Schwab Mobile Reviews

Schwab Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

Charles Schwab exists to help people achieve better financial outcomes. We
offer investors a contemporary, full-service approach to build and manage their
investments, providing investment-related products, services, and sophisticated
financial planning that combine the best of what peo...

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Schwab Mobile Reviews

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    Good for trading, bad for monitoring

    I’ve been a Schwab customer for 20+ years and I trade fairly often, including both equities and options. I use the iPhone and iPad app and they both have two fundamental flaws when it comes to monitoring positions. For one, there is no way to sort your positions by % gain/loss, $ gain/loss or any other way - they are permanently listed in alpha order by company name. Being able to customize the sort is such a basic feature, and one that every stock monitoring app has, and it’s absurd that you can’t do it here. Second, you cannot view a position’s day change and overall gain/loss on one screen - you have to flip back and forth between screens to get the complete picture. I understand that compromises have to be made for mobile apps, but there ought to be a way to see a more complete picture of your positions on one screen. And if you must limit the amount of info on a screen, at least give the user the option to choose which information is viewable. Again, simple customizations go a long way. Otherwise the app is generally easy to use, fast, and offers a fairly simple platform for making trades.

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    Ok but could really improve

    The app operates smoothly which is a big positive. It’s not choppy nor is it glitchy, at least not for me. I give it only two stars because those elements are the bare minimum. This app is entirely consumer focused but UX wise that doesn’t really show. My financial information is displayed as if I’m looking at a mere digital representation of an old school checkbook. That’s ok but we’re at a stage with software engineering where there is vastly more they can do. I should have more ways to look through my data other just using basic filters for basic categories. I can’t even do a basic keyword, let alone word, search for anything outside of what financial instruments I might have purchased or sold. So that’s just looking things up. What surprises me though, really, is that I can’t manipulate my financial information at all in the app. All I can do is view it. If that’s all my fellow consumers want to do, then the app won’t change to include those features, but that lack of interest just won’t last for long. App has a long way to go.

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    Worst stock and option trading interface and performance

    This app provides a pre historic user experience. It’s takes painstakingly long to enter stocks and options orders as there are validations at every step of entry that are firstly unnecessary (no other trading app does this) and secondly each validation takes it sweet time. It does a validation at the end again. Additionally, changing an entry like Qty or limit price wipes out what you had entered in other fields which is counter intuitive and leads you into vicious cycle of data getting removed. Takes forever. If you want to do multi leg options it is a compounding nightmare. Please design the app based on user use cases and not based on technical requirements, which should be embedded seamlessly. It’s a shame big banks with deep pockets can’t think out of the box and come up with easy to use app. Please learn from newbies like Robinhood how they easy and quick they have made option trading reinventing entire interface. This whole ordering interface shd be redone ASAP from the ground up or you are going to lose customers like me who are using their mobile devices increasingly. Thanks for asking for feedback.

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    Must have in the modern day

    I primarily use Schwab’s Investor Checking account, mostly as an initial landing spot for income that is then funneled to my savings and investing accounts. The app is a useful way of looking over information on the go (I usually use my iPad for mobile banking) and can do much of what you need on a daily basis. The only frustration is that a few functions are not available on the app, only on the website, and which functions are and are not available is unintuitive. For instance, I couldn’t link to an external bank account from my app, even though the tab from where I would have to link it exists on the app just like it does on the website. But, once the account is linked, I can manage cash flow easily through the app. I wish the app would gain some of this minor functionality, or else more predictably exclude features. Otherwise, the app is great. It does most everyday tasks, is clean and efficient, and makes life easier. 9/10

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    Deposit to checking no longer works

    Will no longer allow mobile check deposit. I have a brokerage, checking and savings account. Normally after clicking on deposit I am prompted to choose which account to deposit check. Now instead I and prevent d from depositing by an error message “You do not have any schwab brokerage accounts eligible for mobile deposit” I do not need or want to be able to deposit to my brokerage account, I use my Schwab bank accounts. I was able to deposit checks recently but since latest update, now cannot. Fail. After installing latest update Touch ID is no longer setup for Schwab app. Was required to login manually using username/password and re-enable, however after do so the apps returned an error message saying that the phone’s passcode has to be 6 digits. So basically the Touch ID that worked yesterday, no longer works today. No mention of this in the release note for this update. For multiple reasons I cannot modify the phones passcode settings. I guess I’ll just not use the Schwab app now due to lack of Touch ID. Thanks for the lack of notice on this version change Schwab.

