HubSpot CRM: Grow better Reviews

HubSpot CRM: Grow better Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-14

About: CLOSE MORE DEALS - Call direct from the app. Use your mobile or your HubSpot

About HubSpot CRM

What is HubSpot CRM? The HubSpot app is designed to help businesses close more deals, increase efficiency, connect with customers, stay up to date, never miss an opportunity, and reach more potential customers. It offers features such as calling directly from the app, real-time notifications, automatic call logging, task management, mobile inbox access, ticket creation and collaboration, social media scheduling, and more.



- Call directly from the app using your mobile or HubSpot number

- Caller ID to see who's calling and get all the context you need

- Real-time notifications when a contact opens your email

- Automatic call logging to save time on admin

- Task management to cross off to-dos quicker

- HubSpot keyboard to insert meeting links and snippets in any app

- Mobile inbox access to create tickets and reply to conversations

- Ticket assignment and collaboration with your team

- Real-time notifications for new live chat or email

- View reports and progress towards goals with forecasts

- Scan business cards, including QR codes

- Add new contacts, companies, or notes anytime

- Schedule and review social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

- Use the app for 2FA when logging in on the web

- Learn and get certified in marketing, sales, and customer service with HubSpot Academy.

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Key Benefits of HubSpot CRM

- Streamline prospect to sales process through customizable deals kanban dashboard

- Capture leads by easy connecting to websites and providing links

- Automatically update company info based on domain name

- Free to pay for more features model helps to scale business

20 HubSpot CRM Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Repeat Notification overload

HubSpotCRM is great for letting me know when my emails are opened, which is the main reason I chose to use it. I love that I can see when someone reads my email and that I can sort my contacts by who opened emails most recently and who I’ve last made contact with, etc. however, HubSpotCRM on the phone is driving me crazy. Every time I open one of my own tracked emails or someone in the thread opens the email HubSpotCRM will send me a notification every 2 seconds that the email was opened, and it won’t stop bombarding my phone with the notifications until I exit the email (which is after I finish replying) and then have a hundred notifications. It also counts towards the 200 notifications you are allowed to receive for free, using all those up for already reported information. Although HubSpot will surely make a fix for it, I had to mention it or else they might not ever see it!


Efficiently You

Hubspot allows me to streamline my prospect to sales process through their fully customizable deals kanban dashboard. Hubspot allows we to caputre leads by easy connecting to websites and providing links to drive traffic through. I appreciate the simplicity of having contact profiles and business profile that automatically update company info based on domain their name. Their free to pay for more features model helps me to scale my business as I grow. The only thing I would like to see if they would allow any service from other plans to be available a la carte because I would love sequencing as an add-on rather than upgrading to professional plan to get it. Overall worth it, 5 star for effectiveness and productivity.


Come A Long Way

I’ve got to admit... I wasn’t a huge fan of the first couple iterations of the HubSpot app. Even went to try many others (Pipedrive, Salesforce, Pipeline Deals, and more). But, I came back to check out HubSpot again and I’m more than pleasantly surprised. We decided to move everything under the HS roof - Support, Sales, Marketing and more. It’s incredible having our Shopify site and all the data collect in one place. HubSpotCRM is a great extension of the site for when we’re on the go and a perfect tool for the sales side of our business. Yeah it has some things that could improve, but you can say that about everyone. Use it properly and it will change your business and make your life easier!


Amazing App

HubSpotCRM is simply amazing! It interfaces with my email and Google Calendar beautifully. It helps keep track of my contacts, their emails, opportunities with them and tasks and best of all, will also show all of this on a Dashboard summarizing everything.

By the way, once you interface with your email, mine is hosted by Google, then it doesn’t matter if you send from HubSpot or your regular email. You’ll know when your prospect opened the email or how many times the viewed it.

I highly recommend HubSpotCRM. It’s awesome.


No support for the Tickets feature

My company has been using HubSpot for sales and marketing tracking for about a year. We started using the Tickets feature about two months ago that allows us to create and track customer support tickets.

As the Customer Care Lead for our company, it’s critical that I’m able to access our support tickets on the go. This is nearly impossible to do without carrying my computer with me. The Tickets section of their website is nowhere to be found in their iPhone app. While you can login to your HubSpot account in a mobile browser by going directly to the login page URL (the Login link is not displayed on the mobile version of their home page), trying to interact with your HubSpot account in a mobile browser will test your patience.

I know the Tickets feature is relatively new for HubSpot; but I hope their team understands that it’s important that we be able to access things like that on the go from whatever device we have with us.

UPDATE: January 2021 — Despite being told two years ago by HubSpot that support for the Tickets feature would be coming to HubSpotCRM, it’s still not here.


