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About: OpenTable allows users to discover and make online restaurant reservations and read reviews from
other diners.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.

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1. Plus, get personalized recommendations based on your preferences and earn points to redeem for dining rewards towards future meals, hotel discounts, and more.

2. OpenTable is the perfect travel companion—offering 52,000+ restaurants around the world so you can find a local gem wherever you are.

3. Book and enjoy extraordinary dining experiences in over 52,000 restaurants worldwide with the OpenTable App.

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The this app app is your one-stop-shop for everything dining. Download today so you can: Find more ways to dine with tables, takeout and experiences Scan restaurant menus, photos, and millions of verified diner reviews from over 50,000+ restaurants worldwide Find the best of your city (or plan your next trip!) with our editorial guides Streamline your booking experience with new features such as direct messaging with restaurants hot table alerts

Top OpenTable Reviews

  • By Sam Ovila

    They want receipt copies!!

    We are regulars at a local restaurant (1-2 times a week) and we always made reservations through the this app app to avoid waiting in line. Sometimes they get too busy or have new host staff and apparently forget to check us in, so OT sends an email a few days later to ask if you attended your reservation. In the past, they’d check with the restaurant but when this recently happened to us, Khadejah asked for a scanned copy of our receipt. I explained that, for security reasons, I don’t feel comfortable sending copies of my credit card receipts (not to mention we shred anything with CC info) but I offered the names of staff we spoke to that evening with whom she could verify, and that we ALWAYS sit at table 10. Nope, she insisted on a receipt to give us credit for the visit. Why the change? Why demand personal financial information in a time when ID theft and credit card theft are rampant? I can tell you who saw me, who spoke to me, where I sat, heck- even what I wore, but that’s not sufficient? Unless there’s a change in this policy, we will likely begin using one of the many other reservation services available.

  • By fabricioWerner

    What a fantastic experience!!!!

    My husband and I had the pleasure of celebrating our first year anniversary at this fabulous restaurant! We dined with CHRISTINE ( and her assistant Alex) let me tell you, had it not been for her our experience would not have been the same! Although we briefly met her, it was like she knew us!!! She was incredibly knowledgeable. Christine knew what we were going to order next it was absolutely one of our favorite dining experiences EVER! Every suggestion was personally customized for us and paired with what we were drinking! Trust me we are tough critics and she made exceptional suggestions ,which we followed, and she was dead on! Christine thank you so much for making our first year anniversary beyond memorable! Gordon Ramsey has a great reputation and it’s because of YOU that he’s able to keep this reputation! I will make this a yearly tradition and I will expose all my friends to this incredible dining experience! Thanks again Christine we will never forget this! Our food was fantastic but it tasted that much better because of the service we were given!

  • By Dee Honest Ratings

    Thank God this place opened in our neighborhood!

    All I can say is WOW WOW WOW! We came here for the second time (first time yesterday) and still the same review! Fresh homemade food served as described, but even better! The past two days we have almost tried everything and took food home to go! Amazingly, delicious food and it’s going to be hard not to drive by and stop no matter what! I recommend the calamari, hummus, pizzas, the lamb (doesn’t matter burger or the entree). This place knows the proper cooking temps on the lamb and the “Mediterranean” is truly “Mediterranean” if you know what it should taste like! Also, the talent within the restaurant is professional, well-versed on the menu and the wine list. Customer service is definitely a 5+ along with the food! You have a diverse variety of food to choose from such as pasta, pizza, seafood and it’s all amazing! A must try and you will be hooked! Seriously, it is one of the best restaurants in the valley!

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