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Published by on 2019-12-11

Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes – day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit card or cash (in selected cities only). Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, t...

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Uber Reviews

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    Uber is a tool job. Sends car that can barely hold two people and one bag. Says car can hold 4 people, which it cannot. Then turns around and charges a fee because it cannot deliver. Terrific job stealing money. Patently wrong. Unethical. Landed at DFW from trip with bags, ordered UberX, which i have done numerous times and a matter of fact we used getting to the airport on the first leg of our trip. Get a response from an uberx driver with the smallest car I have ever seen (some miniature chevy which you can see from your records). Driver says her car cannot hold the bags. Have to order another car. Then uber charges my credit card a fee for ordering a car and not using it. I have used uber plenty of times over the years and know what the various cars are, so I am aware of what I am ordering when I hit the app. But this was a total tool job, sending a miniature car at an international airport stating it can carry 4 people, when it cannot handle two people and luggage. Am certain Uber has done the same with others folks with that same vehicle. Nothing against the driver or her capability to buy a car, but shame on UBER for taking advantage of customers and seizing on a opportunity to scape a few extra bucks off of customers. Not sure why I am telling you all any of this because you can see from your own records what is going on and know what you are doing. Communicates volumes about the company’s corporate values. I get it.

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    disabled veteran loves UBER

    UBER is a really great service for me. I ride a motorcycle most of the time but I don't ride when the weather is bad or when I am going to the grocery store and getting more groceries than I can carry on my bike , or if the roads are slick. today I got a little frustrated when I could not just hit "home" after shopping at Publix as I was repeatedly given a different pick up point that though it was nearby I would have had to carry several bags of groceries in the rain to the pick up point. after several failed attempts at hitting "Home" as my destination and my pickup point as "Publix" I got my UBER driver to pick me up right in front of Publix and had another great ride home. I am not happy with UBER trying several times to direct me to another pickup point in the pouring rain. Why did UBER expect me to got to a more "convenient pick up point" which was only more convenient for the driver, not the passenger. Not a good thing to make me waste my time with such foolishness. The UBER drivers are getting paid for picking up a passenger wherever he or she is currently located and taking them to wherever it is they need to go. If UBER was trying to make improvements to their service this is "NOT" the way to do that in my opinion, just saying.

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    Use at your own risk!

    I heard so many good stories about people using Uber and being pleased with its service, but when my wife and I reached Los Angeles and decided to use it I found out the harsh reality. Unfortunately, Uber has become a master of deception using its large user base to suggest confidence, but after getting a quote for a little over 40 dollars, my wife and I ended up getting charged almost 100 dollars because of difference in “time” and “distance.” I would be fine if that were the truth, but instead we had a driver that wasn’t focused and missed his exit, then his phone died and we had to use our own phones to guide him. This resulted in us having to drive another 30 minutes just because their own driver didn’t plan ahead or pay attention to the road. I will NEVER use Uber again because the only thing they did to “fix” the problem was give me 5 Uber bucks without any notification and then ignore any requests sent via app to find a proper resolution. So much for customer “support.” UPDATE After a few days of trying to find out how to talk with support staff directly I was able to reach a satisfying solution. I believe the best way to avoid situations like this would be to make the app send a notification when support staff message you, instead of you having to dig and find out where to talk to them. Because of their understanding I may use Uber again, but just be wary about knowing where to contact anyone in case of a bad ride.

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    Wait time due to GPS issues

    I have used Uber on several occasions, mainly without issue. I have always been pleased with their quick response, but today was a horror show. I ordered the Uber at 8:50 am. My confirmation said the car was 2 minutes away. I could see on the app where the car was and where it was trying to go. The driver was trying to follow the GPS which was telling it to drive through a school complex. Living just the other side of that complex, I know that no public traffic is allowed through those roads during school hours. What was frustrating was watching on the app not once, but 4 times, the driver trying to drive through the complex on roads that were closed. When all was said and done, after getting directions from a school security guard, she finally made her way to pick me up at 9:20am. I was waiting on the street with my bags for 30 minutes as I watched all of this unfolding on the app. The driver was very polite and apologetic, but the bottom line was this...I was aggravated, and late for my appointment because of the GPS sending the driver through non public roads, and the driver not figuring out that it was not possible to go the way the GPS wanted her to go. Waiting until your fourth fail attempt is too many before you ask for help or find a plan B. I have always been a supporter of Uber in the past because of their past service, but after this episode, I may have to think twice about using them.

