Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips Reviews

Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-24

As a travel guidance company, Tripadvisor brings people, passions and places
together. We aim to help make you a better traveler, from travel planning, to
booking, to taking a trip. Our app lets you get the most out of your trip –
whether you’re planning or on-the-go. Discover where to s...

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Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips Reviews

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    It’s a very useful app but has some flaws

    I can’t leave home without it as it helps bring the world to me. Reviews and recommendations are typically spot on. However, it can be a bit clumsy when it comes to searching. I put in day trips/tours in Dar es Salaam and I keep getting safari results for 3-15 days. Not sure what part of “day” the app does not understand. Also, I booked a trip that has not existed for about a year and was none refundable. When I tried to cancel on the app, it warned me that I would lose 100% of the cost. I reached out to the tour operator via WhatsApp and fortunately, they were gracious enough to inform me that they no longer do that tour and will fully refund. TripAdvisor needs to stay on top of operational tours. Finally, whenever I book a tour through TripAdvisor, things generally go smoothly except for when they don’t. The reply button to the tour operator contained within the confirmation email seldom works. All in all, I enjoy using this app as my go to travel companion. I don’t even need to research ahead of time (I know, lazy right? ;) and the idea that I can travel on the fly and have TripAdvisor app do all the legwork is ever so appealing. It would have been 5 star but for all the issues listed above!

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    This is the best place to find ratings and details about hotels, restaurants, etc.

    I evaluate most of the hotels, restaurants, and local sights on TripAdvisor. I only rarely have to give bad ratings since I have checked in advance on TripAdvisor. By reading many reviews you can quickly get a good idea of each rated place. Note that some reviewers are always negative - either they are never satisfied or they are so grumpy that they have brought out the worst in everyone they meet. When hundreds of visitors have given a place “excellent” or “very good” ratings, usually the few bad ratings are due to such trolls. I usually do read several negative ratings - bad days do occur and there are flaws in everything and it can help you to notice those flaws - but if most people liked it, I will probably like it too. I have used “Yelp” at times for restaurant reviews (sometimes searching sends me to Yelp). It is ok, but I have not usually found it more convenient. I am less familiar with it - and I have never posted a rating there. If I have to sign in each time, this is the last time you will hear from me.

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    Can not report response after bad review

    My issue with Trip Advisor is they block you from providing any updates until 90 days later after posting negative review. My post of review from Sheraton Hotel Marina in San Diego November 2019 received a response from Sheraton. They posted they want to talk further to me about issues that took place at time of visit. I have responded twice to their email that they provided in their response post. I have had no response at all from Sheraton. If they really wanted to speak to me they should have provided a valid phone number and contact person in their response. Posting an email address but never acknowledging my emails back per their posted request, just makes it looks like they( Sheraton) made an effort. Trip Advisors blocks me from reporting this to travelers until after 90 days. Thus, current travelers seeking real time information will not be given up to date information from travelers that have experienced recent issues that could impact current travelers. So reading allowed posting without allowing immediate updates makes Sheratons attempt to work out issues meaningless. Trip Advisors followers will not know that Sheraton has failed to actually resolve issue and fail to acknowledge my 2 emails back to their request. I consider this deliberately misleading travelers.

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    Davao City Airport

    Over the years, I have been in some really bush-league airports, but this one takes the cake. I tried three different men’s rooms and in all three they had only two stalls. One of them had no toilet seats the other two had one toilet seat and the toilet seat that was on there was soaked with urine. There were no toilet seat covers and the toilet paper squares which are dispensed individually are about 4“ x 4“ and single ply. The porcelain commodes are about 8 inches off the floor, so if you are old or physically impaired, you may have an extremely difficult time getting back up if you choose to attempt to squat and squeeze over one of these seatless accommodations. Sinks... Good luck with that! There were only hand towels in one of the restrooms and the other two had to air dryers that didn’t blow out any air. If you have time and the inclination, I did notice a lot of banana trees along the road to the airport. They have rather broad leaves and these may be used as a substitute in the event that you too experience facilities with no paper products. If you carry any type of a backpack or shoulder bag, I highly recommend that you carry at least some paper towels or a roll of toilet tissue for your own use. Paper products are apparently at a premium in Davao City, Philippines. I understand this is a rather poor area, but there is absolutely no excuse for the lack of sanitation in the restroom facilities.

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    Always use TripAdvisor! Helps so much in travel advice .

