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Published by on 2022-09-06

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Reported Issues: 31 Comments

By Ruth
Feb 04 2023

On 1/15/2023. I upgraded to a Samsung S22 after my Samsung 10e died. Now I cannot access the Chick-Fil-A app. I either get the message that my "email/password are not correct" OR "the app has a bug". When I try to sign-in, the app automatically goes to the Duck-Duck-Go browser which is where I get the error messages. However, I can login on the Chick-Fil-A website on my desktop but that is not helpful when I'm in my car.

I just loaded 3 gift cards on 1/7/23 which I cannot access via the app because I can't use the app. This is very frustrating. Please help. To date, this is the only app that I've had issues with.

By Edward F Arnold
Dec 23 2022

Can't access my app and I have over 5000 redeemable rewards points. Will not accept my password or allow me to reset. On one try a message came back that there was a bug in the app. I reinstalled the app with the same results. Please advise on how to fix the issue.

By Cindy Richardson
Dec 05 2022

I can't log in with the App. It says "We didn't recognize the username or password you entered. Please try again." I have reset my password through the link, but it will not let me then says, "You may have entered an incorrect email address or password, so please try again. Or you may have reached the maximum number of accounts for this device. In that case, please sign in with a previously accessed account.
I contacted Chick Fil A, it took them 3 days to get back to me, where all they did was send me a link to reset my password.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

By Bob
Nov 22 2022

The app loads up but wont let me log in. Very frustrating. I have an andriod version 13 and using duckduck go on a Samsung s22. Help

By Lonnie Conley
Aug 27 2022

Cloud front 403 error code. Cannot use my app. How do I get rid of this?

By Randy Couch
Aug 18 2022

Cannot load money onto app. Have always used credit to preload. I will not use google pay. Updated this morning and has not worked since. Uninstalled and reinstalled

By Don Richards
Aug 11 2022

I can’t get my rewards to come up it just keeps saying sign in even though I am signed in

By Patti Fulks
Aug 01 2022

Tried to use my chicfila app at Florence Alabama ChicFilA. It would not let me use it. I could not scan to get my points I was supposed to receive today on my order. It said I needed to update since I already have the app. It would not let me.

By Karen Campbell
Aug 01 2022

My app hasn't worked since my new phone. I uninstalled and installed again. I have lost so many points in the past 2 months. I have Samsung
android. Please help. Can't do anything or if it opens I have to go through all the legal stuff to sign in, then can't do anything.

By Phil Denning
Jul 28 2022

Confirmation email of a mobile order no longer being received.

By Dominick White
Jul 27 2022

Sorry, an error occured
Looks like something's not right! Please try again or contact customer service at (866) 232-2040 for more assistance

By T
Jul 26 2022

Continously crashing. Cannot order.

By deneen mcdonald
Jul 19 2022

when placing an online order through the app, I can get all the way through to the Complete My Order screen. When I click on this, I get an error message that says "there was a problem with your payment method." When I tried to change the payment method, I received the same error message.

By Mick
Jul 04 2022

Can not log in even after deleting and re-installing Chick Fil A One App. Also, reset my password several times. No luck. Help Desk has no clue or refuses to acknowledge the problem. Their IT department screw the pooch on this one.

By Tiff
Jun 02 2022

I had this problems for weeks too, but just deleted app and then added it back and it worked

By Keith D Jenkins
May 30 2022

I have had the exact same problem with the chick-fil-a app on my iphone as everyone below has. I updated the app 2 weeks ago and it hasn't worked since then. It won't accept my inputs at all.
I think all of us need an updated app that actually works.

By Linda
May 28 2022

The chick-fil-a app is not working. When I touch on “Pickup at Restaurant “ nothing happens. I have restarted the phone and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing has helped.

By David
May 27 2022

The app hasn’t worked for a couple weeks. I have removed and reinstalled the app. I have updated my phone software to the latest version. I have signed out and signed back into the app multiple times. I’ve done this several times and waited several weeks before trying it again. I cannot add funds. I cannot access anything in my account. The app just sits and spins when I turn off the “redeem rewards” button under the scan tab. Multiple issues. App is useless right now.

By Glenna McFadden
May 27 2022

When accessing my Chick-fil-A app, I receive a 403 error. Have tried to go through my email, it still gives me the 403 error. Have tried turning off phone and also turning Wi-Fi on and off. I changed my password on February 16. Please help.

By Jennifer
May 25 2022

My app has not worked for several weeks now. The app still shows my profile and my points but will not let me order or redeem any awards. I have updated the app, confirm my location settings, allowed the cookies, rebooted my phone… got desperate and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. NOTHING WORKS!!! I am not going back until my app works. This is beyond frustrating

By Jennifer Kammerman
May 22 2022

App won't let me add funds. Basically everything under the "account" icon won't let you open it. You can't see transactions, you can't add funds, you can't manage funds. Not sure what happened, but it's frustrating.

By Jim
May 21 2022

app opens but won't let me order. 'Pick up at Restaurant' and 'Deliver to Me' - don't do anything.

By Gina
May 18 2022

The app is not working. I can scan to get points but I am unable to redeem. I cannot add funds. Please fix. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still having issues. I have rebooted my phone.

By Nisha
May 17 2022

Since the update app message came out last week, the app is not usable. I did download the update but that did not work. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, turned phone off and on. No luck. I can move between tabs but the the bottoms to Add Funds or choose how to order are unresponsive. It has me signed in as it says Welcome, Nisha at the top

By Nancy Magee
May 16 2022

Since the update app message came out last week, the app is not usable. I did download the update but that did not work. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, turned phone off and on. No luck. I can move between tabs but the the bottoms to Add Funds or choose how to order are unresponsive. It has me signed in as it says Welcome, Nancy at the top

By Donna Sukis
May 13 2022

Updated app May 12. Since that time I have not been able to log in. It says something about to many logins. I have deleted the app reloaded it. Shut down my phone etc. no change can’t log in. Help.

By Evette Andersonn
May 11 2022

I have been having issues with the app for the last couple of weeks. One day it works and the next it will not. I tried to use yesterday (May 10) as well as today (May 11) and it does not work. It said there was an update which I did but that did not make a difference. App opens but does not allow ordering or anything else.

By Fay
May 11 2022

Its not working, it logged me out after i made an order. I just updated it today too

By Nancy
May 10 2022

My app worked just fine until I was notified to update my Chick Fil A app. I did so and have had nothing but problems. My account is definitely there and I get notification to log in, which I do but then cannot access the menu, my transactions, etc. Occasionally the log in will give me access, but it is random and infrequent. I have uninstalled the app, uninstalled my account, contacted Chick Fil A support - nothing works. I reset my network settings, I have cleared out my history cache, etc. This is incredibly frustrating.

By Sandra
May 06 2022

I can open can’t order……..

By Lori
May 05 2022

I can open and log in to my Chick-fil-A app, but I cannot order food, get to the menu.

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