Trip Scout - My Travel Planner Reviews

Trip Scout - My Travel Planner Reviews

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About: The New York Times, USA Today, and Travel & Leisure have said Tripscout is THE
essential app for the modern traveler. Discover a destination like a local
insider and plan the perfect trip with your personalized, always up-to-date
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About Trip Scout

What is Trip Scout? Tripscout is a free travel app that provides personalized travel guides to help travelers discover a destination like a local insider. The app features handpicked travel articles and videos from top publishers and local influencers, and maps out every restaurant, cafe, shop, or site featured in the content to help travelers efficiently plan their trip. Tripscout also offers a personalized experience based on the traveler's trip dates, budget, interests, and travel companions, and allows users to download their entire travel guide and map offline.



- Handpicked travel articles and videos from top publishers and local influencers

- Mapping of every restaurant, cafe, shop, or site featured in the content to help travelers efficiently plan their trip

- Personalized experience based on the traveler's trip dates, budget, interests, and travel companions

- Offline travel guide and map download

- Endorsed by top travel bloggers and publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, USA Today, American Airlines, Forbes, and Travel+Leisure.

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Key Benefits of Trip Scout

- Provides audio guides for various cities that can be downloaded for offline use

- Easy to use maps for navigating cities

- Personalized recommendations from the creators of the app

- Can be used as a trip planner to create itineraries before traveling

- Provides suggestions for hole-in-the-wall spots and local experiences

20 Trip Scout Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Such a unique way to travel & discover hidden spots only locals know about!

Friends I travel with always ask me, “How do you know where to find all these hole-in-the-wall spots?!” My answer: this app! this app has made all my trips so memorable, and I feel like a local walking around the city. As a student studying abroad, I used this app as a convenient way to travel. The maps are quick and easy to access, and because I was on a budget, it made it a much cheaper way to travel on my own. Plus, I was able to download the maps before I would go exploring- that meant using no data! You can also pre-plan your trip by saving and sorting locations you want to visit! TripScout has made it easy to connect with the city I’m in because I can go at my own pace. All in all, this app has awesome guides that are very informative, fun, and interactive... Love TripScout, now all my friends are using it!


Fun, local perspective for your travels

I got this app to use while on a trip to South Korea and Hong Kong. Loved how easy TripScout was to use and enjoyed my Korean audio guide Sunny. You can download the content for the cities you are visiting so it can be used offline.
Sunny suggested some great places in South Korea and we tried some of the picks for Honk Kong dining and they were so yummy.
The thing I love the most about TripScout is that when I bought it, it came with the personal input and touches of its creators. I got a personal email just letting me know they would be happy to help if I got over there and needed any additional suggestions for my trip or travel advice. So often you buy an app and that is it. I really felt like I bought a product that was backed up by real people who love travel and want to help you have the best experience possible.


Just what I needed!

I downloaded this app for a trip I was taking out of the country. It was my first out of country travel and was pretty nervous. I needed an app that would not only give recommendations but also double as a trip planner. My travels took me to Italy and right off the bat this app was a huge help. I was able to make an itinerary before I even left the states. TripScout gave me awesome ideas for things to do and places to see and was simple to navigate. It really eliminated some of the stresses while planning. Once I arrived in my destination this app was almost like its own travel guide. I was able to maneuver my way around the city with ease. I was worried about loosing signal but they even had that covered with a map that was accessible offline. I will continue to use this app for all of my traveling needs in the future!


Nice, easy to use way to organize travel

This is definitely the best travel app I’ve ever used out of the half dozen I’ve tried. I recently used TripScout on a trip I took to Seoul, it was great for organizing places i wanted to go to, and suggested new ones I hadn’t found yet! It runs smooth and the navigation works fairly well. There’s so subscription service, and no annoying ads. Just a solid app all around. The only things I’d add to this service to make it better would be a way to add businesses/places that are super cool, and most importantly, a way to flag businesses that no longer exist so that people don’t make the same treks across town to somewhere that may have moved or closed. This happened at least 6 out of 25 places I went to.


