Discover Mobile Reviews

Discover Mobile Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-06

About: You can manage your Discover credit card and bank accounts conveniently and
securely from anywhere, using Discover’s Mobile App. Check your account
balance, view your account info, make and edit payments, add your card into
Apple Pay, manage your rewards, and more - all from your mobile device.

About Discover

What is Discover? Discover's Mobile App allows users to manage their credit card and bank accounts from their mobile devices. Users can check their account balance, view account information, make and edit payments, manage rewards, and more. The app also offers quick access with a 4-digit passcode or Touch ID, and users can freeze or unfreeze their account to prevent new purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. Additionally, users can manage their Discover Bank deposit account and personal loan account, view statements, and find ATMs.



- Quick access with a 4-digit passcode or Touch ID

- View account balance and available credit

- View and download monthly statements

- View and search transaction activity

- Make payments and edit or cancel pending payments

- Redeem rewards as a statement credit towards monthly bill or electronic deposit to bank account

- Redeem rewards for gift cards starting at $5 with added bonus

- Link Discover card to Amazon and PayPal accounts

- View FICO® Credit Score for free

- Freeze or unfreeze account

- Add card to Apple Pay

- Send and receive messages from Discover Customer Service

- View and edit account profile

- Activate a new card or report a lost, stolen, or misplaced card

- Use Travel Notification feature

- Sign up for alerts about account

- Manage Discover Bank deposit account and personal loan account

- Transfer money, pay bills, and deposit checks

- Find ATMs

- View and send secure messages

- Make Personal Loan payments

- Highest score in J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Credit Card Mobile App Satisfaction Study and J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Direct Banking Satisfaction Studies.

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Positive experience

~ from NLP analysis of 4,282,058 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Discover

- Easy to navigate and use

- Wonderful customer service

- Stays on top of possible fraud charges

- Catch bad charges accurately

- Flows with customers when traveling

- Easy to make payments

20 Discover Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Horrible customer service and computing errors

Last two times I went to make a payment, I specifically changed it from the default bank to my work provided bank account. Despite this, it’s taking the money from my default account that is hardly used and doesn’t have the funds to cover. While I’m not sure if this is the company or apps fault, they refuse to fix or change anything, and when trying to use the live chat, it keeps exited me out of Discover and even deleted my chat history. Good thing I got screenshots. Then it started me back at the beginning of talking to the virtual assistant, and I lost what little progress I had made talking to the first agent I had before Discover closed out on me. I have been charged $70 in overdraft fees from them taking money from the wrong account that I explicitly told them not to do again the first time this happened. Since you’re downloading Discover, it’s too late to warn you about the horrible customer service and not choose this credit card, but be prepared to have no solution to your problem after over an hour of trying to deal with representatives through Discover. I will be paying off my card by transferring money through my work account to my default account, which I shouldn’t have to do since I paid them just fine in the past, and then closing my account with this horrid company.


Worst Experience Ever

I apply to one of this app Cards and I was approved with $1000 credit line. Then I was called by one agent to verify my information . I sent them my social security, driver license, proof of address among other documents. So far I was approved and my card was on the way. Then a few days later another person called me asking for the same information to be sent again and telling me that they need that again to approved my request. I thought that it was someone trying to still my identity, so I told that person that I would not send any info again and that they could close my application . Then I call this app to report that issue . They then told me that my account was close because of that call and that they ask for the same document twice and that they could not open my application again . I received my card today because they sent it and when I try to activate the card they told me that the account was close as I requested in that call and they cloud not do anything to reopen that account .



I have several credit cards with different companies. Of those credit cards accounts I hold, Capital One, US Bank and AMEX, this app not only has the easiest app to navigate and use. I also discovered they also have the most wonderful customer service, especially when one of their account holders has a sudden, unforeseen situation. I am going through a nasty divorce and have been a homemaker dependent on my husband's (considerable) income for the last decade. After filing, I was suddenly being denied any temporary support until my first hearing, four months later. I panicked, and immediately contacted all my credit companies. With the only exception being this app, every company made me feel as though I were just a lazy consumer attempting to get out of my responsibility, rather than what I actually am, a year-long account holder, with excellent credit, who has never missed a single payment. Four months later, as promised, I paid off my account. I will be a this app card holder forever. Thank you this app.


