Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. Reviews

Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-27

Invest smarter with Invstr. Now with crypto! Commission-free investing, banking
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Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. Reviews

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    Mixed signals

    Got my attention for sure. After working this app for nearly a whole month, at the expense of most of my free time and healthy sleep pattern, I'm not sure if I've learned anything about trading in the real world. Unless, finding that one little lucrative "glitch" (#bchbtc) and poking it as often as possible while ignoring everything else, IS a valuable real world lesson. I've had fun shooting up through the ranks though. I never expected to reach the leader board with my late start and market ignorance. So I did what the top players were doing to gain some insight and it worked too well. This month should be much different....hopefully. Real research and experimentation will prevail over gamesmanship after the fix so I'll be googling the crap out of it all and trying my best to land realistic returns. Or I'll find another way and have a shot at some real money. Got my attention for sure.

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    Love the app! One suggestion though.

    I love this app, it has let me touch the surface of stocks and has gotten me so interested! I want to learn more and explore this as to become an experienced trader in the future. I would recommend this app to anyone, whether you plan to invest in the future, or just to have fun! It’s a great mix of both and I tell anyone I can to download this app. My one suggestion is that the feed is not very chronological. I’ll open my feed and the first thing I see is from 4 days ago, but as I scroll down I see updates from numerous traders I follow from 3 hours ago. I would love to see the most recent updates first as that would be the most useful knowledge to me. Besides that, this app is a 10/10 for me! Keep up the great work Investr team.

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    I Barr Is Great

    There are a few trading apps that I am utilizing to gain knowledge about the market and trading. This app is one of the best. It has the stocks broken down for you, information is collected on each and charts that are easy to read and follow are provided, and the simulation is outstanding. I have learned so much as I work my way through this experience. The app would get ten stars if I could give it but I can only give five. With the opportunity to earn real money you can’t go wrong using this app. I appreciate the experience because not everyone can afford formal education and this is a very good way to DIY trading

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    Amazing but doesn’t fit my style of trading

    First off let me say this simulator is amazing. However in short it doesn’t fit the style of day traders. The app is too focused on the league which takes away the ability for you to trade anytime you want instead of being limited to 4 or 8 with premium. They should make separate leagues for day traders or maybe just change the trades all together. Either way it was so good it took my money. I upgraded to premium since I wanted to go sell my stocks but I couldn’t. Then I ended up going down 3k. Isn’t a big deal but I would have been up 5k+ if I had unlimited trades. Just an example. Very easy fix for the devs I just hope I’ll see this because I really like this game and it’s interface is beyond any other I’ve tried.

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    Invstr is great!

    For sure download invstr if you are learning the stock market or just for fun! I’ve been using Invstr for only about 2-3 months so far and it’s just great! Invstr is way better than any other “fantasy finance” app because of the way the game works. It’s very interesting and can be played with friends and can be competitive! The app is in sync with the real market but your portfolio (money) is of course fake. You can trade stocks, cryptocurrency, currency, and ETF’s. You can also win real money every month! Please check out Invstr if you are interested in the stock market!

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    Best App For Learning How To Invest

    After trying out multiple apps like robinhood and others, Invstr is by far the best out there. Invstr is the only app that you can can play fantasy finance, execute actual trades, and learn while doing so all in one place. By the far the best thing about this app is that, unlike robinhood, you can trade fractional shares. This is great for those who don’t have the money to buy a full share of Netflix/Amazon/Berkshire/others above 300$ but want exposure to those companies.

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    No many options

    I’m gonna go with only constructive criticism throughout this review. 1. I think there should be different fantasy leagues where you start with different amount of money, 1m is unrealistic and I understand it is meant to be unrealistic, but for young investor they have more like 20k to invest. I think an amount like that and intervals like 20, 50, 100, 250, 1m, would be fun. 2. I find the UI to be very unhelpful, it’s hard for new users to find stocks or look at General stocks like the Dow or Nasdaq. Other than that this is an enjoyable, extremely fantasized, investing app. Good when you’re bored, but IMHO not a good informer for people trying to get into investing.

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    Seem like a great app

    I haven't been playing for long, but so far so good! There’s just 3 things I notice right away that could greatly improve the game: 1. Ability to see a Stock’s history from start to current Maybe I’m just missing something, but I dont wan’t to know how the stock did today, I want to know how it did this month. When I buy stocks, I buy for 1 month at a time, and see how it does. 1 day is just such a small fraction that its basically useless information. 2. Ability to start with a realistic amount of money. (instead of a million, why not give the option to start with $100,000 or $50,000 or even just $10,000 so people have a realistic view on how stocks affect budgets that low?) 3. The ability to restart your account. (I feel like every game should have this, a new start for those who have learned from their last game) Great game! Keep it up

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    So far so good

    Just started getting into investing and stocks, found this app and honestly I love it. Helping me out a lot to figure out what companies I should invest in and learn the ins and outs of trading with. Im doing this on the weekend so the market is closed at the moment however Ive bought the stocks I want and am eager to see how they’ll pan out on the following week. Will update this review based on the app next week. But so far love the interface and quite easy to use!!

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    Great Educational App

    Invstr takes the anxiety out of learning about investing. One doesn’t have to lose money while practically learning the ins and outs of investment research. Slowly build your confidence up to learn what/when to buy, sell, hold, and short-sell. This app has completely changed my view of investing and also improved my success in my trading. A must-have in investment education.

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    Sooooo, it broke

    okay so me and everyone else ik that’s using it have a problem where it just stopped working all of a sudden except for the natural resources , and all of our profit was set to 0 and none of the stocks are moving anymore also please please please please please give us more trades, i saw the thing abt u don’t want us over trading, but it’s just a simulation and let us have some more fun with it, plus some stocks id like to buy and sell throughout the day and day trade them thank you

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    Amazing app 👍🏼

    If you’re looking for a great investing app Invstr is for you! I’ve learned a lot about buying long, shorting, not over trading, and diversifying my portfolio. The community is very helpful and I have learned about stocks I’ve never heard of that are very profitable. I’ve even started my own brokerage account on Invstr and really love the fact I can do fractional share trading with real money.

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    Good app

    I liked the app and it really helped with my learning of the stock market. I would’ve given a 5 star, but I have one problem. The app says that private mode is turned on and my investments won’t share to the feed. However, I checked my settings numerous times and it showed that private mode was off. None of my trades have gone through. Invstr, could you fix this? Thanks!

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    Okay, my first impression

    It’s a great app, the only problem I have is that you are limited on how many trades you can make. You can’t realistically know how many trades a person will do, because there are many different strategies people can take. At the minimum, I’d like to at least sell without restrictions, because that can negatively effect my overall performance and disrupts the learning aspect of this app.

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    Love the app

    I honestly love the app. I think it gives you a sense of real market trading and risk management. I got this app to learn how the market works. I’ve learned so much from the app. I love the community this app has built and the people on it will help you with suggestions/ideas on trades. One suggestion I’d want to make is an option for stop loss. Thank you invstr team!

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Is Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. Safe?

Yes. Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,932 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. Is 75.1/100.

Is Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. Legit?

Yes. Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,932 Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. Is 75.1/100.

Is Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. not working?

Invstr: Play. Learn. Invest. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Ernesto
Feb 20 2021

Every time I try to tap on one of the options at the bottom of the screen a large text box appears and says "token is required security error!" At the top. Any way I can fix this?

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