Helpful travel tool

I have used this app in many cities that I have visited! I love that this app offers offline maps; this is beneficial when I decide not to purchase international data phone plans! I purchased the annual pass to have access to all the this app guides available; this has been super beneficial in helping me choose the next city I visit; as I can then choose a place that has sites I’m interested in visiting or food I’m interested in trying, it also helps me locate where I should get a hotel or air BNB so that I am centrally located to the places I want to visit while in that city. I can’t say enough nice things about this app, and I recommend it to everyone I come across who is traveling to a city where this app is available!


For the adventurers only

Unlike your typical travel app that just aggregates a bunch of stars and tells you the most popular things to do, this app is for the adventurer in you who doesn’t follow a star rating recommendation but rather the off-the-beaten path recommendations. Guides on TripScout are provided by someone who actually lives or has visited the location to provide you with the not so mainstream. Which to me is always the most fun. I used TripScout in Japan and used TripScout ONLY and I found so many hidden gems. I even use TripScout where I live in Brooklyn and have discovered so much right outside my door. this app is a must for your current or next travel, just try it, you won’t be disappointed!


Disappointing Travel App for the money

If this were a free app, I would rate it higher. However, you need to make in app purchases for either individual cities or a larger fee for an annual unlimited access I purchased access to only the Washington DC travel pack. I was very disappointed to have spent $10 for a an app with little information and virtually no useful information that one would want to know or need to know while visiting a location. For example, each of the museums and government facilities has their own security standards, screening and what you are permitted to bring in. Trip Scout provided none of this information. In addition, TripScout only provides a brief overview of the site and then refers you to an outside website. You could do that on your own, get better information, and save yourself some money!


TripScout is the best

In making plans for walking the path of unknown cities and countries around the world, this app is my first stop on learning the secrets of a lot of other travelers in making it the best experience possible. TripScout not only has an amazingly knowledgable web host who can assist in answering questions, but by far the best audience that very quickly adds their experiences and not just to tell you what commercialized restaurant in that area to go to. We are talking about the little nook and cranny spots that the home town people go to for dining, recreation and amazing art, parks and sight seeing that would be missed if you went by most other web apps.


Great accessory to any trip planned!

I found TripScout a few months before me and Fiancé went to Greece. We had no idea what we wanted to do there and what we were going to do other than visit the Acropolis in Athens of course! Thanks to this app, we were able to make a full itinerary of what we wanted to do. TripScout provided everything though, not just the hotspots like Travel & Leisure gives you. It gave us places off the grid that we wouldn’t have heard of if not for TripScout! TripScout is amazing and super helpful for planning any type of trip! 10/10 recommend!



Bought this for an upcoming trip to Copenhagen. I was disappointed to find that the information provided for many spots was a copy/paste from sources on the web that I had already read. How is this their “team of local experts?” For each spot just one photo and little information then it just sends you to Foursquare for more info. Just use Foursquare or Yelp. Not worth paying them to compile info available on the web.
Some of the information is wrong as well. How can a new Copenhagen travel guide have NOMA in the old location still?
On top of that the interface is clunky with the spots showing large thumbnails that are difficult to select and some map controls overlapping so you can’t select them.
Maybe this is better for Larger US or Euro cites but a waste for me.


Embassy Brat Approved

Speaking from moderate experience - 20 years living outside my home country on 3 separate continents - I feel qualified to say that this app is # for # one of the best city guides I’ve ever used. The content is richly blended with historical insight and humor, the destinations are well curated, and the design of TripScout is attractive and easily navigable.

My only suggested improvements would be to ensure that every selected destination is complete with an audio description. Most of them were, but it was slightly disappointing when I encountered the few that weren’t. Also, the map does not function offline as well as google’s, but that’s probably to be expected. It still works pretty darn well.

Happy trails!


Bait and switch audio tour

UPDATE Jun 14th: Thank you to this app for your response. I appreciate hearing you are working on making it easier to communicate.

For point #1: I wish I could upload screenshots to show that even today I still see listed at your web page for the Krakow tour that an audio tour is a benefit so I am keeping my rating the same.

For point #2: it is great to be reminded that my credit card is safe.

I am looking for an audio tour of Krakow and found this app lists one at their website in their web page for Krakow. I was directed to download TripScout , and was excited see positive reviews. But after downloading TripScout , then paying for the Krakow tour, TripScout says there is no audio guide for Krakow.

There is no contact info anywhere to directly reach this app, so I am left to ask here: why do you list an audio guide, take my money, then tell me there is no such guide?

