SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM Reviews

SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM Reviews

Published by on 2022-08-31

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Reviews (29)



I’ve worked for many roofing companies and have never been given such an amazing tool. I became the GM for a company that used SR, I really enjoyed the product. Then I started my business and decided to shop territory management systems. Jake was incredible and we decided to go with SR. Then we were linked with Trevor Durfey. They completely undersold this system. Trevor has exceeded my expectations and the training has been phenomenal. I couldn’t be more grateful and I couldn’t be more excited about what this product brings to my business. I don’t just recommend SR but you are losing out by not partnering with them. Thank you so much Trevor for your exceptional service.


Not good at all….

My company has switched over to SalesRabbit this year. I am extremely disappointed. It’s supposed to make tracking my neighborhood extremely easy & streamline & it has even made my job so much harder. I have lost out on many sales due to the utter disappointment of SalesRabbit. SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM always freezes, closes, and has a number of error codes for just about every single submission whether it’s payments or contracts. I’ve struggled with SalesRabbit to the point where it makes me DREAD going out on the doors because I know I cannot reach my full potential on the doors because i know for a FACT that I will be losing time on the doors, money, and peace of mind all thanks to SalesRabbit. The team always says they are “on top of it” and that they’ve “found a couple bugs that they have fixed” and we “shouldn’t have any problems any more”. Lo and behold I’m still always having the same problem time after time with ZERO improvement. Get on top of this SalesRabbit.


Needs to be customized for iPhone X

The application has been scaled to the screen size of the iPhone X but there are few bugs such as when you open “A La Carte” option while filling an agreement you cannot go back from the drop down menu. You have to close SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM and resume the agreement by opening it again. Also when opening “Leaderboard” the top three options (Overview, Standings and Customer) in the application overlap with the iPhone time and phone signal bars with WiFi icon right side to the notch. Gives me a lot of trouble as I use my phone for doing agreements and my non LTE iPad for just showcasing channels and packages suitable for customers. There are a lot of bugs which I hope the developers fix as this application is our primary, convenient and reliable method of performing door to door sales in a natural busy habitat.


Sales Rabbit Makes a Difference

I’ve sold year around for a handful of companies and a problem has always been marking houses. This year we switched to sales rabbit and it made a huge difference. We were able to properly mark houses and make sure nothing is getting re knocked. The marking area feature made it easy when dropping off reps and being able to mark any type of house whether they were a not home, a call back, a go back, or what we all like to see is sold. Love SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM and will use it in the future.


Excellent product

Sales rabbit is a fantastic software. I used it as a sales rep selling dish network when it was a brand new software and later utilized it when I started my own Solar company. Makes canvassing for d2d reps so organized and productive. A rep waste way less time using sales rabbit that with other canvassing softwares. I have also tried the competition and went back to sales rabbit every time. You might find other softwares that cost a little less, but that is because they are worth less. Check SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM out for sure. Killer service to all their clients whether big or small.


The Rabbit has died

Everything about this product is fairly decent. Some of the information is outdated. Some of the information is correct. I treated it like a rudimentary tool. It wasn’t until today, while I was working, that I experienced a serious issue. Some issues here and there, sure. However, when I called our contact about SalesRabbit not working properly, she said that I should not be getting the results that I’m getting. The only solution, was to call Salesrabbit’s tech-support. I called them and waited for five minutes on hold, only to be put into a voicemail system. I tried again, same result. I tried to sales line, same result. As long as this product is working, it’s OK. But the minute you need help, they will leave you hanging. Just FYI.


Sales Rabbit Support

Hi. I had an issue with being able to schedule an appointment within the Sales Rabbit App. I submitted the issue to the support staff through SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM . They were immediately responsive, and ultimately suggestive of the potential fix. After an email or two with support, the issue was resolved. For me, anytime there’s an issue with an App and it’s functionality that gets resolved rapidly as the result of a few brief communications with the support staff for that App, that’s better than most and rates as excellent service! Thank you Sales Rabbit Support Staff!


Amazing support makes everything easy!

