Cash and discounts in my app before going in the store. I had $10 Kohl’s Cash and 20% off. Found some shoes and a couple other things to purchase, and at checkout the discounts were gone. AGAIN. And again the sales clerk was NO help. I bought my son the shoes - it was his birthday after all - but I’m really irritated. I am deleting this app and will use the paper coupons and flyers I receive in the mail. Don’t trust this app!!!!

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    Kohls cash and discounts not showing up in the app

    My Kohls cash, Yes2you rewards, and discounts are not showing up in my wallet. Every time I open the app and click on wallet an error message pops up and says it is having trouble finding my profile. I thought this was just a problem the first day I went to it but it has been a couple of weeks now and I keep going back and it still says the same thing!! Very frustrating!! Also, I keep myself logged in and every few weeks it will log me out and when I try to sign back in with my password, it tells me my password is wrong and I have to reset it!! I am so sick of having to reset my password ALL THE TIME!! Now the wallet isn’t working!! Ugh! I got a 40% mystery offer on Sunday and was going to buy some stuff online, but it wouldn’t even let me add it to my wallet! So I just said forget it and didn’t buy anything! Kohls is losing my business by not fixing this! Update: I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and now my wallet is working fine. I had to agree to some new terms and conditions when I first logged in so maybe that is why it wasn’t working. If you are having the same problem as me, I suggest deleting the app and re-downloading it and see if that helps fix the problem.

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    Horrible app!

    This is the worst shopping app I think I’ve ever used. Here’s why: 1. It freezes and then crashes constantly. I stopped keeping track of how many times it happened because it was infuriating. I gave up and had to finish the order from my computer. If I hadn’t had Kohl’s cash, I would’ve cleared my cart, deleted the app and never shopped at Kohl’s again. 2. Even when you’re signed in, the items get deleted from your cart at random. 3. If you’re lucky enough to retain the items in your cart, you better hope you don’t have to go back into the item to research anything. You’re only able to edit the existing item. 4. There are no item or product numbers. Good luck finding what you need again. 5. The categories are laid out horribly and make it difficult to find anything. It would probably be faster to shop in-store. So much for convenience. 6. Don’t want to pay for shipping? MOST stores allow you to ship all of your items to the store for in-store pickup. Not Kohl’s. Some of the items are available to ship there, and some aren’t. There’s no explanation, you just can’t do it. Ridiculous. Expect to pay that $8.95 shipping. I do not understand how Kohl’s is still in business. I won’t ever shop there again.

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    App Not Working

    I used to use the Kohl’s app all the time but every time I’ve tried using it for the past week or two, it won’t open. My phones operating system is up to date and so is the app so I have no idea why it won’t work. I can’t even get it to open, it crashes and closes itself after 5-10 seconds on the initial screen. I’ve tried it multiple times and also restarted my phone to no avail. When you click the “app support” button in the App Store, it directs you to a kohl’s website that doesn’t mention anything about the app, it only has FAQ categories about kohl’s.com, not helpful. When I try using Safari to shop at Kohl’s because the app doesn’t work, whatever I click on in the search results just tries opening the app which isn’t working. Super frustrating. I honestly don’t even want to shop online right now because I don’t trust that it will work in the future if/when I need to try to pay my kohl’s charge bill for my purchases. If this is ever fixed I’ll change my rating because I used to enjoy the app. Total bummer that it won’t work, I miss the convenience of being able to access my discounts and points and having all of my order info saved (Kohl’s charge, shipping address, etc.)

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    still terrible.

    seriously who are they paying to get these good reviews? this app is terrible and keeps getting worse. the interface is archaic and buggy all around. and after one of the more recent updates, i cant even read the full product reviews. you tap on a review to read, and instead of expanding, it still cuts it off with no way to read the whole thing. you’d think with the amount of money that gets poured into this chain, they could hire a decent app/web designer. nope. i don’t have a store within 100 miles of me and i DEFINITELY buy less from kohl’s because of this shoddy app. is that clear enough for you, kohl’s? update 4/2: this app still blows. that 4.8 star rating is garbage and if they spent half as much on the app as paying people to leave fake 5 star reviews then maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible. how about favorites? save for later? tracking numbers you can click on that give you tracking instead of having to copy and paste into your browser? maybe even, gasp, being able to click on a product in your order and having it take you to that product page instead of MANUALLY HAVING TO SEARCH FOR IT?! get it together. SERIOUSLY. oh yeah. FIX THE CROPPED PRODUCT REVIEWS ALREADY.

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    Glitchy & be careful if you choose ship to home

    I just ordered and checked & saw that my order would be delivered to me, but when I checked my order at approx minute 32 I saw it was being shipped to the other side of the US. But all orders cannot be altered after just 30 minutes, even to change an address!!! I finally figured out how to call and talk to a person and they had to cancel my order rather than change the shipping address. When I tried to order again I had lost use of my one time coupons so had to call again to place the order. There is no way they had that order with the shipper already- I’m still waiting for an order I placed 6 days ago. They could make it alterable for a full day or at least several hours. I sent a gift to my daughter once at a different address. Somehow her address became the primary address on the app. I don’t think I did this. Strangely my address was also listed twice as an alternate address. I have decided to make my address the only possible address on their app, deleting all others after this experience. And it would be also nice if you could save items for later in your cart rather than just removing them.