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    Driver reviews

    I had a great experience with uber so far, but just recently, I had an issue where many of my recent drivers got lost along the way, taking a wrong turn from what their GPS said, some of them asked me where to go next. I was polite and helped those who asked, and I still tipped each driver despite the inconvenience. However, one of these drivers apparently gave me a terrible score, dropping my perfect 5 star passenger rating. Uber drivers can refuse to pick you up if they don’t like your passenger rating. It’s not fair that I can’t explain what happened or contest the rating, or that I’m getting the backlash for their mistake and they get to keep the tip, anyway. Completely unfair and uber does nothing about it. I don’t take uber that often, so the one rating was enough to drop my average quite a bit! One fluke rating should be either canceled out, or I should allow a chance to explain the situation and revoke a tip if the driver is going to be so rude and unfair. In addition, I’ve read many uber drivers saying they will intentionally give riders poor ratings if the trip was inconvenient for them: if it’s too far out of the way, if they didn’t feel the trip was far enough (and a big enough fare), or apparently if they don’t like the route to get there and can’t figure out their GPS. It’s not fair for drivers to be able to do that at all. Poor ratings should be for poor behavior, not for frustrations with the standard expectations of their job.

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    Needs Work

    Firstly, let’s talk about the poor GPS system Uber has as of late. I’ve have three Uber’s cancel on me in one day while I was trying to make it to work on time bc Uber put the wrong location for my pickup even after I chose my home as the pickup location. This has happened on several occasions and I had to dispute cancellation fees and ride fees. Then, on more than one occasion I had the unfortunate case of my Uber starting the trip without me in the car and I had to cancel the ride and again dispute cancellation charges. And last but not least I want to touch on the Ride Pass and why I advise that you don’t waste your money on it. The way the Ride Pass is advertised you would think that you get a set fare for all of your rides as long as they’re within New York City. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth because as it turns out the “set fare” only applies to the places (to and from) in which you were going when you purchased the Ride Pass. So let’s say you were going from home to work and they gave you a set pool price and a set X price that only applies to you going from home to work and back. Every other ride is priced at the flat rate fare and it’s subject to change every time. All and all it’s a scam, ten dollars isn’t much but it’s the principle and the false advertisement that’s going on with the purchase of a Ride Pass. So if you want to save yourself ten dollars I say skip on the Ride Pass and just stick to the regular prices.

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    Mediocre support and service

    If you need a cheap ride and you need to get somewhere then I agree Uber is for that. However they need to fix some issues that keep me from wanting me to. For starters the seller fees are absolutely ridiculous! I should not have to be charged for my drivers errors. I have had numerous occasions of being charged a $5 fee for my driver not being able to find my house. Which brings me to my next problem. The GPS navigation they have going is a mess. My old house was a difficult yet not impossible location to find. The u-turn by the gas station was right by the driveway to my house which is easy to miss. However I have tried contacting my Uber drivers giving them guidance. Some still ended up canceling. I have had drivers that would decide it was better to take a longer way for certain places rather than back ways and shortcuts. That also makes everything 10 times worse, because I have been late to work even scheduled ahead of time since these problems with your system have occurred. I’m also currently disabled and can’t/shouldn’t drive, because of it. However I can’t blame Uber for being late for work even though it most certainly is. I take my job seriously so apparently I need to go back to Lyft since I haven’t had any of these issues personally. They even found my house in the dark! Uber needs to fix some stuff before I even think of trying to rely on them again.

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    The worst customer service you ever!

