TD Ameritrade Mobile Reviews

TD Ameritrade Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-25

On the move? So is the market. Stay on top of it with the TD Ameritrade Mobile
app. Monitor the markets and your positions at a glance on the Dashboard page,
deposit funds with mobile check deposit, catch up on the latest news and
research, or browse educational content—all from your mob...

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TD Ameritrade Mobile Reviews

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    Mobile Opportunity Offers Independence

    As a former U.S. Marine Infantryman who struggles to be out in public and work a job that involves interacting with other people due to injuries during my service, it is encouraging to know I can attempt to work from home, trading. My training has instilled in me a desire and responsibility to be as independent as possible and be a productive and contributing member of a free capitalistic society. Due to my injuries I foresaw a future of dependence on a group of fellow Americans who were happy to compensate me based on my service, but my former training and instinct drives me to continue to grow and be productive in spite of my very limited contact with other people and many hours and days spent alone in my home managing symptoms that can frankly be very confusing and limiting. Your app allows me to quickly view the market, my watchlists, my account and enter and exit trades if I’m away from my computer, and if I were to encounter a power or internet outage this app on a charged mobile device becomes an invaluable tool. The ability to use this app alongside TD Ameritrade’s Think or Swim trading platform adds to that reality of independence and empowerment that is so very valuable and necessary for me to continue to give back as best as I still am able. Thank you for this opportunity; doing what you do and offering your service that includes this app makes a difference in my life these days.

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    The App is SOO accessible (easy)!!! Great Customer Service

    I’ve been using TDA to invest my Roth IRA for a little over a year now. I was referred by my mentor who is a multimillionaire (who wouldn’t take financial advice from someone wealthy?). I started out investing $1000, with the promise of a $70 investment per paycheck ($140/month). As a part time employee, single parent, and student I was worried about releasing (investing) that much money. All I could think about was the fiscal deficit I’d feel if it were lost. But I also cling hopelessly to the [possibility] of gain. I reached out to my agent at TDA several times a week to see if my investment had paid off or plummeted. Naturally nothing happened for months. The minute my investment grew (even a little) my agent called me and celebrated with me. He knew how stressed I was and how important it was to me to know. When my investment dropped (even a little), he called and informed me and explained to me what that meant and why the market might be changing. In short, he kept me in the loop and monitored my investments as if they were his own. I paid nothing for his services. In 2019 alone, I have doubled my earnings (currently at $3K+). I’m really looking forward to what I can do in 2020. My investment why is so my child has a future (if I don’t win the lottery or become wealthy beforehand ;))

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    Fast, Easy to use, Powerful mobile app

    I’ve been using this app for 10 years. It has improved every year. Clean interface, effective, customizable—add column headings for many different categories, such as int. rate, exp. date, div date, delta, theta, gamma, etc. If you are an options trader, check out TOS Mobile, but keep this app on your phone, because it works better over slow mobile connections. Trades are executed quickly, and with zero commissions, how can you beat it? News feed and education sections are nice, and you can quickly drill down to see the fundamentals of your potential holdings. Calendar section allows you to see the important events coming up (earnings, ex-div dates, payroll announcements, etc) add them to your calendar. All in all, very satisfied with this app. Only thing I would make better is make the news feed update more quickly. A couple weeks ago, the market was dropping fast, and I couldn’t figure out why...turns out it was a Presidential tweet. Maybe I need to get Twitter. Oh, and tech support is awesome. I had to contact them when an update made the columns too small, and they fixed it within a couple of days. Customer support is available via chat, email or phone right from the app, and it is equally fast and awesome. Get the app, you will love it!

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    Very annoying.

    Executing trades is a pain - you'd think you could just click on your ticker in the "positions" window and be presented "buy" and "sell" options, but no. You have to go to a separate window where you have to manually look up your stock and manually input your share price/quantity. The customizability is fine, but it'd be very easy to program a few buttons like an "all available shares" next to quantity for a sell or something. Also, I can't sell percentages of a share, idk if that's normal, but it's worth mentioning. It's deceiving, too, because of the decimal in the numpad for your quantity entry. To make matters worse, despite my usage of a password app (I know I'm inputting it correctly), I frequently encounter annoying authentication errors and end up having to reset my password. I contacted support regarding this once and they did not address the issue at the source - I was given a band-aid solution. Overall, everything is placed in a counter-intuitive way, poor/lazy programming decisions were made when they deigned to put forth the effort in the first place, and it's just frustrating to use. I'm happy for those it works for, and I'd be open to tips improving my knowledge of how this app works if that's the issue, but this app is undoubtedly not user friendly.

