RoboForm Password Manager Reviews

RoboForm Password Manager Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-05

Award winning password manager and form filler. Access your passwords on all
your devices. Secure one tap logins for websites and apps. Reduce your passwords
to a single Master Password that only you know. PASSWORD MANAGER ◆ The
embedded RoboForm browser logs in to websites with one tap...

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RoboForm Password Manager Reviews

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    ****** Years of protection.

    GREAT. Get it use it. My PC Windows and iPhone(s) and iPad and IPod All automatically repaired and recovered all my passwords and all other pieces. It just took the software to update itself, the restore from the secure encrypted web site If you try Siber Systems nothing else will come close to power and security of Siber Systems. I’ve had RoboForm since 1980’s I’ve depended on Siber Systems Today I got locked out of my account. Everything on PC & multiple iDevices dead. The install on Windows 10 destroyed everything everywhere. The magic and great design for encrypted vault both in their cloud and your device WORKS. It may time to sync again but your life line links and more will be restored. The install on Windows 10 destroyed everything everywhere. Siber ROBOFORM recovered by itself when PCs and iDevices were resting :@). Repeated for emphasis. This works. Logins are auto Notes can be saved I’ve had RoboForm since 1980’s I’ve depended on Siber Systems Review updated. My fat fingers lost the end result of success program did all by itself. App Store keeps restoring an obsolete post written before install completed IT WORKS 1980’s start, end nowhere in site. =========================== Disregard anything after this line.

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    Great Program

    I’ve been using this program for over a decade, and have considered switching to a competitor several times because RoboForm did not always have the most competitive feature set. However, they continue to improve the program, and now offer most of the things I care about, such as two-factor authentication, emergency access in the event something happens to me, text encryption, selective password sharing, etc, so I remain a satisfied customer. One of my biggest complaints used to be that you could not export the login credentials to an Excel file, which made it time-consuming to switch to a competitive program. This almost caused me to switch (more than once) before I put even more effort and data into RoboForm. Ironically, now that they have that feature, I have no reason not to continue to use RoboForm because I know that I could switch easily in the future if I so chose. And, knowing that RoboForm is also aware of this makes me feel confident that they will continue to be competitive with other platforms.

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    An good product

    I've been using RoboForm for years and it works well overall, but lacks in one area. More-and-more, the auto login feature doesn't work because web login screens no longer accept RoboForm's autofill function for login credentials. They have asked me to provide examples of this, which I will compile fort them. RoboForm also needs a convenient switch for enabling/disabling Chrome's password save feature. Right now, the user must go into Chrome's password management feature, disable RoboForm password management, save user credentials in Chrome, then go into Chrome extensions and re-enable RoboForm. That's a lot of steps for something that could be handled with a simple slider switch. There are a number of sites that require credentials where security is of minimal concern. Saving these directly in Chrome is much more convenient. There are other conditions where RoboForm constantly prompts to save the same credentials while moving between pages. It would be very nice to switch this off.

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    Don’t do it!

    There is NO WAY to print your password list to your printer from your iPhone!! Unless you have it also installed on your computer. But if you have it installed on your computer and your iPhone and want to sync them you have to buy their subscription! This used to be a free, I repeat free program but like all others they could not leave that alone. Another horrible thing is if you update your app to version 8, which they try to trick you into doing, from whatever version before 8 that you had you can NEVER, I repeat NEVER, I repeat NEVER go back to your older version! Very, very disappointing!! There also is no way of finding your login data on your phone if you were to want to save it elsewhere. Do not use this app unless you care to pay their price and sync it with other devices so that you can have a printed hard copy of your logins and data! Unless, of course, you don’t mind re-entering everything you have into another app that is not going to trick you into buying it! Just another app that used to be good turned completely bed!

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    Not user friendly, definitely don’t purchase it

    I purchased a year subscription with Roboform thinking that it was going to be as user friendly as the last app that I used but was sadly disappointed. It is definitely not intuitive and as great as some of the reviews led me to believe. I had to contact support 3 times. I had become so frustrated in entering my info that I wanted to throw in the towel. I asked twice to be refunded and both times they tried to provide more instructions. I was done and decided I’m not going to waste my time in this app. I had already gotten a recommendation for another app that is so much easier and I had everything up and running in minutes. I would have kept using my previous app but they are ceasing to support this service. Roboform is NOT what I expected. Apparently they don’t care about customer satisfaction because they ignored my requests for a refund! Very unhappy with this app and I am not even using it now. I’m still wanting a refund!

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    RoboForm great gut dated

    I have been a faithful roboform owner for 10 years love the simplicity and function, we have over 50 pc running the program at our clients too. . RoboForm is one of the few programs that will support fingerprint authentication on a pc or Mac. However after trialing competitors software RoboForm seems a bit outdated in the interface and functions. Small example, you open RoboForm with your fingerprint it minimizes to task bar so you have to open the menu to see your accounts, and no way in the settings to open to accounts or change. If I am logging in seems I want to go to my accounts 😏. Price for function is great and would highly recommend software for those who want a multi device password management program..