SalesRabbit is an incredible CRM at a great value! If you’re looking for efficiency, ease of use, amazing customer support, and a productivity booster for your sales team, THIS IS IT. We’ve been working with Ashton Sumner and if he isn’t sure about something (which is rare), he always leads us to the right resource. Solid guy! I’m amazed at how organized their processes are and I promise if you’ve been dealing with headaches from other software, SalesRabbit is here to rub your temples into pure, streamlined bliss. Simply outstanding!


Great mapping tool and customer service

I work for Allo Communications, our door to door staff uses Sales Rabbit. We used SPOTIO for several years and were highly dissatisfied with their service. The first thing we love about Sales Rabbit is they customer service, someone is always available to answer our questions, especially about app functionality, in a timely manner. Nate and Trevor have a laser focus of making sure SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM is customized to the needs of our business. Again, great app, great customer service.


Amazing app!

The only thing is that in the mobile app if you want to add a new lead, the country by default is US. And change it each time when you add a new lead is a hassle especially if you are the only person in the company and mostly working outside the office. If it could be changed to your geographical localization by default or if you could set the default in settings, would be super helpful and would save a lot of time. Thank you!


Just Don’t

I have used SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM for the last three years, and kept hoping it would improve. It hasn’t. There were a few things done to make it more appealing to the eye, but ultimately the problems that existed three years ago still exist now. It continually crashes, especially when I’m trying to change screens to and from messaging. It will randomly log me out and make me sign back in, sometimes in the middle of a contract. Then there are the submission errors... haha, too many to count. However, their customer service people are usually very good and work with you to help you solve the problem. I do have to say they are the reason I don’t give it one star.

Trevor has made sales rabbit even more awesome!

We have used SalesRabbit almost 6 years now. I have worked with over half a dozen other custom designed or off-the-shelf competitors before. This is the best. This tool has become essential for our residential storm restoration business. If you get great customer service and training, like we are now getting from Trevor Duffy, you are going to love SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM! There are so many ways to make your reps more productive and focused. We can now harvest fantastic data to guide our efforts and inform our strategic decisions. It has made us more efficient, better at customer and prospect interaction, and raised our level of professionalism. I am still discovering new ways to take advantage of the powerful resources in the program. Dan Fraser Sterling Exteriors


Set up is perfect, everything else is terrible

The set up for door to door knocking is everything you could want. But as far as all the technical parts of SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM , it’s complete trash. Leads get randomly deleted, notes in leads get randomly deleted, and it is a super laggy app. It’s not my internet or my phone because everything else works perfectly fine. SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM freezes at least 3 times in a 6 hour shift. Every. Single. Day. Being a SALES app, it is terrible to have your NOTES and LEADS deleted. If you don’t have a good backup, you could loose that lead due to it. This is a very common thing too. It’s not like it occasionally happens. About 20% of my leads have their notes randomly deleted. That is way too high.


The new update killed it for me

I love SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM and have been using it for the last year and a half. I would rave about how Efficient SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM was, but I feel like after the new update. It really killed it for me. The only thing that I can’t stand is the stackable pins, not being about to unstack the pins and putting it on top of the correct house is beyond annoying, anyone that uses SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM that I’ve talked to has surprisingly agreed with me. I thought it was just me. The idea of stacking is great but if your not able to unstack the pins and move them to the correct house then whats the point ? After my year is up I will no longer be using SalesRabbit


Boom baby, an app I love!

Having been in the alarm industry close to 4 years I have greatly appreciated SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM. Before we used it in our company we struggled to keep decent notes of area and houses we sold/ knocked. I would recommend SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM to everyone in the D2D industry. My favorite part was being able to drop a pin on a specific house, ad a coded tab/notes and then click the icon to route me there via mobile maps. I love sales rabbit!


Highly Imrpessive

I have used primarily SalesForce off and on as a CRM for over 20 years. I was very pleased when I first started using this application with my current employer. The way that the data seamlessly integrates back into our lead generation database has been great. The ability to not track our leads, review past history data and then to create sales documents directly within SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM has been one of the best time saving tools that we can have as field sales managers.



Revolutionized the way our sales team works! Organization in our door knocking and sales. Gives our teams the ability to see their performance metrics and what their close ratios are. Hold all information you need to sell and can push a homeowners information directly to your CRM to reduce double entry! Best part is it gives you the homeowners name before you ever step on the porch! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!