It now worry that I have been scammed and will have to monitor my credit card transactions.

I did not want to write this, but I see no other way to 1) try and reach this app; and 2) warn others.

I will update my review if I hear back from them. In the meantime I am out $$, and still in need of an audio guide.


TripScout is the best travel site I’ve used

Although Covid has put a damper on our travel this past year, we are ready to get back on the horse and continue seeing the wonders of the world. We used this app exclusively to plan our last trip to Europe and it made our planning and executing seamless and informative. Their network of travel experts, and travelers input makes it an extremely useful tool both for the novice traveler and nomads like my wife and I….on the road again yada,yada,yada


My personal favorite travel app

Huge fan of TripScout and loving the upgrades! I recommend TripScout to all of my traveler friends - backpackers, luxury vacation, solo travelers, family travel, etc - because it is so easy to navigate and sort through based on your own specific travel profile and what fits you as you plan your trip. When I’m not able to get away, I love reading articles on this app’s app and dreaming about future travel!


The greatest travel tool out there!

I just recently planned my first trip to Paris, London, and Dublin with my friend and because of work, I only have 10 days to see all three cities! Luckily, my friend and I were able to plan our out trip with ease using this app!! We were able to scope out the hostels we are staying at as well as all the major landmarks, museums, and bars we want to visit. I can't imagine planning a trip to another city without TripScout.

I can't wait to use TripScout in Europe!!!


Like Having a Friend in Every City

I’ve used this app in Ireland, Scotland, San Francisco, Boston, DC and Charleston. I saved a ton of time and money using TripScout . I was able to review and prioritize sites before arriving, then used it a lot while onsite. Easy to use, knowledgeable descriptions, and much more affordable than hiring local guides. this app has tipped us off to many favorite finds, from the best breakfast in DC to a fabulous (tiny) artist’s shop in Charleston. I can’t even imagine walking Boston’s Freedom Trail without it! Exploring’s a lot more fun with this app.


Great Resource!

I am soo enamored with TripScout, it has drop locations for each place, which is super helpful because I’m a map oriented person. I truly enjoy the articles, they’re so relevant and helpful. I wish I knew about TripScout way before. It really helps making sure you don’t miss anything when you’re traveling!

If I could add a suggestion, it would be nice to have a calendar type interface to see the things you’ve saved. Just a suggestion!


Love the concept of this app!

TripScout is a great way to find some hidden gems you would not know about otherwise. TripScout is full of favorite local hot spots off the beaten path. It's easy to use and is created for travelers, by travelers wanting to share there favorite spots. So far I haven't had any real hiccups using TripScout and I love the interactive map associated with it. Working great so far and I expect it to just get better as more cities are added in to the library of choices.


Best app for an outside the box experience!

These are tons of experienced travelers. They don’t take you to the top rated five star restaurant everyone is talking about... they take you to the hole in the wall, home cooked meal that seats a total of 7 people. And the meal is better than you’ve ever tasted. I have used TripScout from Cairo to Croatia to Iceland and it has saved me so much time on trying to find the interesting, desolate places!


Love Trip Scout

I think this is the first time I have ever written a review for an app. I use trip scout and all of its options online and through emails whenever I travel now. I have used it to travel in the UK, France, and Spain. I will use it in the USA next time we travel state side. We’ve found restaurants and schedules and plenty of options and it’s just such a friendly site. Looking forward to getting back out into the world of travel soon!


Fun, Easy To Use and Informative Travel App

[Updated to reflect app updates] I’ve been using this app now for a few years, and I can’t be happier. There are now guides for probably 100 cities with not just descriptions but related articles, videos, itinerary features and more.

I’ve also been using it to learn about my hometown of NYC - honestly I’ve learned so much and figured out the best things to do, see and eat by using this app that I even suggest it to friends who explore their home cities quite a bit.

Can’t wait to see where things go!

Is Trip Scout Safe?

Yes. Trip Scout - My Travel Planner is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,206 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Trip Scout Is 86.6/100.

Is Trip Scout Legit?

Yes. Trip Scout - My Travel Planner is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,206 Trip Scout - My Travel Planner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Trip Scout Is 100/100..

Is Trip Scout - My Travel Planner not working?

Trip Scout - My Travel Planner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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