    Uber is Uber, it’s as good as lyft but pricier, we call know what we’re getting with Uber. What you may not know is the customer service is an absolute joke. They literally won’t give out a number to call or email, and as far as I can see online, they literally don’t have one (even though their website currently says they do give you the number), or if they do they’ve done a great job of making it very unintuitive to find. What they do is, give you a preset list of 4 or 5 possible issues you may have with a specific ride (so no complaints if 5 drivers in a row cancel right before they are at your location). If you click on the thing from the list they just run your trip through some automated program that determines if you get your money back. My most recent incident my driver took a terrible route, then took two wron turns, adding 30 minutes to what was originally estimated to be a 30 minute trip total, and the navigation app he was using said it would be another 30 minutes. At that point it was literally quicker to walk the last 1 ½ miles. So I got out and walked, but it shows up as me having completed the trip, so whether I select driver took poor route or trip was too long, it just spits out an answer based on incomplete information. Clear lack of effort on their part, luckily for me they have competitors that care about the customer experience more then they do.

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    Pickup times getting worse and worse

    When deciding wether to use Uber, Lyft or take a taxi, I need accurate pickup times. Increasingly, they are wrong and seem to be a bait and switch. Routinely, the app says, for example, it will take 3 minutes to be picked up so, i request ride. But as soon as a driver confirms pickup, the time until pickup becomes a lot longer. And regardless of the pickup time listed, 9 of 10 times it takes considerably longer for the driver to arrive. I can’t tell If this is an app or driver problem or both. Regarding the app, it looks to me like bait and switch. Get me to select a ride with short pickup time, and suddenly after selecting the ride double it or more. And even the extended time is wrong and the driver takes longer to arrive. This problem continues to worsen. I also now sometimes see drivers not responding to rides, at least on the app. On the driver location, I’ll see a driver sit without moving for minutes before coming to get me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the app or the driver accepting a ride and taking his to time before coming to get me. This happened at an airport pickup last night again. I walked past the cabs because it showed a 3 minute pickup time But actial pickup was 10 min and i could have practically been home already in the taxi. For the first 5 min the driver sat where he was when he accpeted to ride. I need reliability.

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    First time

    This is my first time using Uber and my first time to write a review about anything. I’ve never felt the need or the want to do so before this but after reading all the negative the reviews when I downloaded the app I felt that I needed to. The only reason I downloaded the app after reading one bad review after another was because I had no other option.I had missed the last bus running for the day and couldn’t get a hold of anyone to get a ride from. I was stuck and my phones battery was low from calling people. Now I’m desperate So I very reluctantly Downloaded The app. I was skeptical And was ready to deleted the app at the first sign of any problem. I was quite pleased to find that app was straightforward and very easy to use. After entering all my information and my destination a pick up time was Scheduled. I didn’t have to wait long and I received a text when my ride was a minute away. By the time walked outside the driver was pulling up. My driver greeted me nicely and he was very professional and polite. He chose the fastest route to my destination drove the speed limit at all times and was all around a good driver. I have to say my first experience with Uber was great and would definitely use Uber again.

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    Avoid until the apps many bugs are fixed.

    The driver's app must be broken as uber seems to feel the need to call the rider and ask them where they are and where they're going. Perhaps, the drivers aren't able to see what the customer has typed, the map, the address, gps, the live blue dot and the live symbolic car that represents the car that the uber driver is driving. Those all must be buggy as well. Maybe, the maps are incorrect, too? The drivers can't seem to use gps and a live location from the passenger (blue dot) to find where they're going or where the passenger is waiting. Rating system has problems as well. Star ratings can't be used to choose a driver. If the driver accepts and he or she has a low rating, you can cancel, but expect to pay the penalty fee. Driver's cancel all the time, but are not charged a fee. Perhaps a system error is to blame as no one would chose an arbitrary rating system except an old tv show where the points don't matter. Final app issue: wait times. When the app says, five minutes away, it really means 12-15 minutes away. You can cancel, but your credit card will be charged each and every time unless you dispute the charge. Maybe, it's supposed to be like that? Seems counterintuitive, and unlike a similar app that doesn't have incorrect wait times, penalties for customers and an arbitrary rating system where the points don't matter. The drivers on that app just do their job and silently come to the blue dot.