Inter app integration is subpar

The data marts are not integrated or synchronized enough, which causes a user to repeat data entry from companies to contacts. For example, if I add a contact within a company record, I have to enter company information which leaves potential for error. If I am in a company record and select add contact, it should be apparent that the company data get auto populated with the company data. But noooo, I have to re-enter all of the company data again. This adds too much time and complexity to a simple process. This is one of many examples that make HubSpot too difficult for me to use. Reporting is clumsy and too Facebookesque with the timeline. Please go and look at other CRMs to get id as on how to display data that is easy to read. For example, the contact lookup is a timeline. Not optimal for salespeople to navigate.


Hubspot is not a CRM

Hubspot has not been, is not now, and will probably never be a CRM.
It is a time and task tracker.
Right now - I can’t even sign in on my phone through HubSpotCRM - so the functionality is an absolute zero.
I have been forced to use Hubspot at two different companies. I would rather use a spreadsheet.
The simplest of tasks require HS chat help and videos just to implement.
Want to create your own field for a contact?
Like maybe a second address? Oh,that’s a big deal. Requires a setting which requires admin level credentials blah blah blah.
It’s so involved I’ll just put all this extra info in the notes and HOPE I find it later.
I could go on and on on things that are 42 steps that should be 3.
Why are they so popular? Who knows. Marketing?
Anybody who likes HS should try ACT! from 15 years ago. We hated that too - but it had more functionality than this.
Update: after installing and uninstalling HubSpotCRM three times on my phone - I have finally deleted HubSpotCRM . Oh yes, and fun fact - if you try and use HS in the browser on your phone it doesn’t adapt to your phone from desktop mode.
So we have firmly established HS does NOT work on my phone.


Basically useless, a big disappointment

A frustrating experience from an otherwise innovative software company.

The following problems have plagued HubSpotCRM for more than a year:

*Extreme* lag: No matter how fast your internet connection, it takes 20-30 seconds just to load a deal object. Want to update a property? You need to set aside a full minute, at a minimum.

Poor usability: The deal pipeline, a beautiful kanban in the web app, is a convoluted mess in mobile. It’s made worse by the point above — often you need to swipe several times to switch between deal stages. Then it takes another minute or so until the deals in that stage are fully loaded so you can scroll down the column.

Constant failures: Often, the update you make to a deal, company or contact property doesn’t persist. Instead, you get an error message which itself causes HubSpotCRM to slow down even more.

At the end of the day, I can not recommend HubSpotCRM because it simply doesn’t work reliably. You’re better off using the web UI on mobile — add it to your home screen so it works like the native app should.

When will this get better, Hubspot?


Good but...

The existing functionality and the smooth of HubSpotCRM is 5 star. However, I gave it 4 stars because the mobile app is very limited in functionality. There is no ability to post to social, create and or send email marketing or any of the more advanced features. There are other apps that allow you this kind of functionality ie mailchimp for email and Apphi for social. Since this is an all in one platform it would be great if they could add more marketing capabilities into their app. Please put this on your near-term product roadmap, HubSpot!


Inspiringly intuitive UX

As a new company, I am in awe of what you have built! It is incredibly easy to navigate and tweak the information, sales funnel, etc. the integration with my email and phone number was a glorious bonus. I truly am inspired.

Kudos to the whole hubspot team! I hope this review forces a round of high fives or a round of drinks. I used to manage a large fortune 5 company and work with a lot of software companies. So, this experience has been a WoW for me.

Salesforce who?!? May the good guys win and keep inspiring other small businesses!


Zero Actionability

The whole point of HubSpotCRM is for it to be actionable on the go. Leave the organizing to the computer and make HubSpotCRM action ready. Tasks are not actionable they simply act as a reminder. For instance I set a task to call an individual and instead of it just giving me the option to call straight out of the task profile I have to venture into the contact profile and select to call from there. May seem small but if I already put the work to organize my work flow for the day on my computer the last thing I want to do when it's synced on my mobile is to go through more motions to get to my action.. NOOOOO! I already did that let's get to work. Not to mention that the update was purely aesthetic and it took over a year to come out.


Simple to use but very buggy

I just started using Hubspot CRM for my company and really like it. The desktop version is great and the mobile app has a nice interface but it’s pretty buggy. I will be creating a task or adding a contact and it shuts down without warning. It’s done it daily since I got HubSpotCRM . Luckily the data is easy to put in again but it’s very annoying how it does that.

I also wish I could connect it to my calendar. I use Zoho and have managed to connect my mail account but don’t know if it’s possible to sync my calendar as well. From my research it looks like it only connects with google or outlook calendars.


Used to Open but those Days are Gone

HubSpotCRM was workable although it could definitely be more intuitive and functional. There is certainly room for improvement. Well that was then and this is now. Now it doesn’t even open on my iPhone anymore and the last time it did only some functions would work. I’ve been using HubSpotCRM for about 2 years but I may have to change to something more stable and dependable.


