Ola Cabs Reviews

Ola Cabs Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-21

Say Ola to a better value rideshare. Ola offers you the nicer, safer and fairer
ways to book your rides. With more than 300,000 drivers & taxis in 100+ cities
worldwide, we have got you covered in India, Australia, New Zealand and
UK! Book your next Ola ride in just a few taps. Get a re...

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Ola Cabs Reviews

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    Unscrupulous Company.. stay away!!!

    This is the icing on the cake, they activated Ola wallet and charged me 687 bucks after I had already paid the driver in cash and also since I do not trust or use online wallets, I’m jot even sure of how it got activated when I haven’t even shared any KYC document. Then they tell me I reported the incident very late so there’s nothing they can do and that I would have to either pay up twice or forfeit my account. I chose the latter. It’s shameful to see such unscrupulous business trying to dupe customers and charge them twice for a service thats already been paid for. I have not seen such brazen acts of cheating before. My account is being held at ransom by this company and they still keep calling me to pay up when I don’t owe them a penny. Utterly shameful and disgusting conduct.

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    Need grooming

    I use travel between states, choosen olacab for local rides , my experience overall out 6 cases 4 cases were not good. 1. Driver asked for extra money to take me right destination as driver says gps shows dropping point but for me that’s not correct dropping point. Need more accuracy on GPS locating within the cites like Chennai.. 2. Driver not interested to take me destination due to heavy traffic expected and driver wants me pay in advance don’t know why.. 3. Again GPS pickup location showing inaccurate to driver but I keep calling to driver to come to a location I wanted as i am not familiar with stations to go the location driver wanted.. 4. Driver asked me give 5 start without giving me satisfactory ride which is not right ask. Overall it really needs grooming wrt drivers, Ola gps location accuracy, customer delightment. Otherwise this is great service spreading fast within cities and hope it gets spread wider in India..

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    Ola airport pickup unreliable

    This morning I scheduled a pickup from hotel to airport at 4:00 am for my 6:30 flight. The driver was assigned 10 mins before the scheduled pickup and the driver was insistent in calling me to find out where I was going and just 2 mins before the scheduled time he cancelled because he was going to the airport. The fare was 700 The app was supposed to reassign and send someone in the scheduled time but to my surprise the app cancelled the full trip and rebook I had to rebook another cab luckily unlike in Bangalore waiting time usually is 30 min this time I got a cab within 10 min. The fare I got was 737 inclusive of everything The driver started from my hotel with in 2 mins he said he had a flat tire and will take 5 mins to fix but then I realised he did not have the necessary jack to fix the puncture tire At 4:20 in the morning there were no one and used archaic way of lining up stones and fixing the tire When I reached the airport I was in for a surprise to find my fare was 200 more than what I booked and the driver drove pretty rashly to get to the airport Overall nightmare hope Ola take action

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    Bad condition

    I was visiting India from USA fo a medical emergency. Considering, it was Indian in original and local I started using Ola, though their response time was faster than Ubar locally. But the had very bad response at the Airports or when latency of commuted/ displayed time as compared to actual Time of pickup. Sometimes I had to wait almost 45 minutes when time committed time was 17 minutes. Secondly the conditions of the car are worse both outside and inside. Battered outside dirty and torn seats even when I always ordered premier Sedans. Lastly on premier cars the drivers refused or reluctantly turned the AC, I had to explain to the most of the time it run on Battery and does not effect your fuel consumption unless you are speeding when the AC is on. Surprisingly I never had any such issues with UBER only problem was was the availability. But given it is better to wait that get than all the uncertainty of OLO. Thanks I hope you will make the improvements.

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    Fare estimates off, poor experience with driver

    I’ve been using this app in India and drivers can take you the long way to bump up the cost of the fare. The fare the app shows at the beginning of the ride is just an estimate and then the app recalculates at the end. I just had one very bad experience where my driver 1) admitted to me that he hadn’t had his driver license for the one year required by Ola so he was driving a car registered under a friend who did, 2) made me pay 50 rupees extra on the spot for the airport parking but when I got the emailed receipt, that should have been included in the total fare, and 3) the driver asked me (solo female) all kinds of uncomfortable questions about my personal life (like whether I had sex with my boyfriend and then made comments about how beautiful I was) and no matter how I tried to change the subject, kept returning the topic to sex. I felt so uncomfortable that I unbuckled my seatbelt in case I needed to jump out of the car.

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    TOTAL scam — !! AVOID !!

    Took 1.5 rides with Ola in Australia — from Sydney airport, and back. But on the way back it logged me out if my account and wouldn’t let me log back in. I just kept getting a pop-up to contact support. Well, once I still couldn’t log on upon landing in Melbourne, I did. I got a response asking for my IMEI number, gave it, and ... silence. After a few days I emailed again to open a new ticket, including the IMEI up front this time, and ... silence. Did the same and opened a third ticket ... silence. Finally started tweeting at them, super responsive until I actually gave them my info to look up my account/tickets, at which point they just tell you to please give their “concerned team” a bit more time and then just leave you on read. Followed up on the emailed tickets again last night and finally got a response ... asking for my IMEI number. Yes, for real. I’m leaving Australia tomorrow so at this point wish they would just delete all my data. Thank god I could at least unlink Ola from my payment source on PayPal’s side or I wpuld have been really screwed. Wish I read the reviews on Trustpilot too and not just here, before getting into this mess. They tell the honest story. It’s the kind of cluster that gives us Indians a bad name — it’s why, as an Indian American, if I had known this was an Indian co, I’d have known to avoid in the first place.

