zomato - food delivery, dining Reviews

zomato - food delivery, dining Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-02

Whether you’re looking for biryani to feed your desi cravings, soul comforting
pizzas and burgers, or even a salad with a cup of chai or coffee, Zomato is the
only app you need for the quickest doorstep delivery of your favourites. With
over 1.5 million restaurants and 285 million rating...

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zomato - food delivery, dining Reviews

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    Fail fail fail, please bring back the Urban Spoon

    I stopped using this app when they killed the popular Urban Spoon app, I thought I would give it a look again and wow, what a disappointment. Why would I use this app at all? The features that were Urban Spoon are now totally gone. I could just use google or yelp which are way more updated, and this app no longer lets you search by cuisine unless you click 8 steps deep in filters? Fail. It just shows you restaurants nearby. What if the nearby restaurants are not what I am looking for? It has no more pick cuisine, price range and shake your phone and a cool vegas like slot machine would roll thru food possibilities with sounds and ratings. Yelp has easy cuisine slider with one click. For those who never knew Urban Spoon you are the lucky ones as you have no idea what you are missing as this app deleted it and replaced with an app not worth taking up space on my phone. Nothing to see here, keep moving along.. so sad.. I can't see what value this app brings to anything, it's purpose is irrelevant. The reviews here that are more than 1 star are either fake or have never heard of yelp. Bring back Urban Spoon and see which app users prefer or just continue to force people to login to this app after reading the bad reviews to see it is really that bad. Click, delete.

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    Horrible site customer service

    They missed some items from my order and instead of asking the restaurant to correct it they said that they would give 50 rupees in COUPONS to my account. In other words instead of refunding the amount of missing items or delivering them to my house they said they would give me coupons (not even ZOMATO credit) but coupons so that I would have no choice but to spend more money on their site. Their customer service is disgusting. They wanted the customer to bear the burden of the restaurant’s mistake and their incompetence. They don’t even have a helpline they just chat with you and keep suggesting that they will make sure nothing bad happens on you next order. They suggested to me to order from the same restaurant, who had messed up my first order....instead of fixing the blunder that they had made they want me to trust and pay money to the same restaurant again. I was a lot loyal costumer of ZOMATO and I ordered a lot of food there. But after I brought up this issue and I witnessed their pathetic customer service when a loyal customer has a genuine problem....I can no longer order from them. I left ZOMATO the other a bitter taste in my mouth. I will save my money, my health, and my peace of mind by never dealing with them again.

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    Erratic delivery times..USELESS APP

    Decent app and user friendly interface but that’s where the quality ends. Delivery times are unreliable (can’t track like uber eats) and frequently payment is charged before the restaurant can confirm that the order can be fulfilled and you’re stuck with a charged credit card looking for options to replace what you ordered. Same responses from Zomato customer service when you complain, “we will follow up and give the restaurant a stern warning “ etc etc. Nothing improves. For quick and reliable delivery times Uber eats is the way to go. UPDATE: I have long since deleted the app and no longer use it it’s a joke and I’m giving it one star because zero is not an option. After writing my first review 8 months ago I’d hoped things might improve but same story. Delivery is late or order is accepted and card is charged without the restaurant knowing if they can fulfill the order, you complain and they apologize and give you zomato credits, pointless. I use this app in the UAE and there are better options here.. don’t bother

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    No one replies at chat support

    I placed an ordered, the order was delayed, contacted chat support where no one replied, contacted the restaurant where the restaurant said the order has already been sent out, but the driver did not deliver the meal and had cancelled the order without the app giving me any notification. 20 mins later the app said they have completed the delivery and the order has been delivered while I have not received anything. Basically, if the driver was unable to deliver your meal, and you had already been charged with the credit card, forget about anything replying anything to you. The restaurant or zomato. You are at a loss. No compensation given. No one picks up your call, or replies to your chat — not after 6 hours away, after 6 hours the customer support chat replies after I had mentioned the issue again, and said refund will take 2-7 days -‘s no compensation can be given. Before we ended our chat conversation, he asked me to rate this chat positively as I would be rating the chat not the restaurant.

