Verizon Call Filter Reviews

Verizon Call Filter Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-26

Verizon Call Filter takes the guesswork out of answering your phone, with
features that screen incoming calls and block spam. With Call Filter, you can:
• Detect spam calls with real-time alerts on your incoming call screen so
you can avoid them. • Easily set up filters to automatic...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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Verizon Call Filter Reviews

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    Randomly starts blocking all calls!

    The app quit working and started blocking all calls. There’s no way to see this is happening because it doesn’t tell you when it’s blocked calls and the calls don’t show up in recent cal history. I only figured it out after someone called my home phone to ask why I didn’t answer my iPhone. At that point, after troubleshooting, I realized I wasn’t receiving any calls at all on my iPhone, but to the person calling, it rings like normal and then goes to voicemail. In troubleshooting that issue, I tried to turn off spam filtering and it wouldn’t turn off. That allowed me to realize it’s probably what was causing the issue so I uninstalled it and bingo. I started receiving calls again. I reinstalled it a few days later and it worked for about a week before it started blocking all calls again! I’ve uninstalled it for good now. In addition, you can’t block #’s with the app. Verizon requires you to pay a monthly fee to block more than a small amount of #’s (I think it’s 10). It’s unethical to charge consumers to stop unwanted calls because it shows you have no incentive to help fix the issue of spam calls since you’re using them to make money. How long before Verizon starts helping spammers so the problem becomes some bad all Verizon customers are forced to sign up for their blocking service?

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    All calls in or out blocked

    I started receiving calls from my own phone number (spoofing) so I called Verizon and they suggested call filter turned on on their end which was free then also suggested I get the app for additional features. So I did both. App installed and I set it up and subscribed for an additional 2.99 a month. Everything worked fine until about an hour ago. All of a sudden I couldn’t make calls or receive calls. I’d get dead air then call failed error or I would get all circuits are busy now message. On incoming calls I couldn’t hear anything and the caller obviously couldn’t hear me. First I reset all settings. Then restarted phone. Nothing. Next I chatted with tec support via the Verizon app. Ran test on my line said it was fine. So next I went into my Verizon app and canceled the call filter app subscription. Then went into settings/phone and turned off call filter. Uninstalled app, then ran magic cleaner. Went in and reset settings. Rebooted phone. Still nothing. Around 15 to 20 minutes later i received a phone call then checked if I could also make calls again. It worked. Sorry Verizon I love you but won’t be installing or using your call filter app again.

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    Not working as advertised

    I was trying to find a spot to write to you instead of writing it publicly, but since I can’t find a contact for this app specifically anywhere, here we go. If you are going to give the option of block ALL spam, than anything with spam in the name (Including potential spam) should be blocked. Right now I’m paying extra money every month to still be disturbed with spam call but at least get to know they may be spam. I don’t want to see them at all even if it means missing a call or two; they can leave a message! Please fix it or add another ultra layer that reads, “will absolutely block all calls with spam in the name. Are you really, really sure you want this?!?”, and I will gladly click YES I DO! Right now, this isn’t worth the extra I pay to Verizon to have the subscription, and I won’t keep it much longer if this continues. I don’t want to even see potential spam. Thank you for listening.

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    Not sure it does anything

    Update #2: It would be really nice to have Verizon address directly the question of why so many calls are labeled robocall, potential spam call, etc. but they still ring through? This has been asked in numerous reviews and Verizon still has never given an answer that I’ve seen other than some generic nonsense. Update: After using this for several months, I’ve probably only seen maybe two calls blocked. Since virtually all spam calls nowadays appear to be spoofed, I don’t think reporting a number really does anything. Sometimes the scammers even seem to be spoofing legitimate numbers. Until Verizon has a way to deal with spoofed numbers, I don’t really see a way to effectively block spam calls. I’m not sure this app does anything. I can’t say I’ve seen anything blocked. It has identified some calls as “potential spam.” However, even though I have the app set to block all spam, including potential spam, these calls still merrily come through and are not sent to VM. Verizon has such a good network. It’s kind of embarrassing they don’t have a more effective call blocker app. I won’t even talk about Verizon charging $3 per month for this app.