Great app for a great card

I use Discover a lot. It works well,etc. But I love this app as a card in general. They stay on top of possible fraud charges lightening fast and catch bad charges freakishly accurately. Better than my bank which is a huge national big bank. Traveling this app flows with us and makes it so easy to say where we’re going or they check if it’s an odd charge. I have LITERALLY spent over an hour letting my bank know I’m going one state over -have to do it because they’ll just decline me at register with no excuse. Traveling- Europeans don’t accept American Express checks like old days, they pretend they don’t understand you, etc. So again. I love this card and Discover. this app is leagues ahead, quicker to alert of possible problems and deal with issues when they arise. Everyone I have ever talked to at customer service (so far as of July 2020) I can actually understand and has been knowledgeable and patient. Again, so far!


Great but badges don’t show right away

I’ve always loved the this app app, especially comparing to many other banking apps. However, a few months ago a couple of annoying bugs appeared. I’m on iPhone X iOS 12.1.4 (up to date as of right now). I also always keep my apps updated - I check for updates every night, so they download while I fall asleep. this app doesn’t seem to have dedicated mobile app support, so I don’t know if reported bugs get submitted anywhere.

1) The badges don’t appear right away anymore. They only appear after I go in and out of Discover . Tried this app support but their solution of turning notifications off and back on doesn’t help.

2) I have three accounts: credit, checking, and savings. Now and again, when I go into the checking account, I get the “enable Face ID” screen. I have that enabled in all apps that support it. Moreover, I just logged into Discover five seconds ago with the Face ID, didn’t I? Granted, it’s not as often as the phone itself telling me it needs my passcode to enable the Face ID (known issue), but it’s still annoying.


Why force me to review their new app preview?

I open Discover , see the summary of my balance, click on anything.... make a payment, see activity details... Can I get to what I want to see? NO! I am FORCED to see their “hey look at the new way we’re going to force you to use out system” screen. I can’t close it, I can’t go back, I can’t skip it to review later. It locks up Discover unless I comply.

First, why force me to review this tour of whatever fantastic way they’ve developed to navigate? Ya think it will be different than anything else I’ve seen navigating through dozens of other apps? I’ll be too stupid to figure it out without seeing their grand guide?

Second, why can’t I just skip this tour I apparently cannot live without, and allow me to quickly do what I want to do.... then I can view their crap later?

It may seem like a small thing but it’s not. I am sick of app developers forcing people to do things their way or else you cannot use their dictator app. The tech industry has capitalized abuse of customer data, years ago asserting they’d never do what they currently do in chasing the almighty dollar. All the security violations we constantly endure are not coincidences. It loose security so they can share/sell our data to make money. If they weren’t doing that, then it would be a lot easier to secure the data. No, I’m putting my foot down this time and not letting this app force me to go through their crap before I can see MY DATA ON MY ACCOUNT!!!!


Forgetting the Discover Dedication Members

I have always liked using this app, my family uses our this app Card on anything we possibly can. I like to pay weekly on the card at a set amount and adjust accordingly every month if needed so it is paid off and I don’t have to pay any interest. I understand this may not make this app the most money but it works very well for us. Discover is so simple to use and is very nice to have. My only issue with this app and I understand all card companies are like this. But I never see any incentive to stay with this app. They and most other card companies always have incentives for new members but never for the dedicated members that have been with them many years. There is nothing keeping me with this app except not wanting to deal with the aggravation of changing cards. If this app was to offer additional cash back bonus or incentives for dedicated members, then this would be a five star rating and I would never think about changing cards again. A this app Dedication Program simply does not exist.


Slow and littered with bugs

While Discover lets you view and pay your bill all in one place, Discover itself is terribly slow and buggy. Signing in with Face ID takes forever to initiate and then complete the sign in process after authentication. Face ID doesn’t always come up right away as I am tempted to push the buttons on the screen until it loads. Discover isn’t terrible but I believe an app that is designed to provide users with important information relating to their credit card bill should authenticate smoothly and quickly. The time it takes to log into Discover deters me from checking my bill frequently which may look to some as a shady practice to encourage overspending. I have also encountered numerous errors and issues using Discover such as due dates displaying as confusing text such as “no date” rather than explaining why there is no date. Once I have a credit score, I plan to switch to Apple Card for its superior sign in speed, beautiful user interface, and stable experience. As a software developer myself, I encourage you to make Discover ’s experience smoother.