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    Bad bad service and less transparency

    This app changes too much fees for the reason of improvement but unfortunately it just getting money for nothing you can save by calling the restaurant. I had bad experience with this app when I ordered a food and when the restaurant didn’t take too much time I chat with this app bad customer care and they told me you can’t cancel your order it’s out for delivery just wait for short time and waiting I called the restaurant and they told me your order has been canceled by the app !!!!!!!! I lost money and time when I chat with them to complain they told me the restaurant called you but you didn’t answer which is not excuse at all especially if they told me it out for delivery I will not use this app again because they are not transparent

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    Service levels are dropping like pack of cards

    The application itself needs an update. It was really good before they tried to be fancy and updated their app. Lately it takes time to load. Couple of days back, placed an order, it was delivered to the wrong apartment number. This was the second time in 4 days. When contacted the customer service, they were first unable to trace the account. Robotic message pls give registered mobile number. After sending them the screenshot they said pls update address as it shows my previous apartment number which i deleted 5 days back. Still the robot didnt want to stop arguing and asked me to delete the current address and update it again. Slow claps for the amazing service

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    Awful customer service

    The food is good which is the restaurants responsibility, however, the app and coupons are very unreliable. Many times I'm about to check out and it tells me "the delivery for this restaurant is unavailable to your address". I called the restaurant and they are delivering so zomato has made the decision of now delivering the food. Super annoying. Additionally, my welcome coupon wasn't working and I reached out three times to see why that was happening. They got back to me after I had already ordered with the coupon just to tell me that "sorry, you've already place your order without using the coupon so you can't use it anymore". There are better apps like swiggy and uber eats that I'd recommend. On top of everything, zomato's customer service is horrendous. The staff is unknown and you can only chat with because there isn't a number to call. Two of the three times, the staff was incredibly unhelpful, rude and didn't care. I would recommend not to use this app.

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    Poor service

    I had very bad experience with zomato . I m so disappointed with your service. I ordered pizzas with zomato through la pinoz. They have given instructions to the delivery boy that pizza is cheesy . So handle with care instead of that pizzas were in very bad condition . Toppings were not there on the pizza . Toppings were on the box nd 3 slices of pizza . I even had chat with customer care. But they were least bothered. Nd instead of solving my problem after 30 minutes they have added ₹100 in my account . As if your ₹100 can solve my problem. I have ordered the pizza amount₹923 . I even told them we are starving . Instead of giving solution they were sorry . Is this the way you are delivering your promises ? Nd i must say the tagline which you have used “Not all superheroes wear capes” . We don’t want such heroes . Don’t make promises if you can’t fulfil them . Swiggy is much better than zomato. Atleast they care for their customers. Thanks for your ₹100 credit and for such a nice pizza and so good service .

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    They steal your money!

    I placed an order for lunch which was cancelled by Zomato without any explanation after I informed their customer care service that I was unable to reach the delivery executive over phone despite having waited for over 30 minutes for my lunch to be delivered on a very busy day. After cancelling the order they issued a refund for half the amount I paid while issuing the other half in the form of a coupon which will expire in 30 days like I would ever want to use the app again (Given that they messed up 3 out of 5 times I have ordered using this app). When I politely asked for a full refund instead the customer care executive simply said there’s nothing he can do about it as it’s an automated system. If you want to wait for your food for hours on the end without any certainty that it will be delivered then I would recommend that you choose to pay on delivery rather than have no food and lose half your money to this unscrupulous company.

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    My favorite country to visit is Italy and here in Alexandria, we have a restaurant that reminds me of a little trattoria in Rome ... from the moment I enter Veronas I’m transported back to my favorite spot in Rome ( Piazza Navona) at Veronas there are many superb dishes to order , no matter which tasty dish you order , you will not be disappointed... it’s hard to choose as I try a different dish each visit .. I think my favorites are the Salmon Special ( capers , Tomatoes, Kalimata olives in a white wine sauce ) the Salmon melts in your mouth , I also love his Italian spaghetti, Tony’s sauce is truly spectacular, oregano, basil .. it’s a secret I’m sure , I’ve tried to duplicate it but mine always falls short .. the staff is friendly , the prices reasonable... if you want a taste of Italy , I recommend Veronas, tell them Michelina sent you ...

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    Great app! Love it!!

