Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Reviews

Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-07

Get ready to manage your money – anytime, anywhere – from the convenience of
your mobile device. Manage Accounts - See up-to-date balances and account
activity - Freeze and unfreeze debit cards Deposit Checks - Snap photos of
your checks for easy deposit - Get same-business day credi...

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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Reviews

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    I have had an account with Citizens since they bought out US trust. That’s a very long time. I have never liked the app. Although I haven’t had the overdraft problems that many people are mentioning in their reviews I find Citizins to be the only bank that doesn’t allow you to make credit card payments or even see your credit card statement on the app. In order for me to make my credit card payment every month I have to open the app tell it to login to the credit card which takes me to the website where I’ve got to log into my checking again then log in to my credit card. Very inconvenient. When I asked them about it and explained the convenience of other banks like Bank of America and Chase… They tell me that the credit card and the bank are two different entities and therefore cannot be on the same app. But if you gonna put your banks name on a credit card… Either let the app access it or develop a new app just for the credit card. I actually have no idea why I still have a Citizens Bank account. I guess it’s just nostalgia since it was the first account I ever had. If you already have a Citizens Bank account and I would recommend getting the app. If you don’t already have a Citizens Bank account I would recommend looking at other banks.

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    I can not believe how bad

    I have been dealing with this bank for my uncle. I have never hit so many road blocks in my life. And the Fees!!!! Are they crazy? I go to a different bank where it is all reasonable and the fees make sense. To pay bills you have to go to a page on a computer and set up the payees then go back to the app to pay them. Why have an app? My local bank does everything so fast right through the app. The people at the bank do not even get it. They are the only reason this is even getting one star. They are very nice and try to be helpful but what can they do with something that does not work? They were told, and so was I through the messages system, that once you set up one account on the home page of the bank ( of which they never send a link). Plus once you log off the account the message disappears! No one looking at it could find it. This app is so bad I had other people look at it to see if it was just me or what. If you think you need this bank for travel you do not. I just tell my local bank (through the app) where I am going (if it is flying distance) and there is no problem. This bank and their app has been so slow and their system so messed up you can not even tell if you have bounced a payment or not. Then the fees really add up. I did not know these kind of fees were legal.

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    App does not permit access to account

    I have both an iPhone six and an iPhone X. The app does not work with either of these phones in a reliable manner. When I go to login a screen appears which says that the website is not available. Last year I was stranded in Europe without money because the app was not working. I tried to reload the app with no success. I restarted my phone also with no success. The problem is not with Apple, the problem lies with Citizens Bank and its app. If you look at other reviews you will see that they have had the exact same problem as I am now experiencing for the second time. It is not just me. Now, six months later, the app is broken again. The people at my branch are very friendly but unable to help. When I called customer service from Vienna, Austria, I waited on international long distance 30 minutes for an operator and still did not receive an answer to my call. I hung up. Fortunately I had some friends who lent me some money. The app now remains broken on my phone and I am heading to a competing bank to establish accounts and close out my citizens bank accounts.

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    This is what banking in the 1930s is like

    I just got an auto loan through citizens. I had an insane amount of trouble setting up my account, and come to realize if you want to do a one time payment you can’t even set it up through the app. You have to go to some weird portal on their site and use the first four 0s of your account even though they all start with 6 and then enter in your social for a one time payment. Absolutely terrible. You can’t make payments through the app or see the balance and have all of your information in one place. Disgusting business. I’m already looking to refinance this loan, even if a bank came back to me and said they had a higher rate I would take it over this terrible company. They were rude on the phone and it was my first experience dealing with them. Stay far away from this place. UPDATE: I refinanced my loan. Citizens, if you’re listening, which you’re obviously not, you just lost a customer before they even made their first payment! And I got a lower rate. PEACE!!!

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    I don’t understand the 1 stars

    I’ve been banking with Citizens for ten years now. I’ve been using the mobile app for probably half of that time. I’ve had no issues with the app. I love being able to transfer my money from one account to another, I absolutely love the mobile deposit, I’ve never had an issue with logging in, and when I had a credit card I could make payments to it through the app. I also really like the feature where you can choose which accounts you want displayed on the app (you have to do this on the computer). It’s helped with my savings so much. I’ve had a couple issues with my address and I believe that recently they made it so you can update that info on the app.

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    Worst ever

    Citizens bank as a whole is terrible. I have never had overdraft issues before until I switched to them. I called and spoke with a manger who told me that their app is not there to tell you your balance but just to help you balance your account ?? So you mean to tell me your app isn’t accurate and can’t tell me my available balance. Then proceeds to tell me they won’t waive the overdraft fee when my account was only overdrawn $7 and because of them. The problem is the debit card transaction which should be immediate or at least pend and hold the money doesn’t go through until 3 business days later and so when you check your account it will show a higher amount than wat u actually have available (manager also confirmed this). So when I check my account and show a certain amount available it really isn’t that amount. Manager told me I need to keep track of my transactions but I thought that was what the app and online backing was for I mean come on it’s 2019. No other bank have I had these issues with and I will be closing this account and changing banks. Very disappointed in this bank. As I told him if I intentionally overdrawn the account and knew I was putting it in negative I would be willing to pay the fee but because of your faulty debit card process the customers suffer. Good luck with this bank

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    Junk app

    This is a terrible, no good, very bad app. I’ve been traveling internationally for a week, and both for security as well as checking transactions here (i.e. cash withdrawals and the exchange rate) while tracking scheduled bills at home, have been unable to login all but once, and that was three days ago. Every day that I’ve tried to access the app, a message says it’s not available. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it with no success. Like others, I’ve previously had issues with my PIN and thumbprint access. I’ve had to restart my phone to get the app to work (not experiencing issues with any other app or the phone itself at the time). Given the other cumbersome issues experienced with the bank, which I joined approximately two years ago, it makes me regret leaving Bank of America – they had their own customer service issues, but it didn’t feel like I needed to send carrier pigeons across the nation to achieve a simple task. I’ve previously complained to Citizens about different issues, and the response on more than one occasion has either been, “It’s our way,” or “Try restarting your device.” No, it’s the bank. Have consideration for your clients (your “citizens”) who trust you with the security and convenience of banking with you, and do better.