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    Either Schwab Does Know Or Doesn’t Care

    Either Schwab doesn’t know or doesn’t care that their app is glitchy, slow, with pages that are sticky, and in general is pretty pointless. It has limited info, functionality, and poor data update speeds. If you’re using this app for something important, such as moving money, trading, or transfers DO NOT use it. I would strongly recommend using the website or calling them for these. I’ve had numbers messed up, incorrect info passed through, and generally takes 5-10 minutes to complete a trade due to slow data load times, sticky pages, and the app constantly asking me would I like to review it. Initially believed some of these issues were a connection or device but tried with different devices at home and on the go. Similar negative results.

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    Managing your own money; it’s your job

    I’ve used SCHWAB since the 80s. I believe that it’s your money and (as Mother used to say “ if you don’t manage it, no one else will”. Since the beginning, Charles Schwab has followed this philosophy! When the high yield checking was offered, I jumped on the bandwagon earning 7% initially (initially, but now it’s much lower) and never had to watch the ATM fees. Using the card to get money all over the world has never been a problem, even in remote Angor Wat in Cambodia or in Ulam Batar, Mongolia. Thank you, Charles SCHWAB for encouraging everyone to manage their own money by offering the tools to do just that. I am often on my SCHWAB soap box to any youth I encounter and they’ve thanked me and will continue to do so in the future when they realize their Roth’s advantages. Love the “own your tomorrow” That’s it for now!

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    Great for investments, but mediocre at best on banking

    The investment and research of investments are great in the app. However, the checking account is not, it is very slow to show new purchases, in pending or posted status, it also removes the pending withdrawal just before it posts, bouncing your available balance back up, for example, you make 3 swipes for $25 each today, for the next day or two it is in pending, ad every other banking system; thanks to the crappy money movements of the banking system as a whole. Then on day 2 or 3 that amount should be posted to the account, but instead the Schwab account removes it entirely from the account page, then when it closes your account then shows he remaining balance. Every other bank I have, shows it pending or posted, never disappearing in the movement, thereby making it easy to calculate your available balance.

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    Good App

    A lot of people rating this app have an issue with changing their passcode from 4 to 6 digits, but if I’m banking on my phone I’d rather use a stronger passcode so if my phone gets stolen, my financial information is safe. What’s the problem with adding 2 digits? Some criticisms are fair though: the gains/losses section should update more frequently and the app crashes more often than I’d like. Still, this is my go-to app. Much better than having to go to the actual website. Furthermore, the market summaries are updated frequently and really do a good job of giving investors a quick look into what the stock market is doing. Having easy access to the stock research PDFs is also really convenient and allows inexperienced investors to accurately assess whether they should buy or sell.

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    A Plus Review

    After seeing tons of “investment” commercials on generic television for many years, I decided to check out my options and ultimately move my banking to a brokerage who offered multiple functioning areas that were useful to me, not just for investing. Charles Schwab has come through as an elitist in the field. I could not be happier with my checking, savings, and stocks, nor the assistance and customer service I experience on a day-to-day basis. I am not a person of wealth, I am not a person with financial stability, I am near poverty level, but find the satisfaction I need with Charles Schwab for my simple banking needs. I often refer friends and family to CS and boast about my experience. I would recommend them to everyone! Thank you!

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    All the essentials with some limitations.