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    Doesn’t block any spam calls even when set to

    Unfortunately this app / service doesn’t seem to work at all. About the only thing it does is at least identify calls that may be spam calls (comes up as “potential spam”) but doesn’t block those call even though it’s set to block all spam calls, even the potential spam calls are set to be blocked in the app settings. There have also been several times when the same number has called multiple times (was clearly a robo caller) I marked it as a spam call in the app, and calls from the same number still got through. In addition... Calls from numbers that are clearly spoofed numbers also get through. It’s disappointing because when I was with T-Mobile, I had their anti-spam app / service and it was much better and was a lot more effective. It did a lot better at identifying (and blocking) most spam calls and spoofed numbers. I’m going to delete this app off my phone and unsubscribe from the call filter service. Even with the paid version of the app, I still get at least 5 calls a day that are identified as spam calls, in addition to other calls from spoofed numbers.

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    App works as it should.

    I see a lot of really bad reviews. A lot. And they are all coming from pretentious individuals who believe everything should be handed to them. So let’s settle this. Your number is public information. It can be found easily. Spam calls, robo-calls, whatever you want to label it, are not very different from spam emails. You’re going to get them. This app will help keep the amount of those calls from coming through, but it doesn’t stop them all. It can’t, realistically. I’ve been issuing since day one, and as time goes on, I get less and less spam calls. If you’re using this app, do your part and report those spam numbers as they come it. That’s how the database is built. By the consumer. Is that too much work for you? Then drop your service with Verizon, toss you phone in the trash, and start using smoke signals. Because that is the ONLY way you can stop all the spam calls.

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    Big help but missing a huge opportunity

    I’m now using the free version, after the premium free trial expired. Overall, I’m stoked to have this. I was getting inundated with spam calls and this app/service takes the edge off. That said, I think Verizon is making a big mistake by limiting the free version to not allow reporting of spam callers. Think about this for a second... The app blocks maybe 30% of spam calls. What if I had the ability to report the ones that got through and others could do the same? That would make it better for everyone, right? Well, that functionality is only available in the paid version... so we have to pay so we can do work to make it better for others. Verizon is missing out on the network effect of its users (come on guys, this is basic strategy stuff). We will work for free if you let us. Take a look at Waze, for example. Verizon has the opportunity to solve this major problem for its customers, and the customers are willing to help... if you’ll let us.

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    Barely useful

    Very disappointed in the poor performance of the free app. Been using the FREE YouMail that is still catching far more than this app. Basically too many slip through that ultimately end up going to YouMail. Also saw they put out an update which never showed up in my App Store updates listing. Just happened to manually find it by accident. For a company as big as Verizon that generally charges the most for mobile service, it extremely disappointing to find them nickel and diming their customers in order to get premium call blocking which in all likelihood is less effective than free third party solutions. Anyone reading this, YouMail is free - ya, they say their service is providing the voice mail service on legit calls as a bit of advertising and there are small ads at the bottom of the app, but it works well, allows for custom VM announcements, sends push notifications and/or emails, transcribes VM in the app, etc. The free features are enough for most people. Paid services focus more on business features. Verizon could learn something from YouMail. Meanwhile I can do without the vzw call filter.

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    Frustrating setup, but works great!

    It took me over a week to fully set up this app so that it integrates with my iPhone. I’m not sure why I didn’t give up. But I’m glad I didn’t; one set up properly, this app works great. I was already paying for the advanced collar ID service, but all that did was improve the information that was Displayed with each car. This app actually stops the calls sending them to voicemail instead of annoying me all day long. It’s not perfect; but it is a significant improvement over life without it. If you do purchase this app, take the time to read the instructions, the Q&A and the tutorial. Be sure to note the statement that it takes up to a minute for the feature to be added to the Apple Phone app. For me it actually took many tries over several days before the feature actually showed up in the settings for the Phone app and I was able to enable the call suppression feature.

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    Not effective

    Ok, this app is getting a lot of bad reviews for the wrong reasons. This is a Verizon app and is for Verizon users. You have to setup in your Verizon account prior to installing the app or it won’t install properly. The basic app is free, while the app with extra features has a monthly payment. Now, having cleared the air on that, why am I giving 1 star. The app is totally ineffective at stopping the most common type of spam call which is the spoofing of real numbers. I installed when the app first came out. I get about 10 spam calls per day. During the time I have had the app installed, I have received only one spam notification while all of the other spam calls have gone through thus stopping about 1%. I have the filter set at the highest setting for stopping spam. I will keep the free version installed for a few more weeks to see if the blocking abilities improve. If it worked I might be willing to upgrade to the premium version, but not at this point. If blocking does not improve, I will uninstall the free version. With current capabilities the app is not even worth being free.

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    More calls since downloading ap.