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    Finally with iOS 12 third party software developers are able to integrate their products with, in my case, iPad and iPhone. I have been a RoboForm user for years, but on the windows platform, where in my opinion it is the best. For the past couple of years have used an iPhone and just recently bought an iPad, where under versions 10 and 11, RoboForm didn’t work well (not their fault, this was totally on Apple). With the release of iOS 12, the new version of RoboForm works and seems to work well... Browser integration, app integration, login creation... so far so great Had one issue with a login not syncing from pc to iOS, one support ticket later fixed Here’s hoping Rooboform or Apple doesn’t do something to screw it up

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    BEST password manager period!!!

    I’ve been using Roboform for almost 15 YEARS. It’s very well known that we should never use a native password manager or form filler that comes along with an operating system or web browser like those from Google, Microsoft or Apple products. I have tried several other password managers and not one of them even comes close to Roboform’s simplicity and functionality. I love having the ability to pull up passwords or bookmarks from sites that I haven’t used in years. Plus I can save Drivers License Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and any other important information right into “Safe Notes” and I KNOW that they’re securely encrypted and only I can access them...

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    Good password manager

    I’ve been using this app for years and will most likely continue use for years to come. Contrary to other reviews I believe this has been a very consistent tool that has never failed me. I encourage you to only make changes that are necessary. Seems like when devs are pushed to be like “everyone else” they make changes that end up ruining the product. My only complaint would be the difficulty I have getting help. When I log into my account to open a ticket, it shows other open tickets that were resolved long ago. Because of this, I am unable to ask for help as I have exceeded my ticket limit. I would actually prefer to speak to a living human...

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    Ver. 8.5.2 works w/iOS 11.2.3 on iPad (mostly)

    With the recent hacks over the years of various websites it is critical to change passwords frequently and keep them complex and unique to any particular site. Roboform can easily do that as often as you want on most websites. Unfortunately, some of the newer websites, particularly those of financial, banking, and healthcare sites are designing their sites in a way inhibiting sign-in apps from functioning perfectly. Otherwise, Roboform works fine for the plethora of those other sites I need to manage passwords. From 1 yr ago; It now crashes immediately when launching any account login. I'm deleting and restoring the previous version.

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    Long time user - no more

    I’ve had this app on my laptop and phone for years and have been just ok with the functionality. It has gotten progressively worse over that time. Now in the laptop It never records the password for any login so I have to add new passwords manually and use it like a piece of paper, looking up passwords and pasting them into site login pages. On the phone it can not login to any site in the list and it won’t allow manually looking up a password in the app so I can login outside of the app. Contacted support and they only tell me to reinstall the program- even though I did that before contacting them for support. This is not a new thing, just one that I’m fed up with. Since I can’t use it on the phone and have to use my laptop to get the password to login to a site or service on my phone there is no benefit to using this app.

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    No longer usable for me

    I have used Roboform for over 8 years and it has always met my expectations until recently. If you have multiple monitors using different dpi settings, it opens a dialog box so big that you will need to close your windows and then it opens it again. It has become completely unusable. Resizing the box has no affect on its size the next time it opens. I suggest that you just use the free password managers included in your browsers. When I opened a ticket with this problem, their response was “working as designed”. Of course it is a terrible design and should be considered a software defect.

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    Do not download : free update erases everything!!!!

    I have used this program exclusively for over 9 years. First for free then I upgraded for $69 to the pro version which was supposed to take care of me. After a few years they said that was no longer supported and I had to pay a subscription which I did as they had all my passwords. Now after nine years they asked me to again update because as they noted I could not access my data unless I did. So I did and they now say my “free version” expired 9 years ago so they wiped every single password I have out. What a horrific and fraudulent company. Do not trust them. Do not use. Warning. Again I was not asked to pay to upgrade or resubscribe though I have paid over $300 over the years. They just wiped me out because they have terrible record keeping. Do not do not do not use.

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    v8.7 is a downgrade in iOS functionality

    I was very happy to see full integration into iOS in recent versions. It caused me to double-down on relying on RoboForm. Now, with 8.7, they turned off the ability to search for a login when handed off to RoboForm from an app. This has DRAMATICALLY reduced the functionality of the integration. The handoff does not always find the appropriate login in RoboForm and it more often than not requires manually finding the right login. This was fine until 8.7. Now, without search capability, the integration is next to useless and I’m back to flipping manually back to the RoboForm app itself to copy and paste the password. Very disappointed. Sometimes I wish developers could just leave well enough alone. In this case they’ve taken 10 steps backward last with 8.7.

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    Beware of this App!

    I had very significant problems with this app. These problems resulted in about twenty requests for technical assistance and ultimately two long phone calls with RoboForm support staff. Many, many hours were wasted trying to get this app up and running. For example, I must have spent at least one half hour, with a staff person on the phone, trying to get it to work on FB. We finally gave up and I was given a refund. I was told that this app is more complex to operate on mobile devices such as my iPad Air. I was also told that the problem was with a particular website. I appreciated the assistance but I think the real problem was pairing the app to a mobile device. If you have a lot of technical knowledge this might work for you. And maybe it is easier with a desktop or a laptop. Nonetheless, my experience was a nightmare.

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Is RoboForm Password Manager Safe?

Yes. RoboForm Password Manager is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 23,925 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for RoboForm Password Manager Is 32.1/100.

Is RoboForm Password Manager Legit?

Yes. RoboForm Password Manager is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 23,925 RoboForm Password Manager User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for RoboForm Password Manager Is 32.1/100.

Is RoboForm Password Manager not working?

RoboForm Password Manager works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a RoboForm Password Manager customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using RoboForm Password Manager.

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