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Rating 3.5/5 | 651 Votes | 2020-01-07

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About: Zoho offers a suite of business, collaboration, and productivity applications.
Headquarters: Pleasanton, California, United States.

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Zoho’s mobile CRM helps you stay on top of all your sales activities. Be a pro lead manager by efficiently tracking and following up on leads or that sales manager that everyone envies with your top notch contact management. Turn your phone into your personal sales assistant to help you in your field sales. Increase sales efficiency with the mobile CRM by locating more leads, scheduling more meetings and closing more deals. Features: - Start your day with a clear overview of your scheduled tasks, events and calls. - Stay up-to-date and gain insights on key metrics and sales trends with Dashboards. - Log calls and schedule follow-up activities. Attach voice notes and files to deals with ease. - Set reminders, get push notifications, and be sure to never miss an activity. - Check in to record your visits at customer locations. Collaborate with your team through feeds using @mentions and much more. - Access and modify your information even when you're offline. It gets automatically synced when you are back online. - Manage your end-to-end sales cycle with Zoho CRM’s mobile app.

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  • By Dawn the Techie🤓

    Incredible amounts of tools and capability

    Started using this product a couple years back at the company I was in employed with. In the beginning we had multiple departments that needed to be set up and configured. Then we had our employees and management. Everything from payroll documentation is needed for either services provided or services received. Gateways for processing credit cards, assistance with web page, a support ticketing system. Multiple apps for multiple paths of communication. Statistics analytics you name it they got it. But it’s up to the customer to take the time to set it up. This company does not know exactly what you need unless you ask. Patient knowledgeable and happy to assist the support team has been spectacular. Love the people, professional, humble, and very enlightening. Currently started my own business and implementing the same CRM. Thank you for developing implementing and putting it into production. Also I have a secret, they are from India and I have done technical support and managed technical support also. I am an American and I love my country. Born in Los Angeles and totally anti-racist. America and the rest of the countries never let language be a Barrier for your success!!! Thank you Dawn Perez Naples Florida

  • By DutchUT

    After using Zoho for two years now...

    I can’t tell you how impressed I am as a business owner with Zoho. I am not IT, but most of even complex options I can do with the help of their support. The program itself is beyond solid, it has dozens of practical partner programs (we use salesiq, forms and others), but the most important feature is their customer service. Always someone available within seconds through phone and chat. Always quick to help and solve. It’s a beast of a program but it has to be so it does everything we need and then some.

  • By Zootstinsky

    Need Apple Watch app

    Really good app but needs Apple watch support and the ability to share a contact or account without having to export to contacts or take a screen shot. Also the ability to automatically log incoming calls, use Waze, and speed up the map that shows customers around you. It’s terribly slow. Put some serious thought into watch app. Most people using it probably travel.