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    New app install: I lost all my Yes2you rewards and discounts

    I agree with the previous shopper about this new app update! I saw all my current rewards an hour before I went into the store. Then I updated the app, and everything disappeared. Of course no one would help me when I tried to explain the issue. Also just was told to call Kohl’s Corporate. And I will! I want my rewards and discounts back! I am a frequent shopper at Kohls but if Corporate can’t help me when I contact them, then I will take my shopping elsewhere. And I really hate that Kohl’s cash only gives you a week to use. Kohl’s truly needs to extend that or start having them where they don’t expire for a longer period of time — like give us 6 months or a year! I can’t begin to tell you how many hundreds of dollars I’ve lost in Kohl’s cash because I could have been in the hospital, or even more, a business trip of which I do not have that extra time to shop and even look for the nearest Kohl’s when I am traveling from State to State. And it seems that the customer representatives at checkout get so happy to tell you that your Kohl’s cash has expired and that you no longer can use them. Maybe I am near a Kohl’s with not so friendly workers.

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    Please put SKU/UPC numbers in product details

    I work at a Kohl’s and customers come in all the time with the Kohl’s app pulled up on their phone and show me that the app says we have something in store. I always help them find it, but it isn’t always easy and a lot of times, the item is never found. The thing is, though, without an SKU or UPC I cannot find the location of the product on the floor or even where/what stockroom it is in, so I am unable to help the customer at a certain point, if they don’t want (or even refuse) to order it online (a lot claim they need it ASAP) or can’t find an alternate item. Also, without an SKU or UPC I cannot check availability at other stores (if they are even willing to go to another store in the first place). Sometimes, customers will get rude with me if they don’t receive their product or repeatedly complain (“But online it says it’s here!”), and it in result can sometimes lose business. Having an SKU or UPC in the product details would make it a lot easier for the customer and employees in the store.

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    Need Kohl’s WiFi connection to work inside store

    On my IPhone, I’ve found frustratingly during the checkout process I lose all my items in my wallet, when I saw them right before I walked into the store. I realized once I reconnected to the Kohl’s WiFi in the store, the items then appeared back on my wallet. It seems the store’s WiFi was dropping on my phone intermittently and whenever that happened I was stuck, couldn’t scan a price or do anything with the app. ( I think it happened whenever my phone went to sleep.) As a test, I walked near the entrance and still didn’t have good cellular either. If my regular cell data is being blocked inside the building, and WiFi is intermittent, that’s going to make it hard to do any kind of connection to their wallet/database/price check tool etc. So crummy app or crummy store WiFi? Either way a frustrating and time wasting experience. I made the checkout person sit there while I reconnected to WiFi and waited until my items came back in my wallet and got my $15 in Kohl’s cash (whoopie), but printing these coupons from my email account will be easier than going through this again in the future.

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    Majorly flawed shopping experience

    I don’t know how they think that only one picture for their items is acceptable it’s basically shooting in the dark to see if youll like the back of a pair of pants or the inside of a purse. To me its lazy and a probable manipulative tactic so youll need to return it and will go to the store to exchange. Aside from that blaring flaw, when youre in an items page and click to look thru the color selection and then want to exit the listing you must first click out of the color selection which is majorly annoying. I suggest making it not necessary to click into a listing to view different color options because its not like there are other pics of the item to look at. Make each color clickable so it can change to the desired color without being IN the listing. Again this wouldn’t be annoying as a feature is it was worth going into the listing so you could see different views of the item. Whoever made that call where theres only one view of each item needs to retire because the world they are living in is pure delusion if they think thats a plus for anyone.

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    Shipping issues

    Wow just read the review from someone else who had a problem with Kohls automatically shipping to an old address and the problems that followed. I just had the same issue happen to me . No where on my order did I see a ship to choice. It went to a very old address of my sons who has since passed away. I didn’t realize it till a couple hours after i read my message they recieved order. Apparently Kohls has a policy that after 30 MINUTES you can’t change your order. Talk about a stupid policy! Anyway I tried calling got the we shipped order line was told to call UPS which I did they said they have only a lable with no product and to call Kohl’s blah blah blah. 2 days of seeing if I could get that label/ product address change. Then look to see it’s shipped now UPS can’t help. This problem still isn’t resolved . I saw on UPS tracking that they attempted to deliver twice. Like I said no one at address ! I asked Kohls person to call UPS since they are supposed to work forcustomers. I was a customer service rep for a company and was able to stop problems from ever getting this bad . Kohls CS is horrible!!!!!

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    Need to put in Kohls card every time use wallet!ppp

    The Kohls app has always been handy for me in the store and ordering. Friday while in Kohls I got up to the register and I couldn’t access my coupons in my app wallet without putting in my card number. Fortunately the cashier asked what my % was on my coupon and she gave it to me. Saturday I went in a different Kohls and fortunately I checked my phone app before getting to the checkout and again I had to put in my Kohls card number. At home to check what is in my app wallet EVERYTIME. I need to put in my Kohls card. I believe in security but this is really unhandy and rediculous. I don’t have my card memorized so how safe is it to hold it in the store putting in the number so I can access the coupons and rewards.

  • Don’t trust this app not to mine data from your phone and sell it to 3rd parties

    I downloaded this app while in the store to use the scanner function. A week or two later, I began getting bombarded by robo telemarketers. I guard my cell phone number like gold, so it was odd to start getting so many, everyday. Fast forward another week or so. I placed an order online using my computer. The delivery page had 15 duplicates of my shipping address AND my cell number. (I frequently place online orders with Kohl’s and have only ever had one shipping address and a home phone # listed on this page of the site.) I have NEVER provided my cell phone number to Kohl’s. All sites now want to send verification codes for sign in, and I always choose to receive them via email. Now, I’m getting texts from them. I’m sure I went through the usual acceptance of privacy notices when I downloaded and signed in the app. I did not, however, expect a company like Kohl’s to not only mine and misuse data from my phone, but to also sell the data to third parties. Beware of this app.

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Is Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts Safe?

No. Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 438,750 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts Is 17.1/100.

Is Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts Legit?

No. Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 438,750 Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts Is 17.1/100.

Is Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts not working?

Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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