Great App.... But

So HubSpotCRM has very few things I don’t like about it but from a sales and prospecting point of view it lacks major filter ability to allow you to sort through your clients.

Right now you only allow contacts to be sorted by First Name, Last Name, and Date Created. This becomes a huge problem when you’ve got hundreds of clients from different locations and want to prospect through specific categories on any day. It would be nice to sort by locations, state, city and zip. Also type of business.


Add the website features to the app

There is absolutely no reason why the website features are not in HubSpotCRM . When any site creates a app, it’s to simplify the workload and access information on the go. HubSpotCRM doesn’t even show you the ticket board and what assignments you have to do instead when you press tasks, it shows nothing. The only time I can see the tasks is when I go to the website. HubSpotCRM needs improvements and updates. It doesn’t even allow you to edit tickets or add notes either. Please developers, stop fixing bugs on HubSpotCRM in the updates and add more information that is on the HubSpot website to the application.


Amazing Business tool for your business!

As a Business Developer , it’s been a great tool in utilizing the opportunity in keeping all of my contacts and generating opportunities for future business. I also enjoy the call and email features from my mobile phone and the desktop. Very easy to integrate with my Gmail and other extensions.

Overall a great experience!


Unfortunately Useless

My company switched to HubSpot a few months ago and while the desktop version is buggy, at least it is mostly functional. HubSpotCRM on the other hand - I have no idea what the purpose of it is. I need to be able to see customer emails and review tickets on the go - completely impossible on HubSpotCRM . In fact, when using HubSpotCRM , the messages it DOES show are months old and were already closed out in the desktop view. The only thing I can use it for is to see if a customer opened our email - but what can I really do with that information? Wish they would make HubSpotCRM more useful.


Love desktop version and issue solved for iOS

My issue has been solved! I wasn’t able to log into my account on HubSpotCRM for my iPhone 6s. Found out the reason was that I was adding a space after my email address. The solution was so simple! The customer support team really helped me out. I was getting frustrated after a few days, but I’m so glad they figured out what was wrong! So in the end I feel dumb because there’s no problem with HubSpotCRM , just simple user error.


Epic tool for my business

What a great crm for my health coaching business. I looked everywhere for an affordable tooo that let me store documents and that made it easy to book coaching meetings. This is perfection and it’s free for my small biz! Are you kidding me? So thankful. HubSpotCRM works awesome on the go. I had a small glitch once using templates on HubSpotCRM but I reported it and it was fixed pretty quickly! They also have fantastic customer service!!


Missing Service Features

HubSpotCRM is great and just work seem less for what it’s capable of doing. It is however missing the Service Feature and the ability to manage tickets.

Even just loading this up on the web on a phone seems nearly unmanageable. The ability to be mobile is crucial and I am seriously considering to look for a competing solution.

I hope this is seen by the dev team and seriously considered for future development.


Worst CRM on the market

I have been using CRM apps for my entire professional career and Hubspot, hands down, is the least intuitive. It is filled with constant bugs, under populates some fields, and duplicates emails several times making reviewing a clients history impossible and too time consuming. Additionally, and this is the most frustrating aspect of HubSpotCRM . is that it FAILS with the most basic search functions. The developers should try using it themselves! Look up a clients name, see if you mispel one letter or have 17 "Christy's" only 2 will come up! It's absolutely disfunctional and we will be looking to change apps shortly. Don't waste your time with HubSpotCRM.


Outsourced crap

This is what happens when you go too cheap and outsource to some sweat shop. HubSpotCRM is quite literally garbage. I would detail all the little interface things that are annoying but actually I can’t even login to my account — why ? Well, funny you should ask, my password is apparently incorrect and the developers neglected to add a “forgot password” button on the login screen lol.

FYI, I didn’t actually forget my password, I had logged in “with google”, the token expired and rather than delete the token from HubSpotCRM after a failed login and allow me to re-login via google it keeps retrying the same bad token, game over, deleting.


Great App! Was Buggy, But Problem Solved by Great Support Team

I wasn’t able to access my email templates through HubSpotCRM for several weeks, but I reported the issue to their support team, and they responded quickly and helpfully and began working on a fix that rolled out just a short time later. VERY good experience.

Is HubSpot CRM Safe?

Yes. HubSpot CRM: Grow better is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,800 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HubSpot CRM Is 91.6/100.

Is HubSpot CRM Legit?

Yes. HubSpot CRM: Grow better is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,800 HubSpot CRM: Grow better User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HubSpot CRM Is 100/100..

Is HubSpot CRM: Grow better not working?

HubSpot CRM: Grow better works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

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Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $100.00
Yearly Subscription $28.00

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