    We try and take a yearly vacation and visit new place in our travels. As some, we save to have the best time, see as much as we can for great value. It’s always so helpful reading others experiences and thoughts. our trip to Germany last year we found amazing tours to several castles in a luxury coach. Trust me I was skeptical about spending a little extra $, but ready several different takes on it we were sold. Thank goodness we did, the other bus was packed as we had only30 people. It was amazing! We also used the advice of a smart travel in St. Lucia. A private van took us all over the island that the cost of a busy tour bus would of. Plus we we’re head of all the buses, so we beat the crowds. We even use TripAdvisor for restaurants when we head to different cities through the year. Yes, people have different likes but reading other reviews helps us find some awesome handed treasures. I could go on and on, but you just need use it, it’s a great way to help with some many things. Make your life easy be advised😎

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    Love this app but use improvements

    I use this app almost every time we go to a new city to find what food is good and where to eat. That being said there are some improvements I would like to see. 1. For vegetarians and vegans the app can be a little difficult to navigate. One change I would like to see is in phrasing and searching filters. There is a difference between vegetarian/ vegan restaraunts and a restaurant having vegan/vegetarian options. The app currently does not show the difference which can be vexing. 2. Another change I would like to see is in the search. Often times i go on here to find food between point a and point b but currently there is not a way to search along that route or slightly off from it. Yes you can go through each address and see but for tourists this can be difficult and additional time to your task. It’s a good time to mention that even if these changes don’t occur I will keep using the app but it would be nice to see a change to help support those of us with different diets. And not just non-meat eaters but, gluten free eaters, paleo people or even those that have a lot of allergies to food such as nuts, milk, eggs and more.

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    I found many people to be rude for no reason

    I suggest looking elsewhere and honestly reddit is much more helpful. I posted a couple things, but they were simple questions about atms. People then told me I should research and soon I would be asking about shootings where I am staying? I don’t get how I can be so stupid for simply asking about the atms and which ones to use because people’s cards were being read and used in Indonesia. I then went on to read multiple reviews and I was really taken back by how many unnecessarily rude people are on there. Some people on there do ask naive questions, but the point of the app is to help people. Anytime I told someone they were being rude my comment was deleted by the staff. I’m not sure why because I never cursed I just told the people they were being unnecessarily rude and pretentious. But maybe pretentious was taken as not following their guidelines? Because technically I called them a name? Not sure. Anyways besides people being not very helpful I also found reviews to be lacking. There are so many spots I went to in Puerto Escondido that were amazing and not mentioned. So I would suggest speaking to locals wherever you go. Trip advisor may be helpful to some, but honestly I think reddit is much better. I thought Yelp was bad, but this app and it’s staff are in no way helpful.

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    Great App But Could Use Improvements

    I use TripAdvisor quite often to review my experiences at hotels, restaurants and attraction areas as well as read the reviews of others when deciding on areas and places to visit. It would be great if TripAdvisor would add cruise lines to their portfolio of things that can be reviewed as I am getting ready to take a cruise and would love to share my experience when I return. I have had some difficulties when trying to write reviews for locations or places that are not yet listed in the app. This has been very frustrating as you do not realize that your review will not get published until after you go through all that effort to write the review and include pictures etc. Additionally, I would like to see some incentives or benefits for members that take the time to write all of these reviews to inform the general public of their experiences. I have written 105 reviews, and I have not yet received any type of incentives i.e. discounts to restaurants, hotels, attractions etc. Granted, I do not write these reviews for any type of reward. I write them because it benefits me when I read others reviews when trying to decide on things to do and places to go; however, I just think it would be nice for TripAdvisor to give some sort of gesture to show that they appreciate what we as reviewers do for them. Overall, I do enjoy using this app and will continue to use the app as needed because the benefits outweigh their need for improvements.

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    Love the app, however...

    I have used the Trip Advisor app for years and found it to be very helpful. However, in this era of stored data abuses, I find it annoying that I can not erase my recent search history. Some will argue why this is an issue so I will share an issue that a co-worker had with the Trip Advisor app. My co-worker was planning on surprising his wife with a romantic mid-week trip at an oceanfront resort 40 miles from his home. He used Trip Advisor to find the best accommodations available. He has the Trip Advisor app on both his iPhone and iPad. After determining that this type of trip wasn’t in his budget, he decided to wait and save a little bit of money each week. Well, sometime later, his wife was using the iPad and Trip Advisor to research a restaurant in the area for a family dinner. While she was in the app, she noticed his history. She was also noticing that he was taking money from their savings account (money he was saving for their romantic weekend.) Anyhow, my co-workers wife’s man hating sister had her convinced that he was having an affair. No need to keep going on this story as I am sure you all get it. Once Trip Advisor allows search history to be deleted, I will amend my 2 star rating.

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    This is “legal” scam now!?