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    Below Average Service

    Many a times got canceled after assuring it will come in few minutes. If we cancel as it is very much delayed you change cancellation charges but when you do why you do not give credit to our money paid as cancellation charges. Besides no response recd for my complaint made few weeks back about rude behaviour of driver. This upsets everyone & now in two minds why I should use OLA? Hope you will respond at least for this.

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    Airport Issue

    I love the Ola app. I’m an Indian American (NRI). I use this app when I come to India every year. It’s cheap, convenient, and safe. This year when I came to New Delhi India in 2019, I tried to book an Ola to get to my hotel, but the driver said that they weren’t allowed to go to the airport and said that I will have to walk all the way to the “Ola stand” which I had no clue where was. I didn’t want to step outside the airport because once I walk out then I won’t be able to go back in and would have to stand out in the heat. Finally, I had to cancel the ride and book a local taxi which was quite unfortunate. Other than the Airport pickup I highly recommend the Ola App because the drivers are nice, polite and they know their way around the cities.

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    You are charges with cancellation fee even if driver cancels the trip

    Recently I travelled to India and thought of trying Ola instead of Uber as many suggested that you have more options in Ola. So booked the trip from MUMBAI to Shirdi for full size SUV. Got text with driver details and PIn. Driver called me and somehow while calling he cancelled the trip. He pretended that some app issue caused it and then suggested that he can still take me directly and I can pay him the same fare which was quoted by Ola. Understood the trick of the cab driver to save on Ol commission. For safety reason I refused the offer. Now what Ola applies 150 INR as cancellation fee and when I try to contest it through support, app just displays the last ride and doesn’t give me any option to contest this fee ( compared to Uber which keeps it simple) After that I tried again to book Ola for a long trip from Banglore to Mysuru but Ola app returned error because ask for previous 150 INR to be paid and didn’t give any option to contest or pay this amount. So through my trip, I booked over 20 long trips using Uber which was seamless. This was all loss to Ola because of poor app interface and some sort of collusion with drivers to pay them cancellation fee even if they cancel the trip. So I am done with Ola and removing it from my phone.

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    OLA Outstation - Would not recommend

    I made a day outstation trip to Pondicherry in which the driver was driving erratically, over speed limit and frequently going a bit too far to the wrong side of the road. We felt like we are going to hit the incoming traffic on a divided highway and were sitting scared. As expected, we hit an oncoming bus and only alive and writing this due to God’s Grace. The driver dumped us in the middle of nowhere and fled. We took the help of locals to find another ride. And to our surprise we found the driver waiting near our hotel demanding his cash due. Talking to OLA, I was even surprised that they justified the speed and driving on the wrong side. They said there will be an investigation but so far no follow ups ! Thanking God again for the fact that we were saved. Based on the driving and response time of the driver we suspect he was not sober.

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    Awesome service at reasonable rate on normal days!!

    The cab service is nice on a normal day. But on a weekend or a festival day it is very tough to get the service and price becomes very high. Also price varies depending on the traffic. Sometimes the estimated price and the bill amount are not the same, and is slightly higher than the estimated one. Some drivers surpass the toll. Some drivers cancel it by themselves and put the blame on the customers. The Ola map route is sometimes not the shortest route, and gets delayed because of that. It is always better to check the price for all the cab services like auto, mini, etc since sometimes based on the demand for the cab service, the price is less for prime and more for micro.

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    Crisis Nightmare, Glitchy App, Terrible Customer Service and No Accountability

    I have had several terrible experiences with the technological insufficiency of this app and associated employees of the company, but it reached a true impetus today when the app did not end my trip well after I was dropped off. The driver, who I contacted, was also unable to end the trip and sadly unable to pick up further customers. Upon reaching out to customer service several times to no avail, I was being charged hundreds of dollars per hour and left helpless with no tangible solution. Six hours into my desperation I was answered with a generic response blaming the driver of all people and no apology. Suffice it to say, I will never use this app again and do not feel comfortable even knowing that they have had my financial information at any point.

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    So frustrated I had to write a review!

    This is my first App review! I am writing one because I am so frustrated with the Ola app. I live in the US, I am visiting India. I decided to install the App as a back up to Uber. I recently bought an iPhone X. The app asked me for my phone number which I entered. There is no place to enter Login and password!! The next screen is OTP. I received and entered the OTP no problem. The next screen is full name and email. I get an error message stating the email is already in use. I may have used the app when I was in India 5 years ago! But there is no login option. Each OTP message costs 35 cents on the international at&t plan. After multiple tries by multiple people - none of us can figure out how to make the login option appear! Looks like a bug in the software. Ola app such a waste of time...

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    Enhancement proposal

    I like the easy search in the app. I think it can be improved to help users that are not proficient in English. I feel like having a drop off pin point would be helpful for users to book a ride. As of now, there is a green pin that can moved around to set the pick up location. Similarly a different pin (may be red) can be used to set the destination location. At the end it will easy for the users to understand I.e. green is where you start and red is the location you will reach.

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    Drivers canceling bookings

    I was extremely satisfied with OLA in the past. In the recent times drivers are calling and asking destination and canceling the bookings. Appreciate if drivers are also informed of the destination and only after their consent the booking is shared with customer. Else it is upsetting schedules and cancellations are happening even after waiting. This inconvenience is happening even for scheduled trips. After duly waiting I am forced to check alternate options

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Is Ola Cabs Safe?

No. Ola Cabs does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 67,281 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Ola Cabs Is 12.8/100.

Is Ola Cabs Legit?

No. Ola Cabs does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 67,281 Ola Cabs User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Ola Cabs Is 12.8/100.

Is Ola Cabs not working?

Ola Cabs works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Ola Cabs to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Ola Cabs customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Ola Cabs.

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