Not bad

My company uses sales rabbit for our canvassing team. Pros: It’s a powerful app that gives you access to a lot of information and the ability to keep track of the doors you’ve knocked. Cons: The majority of the time it takes hours to days for my team to have their territory assigned to them. Sales rabbit has cost us many hours in the field because of their unresponsive systems. Because of this we are considering moving to ground force



The tools are great. It would be great if I could edit the names! Other than that sales rabbit has been amazing. It’s extremely reliable and works every time I need it. Every single house I have sold to has been put on sales rabbit. I have not had any issues what so ever. Sales rabbit is a great company with a great product and a great service. No other company does it like sales rabbit!


Best Customer Service ever.

I was so pleased with the service I received by their customer service team. I would highly recommend SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM for free-lancers or for major corporations and companies. Any issue be sure they will do their best to meet your technical needs. May God bless you all, and your company. Thank you, Sales Rabbit Tech support team✨


New icons disappear

For the very most part I love using the rabbit app. Very functional and useful with the right features to be organized and productive in your sales. But WHY does it get “buggy” and new icons put on disappear as soon as you place them? To correct it immediately I have to delete SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM and reinstall SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM . Is there something that can be done to keep this from happening? Thanks for no longer having issues of slow slow slow leaderboard loading. All good now.


Terrible it’s always buggy/crashing

The reason I’m being so hard on Sales rabbit is because after all the updates they did before the summer & for what it’s crashing right now on prime time I can’t Qualify customers nor submit my deals because this has bugs, I have it 2 stars because sometimes when it works it’s okay, other that it’s slower and loading the Canvas then it used to be. Please fix this guys because other then tracking number there is no point for SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM when I have to call in to put in a Deal/Job.


Great app!

I have used sales rabbit for around 3 years now. It’s a great way to track leads. When a customer calls in you can look on Sales Rabbit to see which salesperson deserves the lead based on who has been soliciting in their area. SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM works well! The Sales Rabbit representative Ryan Hammond is a great guy to work with if you need to be set up ask for him. You’ll be glad you talked to Ryan and that you used Sales Rabbit!


Best d2d app period.

I’ve been door knocking since the paper and pen days and played with all the different d2d apps. SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM works as advertised and the customer service is next level! They get issues fixed fast and they are still open during “prime time” so you can get it fixed and back to work. Walker Harris the best if you get to talk to him when you call support!



The main reason this company has high reviews is from giving away free stuff at conventions for people that leave them a five star reviews. SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM cannot handle very much info being loaded at one time. Constantly crashes and is very slow moving. I don’t think there has ever been a day in the past three years of using it that has gone smoothly or without crashing at least once. unfortunately it does not seem as though there are many options in this field so that’s why sales rabbit has the customers that they have is simply lack of options.


Best for d2d!

This is my first time using a sales app and it works perfect! I’ve been using it everyday for the last 3 months. It is really useful for door knocking. I have zero complaints! The customer service is very quick to help you figure out any issues. I met the BIP at ISC West 2018 and Zac Kerr was very eager to hear our opinions and ready to fix any possible issues. Great app and company!


I don’t understand why this is a 5 star app

I have worked for a variety of different of doorsale companies and every single one has had there own apps all have which worked great! This one is the worst one.... hands down so far it literally crashes every day...... the names I label each door randomly changes. And multiple reps I talk to experience the same things. And also when you zoom in close 80% of the labeled homes disappear. I really really really want to change this review because the company I am with is phenomenal. But SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM has has not.


Game changing

SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM took our canvassing structure to the next level. Streamlined everything and made things way more efficient as far as door knocking could be. I highly recommend trying out SalesRabbit and could preach about it all day long for any door-to-door businesses.


Best Door Knocking App!!!

I work for Americas Security and I have been using SalesRabbitLeadCanvassCRM for about a year and a half now and it works efficiently !!! Whenever i forget a customer's location or name or appointment Sales Rabbit let's me know exactly when and where I need to be I wouldnt suggest any other app for door knockers besides this one !!!!

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Is SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM Safe?

Yes. SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 928 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM Is 62.8/100.

Is SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM Legit?

Yes. SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 928 SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM Is 62.8/100.

Is SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM not working?

SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using SalesRabbit Lead Canvass CRM.

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