    Edit: You can add an external account for ACH transfers from the app now. It actually works well, just like the website, verifications and all. The app is quite minimalistic, which has its ups and downs. Everything is displayed clearly and simply. You can see balances, transactions, etc. Placing a trade and mobile check deposit work perfectly. Features for the debit card, including custom notifications, the ability to lock/unlock, and setting a travel notice are very welcome additions. Certain limitations can be rather annoying: You can add a biller and pay them with bill pay, but you can’t manage or set up autopay and ebills from the app. Adding a biller is easier to understand on the website than in the app. You can not set up, manage, or otherwise even know of wire transfers from the app. Research is split up between the “watchlist” tab, the “markets” tab, and the overall ability to search for a symbol or company name. Comparisons aren’t possible. All in all, the app is very much functional, but lacks a few features and design elements that I think should be included in the VERY near future given how much people rely on mobile devices in this day and age.

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    Good except for 1 flaw

    I like the info this app provides for my Roth IRA account and have been a loyal customer of Schwab for 6yrs now. However, the enable face id feature does not work for me in the security settings. I just bought an iphone XS. I can enable face id in every other app that allows it except for this one. It takes me through an endless loop where it has you log in again after you enable face id and create a 6 digit passcode. Then the app will disable the enabling of face id on its own after you have entered your credentials plus 6 digit passcode. So when you try to log back in it will ask you to enter your 6 digit passcode instead of just using face id as you requested. This makes using the app more difficult than it needs to be in my opinion. I hope a fix will be coming for this.

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    A brokerage that needs to adapt

    Charles Schwab is in excellent company and has it strong points however they need to adapt to changing times in regards to technology. If Charles Schwab would consistently update their apps desktop website and other aspects in regards to technology they would be an almost perfect company they seem to be slow to change which is definitely something that detracts from the customer experience The app is not bad but definitely could be much much better they have not even updated 2018 copyright from last year which means they have not fixed many bugs that are clearly in the app I hope Charles Schwab will adapt to changing times and improve its customer interface technologically speaking if they do I definitely will stay with them as a customer.

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    Not too shabby

    The site is pretty good. I have been a Schwab client for 3 decades. It’s been fun to watch all the changes. I got restricted because I was trading in and out and broke some weird rule. That was a bummer. Now I can only trade with settled cash. Kinda like taking a walk with ankle weights on. Probably my bad because I’m not at all a margin guy, so I want to give Schwab the highest rating but also say it’s no trading garden of Eden. For example I remember when Schwab rated Enron with 5 stars and so I bought it. Of course we all know that story, so I switched my strategy to make Schwab ratings a contrarian indicator and that strategy has been as good as any. I’m grateful to Schwab for all their help and hope to be a valued member of their family for the long run. Thanks

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    Customer-centric brokerage and banking at its best

    I’ve been a client for over 10 years. I used to bank with a wonderful credit union (Navy Federal) and invest with a wonderful brokerage (Vanguard). Why switch to Schwab? Schwab somehow manages to provide the same best-of-breed products and quality of service as non-profit organizations, all under one roof. It’s the best of banking and brokerage in one. I say “the same” but lately they’ve been raising their game with more features and lower costs. I didn’t have to compromise on a single thing when I switched. And I can’t emphasize enough how convenient it is to have all of my accounts in one place. And they continue to up their game when they’re already ahead. Their app is the best around. They continue coming out with more fee-free, low-expense-ratio ETFs, a credit card with solid rewards, intelligent portfolios to provide parity of features with Betterment. Where other companies rest on their laurels and eventually stagnate, Schwab continues to elevate their game by staying focused on delivering value to their customers. Keep up the great work Schwab, and I’ll be a customer for life.

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Is Schwab Mobile Safe?

Yes. Schwab Mobile is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 455,755 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Schwab Mobile Is 62.9/100.

Is Schwab Mobile Legit?

Yes. Schwab Mobile is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 455,755 Schwab Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Schwab Mobile Is 62.9/100.

Is Schwab Mobile not working?

Schwab Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Stephen Ray
Mar 11 2021

Mobile App will not let me use face id and I have all the setting correct. It is a problem with the programing in the app. This seems to be a problem for a long time. My suggestion, get another app developer because this one or Schwab doesn't care...

By Robbie Scherr
Feb 27 2021

Mobile app no longer works using Face ID.

By Patricia Wood
Feb 08 2021

Face ID doesn’t work

By James Pyle
Oct 21 2020

Unable to use Face ID on app. Try to enable but app won’t let me

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