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Published by on 2022-09-06

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Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By Parr505

Terrible customer service response time

I purchased food at roughly noon through the app and received a “503 error”. I then went in to the store and paid for my food the old fashion way. About 7 hours later I got a notification saying my food was ready, and my card was charged and my free sandwich reward was used. Tech issues happen, I get that, but the customer service is TERRIBLE. I’m currently on hold as I write this. I emailed in a few weeks ago with no response. After a few days I called in after I didn’t get a response. I was told my issue was being handled by a “regional manager” on the first call. No time frame was given on a resolution which is fine I guess. Here I am, 3 weeks later without a resolution and I can’t even talk to someone on the phone due to hold times. I was kicked off the line while waiting to talk to a rep and I’m on hold again. When the app works as intended (it usually works fine), it’s an excellent app. However, when things go wrong you have to rely on the customer support team to give a resolution within their policy. I can no longer order food from the app with confidence due to the poor customer service experience. If something goes wrong on the app, expect to have your money tied up for weeks and even months. I don’t even know if my issue will be resolved at this point. It’s a shame because the app works so well most of the time and the user experience when it works is excellent.

By AppleJedi

Can’t add multiple gift cards or multiple orders. Account switch limit

One star! The old app allowed you to stack multiple Chick Fil A gift cards but the new one does not. My local grocery only sells Chick Fil A cards in multiples of $10. I buy them there for fuel rewards. $10 doesn’t feed my family. Additionally the new app won’t let you place an additional order for food if you forgot something. You must pick up your first order before the app allows you to place another. This means going in and standing in line to place an order for the additional item. This wastes a lot of time! Some rewards won’t let you redeem two in the same order so this reduced functionality forces you to complete the first order to be able to redeem your treat reward in a second order. One more thing... old app remembered the previous Chick-Fil-A login email and the new one does not. I buy multiple cow calendars and now it’s more work to log out of one account to redeem the monthly treat and then log into another at the same Chick Fil A visit usually. For example we will use my account for my calendar treat and then my son’s account for his calendar treat of the month. Old app remembered the previous email address to save time typing it in but new one makes you delete it and type it all out. Inefficient! Your developers should be ashamed of themselves for butchering the app! Please bring back the original superior app!

By rynpup

App Hacked, Nothing Was Done

When I discovered that someone hacked into my Chick Fil A app and was using my credit card to add money to a digital gift card, I immediately called customer service. The representative admitted it’s very likely someone did hack my account and discouraged me from deactivating it. I took his advice and instead changed my password, enabled Touch ID and removed my credit card information from the app and called the card company. My card company handled everything perfectly, but the next day I discovered my account was still being used by someone on the other side of the country. I called Chick Fil A customer service again and he submitted a form to have my account deactivated. It’s been a week, my account is still being used by the hackers and nothing has been done on Chick Fil A’s part. I’m shocked by how hard it has been to keep my account secure. Even though I’ve enabled Touch ID and changed my password, it seems as though there’s no way to force a log out so whoever used my account the first time is still able to do so. And I don’t have the capability to deactivate my account myself because of the outstanding balance the hackers put on the digital gift card linked to my account. As soon as I get customer service to do their job, I am deleting the app and will never re-download.

By Richard Mitchell
Jan 28 2023

This is the third time you’ve guys have sent me a survey to complete for a free sandwich when I go to click it on it disappears and it’s not in my email or on the Chick-fil-A app and I can’t fill it out. I don’t understand why that is it used to be on the receipt now they sent you like a not even a text and something over the phone. This is the third time and I lost all three of them and the one that you sent me today.

By Kim Griffith
Jan 03 2023

I have tried for 2 hours to reach the manager at the Chick-fil-a store in Apple Glen, Fort Wayne, Indiana. I had an incomplete delivery delivered by Door Dash. Door Dash said I needed to contact the store in order to have this rectified. I paid with the app for an 8-piece nugget meal, large coke, large fry and small mac and cheese. The only thing delivered was the mac and cheese. Please have someone contact me. I am usually very pleased with Chick-fil-a's customer service but I'm starting to doubt that there's actually a human being working the phonelines. Thank you.

By laraine p wieder
May 12 2022

Good evening! For the past two days I could not pay using my chick fil a app. It will allow the chick fil a to scan it and the receipt pops up. It will allow me to add money but not use it. I deleted the app off of my iphone and readded it. I have not tried using it since doing that.

Please advise.

By Lori Lovelady
Apr 26 2022

Ordered a spicy chicken salad for dinner. A big ugly bug was in it! I'd send a photo but no way to upload.

By Stephanie Smith
Mar 03 2022

A delivery was made to a home in my neighborhood approximately 1hr.ago to 6711 lake nona pl in lake worth Florida. The speed limit is 15mph on this road. Your delivery driver speed down the street at at least 40 mph if not faster. He came very close to me while continuing to exhibit signs of excessive speed. Plus i am a girl in a wheelchair and i was concerned for my safety and that of my dogs.This is a small community and that speed well exceeds acceptable limits. He was a heavy set white man with glasses and short glasses and was probably pretty young. I am waiting for a response from you but he could be charged by law enforcement with at least speeding and or reckless driving for threatening me with his car. I want to know what actions were taken to ensure that this never happened again. Thank you and I hope you take this seriously...Stephanie Smith

By Karen
Aug 01 2021

I have the app but it’s telling me upgrade but I need the older version cause I have iPhone 11 how can I get my app back working again

By Domingo Zamarripa
Jun 12 2021

Well first of, I would like to say that the Kilgore, Tx location has the worst people working there. They don’t know how to take an order. As I’m typing this I had a number 1 with and extra sandwich. Waited 30 minutes for my food, to find out it was the wrong sandwiches. So I told them that I wanted my order, and that I needed to speak with manager because as the brought my order back, it was AGAIN the wrong order. The manager never came to talk to me, request my money back. They never gave me my money back and still gave me the wrong order. I love yalls food but this location really sucks.

By Kevin Tapp
Mar 31 2021

Your app keeps telling me “we are having trouble serving you.” What is the problem?

By Manuel Aceves
Mar 21 2021

Order number 4966679 at the Buena Park store for a total amount of $30.56 was missing a Cool Wrap for $7.29 from my mobile order. It is my fault for not checking the order as I left; however, the order was incomplete. The order was made under M Aceves; please contact me as soon as possible to discuss my refund.



By Lisa Hannibal
Feb 04 2021

I accidentally selected free tator tots for lunch on 02/02/2021 as a free item, but was told that tator tots are only offered during breakfast. I lost 150 points by doing this. How can I regain my 150 points?

Thank you!

By Jennifer Laury
Jan 17 2021

I am very disappointed because I accrued a lot of points and when I used the app last evening it showed that I had zero points. I didn't use any of my accrued points. I would really appreciate your assistance with this. My membership # is 89001656847477.

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