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    Charged a Cancellation fee for wrong address!

    I ordered Uber several times and this is the first time when I put in my destination address as usual, when I got into the car I gave the driver my destination address to make sure he had it right. When he checked his client book he said the company had given him a different address and he couldn’t take me unless I changed it to the right destination address. When I told him to get in tough with the company he said he was “new at this and didn’t know how to do it” and asked me if I could change it on my end. They had given him an address in Richmond Road, and I was going to Lake Success on New Hyde Park Road. I had an area on my phone that showed the same destination address as his. I was so frustrated and knew I was going to miss my appointment. Then I was an area where I could change the wrong destination to the right one. When I did that the driver said that he finally received the same address on his pager or what ever it showed on, and he finally took me to the doctor in Lake Success. This morning - Saturday August 31st I received a note from Uber saying that “ to my cancelling of the Richmond Road address I am being charged over $6 as a cancellation fee!” I can’t find a phone number to contact them so I wrote my reply in the section where you can give a note of your experience with the driver. This was the worst experience I have had so far with Uber! I just hope I get my refund without any haste. Be wary folks.

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    GPS and location services needs to be fixed

    Since the new update, there has been a process to get an Uber pool. It involves meeting your Uber at a determined location, this is very good and an excellent way to mainstream the process and make it more efficient. But unfortunately the AI in control of matching the rider with the Uber seems to be based on distance away from the rider instead of actual logistics. This is a problem for me since my pickup spots are always near an highway/expressway on street level (BQE in NYC) and the Ubers that are matched to me are always traveling on said expressway instead of on the side streets. Because of this, I've been matched with multiple Ubers that are traveling on the expressway and who's nearest exit is 30 minutes away. Due to this fact I couldn't even cancel the Uber since I would be charged a 5 dollar fee for due to the driver having to drive past me. This leaves me with 3 options either take the 5 dollar fee and call another Uber or to call the driver and ask them to cancel the pick-up. Wait an extra half-hour for an uber. The 2nd option is often met with hostility with some drivers, and the 3rd option is just not feasible due to the driver having to drive back and then drop you off adding an extra hour to the commute. Please take a look at this problem as it is extremely frustrating to book an Uber only to be late and frustrated at the process.

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    Satisfied but a few issues

    I am overall very satisfied with the app and take it basically every day. However, I have had 2 issues recently that if fixed would make it AMAZING. I live in NYC and normally take uber pool. I have no problem walking a few blocks, however sometimes the place I’m walking to is not possible for the driver to get to without going very out of the way. There have been a lot of updates to traffic patterns in NYC in the last 6 months and I don’t think uber gps has been updated with these. (Example: no left turn allowed onto 8th Avenue going east on 14th street - this is my typical pickup location and the driver usually has to spend 5 minutes driving around the block unless I text him to meet me elsewear). The other problem which is a recent one that has happened the past 2 days is that I get matched with a very convenient driver, walk to the pickup location very happily and then they cancel. The next drivers (multiple) I am matched with are extremely far away (up to 10 minutes) and I am forced to cancel and get into a yellow cab because I am now late. Drivers should not be able to cancel when they are that close to picking up their rider, especially with uber pool where that person has most likely walked decently far to get there.

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    Service went way down hill

    When I first started using uber it was fine, but now it takes 10+ minutes for my rides to get to me even though I live part time in a really popular city (Phoenix) and there have been MANY MANY times where a driver is driving away from me, sitting in one spot, WASTING MY TIME, and I can’t cancel the ride without a fee. I have places I have to be, work being one of them, I can’t have drivers wasting my time. I already have to spend money on a ride, I shouldn’t have fees for bad service!! Right now as we speak my driver has been “completing another trip” sitting in the same spot for the last 10 minutes and I shouldn’t be charged a fee because my driver doesn’t want to do his job. And now he’s driving AWAY from his drop off spot for his other trip, making my wait time way longer. I’ve been waiting 20 minutes and he’s still 13 minutes away. This is ridiculous!!!!!! I’m paying this guy $23 he does not deserve!! By far the worst experience I’ve had. I’d use lyft more if I didn’t have some of the same issues sometimes and if they weren’t occasionally more expensive. I don’t know why these services went so down hill. I dread using uber to get places now because I know I’m probably going to have an issue. You bet my current driver is going to get an awful review. Give people the option to cancel rides without fees!!! We shouldn’t have to deal with bad drivers!