Love Your customer service representative’s

I am old school I do not do my banking online I didn’t want him anything besides call my payments in on the 10th of every month and I always ask to speak to allies live customer service person because I suffered a brain injury along time ago and I cannot understand your computer and it doesn’t understand me so I always speak with a live advisor they are wonderful they’re helpful and that’s when service I hope that you will never consider getting rid of because talking to a computerized voice that says I can help you with your problem they can’t because my mind bounces from subject to subject and I have to talk to a real person to get the information I want to get in that I need so I would love to give you 10 out of 10 stars for your wonderful representatives I always enjoy speaking with them and feel wonderful after getting off the phone knowing my account has been cared for Lisa O’Mara


Challenges and Solutions

I’ve been waiting two days for my replacement card. Finally got it this morning, upon activation after spending 45 min on phone setting up new passwords, and security pin for cash withdrawals before I even use the card. I was flagged despite all the redundant measures you employ to prevent Identity fraud! 3 phone calls with your security department the best you could do was ask me to wait for your system to reset. There has to be a way to overcome these protocols over the phone immediately when my identification is confirmed. Depending on computers to do your job is dangerous! Not being able to fix this with a human on the phone is unacceptable. I’m really disappointed. I own a business that depends on me and my mind, experience, and customer service. Remember when that was America! What happened? When did the ability for humans to solve challenges become not enough? Start today one customer at a time . You guys can do this.. You don’t have to solve all your challenges in one day, just break it down one at time. We are capable of so much more than any computer program . We put a man on the moon. Remember that.
Scott Sinclair
CEO Green Harbor Bait and Tackle
Loyal customer of 4 years


Lots of Functionality, Face ID Broken

Discover has been very solid for a long time, and became even more functional when this app allowed customers to merge their bank and credit card accounts so they could both be managed with one login.

But all of that functionality still requires a log-in, and Face ID/Touch ID are essential for making that login process quick and easy. Over the last several months, logging in with Face ID has become impossible. The feature turns itself off. When I try to turn it on, Discover tells me the feature is unavailable at this time and that they’re sorry. I once deleted and res installed Discover , which allowed me to successfully turn the functionality on for a little while, but before long it turned off and wouldn’t turn on again.

Once you’re logged in, the functionality is superb. But a broken log-in process really kills the ease and convenience of an app that requires signing in every time you use it. Once they finally get this crucial feature fixed, my review will go back up to 5 stars.


Credit Line Increases

At first this app was amazing. I had to get a secured card with my fair credit, but I understood that. After a year they refunded my deposit, gave me a credit line increase and made my card a regular unsecured credit card.
I definitely deserved it without missing a single payment...not even a single late payment is documented. True, I made mostly only the minimum payment due most of the time, but that’s what a credit company searches for, people like me, that makes on time monthly payments where little if nothing goes to the principal. Full company profit.
I spoke to customer service about getting a small credit increase but all I got was a hard inquiry on my credit report (and your commercials lie, I did not speak to a help version of myself on the other end of the phone).
I think this companies deserves to give me a major credit line increase, and not so I can buy $1000’s of material objects, but with a higher credit limit my credit utilization will be lowered and get me closer to 30%, thus vastly, and with high impacts help my credit score.
I say again, you advertise customer service, but I haven’t seen any positivity from this company since that first phone call telling me I’ve been approved for a insecure card because of my payment history. Once again look at my payment history, not my high credit percent utilization and 1 star will go straight to 5.



Was lead to believe that I will be graduating after 7 months. It’s been 2 years and no one can tell me why I can’t graduate from secured to unsecured. Spoke to supervisor who said that no one has the answer and no one can talk to the department that makes the decision.

I have 2 unsecured card with over $20,000 in combined credit yet they are holding my $2,500 secured deposit hostage. Was told the account is being reviewed automatically every month yet when ask for proof that it is being done NO ONE can do so. I asked for just one proof that my account was at least reviewed once in the past two years and they said they couldn’t do so and that there was no way of seeing that it was reviewed. They just know that it is “supposed” to be done every month starting the 7th month after the account was opened. I asked if there was any criteria that I was not meeting for my card to graduate and they said they couldn’t see why.

My payment history is perfect! My balance has never been more than 12% of my credit limit not even once in the past 2 years since I opened the account. My score is 748 and they refuse to graduate my account so that I can get my money back.