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    Sometimes has delayed data

    I often find near market opening or closing the chart data is inconsistent with actual prices/volume. Volume chart often does not update until late at night after market close or sometimes not until the next day. I try to completely close the app and reopen but the issue persists. Also sometimes the chart candles/lines become duplicated if you keep the app open and lock your device. When you reopen it, the candles will sometimes double or triple. The biggest problem for me is the inconsistency of closing/opening price displayed. Up until this morning the app was showing a closing price that was higher than the actual closing price. The chart randomly updated this morning to show the correct data. Not sure why the inconsistency in chart data but this has to be corrected. I would like to clarify this is usually only after or before normal trading hours. In most cases it corrects itself when the market opens or is about to. Sometimes it will correct itself the night prior. It is quite random. I no longer trust the visual information/charts if it is outside of normal trading hours.

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    Security Flaw & usability problem

    The App sometimes (not always) does NOT automatically log you out after even many hours of non-activity. This poses a major security risk, if you forget to log out, which can easily happen when you're interrupted by a phone call, a text message, an email, an internet search, or a friend, family member, or colleague demanding your attention. Were you to then lend your device to someone, or misplace or lose it, anyone could access the info in, trade on, or transfer money out of, your account. Please fix this major security risk! Please provide an option to automatically log out after, say, 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes of inactivity. Thanks! Second, the daily change in value of account balance and positions resets to zero way too early. Some of us like to check how our account balance and/or positions did really late (often in early morning before the market opens), but the app resets many of the daily balance or positions changes to zero way before the next day's market opens. That makes the daily change info we see utterly useless! Please revise app so that it does not reset this daily change data until the market reopens! Thanks!

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    Mid-March 2019 update ruined it

    Completely ransacked a user friendly interface and replaced it with an almost “excel spreadsheet” like format. The former “condensed” view has been removed. Formerly I could see 5 columns of the important info needed for trading decision (ticker, bid/ask, last, change—change column could be tapped to show volume and % change and was color coded) and 11 rows of stocks before having to swiping. Now there is 8 rows of stock per screen and 4 columns with tons of white space. The condensed view made it easy to follow an extended watchlist and make quick trading decisions. I am befuddled as to who they consulted for this “update”. I have traded millions through the app and now it will become more difficult or frustrating. Where are they getting these ideas??? Also, to change your watch list it use to reflect a list, now they have this stupid “drum” like scroll view—really? I WILL be looking at the other trading platforms out there, hopefully someone can give me the important data in a concise format and not this garbage from likely thrown together from someone who has never really used the app or doesn’t understand how the old view was useful to actually trading stock.

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    Two steps backwards

    This most recent update has taken what was once a clean layout with a clear and concise display of balances and positions and unnecessarily jumbled it into its current look. Previously I could glance at my account balance tab and see almost all if not all the information without scrolling up or down. Now, in order to see the same information I have to scroll up and down 3 whole windows worth to see what was previously visible at a glance. This is an investment app where number need to be clear and concise, there is no reason each row of information needs to be so tall as to exclude other rows from the same window. On the same issue there is no need for the tabs and headers at the top of each page to be as blocky and obstructive as they are, nor for the dashboard to be cluttered with unnecessary banners and news releases, these again take away from the ease of use of quickly and accurately discerning data. I hope TD will take note and fix these issues, these are they types of poorly thought out updates I expect from a rushed social media app release, not from a company that I trust with the majority of my investment.

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    Best phone stock app I know about

    I’ve been using the Ameritrade app for years. It’s easier to use than the late scottrade app was, and better than the robinhood app too. Robinhood has free trades forever, but the quality of the app is trash. I use Ameritrade to do research and buy bigger blocks of stock since it’s not worth paying the $7 commissions to trade a few shares, and robinhood to buy just a few shares but robinhood is useless for day trading where Ameritrade is good about giving you margin and funds fast. I heard Ameritrade is the best for trading options too. One thing I hate about the app is when you’re reading news about a company it shows the link to the original article but you can’t click the link or even copy paste it. That’s annoying, and has been like that since I started using it in 2014.

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    I have Accounts and Trade with a ton of different Brokerage Houses on the Street including Mutual Funds, such as Vanguard, Fidelity, Gabelli, etc! I have a large portfolio, and do not want any one firm to really know my true net worth, this is my reason for trading with so many different accounts! Anyway, Ameritrade has one of the most User Friendly websites to navigate, of any, I think, for an IPhone! Also, I believe their prices are very competitive! I know their Reps DO NO BOTHER The Customers, unless You call them! Some Companies want to hound you with USELESS BS and then CHARGE YOU for their nonsense!!! LOL!!! EXAMPLE how easy the site is: I can park my car, tell someone, “give me a minute”, check the price of two different stocks, sell one stock, have the money put in my Brokerage Account, ASAP, and buy another Stock, using those funds, I just received 30 seconds earlier, from my sell, and go meet my wife or friends, and NO ONE even knows I may have just made a Million Dollar Transaction! By the way, I usually keep very little cash in my Brokerage Account, so I have to use the cash, from the sell, to make the purchase! I don’t really use a desktop, so I can’t compare the Apps or rate them, as some of them are very different from phone to Computer! DEFINITELY FIVE STARS or if we had TEN STARS, that is what I would rate it!!! TOP OF THE LINE!!!!!!!!