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    It’s 2018

    We are in the year 2018 this app should be not feel as though I am in 2012. With other mobile banking apps you are notified when a purchase is made (very important in terms of security) you don’t get that with this app. Transaction descriptions are sometimes vague once again, with other apps there is more detail (this is useful for those who do not check everyday). Lastly, the app is always “currently unavailable”. You’d think they’d be making updates but nah same old app with no updates since I got it (which was back in 2015). I guess the app compliments there customer service “crappy”.

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    Works well

    I honestly have not experienced the problems that are mentioned in some of the negative reviews, and have been very pleased with the app. It works very well for me for all the uses I’ve tried: mobile deposits, transfers, balance inquiries, switching between accounts and logging in using different I.D.’s (for business and home checking). My only complaint is that facial i.d. works for only one of the two logon i.d.’s, but I haven’t looked into it to see if I can resolve that since I only use the second logon occasionally. Standing back, I’ll say that in the scheme of things, this app is SO MUCH better than how we used to bank that we all have good reason to appreciate it.

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    Used to love the convenience

    For some reason now though the app refuses to recognize my TouchID even though I’ve turned TOuchID on and off, uninstalled and reinstalled this app, and searched all the faqs and help menus. The app is supposed to have an option to turn on Touch ID, it’s not there (yes I looked in the security settings tab within the app and through the app settings in the IOS settings menu), and that makes it highly inconvenient especially when the app itself likes to tell me my password isn’t correct when I know for a fact beyond a doubt that I have put it in correctly. Fix your crap Citizens, or are you going to treat your mobile app/mobile banking like you did the overdraft fee scandal a few years back and just ignore it and pretend there’s no problem?

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    Changing Banks

    Attempting to login in is a hassle, I'm being told my pin is incorrect when I can 100% assure you that it's not. The bank sent a new card to my address without my consent. Note I have not lost my card , reported it stolen or anything . So after 3 years I was issued a new card. The reason I knew I was issued a new card is because my old one stoped working for my transactions. So now I call my bank, to find out my new card was delivered over a month ago to an address i was no longer living at, the next part is the best part, after telling them I no longer live there and that they issued a new card without my knowing, they ask if I want rush delivery on the next card sent to me. What a joke of a bank. I've never left a review for anything , but Citizens bank you earned this one, thanks for the terrible experience.

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    No constant verification on debit card transactions

    I’ve only been a customer for a few months but I am already a fan. I use my debit card heavily and the main reason I switched from chase and US Bank was I got tired of constantly having to verify my transactions. Yes I used my card at a gas station yes I ordered something through PayPal. If you’ve ever had to constantly deal with these annoying instances you get sick and tired of it quickly. At citizens I haven’t had any issues. Love not being embarrassed when my card would be declined at the other banks and I’d have to call and verify.

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    This app does the absolute bare minimum

    All this app does is tell you your balances and transaction amount history. Most of the time it doesn’t say where (company) the purchase or “debit” was made from. The app doesn’t allow for merging of accounts either. I can not access my citizens credit card from this app or any other citizens service, loan, car, mortgage etc. It has issues logging in often. Will not read thumbprint or register password reading. I’m really disappointed with this app, to the point where I’ve actually thought about switching banks which is a strong statement I know, but if I can’t read or identify what is going on with my finances then that’s a serious problem. I hope citizens works on this because it’s a huge issue that could make them lose customers.

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    Hi there! This app is the worst banking app I’ve used. It’s always down, it’s impossible to figure out anything, it’s slow, the design is poor, and it’s never up to date! I’m so used to the Wells Fargo app that always has the updated balance, even on weekends! If you transfer money from your checking to your credit card on this app, it doesn’t update!!! It won’t subtract the money from your checking until it processes 2/3 days later. Most other apps have an “available balance” that will deduct any transactions even pending ones. BUT NOT THIS APP! You literally have to keep track of transactions in your own (mostly weekend transactions). It’s increasingly frustrating for anyone carefully managing their money. I am honestly switching banks because of how frustrating their app is. TD bank here I come!

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    Does not meet expectations

    Does not have many features my smaller bank has. Citizens credit card transfers should be real time. Transfer feature works on deposit accounts but I noticed time and time again when making principle payments to loans the transfer gives a confirmation without a reference number. It shows the date and amount transferred. I called customer service and they blamed me for not following to the full confirmation page. I screenshot my transfer confirmations every time and now noticed I only have issues with principle payments to loans and credit card transfers. I want to pay my loan off quicker and it is frustrating to have make several calls without a fix. Considering switching banks completely unless this app can fix itself quickly!

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Is Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Safe?

No. Citizens Bank Mobile Banking does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 164,123 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Is 13.2/100.

Is Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Legit?

No. Citizens Bank Mobile Banking does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 164,123 Citizens Bank Mobile Banking User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Is 13.2/100.

Is Citizens Bank Mobile Banking not working?

Citizens Bank Mobile Banking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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