If you don’t mind having your secured deposit money held hostage then it’s a great card and Discover is awesome and the customer service is phenomenal, never had a problem. Otherwise, Stay away.


More Functionality Than Most

I’ve been with this app Card since the beginning, and as it evolved, it became my preferred method of payment. this app offers the best incentives and to my knowledge, their customer service has never been outsourced to foreign countries, so I’ve never dealt with language barriers like the I’ve experienced with other card companies. They continually update their app, which is probably why it offers more functionality than most and I’ve never experienced any of the technical issues some reviewers have complained about. The only downside to this app Card is the fact it is not as widely accepted as American Express, MasterCard or Visa. Fortunately that type of minor setback can be easily circumvented by using an online payment service provider that accepts this app. And no, I don’t work for; I’m not related to or know anyone affiliated with; this app Card.



My Savings Account is frozen, basically once a week. The only way to get money out of it is to request a check or wire. So I opt for the Wire. this app thinks all wires are fraud. Even though they initially vet the account, they do not just make sure it’s you on the phone with personally identifiable information. They run it as if you are a new customer and I get flagged and frozen every time. I spent all of July on the phone with this app fixing the issue, which was only the one they created. Now it is November and I tried to do another wire and again it’s frozen. The fraud department has no issue with telling tall tales about the status of the account and banking laws in general. In July, I was told I tried to send money out of the account before the incoming wire placed the money in the account. Really, my bank statement showed the funds and my Fed Ref # proved the funds were there but Customer Service insisted I tried to pull a fast one and the funds were not there. That is not how wires work. Whoever is running Compliance at this app needs to be replaced. Dumb procedure on top of dumb procedure to ensure job security and accomplish nothing except annoying the customer.



I’ve been with this app for several years (not sure how many - that goes back to some of my older notebooks), and I have never had a problem of any kind with them. I have what I consider to be an excellent APR - considering some of the credit card offers I receive in the mail! (For that matter, one of my other cards, which I no longer use for purchases, has a rate 7 points higher than my this app card.)
For quite some time now, I have been using my this app card for all my purchases - that way I can keep track of all my spending, and I am assured of purchase protection on virtually everything I buy. And all my phone contacts with this app personnel have been trouble-free; everyone with whom I spoke was knowledgeable and helpful.
If you are looking for a new credit card that will make it worth your while, I recommend the this app card. (Tell them I sent you!)

A Very Satisfied Customer


Unfair credit report

Dear this app Card. Last month in November 2019 your company dropped my credit card report score 24 points, from 804 to 780, for no apparent reason. I did not do anything different except pay all my bills on time as I have done for the last 30 years. After personally checking my credit report myself with TransUnion, they still had my score in the low 800’s. So why the sudden change in my Fico score?
Perhaps this app card can explain this sudden large drop on my Fico score. This is really upsetting me to the point that I feel I need to make a change of credit card companies. Thanks, is this the reward I get for being a loyal customer for 30 years?
I understand that Capital One pays a much higher rate in reward points then any other credit card company now a days! Perhaps the this app card company feels because I pay my credit card bills in it’s entirely each month that they cannot make any money off me?, I don’t know. What I do know is that this app Card my loose a great customer because somebody made a big error on my credit score.
Sincerely, Vincent Vales


Doesn’t include everything

I recently opened a card and I’ll say this app loves to throw a bunch of menus at you to try to confuse you. I noticed they do have some questionable things of concern such as they don’t even give me my closing date on my account on Discover . I had to go online and dig through the menus to find out my closing date was literally a week and a half from getting my card.(what kind of bs is this?) It seems like they almost want me to not know my closing date and by extension my payment date. In comparison my other cards clearly list closing date, payment due, and payment date clearly under the account both online and on Discover . I didn’t have to dig through menus to find my important dates. I’m aware of the intro apr but I still find that this app is either highly incompetent in their mobile app interface or trying to hide important information.


Beware— Discover Sides with Vendors in Disputes!