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    Confusing site for newbies AMAZING CUST. SERVICE!!!

    I am new to the site and trading so I’m only speaking in regards to my experience so far.. I have to say the App/layout is Difficult to use & confusing with no tutorials/useful help available for someone new to trading. Now on the other hand Ameritrade’s technical support is amazing.....! The willingness to help and assistance that you get when you call is outstanding,first class..! The representatives that I have spoken with were patient, very knowledgeable, and just awesome... ! The reason I gave a 3 star rating is because I feel that Ameritrade should make it easier and definitely faster to add funds to your account, I mean with the technology we have today I can sen $$ in a text message from my phone in seconds... I feel it is a bit ridiculous the time it takes and the limited options there are to add funds to your Ameritrade account.... I mean really..! Another thing, I think the IT department should add a beginner tutorial option for how to use the app/site...

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    TD Ameritrade

    I have been with TD Ameritrade for a very long time. There are many NTF NL Funds plus a universe of investments, educational courses, strategies, and the ability to set up your own criteria platforms to know when to buy or sell are some of the numerous tools available to you. Newsletters are great and other online free subscriptions are available to your investment ideas. All help and subscriptions are free for an account owner. Client Services is super helpful and quick in their response time. In all the years I have been a client, TD Ameritrade never made a mistake. Since merging with Schwab, I hope the universe of NTF NL funds increases, including Schwab funds, in their choices of funds. Hopefully this merger will bring trading fees lower, lower expense ratios for certain funds, bringing our expenses lower as clients of now, a large brokerage company. I hope many of the Schwab policies get added on.

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    I like TD Ameritrade itself but have some issues with their website and mobile app. On the mobile app I can’t seem to find dividend income to date or for the year. Also, seems crazy that I have 3 accounts (brokerage, IRA, Roth) and I had to go to each account and connect them. If I was on one account and connected the other two and then went to one of the other accounts, I had to reconnect. When I sell, I don’t see a button to “sell all”. If I have partial shares.....? I would also like something set up like Acorns, where I could have round ups dropped into my account. Now, some of these things may exist but it isn’t easy to navigate. I will say that customer service was pretty good when I was setting up accounts and doing a backdoor Roth conversion. I also like the fact that I can have multiple watchlists. Haven’t found that on Schwab. Schwab let’s you have so many and that’s far as I can tell.

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    This app is straight cash homie.

    This app is worth a download. The interface is user friendly and the app is predictable and reliable. I would use the app for getting quotes, referencing simple moving averages, convergence/divergence moving averages, etc. If you want a more in depth experience, try the thinkorswim app. ToS gives users access to a truly massive library of technical indicators, market strength indicators, even some licensed studies. And, if you like the thinkorswim app and you haven’t downloaded it for your computer, or if you’ve given up on learning it, don’t. It’s worth it. Have you ever thought of a trading strategy while laying in bed, half asleep? If you can remember it in the morning, you can wake up and build it in ToS and backtest it. It’s invaluable. Next to paying $20k/yr for the gold standard, this is it.

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    Works Most Time, Some Bugs

    I’ve been using the TD Ameritrade app daily for day/swing trading stocks for over a month now. I also use the “thinkorswim” app but that’s a separate review. While this app works well most of the time I have noticed some bugs and/or glitches. For example; not all changes I make to Watch Lists will always take, it sometimes take repeated effort to make right. I have also had the app suddenly close on me, I’m estimating a handful of times over the past month and this is with daily use. While none of this has happened during crucial moments (primarily use thinkorswim to execute trades) it has happened and it’s annoying. I plan on continuing to use for now, but I am trying out other platforms to decide what works best for me. I do like the alerts, never missed a trade as I set it up. Overall not great, not horrible, functions well enough to get the job done.

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Is TD Ameritrade Mobile Safe?

Yes. TD Ameritrade Mobile is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 84,202 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for TD Ameritrade Mobile Is 51.0/100.

Is TD Ameritrade Mobile Legit?

Yes. TD Ameritrade Mobile is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 84,202 TD Ameritrade Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for TD Ameritrade Mobile Is 51.0/100.

Is TD Ameritrade Mobile not working?

TD Ameritrade Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

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