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Published by on 2022-09-23

More than a simple password manager, My Eyes Only helps organize all your
critical digital information perfectly designed data categories. It supports
multi-device syncing and data backup of all your encrypted data.

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Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By Roberta Gordon
Nov 24 2022

Can not open app on my iPhone. It keeps reverting back to my Home Screen. I was able to open it on my iPad with my password. How do I get it back on my iPhone?

By John Giles
Sep 24 2022

Unable to sync account
Have deleted app and lost all info.

By Anna Edmondson
Jul 20 2022

Can you please explain and help me access my account? My app password no longer works. I keep getting the "invalid password" message. Several years' worth of passwords is on this app. I thought I even had signed up for that secondary back-up Syncryption service. So please help me access my account. Thank you.

By Michael Rinaldi
Jul 15 2022

Just tried to sign in to my four eyes only app and all the years of adding to the site which I really liked is gone I can’t believe it all that work this really sucks

By Michael Rinaldi
Jul 15 2022

Sign into for my eyes only and all my information was gone that is years of adding an information

By Rebecca Malmo
Jun 23 2022

I initiated a help chat, only to be asked for a credit card number for you to solve a defect in your product?
I am cancelling my subscription immediately, (which I have had for several years!) and reporting this practice.
I couldn't be more disappointed.
Rebecca Malmo

By larry
Apr 05 2022

I cannot log into the app i get a message wrong password. then files were not backed up,
then Im asked ofr my other Apple Id
How can I get this App back up a running?

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About this app

Store website passwords, membership and credit card images and data, bank account information, insurance and membership account information, and much more in predefined categories.  More than a simple password manager, My Eyes Only helps organize all your critical digital information perfectly designed data categories.  Using powerful encryption, it secures your critical information and utilizes Software Ops' secure cloud service to back up and sync to all your devices.  My Eyes Only® provides a secure, easy way to store and keep the critical information you need with you at all times.  It's never convenient to have a device lost, stolen, or damaged, but we make retrieving your data easy.  Add your data to one device and have it show up on your other iOS devices in just seconds.  Our secure cloud backup makes it effortless to back up your important information no matter where you are.  This ensures that your important data will be safe if your phone is lost or stolen.  This advanced encryption technology includes password protection, powerful 256 bit AES encryption, and an additional layer of keychain security that other apps don't have.  If you're on vacation, on a business trip, anywhere you go, your personal information is secure and retrievable by you.  Plus, you can share your data with a family member or loved one on their device.  Have fast, convenient access to all your essential personal data.  It supports multi-device syncing and data backup of all your encrypted data.  • Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account.  My Eyes Only® utilizes layers of protected encryption.  Even we can't see or access your data.  Sync all your devices for one price (other competitors charge per device).  My Eyes Only® is free to download and a try-before-you-buy app.  You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.  You can add 20 items to MyEyesOnlyPasswordManager before you are asked to purchase a subscription.  This gives you the chance to try it before you decide to purchase.  Pay once for all your devices. 

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