Is Uber Safe?

No. Uber does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,240,948 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Uber Is 20/100.

Is Uber Legit?

No. Uber does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,240,948 Uber User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Uber Is 10/100.

Is Uber not working?

Uber works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Uber

@PPPapa11 @DarrenBirth @rfguerrini @FatintheCity @Uber At no point did he say anything racist. Typical left. Not smart enough to debate a situation. So call someone racist. That’s your answer for everything.

@AM_2010_AR @Uber Deleted my uber app today. Will be renting a car or private driver on all my future business trips. The 3k a year I spend on uber night not mean much to your company but I’ll be damned if I’m getting in a car w a masked driver https://t.co/MTzABMOLmk

@KathleenKortz1 @Uber No one. Never have. Never will. It’s to control the masses and I DO NOT CONSENT. It’s that simple.

@Kayourmide @Uber_Support @Uber @UberNigeria I made a request to your support team earlier today (Norman E, WM and Ahmair A) after their decision to deactivate my account ([email protected]) I am still waiting for the proof requested and will not hesitate to seek legal redress

@MohinaTandon @Uber_India @Uber_Support @UberINSupport @Uber @uber @PrParameswaran Sir, pleas help in this regard I cannot wait endlessly for Uber to resolve the issue....it's only a matter of sharing the transaction ID for the refund which Uber has initiated that too in Feb'20

@mrjoejoejoe @rogueKlyntar @just12349102220 @stanlyrobinson5 @Uber So, what if I told you I’m not worried about this virus so I come and go without a mask as I please. We have only successfully eradicated just 1 virus in history which means we all are prone to other viruses which are everywhere.

@tatersandgravy @rinneraygan @Uber If you are scared of people who don’t masks you stay home. Your fear is yours. It dictates only what you do not what others have to do to appease you.

@dalesviews @Uber I would not trust, do business with, or allow anyone who wears a mask to drive me anywhere. They obviously have something to hide. #hillbillylogic

@PPPapa11 @_Tami_Joy @rfguerrini @FatintheCity @Uber What’s to say she’s not lying?

@BoxOfDemons @EveningOfficer0 @JDBennett4AD31 @augustkat81 @Kate96261252 @Uber It's not an apocalyptic event. It's just an event that has just enough death and destruction to warrant everyone wearing masks. People seem to keep forgetting that even without dying, it can easily cause permany damage to your body.

@EmsSpade After laying-off almost one-fourth of its staff in India (600 employees) in May, ride-hailing firm @Uber has shut down its Mumbai office, said a person aware of the development asking not to be named and employees work from home till December. #spadeems #Shutdown #SaturdayVibes https://t.co/0UxRxJnVYg

@andyfer @Uber Hi I am having trouble signing up to the Ubereats app. I put my mobile number in but don't receive a text. Can you help?

@Isley23 In case you were wondering why some @Lyft/@Uber drivers have decided not to get back to driving: So far this week, I have given 74 rides. I have received a tip on just 22 of those. As far as trip earnings (without any bonuses added in), the average trip earning has been $5.13.

@zanetta_e @Uber_Support @Uber What happened to the Ride Pass option? It has disappeared from the app. Many of us need this option. Please reinstate!

@PPPapa11 @CandiceRizzo @rfguerrini @FatintheCity @Uber You’re clearly not intelligent either. So you’re poor and uneducated. You might want to step out of this conversation before someone uses a word you can’t read.

@Jacqui_Wiens @FatintheCity @NickChristophi @Uber Make sure you use the app to report it. I don't know how responsive Uber is to social media.