    I wish I could say this AP does all I expected from the description, but it sadly does not seem to work that way. I don’t see any decrease in calls! Rather since installing the ap I am averaging 6 calls or more a day where prior to using the filter they were sporadic and maybe 2 a day in cycles. Now it’s every day all day long. I still have to manually block the calls and there does not seem to be any more calls identified with who is calling. I’m spending more time manually blocking calls and researching where they are coming from. Plus since we added the AP we are getting text messages without identifying numbers. They are for a weight loss product in the header. There is a web address in the body of the text with a message saying Do you need to loose 52 lbs? And it is spelled loose not lose. Obviously a scam or some fraudulent situation. I have spent so much time filing complaints with the FTC since installing the AP and I paid the 2.99 for Premium. Now I just want it to stop even more! I’d give a zero star if possible!

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    What a waste of time? Really Verizon?

    With the number of spam robo-calls increasing every day on my iPhone, I read about Verizon’s Call Filter and hoped it would eliminate most of those annoying calls. (By the way, I had to get rid of our land line due to the deluge of robo-calls and spam calls.). I called Verizon and was assured the app worked well. I decided NOT to get the Premium version (thankfully) and gave it a shot. Well, a week later maybe 2 spam calls were flagged. The majority were let through as normal calls. Consumers deserve a solution that really works. I blame companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint for not being 100% proactively committed to eliminating this growing problem. Pretty aggravating when you can’t answer the phone because 80% of incoming calls are spam calls. Factor in the possibility that your cell number is also your business number and the problem is magnified. All that said, folks, trust me that this app is a complete waste as it doesn’t come near being a “call filter”. Shame on you Verizon!

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    Spam = $$$ for Verizon

    I agree with other reviewers who are concerned that Verizon has little incentive to stop the spam calls, because they are making money off the problem. I like Verizon, but I’m very concerned about these awful calls - my social security number “has been suspended” or I am in danger of being arrested because of some fraud in my name - these guys are frightening and the company that I have used - for more than a decade I think - ought to be doing something about it that isn’t a conflict of interest. The more spam calls you receive, the more likely you will be to pay them $3 or $8 per month to try & stop the calls. I pay an obscene amount of money as it is. People in other countries do not pay $100 per month for cell service, check it out. But I digress. Verizon, please address this issue in a way that doesn’t incentivize you to help the spammers. I am still your loyal customer because I feel that the other providers will have the same problematic issues and not as good a network as yours.

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    Getting Better Over Time ... with all our input and help...

    IMHO ... I think this is the possible beginning of a change in the SPAM War... Please know that if you block a Verizon call on an IOS iPhone - those blocked numbers will not ring through - but still will go to voice mail - where they can leave a voicemail AND if they do those Blocked Number Voicemails WILL NOT ALSO SHOW UP ON YOUR IPHONE’s Visual VoiceMail on your phone!!! To use Verizon’s SPAM Filter EFFECTIVELY esp with iPhone (not sure if it’s the same for Androids) UNBLOCK ALL NUMBER’s on your iPhone! ... and let the call Filter Do It’s Job. The more of us who use it the smarter it becomes... More and more often - on calls that the Filter knows actually to be SPAM - the Filter is self-blocking those out - they never ring through - but you still get a memo of what number and when that number’s call was blocked. Hopefully in the future, as the Filter sees more and more quick hang ups from all of us... the system will backtrack the VOIP data to its originator and start monitoring z AZ and slamming shut each of the numbers it’s temporarily using to SPAM us. If say even 20% of all of Verizon accounts have this in app’s feedback to our responses to calls ... it should put a major dent in yet a larger number of the SPAM we’re all receiving.

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    Not so good

    First off, almost every time you launch the app it demands your contact list, which in this day and age is obviously not a good idea to provide! YES, you can click cancel & get the app to work OK without providing Verizon your personal contact list. Obviously, their network should be perfectly good enough for detecting SPAM & other bad guys, without having to grab your contact list. Anyone who has ever gotten a junk email from LinkedIn knows that! I think also that the app is way too complicated to use, and requires multiple steps for flagging spam & other badness – but I suppose it’s better than nothing. My free trial for all the highfalutin stuff just expired, so I’ll see how useful it is without paying any additional money on an on going basis... R eally, Verizon really dropped the ball on this one...

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Verizon Call Filter customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Verizon Call Filter directly

Is Verizon Call Filter Safe?

Yes. Verizon Call Filter is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 30,666 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Verizon Call Filter Is 39.2/100.

Is Verizon Call Filter Legit?

Yes. Verizon Call Filter is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 30,666 Verizon Call Filter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Verizon Call Filter Is 39.2/100.

Is Verizon Call Filter not working?

Verizon Call Filter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Gary
Apr 11 2021

Always says "can't connect to server" been months now

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