    I just changed phone and was trying to open TripAdvisor in my new one and just realize this craziness.... be aware... it doesn’t sound correct or even legal (but I guess that if the ask persuasion and we, the users, granted, then is on us.... one of the options to signing into TripAdvisor is using my google email/account... TripAdvisor request me roc ALLOW them to be able “to see and download all my google accounts emails addresses”!!!!! What is that!!! How is that to use an app about things to do or where to eat in any given area I need to pay that service with my privacy and the Privacy of the people that emails me!!!!!? Be aware! We all are used to the “scroll down and agree” and select box and agree to be able to use most accounts and apps now day... must of the times are about fair use of apps and legal reasons..some other times is about allowing the apps to use our location and maybe cameras and being able to storage photos in our devices.... so we go ahead and click allow or agree just because we are so used to trust as no other way to get around or as part of the process... but what TripAdvisor is doing asking permission to see and download our private info... doesn’t sound right!! At all!!!

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    Great app but tired of some of the questions

    I like the app and have used it for both evaluating and reviewing restaurants, hotels, and things to do all over the world. It is fairly easy to use but have found 1 issue that was only cleared up after I sent a message to Trip Advisor. When adding a new location of any type, a website or social media listing is shown being “optional.” I have found that if the new location does not have a website or not listed on social media, TA will reject the listing without explanation. This was very frustrating after going through all the detail of listing 2 new restaurants and having them rejected without explanation. There should be a note requiring website or social media address before going through details of a new listing. A point that not only perturbs but concerns me greatly is I am totally offended by constantly being asked if a restaurant offers halal food. It is very discriminatory to single this out. I do not nor will I ever eat this food so stop asking me this offense question!!!!

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    Really helps RVers, more & more as people utilize

    In travel, this app is priceless! Particularly traveling to a new destination, helps tremendously with restaurant info. and directions! Ditto for events, attractions. Much better than Around Me, which we hardly use anymore. Even at home, we use it when the inevitable question “where should we go eat?” arises. Especially when wanting something other than our usual go-tos. Breakfast lunch or dinner, or even Happy Hr. it sure helps. Can really tell a difference in the App since we retired 3 years ago and began more extended RV trips - more RV parks and public campgrounds being listed and reviewed, all the time. Pictures help soo much as well as specific site info., amenities, when trying to find a place to camp. And Especially when looking for a place to eat, sightsee or shop for fresh seafood/meats in a new place, we find TA invaluable. The more people use and review, the better it gets. And the app updates have made it better. Keep up the good work, TA!

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    TripAdvisor is Fabulous

    I had never heard of TripAdvisor until 2 years ago when my brother and his wife came to Cleveland. When I didn’t know how to get to Slyman’s (for the best corned beef and pastrami), my brother looked it up on TripAdvisor. Then when we were hungry for dessert (specifically custard), he pulls out his phone and looks up nearby custard/ice cream sellers and discovered Weber’s (the best vintage custard and ice cream!!) and Mitchell’s(fabulous gourmet milkshakes as well as marvelous ice cream)which we ended up indulging in on 2 different days! I was able to learn more about Northeast Ohio in the short time my brother was in town simply because he had a TripAdvisor app as his ‘go to’ for anything he wanted to see or do in the area! As soon as he went back to Texas, I got the TripAdvisor app for myself and have been thoroughly enjoying it and the places I have been able to visit and recommend as a result of his complete trust in its reliability and complete access to all the travel information he needs!!

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    Trip Advisor App

    I love the Trip Advisor App. It is easy to use and has a wealth of information. You can find information on hotels all over the world, destinations for travel and activities once you get there amongst so much more. There are recent reviews on the modes of transportation, restaurants and attractions. Therefore, you will read useful information and opinions. Just go to the App Store and download the app. Who knows? You may even become a reviewer of the places you've been, the sights you saw, the meals you ate at the many restaurants, or you can introduce new places or tours not listed, and Trip Advisor will research and verify there is such a place, notify you, and then you can write a review. How cool is that?! You can introduce not only the readers on the site to the new place but also you have introduced Trip Advisor to it! Use the app conveniently to find your travel needs easily or to just find a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner, then read reviews on it. Enjoy!

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    Love The App Except . . .

    One of the best Travel Apps available, with access to helpful reviews to help make better destination decisions. And because reasonable reviews help us make travel decisions, we also like to post solid reviews that might assist others. The one real difficulty with the Trip Advisor App is posting photos to reviews, even one’s own reviews. It seems that even when following Trip Advisor’s own HOW-TO directions, it is difficult to successfully add photos. Either the app wants access to all (thousands) of the photos on our devices, or using the “Profile/Intro/Upload The Photo/Add a Location Tag” method allows the app to see only the few photos in the “Camera Roll” and “My Photo Stream” folders, but will not allow access any of the specific “Albums” on our phone or tablet where individual trip photos are stored. If it wasn’t for the photo posting obstacle, the app would get 5 stars. It would be great if a simpler and more straightforward method was available for adding photos. Thanks very much.

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Is Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips Safe?

Yes. Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 125,464 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips Is 60.5/100.

Is Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips Legit?

Yes. Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 125,464 Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips Is 60.5/100.

Is Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips not working?

Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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