    I live in cbd so this app is my go-to app on a daily basis! Absolutely love it!!!!! Makes life soooooo easy for me cuz I can quickly search new restaurants, easily navigate location cuz it’s linked to google maps, call up the restaurant. My fav feature is getting to view the restaurant “Menu” section. One thing I’d improve about this app would be for them to separate the photos, one section for the food photos and a second section for the restaurant photos, cuz I want to c what the restaurant location/internal ambience/external building looks like , but it’s time consuming for me to scroll thru hundreds of photos to look for the restaurant photos. Over all , app is awesome!!

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    Worthless app if you live in the US

    Seven months ago I added multiple restaurants they are still pending moderation. The developers could care less about this app. I am deleting it I am tired of it. They are better apps out there. I attempted to add multiple restaurants in June and not a single one is been added yet. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have lots of restaurants saved on here I would totally delete this app don’t waste your time if you’re new to it. They told me before to contact them and I have but they don’t respond. Whoever you are who supposedly runs this app you’re useless and you’ve proven that you are. I have sent several emails over the last month and I’ve not gotten a single response. I have added five restaurants but they still show as under review and have not been added. I think the developers have absolutely no interest in this app. There’s a note of an update about some stupid mascot, but they have no interest in doing anything useful. I wish Urbanspoon could come back. So I got a request supposedly from the developers to send my concerns to a different email address. I forwarded my email to that address and included my user name and so far they have done squat. They don’t care. I was trying to add new restaurants which is kind of what this app is supposed to be about. They still show though as waiting for review.

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    Bring back UrbanSpoon- the way it WAS!

    If you buy a great program, don't replace it with one that is sub-par. You would do everyone a huge, huge favor by just bringing back UrbanSpoon, with is classic yellow background, and original programming. It was the best app ever for finding places to eat. Just run two apps if you feel the need to continue Zomato, which appears to be somebody's "baby" that they can't seem to give up, and felt it was superior. Read this to the owner. It's like putting in the third-sting QB because he is the son of the largest donor. You just don't do that. You put out the best product- always. Replacing UrbanSpoon w/ Zomato is like replacing Star Wars w/ the old "Lost in Space" TV series. Pleeeease bring back UrbanSpoon in all its glory, and get the original creative programming team back? ;) Give them free reign to do so.

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    Horrible user interface

    I like Zomato and I have been using it for a long time but after last year’s update I have been trying to cope with the new app interface and failing not to curse every time I tried to order something or to check a restaurant. I can confidently say that out of the 200 apps or so on my phone Zomato has the worst interface and is the least user friendly, did the people who designed the app work in designing puzzles before? They should be blacklisted from ever again having anything or do with an app. They have a better chance perusing a career in quantum physics or carpentry or anything but UI design. Everything in this interface is wrong, here are some of its shortcomings (to name a few): the small fonts. the colors which have nothing to do with Zomato’s website. you order from the order screen and then you need to go to a different place in the profile screen to find (by chance) notifications about your order, the profile page looks like it was designed by a different team and inserted into the app. Every single option is hard to find really! I still like Zomato and I still use the website mostly but I hope Zomato will work on a complete redesign of the app soon (then I’ll change my review) before frustrated users like me steer away from it altogether

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    I had enough!

    I have used this app for a bit more than a year. I had a couple of issues but overall everything worked in the end simply because most of the times I contacted the restaurants directly. Today I got charged for extra avocado but it was not added to my tartine. I decided to use their chat support. I immediately got notified i got 0.67usd in Zomato credits. But when I asked if this is equivalent to the 2,000LP I got charged they replied that it is not and I got a “this is the best we can end from our end =)”. After I told them this was not ok, as clearly I can live without 2,000LP, but i am making a point not to be charged for what I didn’t receive and that they should return the exact amount that they charged for! I was informed that I was given 9usd in Zomato credits! I really don’t understand the logic and I am not happy with this money joking around. Since then, Khalas, I’m done using them

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Is zomato - food delivery, dining Safe?

Yes. zomato - food delivery, dining is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 57,104 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for zomato - food delivery, dining Is 38.7/100.

Is zomato - food delivery, dining Legit?

Yes. zomato - food delivery, dining is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 57,104 zomato - food delivery, dining User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for zomato - food delivery, dining Is 38.7/100.

Is zomato - food delivery, dining not working?

zomato - food delivery, dining works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a zomato - food delivery, dining customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using zomato - food delivery, dining.

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