@jon_rolfes Happy July 4th y'all 1. Be safe...don't shoot fireworks off your head or anything. 2. If you drink, don't drive and if you drive, don't drink. The night you may forget does not need to be a night a family will never forget #July4th #USA @Uber @lyft @budweiserusa @HotelTangoIndy https://t.co/Zb8TEZc2IQ

@D_Anthony36 @thebigjio @Uber Years ago when I did it a couple times the driver would get higher rate when they were doing these surges. They surge when they dont have many drivers working so they send out alerts to drivers with increase in pay to get them "on the road working". Still is predatory.

@VIVEKAVTANI @MeruCabs @CMofKarnataka @BangaloreMirror @AAI_Official @BangaloreBuzz @Uber @Olacabs Cab services are open for airport travellers. Rest upto you whether you want to operate or not. Hope you understand. Thanks.

@donnafitzz @Uber hey there. My account was deactivated and I have no idea why. I’m trying to get in touch w a person and no numbers are working. Can you help me figure this out?

@xorangecar @DozonLife @ShieldVoC @Uber_Support @Uber One time I had a problem with my Uber app that could not end a trip and continued with the trip on and on and on. Uber did not know how to fix it. I called Verizon and they helped me solve the issue. By turning on and off the Cellular data.

@IamMisalAmbasta @Karnataka_DIPR In Bangalore on every Sunday's lockdown is there but I have a flight on Sunday. 1. Is any pass reqd to pass this lockdown 2. Also wanted to know that on Sundays @Uber or @Olacabs going to work on or not. @ola_supports @Uber_Support @BBMPCOMM @BlrCityPolice

@FatintheCity @maci888i @CurvyCdn @ShirtlessHorde @Uber I have no reason to have to 'prove' to you a person with shoes as their profile pic that I experienced racism. It is not fun to be called the N word or to have to report it. I had many other things I could have been doing with my day. Thanks and good bye.

@gregtpt @LorenaSGonzalez @Uber @lyft Seems to be working for Tesla. https://t.co/tNZGAZwh6k

@PrincessPink42 @FatintheCity @TripBayless_ @rfguerrini @Uber You just said exactly what I was thinking and feeling. People think it's fun to have to report such a traumatic incident. Well, it's not!

@TrizzyTori @Uber My driver called me to say he couldn’t get through a road to pick me up, ended up having to pay $8 to cancel it, is there any chance to dispute this as I didn’t request the cancellation myself?

@samuelkapmt @FatintheCity @Uber It's a dangerous world we live in. People are getting punished based on allegations alone. Even school shooters get trials. It is not democracy if authority is used to weigh truth.

@ShelleyCara @Uber I did Dm but they did not answer my question? Is it automated answers based on keywords? Id like to know if there is a way to request a driver each morning that has a partition between the front and back seat?

@imtheeBryant I just hopped on the @Uber rider app and it says “no cars available” so I thought hmmm, maybe I should go Uber for a bit. Hella riders need rides but I’m not driving 16 min to pick up someone to make $3. I’ll just #ghettouber for $10 a ride. Get ALL the funds. Uber is a joke 😂😂

@LauraMaeLindo This happened here. Being called the N-word by an @uber driver. In Toronto, Ontario. In 2020. If you don’t think we have a “racism” problem in Ontario because Canadians are “colourblind,” it’s time to think again. Racism is alive & well. And my rage is overflowing. https://t.co/coxLh2JsnP

@FatintheCity @TripBayless_ @rfguerrini @Uber Please know there is no 'fun' or 'glamour' in having to report that you've been called the N word. Its not anything that anyone wants to go through. I sure didnt.

@itsmejereemy @Uber_Support @ubereats_uk @Uber @UberEats you guys should be ashamed of yourself! Not only I had to bin my food in the bin your advisers are rude. What kind of customer service is this? Come and collect the food from bin and eat it yourself! My food was swimming inside the coke! https://t.co/SEU3Z5uCgf

@OrtTreSeb @KathrineB @Uber Ppl do 8-12 hours shifts with their masks on and still stand up straight. You get accustomed to it and you'll be alright. Its not that much of a difference. Soccer players are told to breath out their noses instead of their mouths it's the same thing. They get used to it