Unlike American Express, Citibank Visa or Apple MasterCard, this app makes it impossible to get one single representative to manage an ongoing dispute. Every time one calls this app, they route customers to random representatives, never the same one. Representatives are cordial, but one must recount a concern again and again with each new representative. One can ask for a supervisor but cannot ask for one high-level manager, and this app never assigns a manager to whom you can always go for answers. Recently, in ongoing multi-year disputes with New York Sports Club, cited in 2020 by NY State Attorney General for fraud and zealous fraudulent over-billing, this app coldly sided with New York Sports Club. We finally paid the health club $695 for physical training that my husband never actually received because he was hospitalized for placement of his cardiac stents. After we paid, we decided to quit this app. We use our Citi Costco Visa, Apple Card and our American Express card— all of which protect us and offer vastly superior rewards and infinitely better customer service than this app. Beware!


Great app, but could be better

Great app, easy to use. However I have had Discover for a week and have only successfully logged in about 3 times. Extremely annoying when I cannot see Discover , go to log in on the browser and I am usually met with another page stating they are working to resolve the issue. I have also not been able to set up a PIN number, when I try, a blank screen pops up with a red exclamation mark. Today alone, I have tried to log in about 5x, and it kept telling me my password was wrong. Go to log in on the browser, it lets me, and then tells me there’s an issue they are working to resolve. I have an Apple 6. Hoping I’m not told to upgrade my phone in order to use an app that should be able to be used no matter what phone you have. Whatever the issues are, please fix. I’d really like to actually be able to fully use Discover. Thanks!


Loving my Discover App

I'm just so in love with Discover. I logged in this morning to review my credit portfolio and I'm so thrilled at the updated breakdown feature! Detailing my total revolving debt, my number of inquiries, any late payments, (in the last year verses the last 7 years!!!- WOW) among others! You know what I'm most excited about though? The fact that I know this app is likely already working on ways to improve on this feature and I already LOVE it so much! So I'm sure I'll be blown away when another update hits. Understanding my credit portfolio is super duper important to me. I'm an AMEX employee and card holder (18 years strong and love my company 100%) but I recall when I chose to get this this app card it was because you were the first plastic I knew of that would actually give a cardholder access to their Fico score for free! Since then every one has jumped on, but you keep reinventing the game! You're ahead by far, and while others are still showing a bare Fico score, you're giving details that are so relevant and necessary for a customer like myself. You guys are doing great and I'm a fan! ✊🏿 #DiscoverIt


Love Discover!

I have had this app Card accounts for YEARS! this app was offering cash back bonuses long before many of the other cards. On top of that their customer service is great! As is the security! Years ago I attended a business meeting in San Juan. I had to use my this app to pay for the hotel bill which I would be reimbursed for upon my return. The bill was quite high and well above amounts I would normally charge. I was on the way home, awaiting a connecting flight, when I checked my home phone messages. this app had called about an excessive charge on my account from a location that was far away from my normal charge card activity. They asked that I call them ASAP to confirm that This charge was indeed made by me. I called them from the airport and let them know it was me and thanked them for alerting me to this activity in order to assure no unauthorized person was using my account number! WOW!! I was impressed! And this occurred over ten years ago!! They are always adding more “perks” which benefit their card holders! I am a huge fan! Thanks this app!


Good service 100%

I have been a this app customer with no complaints for years. They are wonderful with Excellent customer service.

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Overall pleased

First off, I’ve been extremely pleased with this app as a bank/credit institution and have been gradually transferring my primary accounts to this app.

As far as Discover itself—it’s ok, but there are some areas that could be fixed. I gave it 4 stars because the overall functionality is there, the look is pretty clean, and it’s generally pretty easy to use.

I docked the one star because there are a few areas I’d like to see improved, primarily in regards to Discover notifications:

- Notifications are a bit buggy. Email and text notifications are fine, but my push notifications have never worked, and that would be my preferred method of receipt.
- Similar to the above, though the push notifications don’t work, the badge notifications do, but it is pretty cumbersome trying to clear them, as you have to go through multiple different screens just to get to the notifications.
- I’d also like to see an option for merging the notifications for bank accounts and credit cards so that I don’t have to check two places to clear those pesky badges.
- It’s a bit slow at times. Not too bad, but speedier loading screens would be nice.
- I’d love a one-tap CC payment option that pulls from a default funding account, pays the current balance in full, on the current date. One of my other CC apps has fewer steps for payment (not quite one-tap yet) and I always notice the difference.

Is Discover Safe?

Yes. Discover Mobile is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,282,058 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Discover Is 21.3/100.

Is Discover Legit?

Yes. Discover Mobile is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,282,058 Discover Mobile User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Discover Is 100/100..

Is Discover Mobile not working?

Discover Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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