@chakraasok @Uber today 04.07.20 my trip to CMRI hospital was terminated by the driver at KB-25, salt lake due to car break down. You have charged Rs.69. From KB25 I took another ride for CMRI hospital by paying 174..I think you should review the fare Rs69 as I didn't cancel the trip

@ThomasBeyer @sarahkirby_yung @CKNW @jillreports I’m not saying it’s not a good idea but I am saying that many operators like Bird @lyft @uber or @limebike who operatored escooters have pulled out in various cities. Conflict with pedestrians, littered sidewalks, accidents & costs are all to be considered https://t.co/f3MvT7C7UE

@jonnylightning2 @WildWilhelmina @Uber It’s a GLOBAL pandemic. Not a US pandemic. This has nothing to do with your Dear Leader.

@5_4flipper Covid is still a thing and the new round of residents started this week. Please remember that @Uber and @lyft exist, and to leave the fireworks to the professionals. Let’s not meet by accident 🚑🚒 Happy Fourth and stay safe. https://t.co/h1QPKyTtvm

@CtGriffine @Umwamikazi11 @Uber Premio guy played you. Before you enter the car make sure driver's GPS is turned on and actually working. Their trick is to play with the phone's GPS.

@maci888i @CurvyCdn @FatintheCity @ShirtlessHorde @Uber Actually not victim blaming, just pointing out obvious facts. Sorry that you're allergic to those, maybe SJW's like yourself should question things more before jumping on the band wagon. Maybe she did have another passenger, but funny how there was no mention of that in the story

@anova9 @SpunkyTrucker @Uber This article evaluates the protective effects to the mask wearer only, it does not speak to the impact of wearing a mask to protect others.

@JacopoLondon @Uber @Kapten hey how about you tell your driver not to call people to ask where they are going so they don't cancel the ride? Been waiting 45min to be picked up because your riders wouldn't pick me up.

@BobSmith90503 @LorenaSGonzalez @Uber @lyft You only wrote this bill to kiss the ass of the unions. Not one single freelancer wanted this bill.

@mikeisshocked @Uber My Uber driver last night did not have a mask on. When my friend asked him to put one on, he only covered his mouth. Had to ask him to put it over his nose as well. We kept the windows open to air out the interior, he asked us to roll up our windows. #UberDoBetter @Uber_Support

@PPPapa11 @scottk1350 @rfguerrini @FatintheCity @Uber I don’t think you have the intelligence to debate. That’s why you use the word arguing. But it’s not your fault per say. You do live in the states.

@davwain1 @SueSweenie @epdevilla (1/) I have gotten used to wearing #facemasks In public because @Uber and @Lyft have each for over a month required their riders to wear such items. #Mandatory #mask-wearing on the #TTC went into effect just a couple of days ago. #Masks, effective or not, have been a reality

@PPPapa11 @rfguerrini @DarrenBirth @FatintheCity @Uber If they knew the true meaning of the word they wouldn’t. And some don’t. The educated ones know it’s disrespectful for anyone to use it. But thug boy here is not educated. And in there lays the problem

@Willyamos28 @vulpxcula @DemonLordDiabl1 @Uber You're not going to find a source for social engineering that is concise but if you worship science it may behoove you to know that it's a VERY faulty system. Here is a government source testifying to the problems with sources. https://t.co/P2lqCkKJn5

@MorejonJoe @p_scelzo @jibantik00 @martay1fitness @Uber Scumbags scamming an Iber eats run into a pickup. That’s why I don’t do it. My experience: the scumbags who SWEAR they will tip NEVER do! When you get a dead beat like that just report them as rude on the app and ask never to be paired with them again. Problem solved

@SayNoMore122011 @Whippitydoo @Uber I'm not a driver but I want them to be protected. Is that a problem?

@LilSociologist @brooklynraf @Mel_Ankoly @BlackBu17136406 @FatintheCity @Uber Currently, no. There are many times in the past when it was a myth - ignoring that history is problematic (we don’t want to make the same mistakes). My point is that policing Black WOMEN is NOT ok, especially given the history of white women using Black women. I’m out. ✌🏼